Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wisdom of The Ages

1.) “Politically, the system is unbreakable. Financially, it is unsustainable”.  A system built upon debt where the ruler in power -be it the PRIESTLY CLASS, the KING, the NATIONAL GOVERNMENT, or an EMPIRE -borrows money from private investors in order to grow and expand is unsustainable for the ruler is not in control of those he rules over.  Politically it will not be allowed to fall because there is too much invested in it for it to fail completely.  Power must always reside in the hands of the few.  However, because the system is built upon debt from its inception, it will experience a "GOLDEN PERIOD".  During its "GOLDEN PERIOD" it will flourish and all those living in that timeline while live affluent lives or experience privilege in their lives.  However, the "GOLDEN PERIOD" lasts only for a short period before it is no longer sustainable and must be altered and changed.  During the unsustainable period, the GREAT RESET takes place.

Every World War is a “GREAT RESET” of the economic and financial world.  This includes the Napoleonic Wars, World War 1, World War 2, and the Cold War (of recent memory).  This coming war, whatever the historians will call it at a later date, will be a symbolic war which will enable the "Great Reset" to take place.  What started in 2001 will have far reaching ramifications for future generations.
3.) "Intelligence Agencies often participate in the manipulation of Stock Markets and Stock Shares".  In other words, don't trust what you hear and see (in regards to stocks, investments, and financial reports).  There is much invested in the presentation of reality to the masses which the masses must believe and invest in themselves in order to sustain the reality in place.  The masses must believe in their reality in order for the reality to sustain itself and perpetuate itself.  When the masses stop believing in the reality presented to them, the reality crumbles.  Often times, the Elites will pull the plug on the reality they create before the masses understand what is about to happen.  In metaphoric words, the Elite will sink the ship before the masses can swim to shore.  Before the masses can pull out their money from their banks or pay off their debt completely, the Elites will bring down the economies and sink the world system in place. 

The news (though it is sold to the masses as being researched, factual, and neutral) is actual nothing more than a "Chess Game" being played between nations and corporations.  This is done in order to rally a certain type of emotion from the masses which will affect them and the way they view the nation via investments in the country, tourism in the country, and in a future war with the country.  Often at this present time, it is nationalism AND humanity which is sold to the masses through the media outlets in order to sell the story and get a certain reaction and thought process from the masses.  However, stories sold morally to you are not as they appear to be.  For instance, in recent history, there have been articles which have "demonized the importation of cheap honey from China.  In reality however, it is the the US Government, in collusion with the honey producers which is keeping out competition which INCREASES prices for already struggling US consumers" (This is similar to how Telecommunication companies like Rogers and Bell were able to keep out Verizon in 2013 from coming into the Canadian market places and therefore in doing so, it enabled Rogers and Bell to keep up their monopoly in the Telecommunications field).  The "Chess Game" being played presently is done to demonize China And Russia, the West's main adversary in regards to investments and influence world wide. Whether it's the demonetization of  Russia's stance on anti-gay laws in regards to the Olympics OR Russia's handling of Pussy Riot and their "totalitarian state" -all of it is done in order to rally the masses against Russia.  This is also the case, in regards to China and more specifically in regards to Sri Lanka where Human Rights Abuses have appeared presently in the media.  This is because India and the USA were not able to capitalize on the Tamil Tigers defeat in Sri Lanka and instead it was China who was able to invest into Sri Lanka.  By playing the "humanity card" in Sri Lanka, many pro-China Sri Lankan officials who are also caught up in the human rights abuse investigations (if they were to take place) and will either have to step down or face jail time.  This opens the door for a new government and for new government officials to step in who favor investment from the West.  This is one out of many cases in regards to Chinese Investment because this story line occurs in Africa and the Middle East as well.  WHAT WE SEE AS A MORAL CASE BEING ARGUED VIA SOCIAL INSTITUTIONS AND THE MEDIA IN REALITY HAS MORE TO DO WITH MONEY, INVESTMENTS, AND GAINING OF RESOURCES THAN ANYTHING ELSE.
"At any day, moment, or second - SLEEPER CELLS are awaiting that are fully trained by security forces and foreign and domestic intelligence agencies that can immobilize a nation, a region, or city.  EX: 2 Days Before the Kenyan Terrorist Mall Attack -Kenya wanted to host a clearing house for China’s yuan currency – a bold African first that would deepen the continent’s ties with Beijing, already a big investor from The Cape to Cairo.  Such a venture would not eclipse the dollar in Africa, however, because the yuan is tightly managed and traders are wedded to the greenback’s flexibility, Africans can already get quotes for their currencies against the yuan. A clearing house would cut the need for dollar settlements, speed things up, and reduce costs for average Kenyans.  The attack occurred Sept, 23, 2013 in Kenya and involved the renting of shop space inside the mall and the smuggling in of weapons disguised as inventory. However, presently articles are trying to sell the idea that had security been more tighter and checked bags like they do in Western nations, this attack could have been prevented.  This argument creates opportunism which is what the media is created to do for OUT OF CRISIS COMES OPPORTUNISM and specifically BUSINESS OPPORTUNISM.  Hence the arguments of bag checks would not have worked in Kenya during this incident but it does create the OPPORTUNITY to boost profits for security companies!!!   This type of thinking by the media will enable the fear mongering to continue and TRANSNATIONAL AND GLOBAL SECURITY FIRMS TO GROW and EXPAND not only in Kenya but world wide".  People must realize and understand that it is, "Nonsense jobs which keep our economy alive in order to prevent revolution, to keep the economy floating, and to keep people occupied".  Wage slavery enables people to live in a reality where they are constantly distracted and occupied and yet barely have enough energy to master themselves or their reality.  Much of these "nonsense jobs" is via fear mongering and repetition of fear mongering instilled in us by the media and by social institutions.  Realize that you are never told the full story, just the story the PR and the media want you to know which is often where fear is brought into play (ex: terrorism).  

