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The Circle (part 10‏) - Knowledge and Change

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

"Knowledge is Power" is an often overused clicheThough the quote does enable one to seek "knowledge" (and with it, all the paths and choices that seeking "knowledge" may lead you to), "knowledge" often times, also leads to the creation of ego, confrontation, isolation, and ostracism.  This is because "knowledge" can leave you powerless, hopeless, voiceless, and frozen -depending on the social atmosphere and social environment you find yourself in.  Unless you have the social influence, social climate, social skills, and finances to your advantage -seeing everything happening around you and understanding it in depth, without being able to do anything about it, can leave you feeling empty, bitter, angry, resentful, and cold.  Furthermore, the definition of "knowledge" and what "knowledge" truly is, is different for individuals.  What you think of and value as "knowledge" can be different from that of another individual's definition of "knowledge".  What you think of as "knowledge" can be different from the area that you reside and therefore, the mainstream cultural definition of "knowledge" is different than your own definition of it.  What you think of as "knowledge" can be different from the era and social climate you find yourself in.  This definition of "knowledge" could cause conflict within yourself, with your family and friends, and with the culture you find yourself in.  "Knowledge is power" only when you understand when, how, why, and where you can use your "knowledge"

It has also been quoted, "Be the change in the world that you want to see".  That is often easier said than done.  In truth, time waits for no one, and though you have changed mentally or emotionally (or both), it doesn't mean that people around you and the social climate around you has changed. What has changed is your perception of the many things you will encounter day-to-day in your living, physical reality.  However, people are very resilient and adaptive and often, they can adapt themselves to your "change".  Often times, their attitudes and behaviors towards you change positively, sometimes negatively, other times it becomes a mix of both.  Some people may not be able to deal with the "changes" you have went through and start to distance themselves from you.  Others, will edge closer towards you and want to incorporate some of your "changes" into their life thus changing themselves (however long or short that change may last for either of you).  Others may use you as the "go-to-person" on certain topics and subjects, but simultaneously keep others topics and subjects away from you because they believe it's safer not to talk to you about it.  What you do, can lead to a chain reaction.  However, it doesn't mean it's the chain reaction you wanted.  It's not easy being the "change in the world" for often times, many of those that do become the "change in the world", also tend to become over-bearing, preachy, and egotistical.  Though they might do it out of love, "change" cannot be forced on anyone else.  Though the "change" you went through might be useful for you and your social environment/social situation, it might not be useful for others in their lives and it might have a detrimental effect on them and possibly your relationship with them.

"Everything is easier said than done" for perception in life is everything.  We, as individuals, live in a Perceptual Reality.  Nothing else!!  What we perceive of as reality, is our own reality.  From the perception of reality -we formulate our second-to-second thoughts.  From our perception of reality,  we make our day-to-day choices.  From our perception of reality we make our goals and react to situations we find ourselves in.  How we perceive reality can (and often times) differ(s) from the people we encounter on a day-to-day basis.  How we perceive any one thing in reality can differ from the people we hold close to our lives and from people who can actually have a huge impact on our lives.  Our perception of reality is problematic as well as unifying.  Understanding that our physical, living reality is perceptual is key to understanding ourselves in the world and being able to understand others therefore avoiding confrontation and problematic situations when they arise.  Understanding that reality is perceptual will enable you to try and understand how close you are when disagreements occur and how much of the bridge can be crossed to see each other's viewpoint.  Some times, you may be able to cross the bridge together and come to acceptable agreement.  Other times, walking away might be the best decision.  Other times, you might want to, "agree to disagree"  and call it quits on the argument without forcing the other to conform themselves or change themselves to the argument being made.

In regards to everyday social conventions and social conversations, don't get caught up in blindly agreeing to definitions of "morality", "ethics", "democracy", "heaven or hell", "good or bad", "sin", "sinner and saint", "right and wrong", etc.  because they are uniquely individualistic and have a uniquely different meaning for everyone that you may encounter.  One small, tiny variation in any of the terms listed above can in fact change the definition of that person's viewpoint on the topic and make it different from yours or anyone else's.  Therefore, not everyone will see terms and definitions the exact same way you see it.  One individual person might be able to see certain parts of your viewpoint easier than another person who sees even less of it.  Sometimes, no one else but you will be able to understand the definition you created for a term.  Whether it's because it's too multi-layered for others to grasp, or your definition of it is flawed, time will tell.  Don't get caught up in ego, arguing over topics that are individualistically defined and individualistically based on perception.  

