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The Circle (part 6) -The Job Market, Tourism, & Selling You 'Happiness'

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

"Dream with your eyes open" for there is money to made in a THIRD WORLD ECONOMY once it is socially engineered into the FIRST WORLD.  Whether it is in the Black Market, the Underground Market, or the actual Job Market -there are opportunities in the Third World economy that can be used for your benefit, your livelihood, and your success.  In order to find them, you must be willing to go where the jobs and opportunities are.  This means possible re-location for you individually or with your family.  This might mean enduring "skills training" in order to have access to these job opportunities.  It might even mean both.  Whatever the case may be, in a Third World economy, you must be willing to put the work and effort and time into succeeding and surviving -for nothing in this world is promised or free.  One must be able to make the most out of the opportunities given without taking the opportunity or job for granted.  In Third World economies, the competition is fierce (for every and any job that is available).  Jobs and opportunities in the Third World usually do not come to people if they sit in one place and wait for them.  Unless there is a sympathetic factor being involved and playing into your life (usually out of emotional attachment through social networks -friends, family, etc).  Opportunities do not simply fall onto your lap (and eventually, over time, even the emotional well runs dry and you are left with nothing).  Therefore,entitled beliefs embodied in Egoism, that it is, "your right" to have a "high" paying job or "your right" to be in a career with an automatic upward mobility factor must be altered.  

Our society in the First World has created, indoctrinated, and instilled into it's citizens this entitled belief system and this skewed value system.  When examined closer, you realize that this has been infused into us by the BUSINESS SIDE of the educational system.  It is through this Business side of school's advertising campaigns that have lulled the masses into choosing their educational facility over another education facility thus automatically prompting this belief inside of us.  That we now deserve to have everything since we made the "right" choice of schools and the "right" choice of programs.  In Canada specifically, the created and artificially maintained competition which exists between educational facilities has been fueled by the Business Side in order to entice students to choose a particular post secondary facility over another post secondary facility in order for the educational facility to fill up their coffers and continue making profits at the expense of the students.  Many of these educational facilities, advertise their education's facility and reputation by showing a collection of successful people that graduated from their school and using it as the "norm" for all students that go to this school.  The educational facilities however avoid mentioning and introducing the same successful individual's own "skill set" that they themselves brought into the picture and into the educational facility before entering the job market once they finished their post secondary education.  Therefore, presenting a universal message that going to this educational facility over another one, will get you: a degree, success, recognition, social influence, and wealth.  However, there are many more people in those same educational facilities that graduated and were not able to go as far as those highly advertised "success stories".  This manipulation of young minds at an early age prompts many to go into debt while being in educational facilities, fueling false hope while still believing in automatic success, without having to pay any dues OR go through hardships once in the work world.

Reality is a hard taskmaster, and one must understand that Reality is nothing but different business interests trying to sell you happiness.   In fact, ALL BUSINESS, no matter what type of BUSINESS it is (even the most "innocent" and "moral" of causes) revolves around SELLING HAPPINESS to those that are craving a way and method to be happy.  The BUSINESS SIDE OF SCHOOL manipulates this feeling of happiness, exploiting, and creating a person's perception of reality.  Since all Educational facilities create a "bubbled"/"tunnel vision" reality around the individual that finds themselves inside the educational facility,  educational facilities are in fact creating unaware and unprepared factory cogs who are blurred to the actual physical, economic, and social reality that is waiting outside of their constructed school setting once they leave school.  Theories, quotes, and formulas which work well in classrooms and inspire idealism and naivety are often not practical or applicable when used on people and social realities outside of school.  This causes many students who find themselves after graduation overworked and over qualified in the workforce.  Often times, many are doing jobs that did not require a post secondary education.  This also creates a growing numbers of unemployed, in debt undergrads feeling as if they have been betrayed and misinformed by educational institutes.  Therefore losing motivation and confidence in the school system and in themselves.  This is very problematic presently because THIRD WORLD ECONOMICS and DEPRESSIONARY PERIODS enable Big Business and National Governments to survive and thrive off exploiting their unemployed youth labor force.

