Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Circle (part 3) -The Global Economy & The National Economy

Dearest brothers and sisters,

The global economy is weakening.  No matter what the National media and National governments inform us about the job market through propaganda and the use of advertisements in your own nation-state, your country is in trouble economically.  No matter how the National governments and National media distort the job figures and the economic figures presently by using job statics and job figures conjured up by Social Institutes and Big Business, the fact remains that the jobs that are being created presently are substantially worst than the jobs that are leaving the country.  In fact, most of the jobs that are being created presently are SERVICE SECTOR JOBS which are often low paying, part time/contract/casual/on call, and without benefits.  This has pushed many unemployed, educated workers to start entrepreneurial ventures in order to make profits and stay afloat.  Many in the workforce are currently working 2-3 jobs in the First World in order to move ahead, pay off debt, and save money.  This has also caused National governments to use all of their own resources to stimulate the economy by enabling re-vitalizing projects to occur, enabling expansionary projects to begin, and by creating training programs for the huge numbers of unemployed workers.  All 3 of these ventures are being done by National Governments presently in order for them to distort national job statics and national economic figures.  All of this is done presently, to hide the alarming fact that many of the "good jobs" are going overseas so that Corporations and Big Business can maximize their profits in other countries.  Instead of having to pay job benefits, high job wages, worry about confrontation with job unions, and face any sort of high Corporate taxes - Corporations and Big Business are moving many of their higher paying "good jobs" from the First World to the Third World where they can concentrate on maximizing profits for their shareholders.  This is done presently because Corporations and Big Business who are expanding in the Third World realize that there is a surplus of exploitable, educated workers in the workforce inside the Third World who are willing to work in order to survive in the Third World.  What isn't shrinking however which reveals the distortion between social reality and Corporate profits is the fact that Big Business and Corporations are growing exponentially as showed in February 2013 when the DOW showed an all time high

In the First World, many economies have boomed since the mid to late 1990's and therefore have created a very educated and entitled work force who have been conditioned to believe once they have attained educational status by finishing post secondary education it makes them more valuable than any other worker in any other part of the world.  The fact remains that the First World is NOT the only place where there exists an educated workforce in abundance waiting for a job and an opportunity to work.  That is something this current generation of the labour force in the First World have to accept in order to face the social reality of the economy that they are currently walking into.  What many of the citizens of the First World do not realize yet is that many of the "good jobs" are going over to the Third World and the economies of the First World are in fact shrinking. This is simple logic when you realizes that the First World thrives and survives on capitalism and consumerism.  When money becomes tight because people's earnings shrank, disposable income shrinks as well.  This causes a ripple effect since it causes less money to be spent on commodities and luxuries which is what our economy thrive on and which has propped up our economy in the past.  Therefore, less money being spent in maintaining the capitalistic economy causes the economy to shrink.  

Since the economic crisis hit in 2008, in Canada alone, "the latest debt numbers in 2012 revealed that Canada has added debt at twice the rate that disposable income increased. This piggy attitude towards borrowed money poses the biggest threat extant to the Canadian economy".  In fact, "Canadians borrowed more than $30-billion through refinancing in the last year alone, according to the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals.  When the Bank of Canada flagged consumer debt as the 'biggest domestic risk' to the economy this year, it said the habit of consumers taking equity out of their home was at the heart of the problem, and noted that such growth appears to have occurred 'in a context of underwriting standards that are less than optimal'.  In tandem with low interest rates, lax appraisal standards fuelled this stunning rise in borrowing".  Canadians are also going further into debt in order to survive their social reality by using their Credit Cards, Line of Credit, and Bank Loans while still believing in the illusion that the "good jobs" are coming back and that they as individuals just have to stay afloat until it happens.  The truth though is that "good jobs" are not coming back with the same high wages and benefits in the past that people are accustomed to.  The "good jobs" that are coming back are far and few in number.  What is replacing them instead in abundance is Service Sector jobs and "skilled" labour jobs.

Governments can no longer hide the illusion of their social reality while the fabric of society is decaying around them.  Denial ends when distractions fails and reality sets in.  For National governments and Big Business, that`s when predictive programming is stressed through the entertainment mechanisms and through the use of advertisements and social institutions to blind the masses from realizing their actual applicable options in front of them are there.  This is done until the options that were present and are time based and situational based are taken off the table.  At the present moment, Big Business, National Governments, and the Entertainment sector (which is funded heavily by the elite of the Business world) are working together to blind you from the fact that our crisis is historically unprecedented   Our problems truly sink in when you realize that all of this has to be done by Big Business, by National Governments, and by the Entertainment sector so that the National economy does not completely stall and so foreign and domestic investors will still continue to spend money on private ventures which enables the economy to stimulate presently.  Currently, in Ontario, Canada -housing projects and construction projects are going up in areas where 10 years ago nothing but farmland, unused lands, and open fields existed.  Land in places such as Ajax, Brampton, Markham, Vaughn, Milton, etc.  have expanded exponentially since private investors have been willing to spend money on creating homes, creating condos, and creating business space.  However, what the citizens have created is no different than the housing crisis that brought down the American economy. A overheated housing market held together in hopes of making profit by re-selling it at a higher substantial price than first bought is unsustainable.  Especially when the global economic tsunami fully hits Canada, many of the homes, condos, and business spaces being built will be foreclosed upon by private investors and much of the property they own will be defaulted on and returned to the banks.  This is because the money being spent and invested to build these projects is money borrowed from banks and are property that the individual does not fully own.  Many of these dangerous ventures, started by new investors began due to low interest rates in place created by the Banks and due to the social propaganda promoting this venture was created by the National government.