6.) "A man is his own easiest dupe, for what he wishes to be true he generally believes to be true".  Whether you believe we are in prosperous times and our economy is recovering OR our economy is in decline and faltering, you will tend to see what you want to see.  You will tend to invest the way you want to invest, you will spend how you want to spend, you will live the way you want to live.  Your beliefs do not change the physical reality you live in.  However, what you want to believe does change how you react to the world you live in and the people in it.

“Only in solitude do we find ourselves; and in finding ourselves, we find in ourselves all our brothers in solitude”.  All people regardless of race, religion, political allegiance, color, gender, class, caste, sexual orientation are one and the same.  It is the mind, physical abilities, and talents that make us different.  However, when you silence your mind, control your thoughts, control your breath, and see and understand the world around you macro-cosmically and micro-cosmically, metaphysically and physically, you will see we as people and as civilizations are one and the same and have always been one and the same.  We live, we love, we eat, we age, we get sick, we make love, we pass away.  Along the way we fail, we succeed, we gain, we lose, we destroy, we build, we make mistakes, we grow.  When you find yourself, you will find yourself in others and you will be able to find others inside you.
8.) Our whole reality consists entirely of vibrational planes working on a magnetic field of existence. Vibrations are effected by numbers, dates, times, planetary alignment, colors, emotions, thoughts, etc.  "Master Numbers" and "Wing Numbers" on calendars are when socially engineered events are set into motion (ex: Master numbers include 11, 22, 29; Wing numbers include 10, 12, 21, 23, 28, 30).  There is more to this but for the moment I leave it at that for breaking this down would take an article of it's own.  What looks like one thing for the masses is something else for "the learned".  This is similar to Religion when the masses are taught Exoterically -"
Comprehensible to or suited to the public; popular" yet the very few in the religion are taught Esoterically-"Of or relating to that which is known by a restricted number of people; Confined to a small group: esoteric interests; 
Not publicly disclosed; confidential".  What you see in the media and what is sold to you via the media and social institutions in order to create a reaction is not the entire truth of what is occurring.  Understanding this point will enable you to understand why the same ELITES and same small group of people, families, and bloodlines who had power, influence, and money in eras that are only recorded in history books -still have it today.

9.) Great Empires are built on great suffering”.  For many who believe religion and prayers purifies them of "sin" and makes them better than others just by believing in a particular religion or belief system are actually dead wrong.  The truth is, religion enables your mind to be purified of suffering and guilt and "sin" but it does not free you from partaking in suffering for all Empires are built financially and politically on the suffering of others nations that they have defeated.  This enables the prospering country and its citizens to live a certain lifestyle for a certain amount of time.  The religious and prayers aspect an individual believes in enables him to change his/her perception of oneself in relation to the reality they are actually living inside.  However, it does not absolve you from living that reality on a day-to-day basis which makes you equal to everyone else who lives in that reality at the time you live it.  The perception you have via religion and via prayers does however change your vibrational plane in your magnetic reality which does have results in your own lives.

“ 'Deja Fraud'  is the Repetition of fraud".  Repetition through social institutions, entertainment sector, and the media enable "Deja Fraud" to occur repetitively throughout history which benefit the few over the many.  Society is designed and constructed a certain way for certain results to benefit a certain few.  This is similar to a Casino where the odds are always in favor of the house.  You can win and make ground which will enable you to have upward social mobility but over time the House's odds work in their favor and you often lose what you put in.  So know when it's time to cash out and when it's time to play.  This is very true when it comes to stocks, investments, property, lifestyles, etc.  Eventually the music stops, no matter what music is playing.  You just have to know when it's time to leave before it stops.  If you can master this, success can be achieved.

"A world in which others controlled the course of their own development would be a world in which the American system would be seriously endangered".  This is because America was created and designed to be the instrument for the Elite just as in the past Britain and France were created and designed for the same purpose.  This is the same in regards to the Western Roman Empire's existence as well.  All these Empires come crashing down symbolically so power can be passed from one instrument to another.  This time, the power does not shift from country to country but rather from country to social institution and to transnational corporations.

12.)  There is no such thing as Morals which exist in society or in civilization.  Morals are a socially engineered process which is indoctrinated and implemented into the masses via their culture and through their social institutions by the Elite and in order to hold the civilization and culture together and intact.  However, morals as we know them do not exist unless there is energy behind it which means there has to be thought embedded into the "moral" or "immoral" action. The thought itself has a vibration which effects the person which many would define as "Karma".  Since the reality you live in has a push and pull factor -whatever you give out, it brings something back to you.  THAT IS THE LAW OF THE UNIVERSE.  When you give, you receive.  When you ask, you receive   That does not mean, good attracts good OR bad attracts bad.  Good sometimes attracts bad, bad sometimes attracts good and this is on simplistic terms. Even with "bad" you can learn from, self master yourself, and grow from.  So there is no real "bad" result.  Just a result you did not want or intend and you will have to live with or suppress.  Morals and ethics as we know them are embedded into law and for that reason have physical consequences but in regards to metaphysics and the reality we live in inside the magnetic field of existence -the thought you have when you commit the action and the thought you carry when the action is committed affects what push and pull factor coming your way.  You must master your mind, your thoughts, and your perceptions.  Everything inside you, consciously, subconsciously, and unconsciously pushes and pulls things into your life and into your magnetic plane.

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