Big Business, in regards to the Educational institutes and the Entertainment sector -exploit, thrive, and feed off the unhappiness, discontent, unrest, and bitterness of the masses.  Big Business uses Educational institutes and the Entertainment sector to create a cannibalistic pyramid structured society which thrives off preying on one another's emotions and thoughts.  Big Business uses Educational institutes and the Entertainment sector to build off the 'dog eat dog' world mentality and the 'survival of the fittest' mentality in order to entrench inside of us a exploitative world view when it comes to all things we encounter in our day-to-day lives.  Big Business use the Educational institutes and the Entertainment sector in order to continue the manipulation of this mechanism of emotions and enables the conditioning of it to affect our personalities, our psyches, and our judgement.  Repeated manipulation by Big Business using Educational institutes and the Entertainment sector enable Big Business to transform people into thinking, talking consumers while they themselves sell products and social trends to the consumer.  All of this is done, in order for the consumer to find some reclusive "happiness" in the outside world rather than to actualize it within ourselves.  Big Business (also uses the Media in this venture) when it comes to socially programming it's citizens.  Big Business therefore has no problem jumping behind a social trend since all social trends at the end of the day, will enable profits to be accumulated.  HAPPINESS has been the single most sold item in the BUSINESS WORLD throughout all social realities, in all historical ages.  This is because the Business World and money in particular thrives off first, selling you fear and selling you a problem.  Then immediately afterwards, selling you happiness and a solution.  The manipulation by Big Business of these two factors going hand-in-hand, first the fear factor and then the object to conquer fear -enables many of the social problems to exist emotionally and psychologically in the First World.  This is because you feel you have lost your chance at happiness until you apply the solution they have just created for you.  However, there was no problem with you in the first place and yet you are still left feeling empty and void.  This manipulative tactic have created many of the mental health problems existing in our socially conditioned and socially manipulated societies presently.  On the positive side, it has created many careers and livelihoods.  On the negative side, it has taken a toll on many lives in many different ways.

It is also no accident that the highest paid careers in the world presently are in the Entertainment sector and in the Business sector.  This is because the Entertainment Sector once fused with the Business sector, does nothing but sell you distractions in order for you and for the society to function.  Both these forces combined, do nothing less that sell you ideas and most of all, both these forces emotionally manipulate you so that they can sell you happiness -while unconsciously and subtly altering your viewpoints, lifestyles, and creating new social trends that Big Business can continue to use and exploit.  The Entertainment sector and Big Business (as well as fusing with Educational Institutes) are very efficient in creating differences between generations and separating them from one another by not revealing to them the similarities between the generations and between people(s).  Creating an artificial dichotomy between generations by selling social trends is a tactic that Big Business, the Entertainment sector, and Educational institutes often use and exploit to make profits and keep society divided.  

Regardless of it being in the First World or Third World, most often than not -you are going to be overly qualified while doing mundane, repetitive  non-challenging tasks without using much of your individual skills or talents.  In fact, in most work places, you are not paid to think but instead you are paid to implement the agenda at hand, conform to the people inside of the workplace, and fit in to the workplace environment.  If your refuse to do so, and decide to "rock the boat", you are deemed as being "troublesome" and will be pushed out subtly.  That is why many people in the work world do not speak up against those in charge in their own organization (even if the organization is toxic and functioning in a limiting capacity).  It's often not the intelligent people who run the companies, it's the socially skilled and micro managers who run these highly efficient companies.  It's these people who have enough social skills to convince those that work for them to follow through with plans implemented by funders and by the board of directors.  Even if those plans being implemented are not really effective 'nor are they working for their constituents and the "front line" staff, it's these socially skilled, micro managers that ensure the ship is not "rocked" by their staff and that the ship is able to sale to it's destination as intended by it's funders and it's shareholders.  Again, it is the funders and shareholders that control the business side of any organization, similar to how National Governments are ruled by funders.  One cannot escape the impact money plays in any part of the social reality that they are living in.  In the Work world, in the Entertainment world, in the Media, or in the Political world -Money makes the world go around.  It's you as an individual that has to decide how entrenched you want to be in the system and how much money can make you happy.  Being poor has it's own set of problems, as does being rich.  One has to individually decide where his/her financial happiness is.

