Saturday, February 22, 2014

Poetic Perspective (part 1) - Great Depression 2.0

Decimated populations, Ghost towns appearing
Penniless communities, Broken families
Stock market crashes, Disaster started
Foreclosures on the horizon, Economies shrinking
Suicides rising, Black market thriving
Buildings crumbling, Many left pondering
Petty crimes more prevalent
Past accomplishments erased, Present status irrelevant
Trying to survive, trying to stay alive
What’s worthwhile?
When you lived your whole illusionary lifetime in denial
Now living in a Depression
Human regression, Many unanswered questions
More devastation than a Recession
Companies contracting, Job losses astounding
A process of Hyper capitalism and Globalization, Corporate monopolization
Oligarchies appearing, Plutocracies reigning
Union power fading, Activists disappearing
A process of social engineering
Third World erected, Many dying with new biological diseases after being infected
Opportunities’ fading, No hope left
Grand Depression appearing
Clearing a way for another reality to be created, Old ways of life disappearing
New currency created, Highways built
Old skills out, New skills in
Restructuring reality, Bit-by-bit, Step-by-step
Hard to keep up when very little opportunities remain left
Pensions gone, World governments now privatized
Owned by those who had the money to buy
When the Great Depression 2.0 hit and caught everyone else by surprise.

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