Saturday, February 22, 2014

Poetic Perspective (part 2) - Medicated

Red pills, Blue pills, White pills, Green pills
Small pills, Round pills, Big pills, Chew able pills
Some sedate, some thrill
Some wear your body down, some taken in high doses kill

I need it to be strong, I take it for the pain
I take it so I can sleep, I used it to function today
I take it since my body needs it, since my body and mind are ill
Therapeutic the way it makes me feel
Making all my pain go away, I feel numb, unreal.

Medicine you sniff, medicine you inject
Medicine you take orally –all of them have side effects
Not easy to detect but what can you expect?
“Caught between a rock and a hard place” I feel like I am living in hell

I am dying over time, my body and my mind
My spirit still lingers but I lost the need to stay alive
To stay alive in this state
Is a terrible fate

I scream out in agony but no one can end the agony
Soothing words for a broken soul
Whose life has run its course, whose lifestyle is now taking its toll

On the last days of my life
I wish to die quickly, no need to suffer and stay alive
I think fondly of my early years
Many images distorted, romanticized, while other I see crystal clear
Images of friends, family, loved ones –those I hold dear
I hope they forgive me before I pass away

I do not want to live in pain for another day.

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