This brings us to the next point, many people argue that, "Third World's citizens seems more happier than First World citizens".  This is a simplistic argument, yet a few pivotal factors that are playing into this thought process and holding it into place must be examined: 
(a) Due to it's poverty and "simplistic" lifestyles, Third World societies are not permeated with the technology needed to be overly saturated by the media and by Business advertisements which happen to overflow into every aspect of the First World.  For many citizens living in the First World, our subconscious and conscious thoughts are actually the thoughts of Ads and Media outlets, where we actually echo their sentiments and views rather than forming our own.  Adding into the mix, is the fact that social conformity and "herd mentality" stop many from thinking for themselves and stop them from questioning the mainstream narrative within society.  The people in the Third World, instead of actually depending on technology to fuel their every day lives, are actually living their lives within their community and among their friends and family.  Even at work in the Third World, many of the people are away from the Media's overflow of unnecessary and often repetitive information.  Therefore, many of the Third World's citizens are avoiding the negative moods and emotional altering thoughts created by a dependence on technology which affect the masses subconsciously and unconsciously
(b) Melatonin is also in abundance in the Third World which hugely affects emotions and moods.  Whereas First World societies experience cold weather climates, therefore pushing many of it's citizens to live inside of their individual homes for 6-8 months a year, the Third World experiences either Sun or the Rain throughout the year.  This key, pivotal environmental factor therefore isolates First World citizens from each other making them dependent on technology to communicate with one another and communicate with the outside world.  Many of the Third World countries do not experience these harsh weather conditions and weather changes, therefore having no reason to limit themselves from their communities and the people around them on a day-to-day basis.  Social contact has a huge impact on many people's moods and behaviors and since weather factors play a part, it seems as if the Third World is able to take advantage of the weather and the affect melatonin has on the human body and the human mind.
(c) The egoism created by the Business side of educational facilities creates an entitled belief system in First World citizens that "money makes us happy" and without it we are doomed.  Educational facilities create a skewed viewpoint that promises us a career once we leave school.  Once we cannot immediately find a career that makes us happy, we become critical and bitter for we seem to feel that we have been lied to.  Betrayal and finding out that our careers are "not all that it's cracked up to be" takes a heavy toll on the First World emotionally since the money you make defines the person you are and the net worth of your existence in the First World.  In the First World, many people do not own the things they have presently.  Therefore realizing later in life, that accumulating debt by accumulating commodities has not created happiness.  This adds to the social anxiety many people have with one another in social situations -adding to the emotional instability of citizens in the First World.  In the Third World however, many of the items and possessions that the citizens of the Third World have, has been with them and their families for generations. Seeking immediate improvement is not a necessity in the Third World.  Though time plays a factor in both societies, the First World and it's citizens have an urgent need to constantly improve, to "progress", and to gather commodities and possessions -which makes them want to control and manipulate time in order to manipulate the amount of wealth they can make and the possessions they can have.  In the Third World, most often, time is something to experience and live with and in time, your goals can be accomplished.  This view of time takes a huge toll on the minds of citizens from both Worlds.
(c) Due to the Lower life expectations, the lower standard of living, and the fewer chances for upward social mobility in the Third world, many in the Third World are content with having what they have and having enough to provide for their families and for themselves.  Higher living standards and Higher life expectations inside the First World have caused higher rates of discontent as well.  This discontent among First World citizens is something that the Third World does not experience on a regular basis in an abundance.  However, many Third World countries have experienced Social Upheavals and Social Revolutions when their standard of living has been raised and yet National Governments were not able to deliver on their promises to their citizens.  
(d)  In the Third World, homogeneity still plays a factor in the consciousness of it's citizens.  Since many Third World cultures have avoided the rapid modernization and industrialization that the First World experienced and created with a huge immigrant workforce that had to migrate from various lands in order to form the country, the Third World was able to maintain their homogeneous populations.  Lack of workers in the First World brought in many cultures and people into the FIRST WORLD's economy who did not co-mingle or fit in well with one another or were often looked down upon by the "native" inhabitants of the country they moved to.  Often isolated, many of these cultures fragmented into their own groups and created niches in different parts of the city in which they lived (which still exist today).  Go into any urban area in Canada, France, U.S.A., etc. and you will find little niches of immigrant communities which mirror their societies from their native countries and seem to be untouched by the broader "native" culture around them.  Even though the National governments have used the "Melting Pot" experiment and the "Multiculturalism" experiment it has done nothing more than create a TOLERANT society rather than an ACCEPTING or an UNDERSTANDING culture.  This is especially the case when it comes to visible minorities who are still not considered as being "French", "American", "Canadian", "Dutch", etc.  Also many of those that immigrated to the First World in search of jobs and opportunities find themselves either living in a cultural conclave or in poor substandard housing projects.  Also, another example of homogeneity which play a part in creating conflicts in the First World is the fact that though mixed marriages are still slowly being accepted presently in the First World, many people in the First World still find mixed marriages taboo and strange.  Stereotypes still dominate the minds of people in the First World when encountering people of another culture (especially in marriages) because in truth, we are often kept separate in the day-to-day lives of other peoples from different cultures.  We only encounter other cultures at work and in educational facilities (or during our transportation routes).  Proving that we are not yet comfortable 'nor accepting with all the diversity of culture that we find in our diverse First World societies   This uncomfortably plays a huge part in our emotional states on a day-to-day basis and adds to our social anxiety.  Much of the Third World does not have to worry about this factoring into their existence.  The Third World has been able to preserve their culture and traditions and not feel as if it's been under attack by immigrants, something which cannot be said by the First World.

