Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Manipulation of terms such as "the Chosen People", "After Life", and the "Devil"

Einstein figured out that "Mass and Energy were related and that one could, in theory, be transformed into the other".  Simplified even further in order to make it make sense, REALITY is nothing more than: MIND (in bound and out bound VIBRATIONAL frequency), SOUL (in bound and out bound ENERGY frequency), and BODY (MASS in other words a sponge which is affected by all the energy and frequency it radiates towards it and is pushed away from it).  Energy frequencies and vibrational frequencies work with one another in order to create the reality and all that exists inside it at all times.  We bring things to us in the magnetic field of existence we live in when we connect with it.  We manifest our thoughts into our reality by perception which causes us to have emotion which radiates outwards in the form of energy and vibration and brings with it other things (which may or may not be "good" or "bad" in your life or what you need at the moment.  However, what is sent out will be filled by something else that comes in to fill that void left open by the sending out of energy and vibration.  Good doesn't necessarily bring in good, and bad doesn't necessarily bring in bad, it simply doesn't work that way.  However, that void, created by energy going out will bring something else into your life.  This is how energy and vibration works).  Our perception takes shape in the form of people, symbols, words, and signs that we bring into our living reality, our living lives, which lead us to another choice and have yet another set of perceptual thoughts formed which again manifest itself before our next choice is made and a next set of events and actions take place in our lives.  Simply put, what you put into your mind by perception and what it absorbs in its subconscious, affects everything else in your reality.  Controlling your subconscious by safeguarding it against things you watch and pick up with your senses is key.  Breathing techniques is key to controlling and limiting thoughts and emotions.  Your thought process plays a huge role as well.

The "After Life" has been the best political tool used by Rulers on the Masses.  It has hid the true reality of an individual's full existence and his connection with reality.

All “Chosen People(s)” have “Devils" and "Evil Spirits” who are against them succeeding.  The “Chosen People” believe that if they could rule, they could bring what God “wants” to Earth.  In other words, it’s Duality brought to life with the “Chosen People” being on the GOOD SIDE and their enemies (whoever they happen to be at the time) being on the BAD SIDE.  Both sides do the same thing when ruling and when occupying areas during wars and in 
conflict.  In fact, there is no real difference between the two opposing sides except for the disinformation spread by both sides to make the other look worse than they are.  Whether it's the Vikings, the Muslims, the Sikhs, the Christians, the Catholics, the Communists, etc, etc, -Myths, Stories, and Symbols are 
perpetuated and romanticized by both sides involved in the conflict in order to unify their own people and have them prepared for "defensive" conflict.  Zoroaster uses the duality symbol to simplify it to the masses and to speak to his adherents.  He was speaking Esoterically ("
Intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest") and he knew only a few people would understand it when he used the symbols.  However, over time, his adherents understood it Exoterically ("esp. of a doctrine or mode of speech which is intended for or likely to be understood by the general public") and used it the best way they could to keep their adherents united.  Over time -culture, politics and religion corrupted Metaphysical and Spiritual Truths.

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