"It's one thing to control short-term interest rates, It's another thing when you're taking 75% to 80% of the bond supply and holding that price down. This is a big, big gamble to be manipulating the most important price in free markets, interest rates.  That ends one of only two ways, a mal-investment bust (as we saw in 2007-8) or full debt and off we go into inflation".  When an individual has taken on more debt than he can pay back, that individual defaults on his debt.  This is no different than when a country is overburden by debt.  It too defaults and becomes insolvent.  "Until now, the international monetary system has come through the crisis without a race to devaluation, however loosening monetary policy often depresses a currency by lowering interest rates and boosting inflation, thus making the currency less attractive to global investors.  Governments frequently pursue a weaker currency in times of economic stress to boost exports. However, one country’s devaluation often begets another, raising fears of a currency war. History gives reason for concern.  A 'beggar-thy-neighbor' policy of global currency devaluations helped spark the Great Depression that began in 1929".  
"That the Internet and housing hyper inflations transpired within a period of ten years, each creating trillions of dollars in fake wealth, is only the beginning. There will and must be many more such booms, for without them the economy of the First World can no longer function. The bubble cycle has replaced the business cycle.  In a bubble, fictitious value goes away when market participants lose faith in their market religion and their false beliefs are destroyed as quickly as they had been formed".  Presently, not only is the world economy facing a Derivatives Tsunami and the Dollar Bubble which could explode the global economy all together setting it spinning into a Depression overnight, the world is also facing troubling bubbles that have appeared since 2008 in the housing sector, when the economic crisis originally hit.  Housing bubbles appear presently in Northern and Western Europe, in China, in Canada, in Australia, and in parts of the Third World such as Brazil, Turkey, and the Philippines   There is also overheating Bubbles in the Commodity market and Bond markets".  All of these are set to explode causing devastating effects on not only the Global Economy but National economies worldwide.  "The U.S. mortgage crisis has been labelled a 'sub-prime mortgage crisis'', but sub-prime mortgages were only a sideshow that appeared late, as the housing-bubble credit machine ran out of creditworthy borrowers. The main event was the hyperinflation of home prices. Risks are embedded in price and lurk as defaults. Even after the faith that supported a bubble recedes, false beliefs continue to obscure cause and effect and the crisis unfolds".

When Bubbles explode, dumping much of the global wealth invested by private investors leaving them with nothing, and often leaving them in debt, this opens the door for Big Business and the Elite to push forth more privatization and more social cuts on the National Governments who are left reeling by the devastation.  For the FIRST WORLD, during this devastating timeline, the Depression will automatically cause National Governments to create Austerity budgets and implement them.  This further causes the funding of subsidy programs to end and enables the private sectors to begin privatization in areas where privatization was unimaginable previously.  As the government deals with economic devastation, Big Business and the Elites will push forth for more privatization to occur and for the society as a whole to be privatized thus changing your social reality all together.  That is how the THIRD WORLD living standards are brought to the FIRST WORLD.  The expediency of the project depends on the devastation of the economy when all impending bubbles explode.

The society being created by the Elite and by Big Business with Service Sector jobs at the helm creates a society that depends on competition and thrives on a skilled and educated labor force (which many First World nations now have in abundance) to do tasks that require very little skill to do. Since these Service Sector jobs do not  enable upward social mobility and upward social progression, this type of society being created does not allow for previous debt accumulation to be paid off.  Hence what they have now created for them to exploit and use is Debt Slavery.  All historically social engineered and constructed economies start and end when profits have been maximized and there is no way for profits to advance further.  That is when new social engineering projects begin thus ending the existing economy in place.  During Slavery and Colonialism, Plantation Labour had run its course and was replaced by Modernization efforts and Wage Labour.  Now Wage labour is being replaced by Debt Labour through the expansionary efforts of Globalization.

One must understand that Big Business is very clinical and efficient in their methods and practices   All pieces are replaceable   Some parts are valued more than others but no part is irreplaceable   Society now works on that same premises.  All loopholes in the past are being closed by Big Business presently.  We are conditioned to look at another human being as being exploitable and usable.  We are conditioned to believe in the "Dog-eat-Dog" mentality and "Survival of the Fittest" mentality.  During these new expansionary globalization projects, Big Business is speeding up the commodification and exploitation of all cultures and all social realities.  By enabling the masses to be a part of this process the masses are entrenched into it`s reality and therefore are dependent on it`s survival for their own survival.  By enabling the masses to be a part of the process, Big Business ensures that it`s agenda succeeds.  Before the masses realize it, a social re-engineering process has occurred transforming all facets of living reality which is irreversible once it has started.

In truth my brothers and sisters, the Third World has existed since the Cold War began.  The Third World is not going anywhere, it's only expanding its reach presently.  This framework and structure has worked since it's inception and has always served it's created purpose.  It will continue to work due to the way money is manipulated inside of the system by those who can truly manipulate it and use it for their own benefits.  Big Business and National governments through the use of Social institutes and the Media highlight what they want to highlight in order to distract you from your social reality therefore limiting your ability to make informed decisions and informed choices.  Understand that you must find your own purpose in a purposeless, empty, routine, and ritualistic world so that you do not enable Big Business and the Elite to create your purpose and transform you from something you might not be able to accept as you grow older.  Understand the world around you and understand how people manipulate you for their own self interests.  However, do not let the spark inside you die.  See the events occurring before they appear and adjust yourself accordingly before being drowned by the changes coming your way.  You can either sink, swim, or float.  The choice is yours when the world transforms right in front of your eyes.

 "The few who understand the system, will either be so interested from it's profits or so dependent on it's favors, that there will be no opposition from that class"  (1863)

"From now on, depressions will be scientifically created"  (1913)

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