Another problematic, issue that sits lurking underneath the Third World's economy is the fact that Tourism from the First World enables many of the THIRD WORLD countries in existence today to stay alive and function.  Since many of the Third World are export countries, these nations and it's populations depend heavily on tourism in order to survive.  The constructed "Middle Class" mentality of using vacation time to travel the world and make life seem more interesting and fulfilling in order to be happy with our time and our lives has had a positive factor in the Third World economy since it has enabled certain cultures to survive.  Without tourism, and the money it brings into the Third World, many Third World countries such as Dominican Republic, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Cuba (among many others) would have collapsed under social and economic pressures that National governments could not have resolved easily.  The money flowed in by tourists enables not only the national economy to survive but also enables the Underground Markets and Black Markets to survive.   The "exotic" allure of the Third World has been a formula that has been sold to the masses since the start of Colonialism.  Especially with the National World Fairs bringing this into the consciousness of the citizens of that world during the 1900's in Europe and North America.  To combat Cold War forces and the ideology of Communism in the 1950's, "Vacation time" was created for the workers of the First World so that they could believe in the Business ideologies that were being created at that time (and which dominate and permeate our every fabric of society today).  Now, with the Third World economy being brought to the First World, this will have a huge devastating impact on the Third World and it's economy.  The entire world will now be a Third World economy and become a "rich man's playground" for those with access to huge sums of money.  Those without access to huge sums of money, must use the money we have carefully and wisely.

Brothers and Sisters, many people will read these newsletter with scorn, anger, skepticism  and criticism.  However, it is these same people who inform themselves and create their own world views and create their lifestyles solely through their access to MEDIA OUTLETS.   Though these newsletters created by me might be negative in content, the difference between the Media's negativity and mine is that the Media is built around dis-information, propaganda, lies of commission, lies of omission, and misinformation.  With that said, the masses rather look at what the Media presents and become saturated with repetitively negative stories (while becoming affected unconsciously and consciously) and live in fear and anxiety -than actually understanding their own social reality and being aware of the full picture of the reality they live in.  By understanding social reality, you are able to take a step away emotionally from the absurdity of it and spend more time concentrating on bettering yourself and your social reality.  This enables the individual to become aware of the thoughts, words, and choices that they may make.  Understanding your social reality and economic reality and the forces that work to create the reality you live in today enable one to free their mind.  Think about it, what's more absurd?  Living in fear, worry, and anxiety (without understanding your living reality) or understanding your living reality and being able to move forward with your dreams and goals while adapting them to your living reality?  The Media is built to distort reality and brainwash your thoughts in order to transform you into a "productive" citizen so they can exploit your feelings and thoughts for the advantage of Big Business.  Big Business views you as a commodity built to be exploited and used and the media and educational facilities are the tools they use against you.

Though the human species presents itself as being evolved and being more aware than people who lived in the past, we have not fully understood the mistakes from the past and seem to repeat them time and time again.  All future civilization are created from the embers of ancient civilizations left behind. This however, also enables future civilizations to re-create the mistakes the previous civilizations have made.  The reality is that today our lives are very similar to the one's our past generations have lived in the past.  The human bodily functions are the same in the past as they are now in the present.  It's the ideologies in each current age that have been politicized by Business interests that have been manipulated and have been used to separate us and keep us "different" from one another.  Big Business and Educational facilities have also created the notion that we are different from "those people" who lived in the past.  It is true, that technology has "progressed" and our domestication methods of all things have also altered but yet many of our every day ways of living have stayed the same.  It is Big Business and Educational facilities that manipulate our view on time and our view on "progress" which has enabled them to control our historical narrative and make every sphere of our society become commodified and exploitable presently.  

In the past, trade occurred between countries that spoke no similar language but understood the universal language of numbers.  That is what our universal language today is: numbers.  The universal language of the human race has always been numbers.  Currency and numbers is what all cultures understood and what has enabled "civilization" to progress to the stage it has reached presently.  That is what all cultures and countries understood in the past and understand currently.  That is what defines the goal of business and this is what enables economies to grow and thrive on.  Everything else including race, religion, culture, gender, etc can be incorporated and can be adapted and worked with, once the language of numbers is understood.  Though English is the language that businesses prefers (since after Colonization and the Cold War it was able to take hold in most people's minds all across the world ).  English still remains one of the most easily understood, easily taught, and quickly learnt languages in the world.  Therefore, English is presented as the language of business, though the real universal language in the past and present is and will always be numbers.  

In conclusion, it is true that there are jobs to be found in a Third World economy.  When the whole world is a Third World economy there will exist ways for individuals with "skills" and "qualifications" to travel to the location of his/her choice and pursue their career pursuits.  Especially in skilled and essential services such as Nursing, Teaching, Doctors, Pilots, Engineers, etc.  jobs will be available (though the competition will be fierce).  No matter what historical period it is, when economies crumble, "Brain Drains" occur in all places, so many doors will be open for those that are willing to re-locate.  The "Global Citizen" is being created by Big Business and National Governments in preparation for when the doors will be opened for workers to work all across the world if they have the skill sets needed to fit into the economy.  However, like in all things you must not be complacent.  You must search for opportunities.  You must build upon a strong social network which will enable more doors to open for you.  Your personal experiences and social skills shall also open another door.  Your education, opens another door.  These are 3 things which will enable you to qualify for jobs in any country no matter the state of the economy.  Majority of the jobs are not in heavily populated urban areas where there already exists a dense amount of population and are often overly populated with a huge surplus of workers.  Relocation can be a smart and viable option for many if they are willing to use it.  If you are willing to re-locate domestically (inside your country) or by working externally (leaving the country you inhabit presently and working abroad) -there are jobs to be found and experiences to be had in Third World economies.

Life is a nothing else but a journey you travel on.  Some travelers on the journey with you, will travel with you longer than other travelers.  Some travelers fade away almost immediately when the journey begins.  Other travelers go in and out of your journey during different parts of your journey.  The impact of any one traveler will never be known until your journey is fully completed.  Remember, never to take the traveler or the journey for granted.  Lessons abound throughout each step of the journey if you choose to see it and understand it.  You can either walk with your eyes open throughout the journey or walk automatically like a machine, ignoring your mental faculties and senses.  Whatever you choose to do and wherever you choose to go, beware of the social landscapes and political landscapes.  Do the best you can with what you have and adapt when necessary.

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