Understand that social reality, social circumstances, and the social environment that individuals find themselves in, changes the way an individual thinks, reacts, and acts from time-to-time.  Some individuals once they change and head towards a certain path, it is very difficult for them to alter and come back similar to the person you knew from before (for better or for worse).  Other individuals may go through the same changes, yet at a later date and time, due to that person leaving the social setting they are in or leaving the social environment -dramatic changes occur to that individual (for better or worst) and they are brought back to the similar person they were before the changes occurred.  Change and the way change affects any one particular individual can never be foretold with accuracy and certainty beforehand.  Change is a transformative process that can affect so much and yet can be caused by so little.  

Often times, the "Rat Race" that people find themselves caught inside when trying to survive, drives many to become: (a) cold, distant, empty, reclusive, and exhibit anti-social behaviors.  For others, the "Rat Race"  causes: (b) them to find their identity and purpose.  For some, it's a mixture of both.  Some items from category (a) and some items from category (b).  You may never know exactly which person you encounter and what category they will fall into.  Day-to-day encounters are full of unknown variables that can impact your life at every turn you may take.  Some encounters might impact you negatively, some positively.  What's ahead of you, no one knows.  That is a journey one must experience by living it Though society, through the capitalistic pyramid structure in place socially engineers and constructs us to be cannibalistic in nature and prey off other people's fears and worries, it doesn't necessarily do that for everyone.  Some people keep their innocence and purity in tact and are very benevolent and loving.  Others are tainted by the society they are living in and become defensive shells of themselves.  Others become very opportunistic and manipulative and see people as commodities to be used as they see fit.  Be weary of how the"Rat Race" has an impact on everyone's psyches.  For no matter what, the perception you may have of the world, not everyone has had the privilege of living the similar life you have lived.  Therefore, the "Rat Race" has altered them to become a shell of what their true latent potential actually is.

For many, regaining your "lost child" hidden and buried deep within yourself may enable you to see the world with "fresh" eyes everyday.  Seeing the world through the eyes of a child, everyday, with "new" eyes of wonder and awe can free your mind of already cemented and consolidated negative viewpoints you have gathered over the past recent years as you aged into adulthood.  With that said, though something may be negatively viewed now, it can be viewed differently if given the "right" eyes to use.  For in truth,  nothing stays constant.  Sometimes it's the external world that changes, sometimes it's your internal world that changes -both will enable you to see the world through "new" eyes.  Whatever it may be, the way you look at the world with your eyes impacts the way you formulate your thoughts inside your mind and impacts your attitude and behaviors.  This effects your every relationship on a day-to-day basis as well.  If the way you look at the world isn't working for you presently, try and go back to a time where it was working for you, and then see why it was the way it was.  Certain mind frames and viewpoints from the past can be brought to the present.  Others cannot.  You must see what works for you and what doesn't.   

One must also understand that your work/career is not the full embodiment and definition of you.  Your self worth is not the money you make.  Your financial circumstances do not make you.  Be confident and accept that.  It might be to some people and in some cultures (such as the one we are living in now) but not to everyone living in that culture.  Find the people that make you comfortable with your thoughts, and with your emotions, and love the life you want to live.  Realize that not everyone will accept all your viewpoints and opinions but taken as a whole, does that person or group enable you to concentrate on your goals and move forward and stay positive?  If it's the opposite, and the person or group hinders your self growth, then you have to reflect and ask your self if staying there is actually beneficial to you in any way.  Though you might not  be able to walk away sometimes, lessening the impact they may play in your life is certainly a positive step that could play dividends in the future.

Reality is not about being depressed, or losing hope, or feeling empty.  Reality is based around confidence and self worth.  It's about understanding.  It's about acceptance.  It's about realizing the situation you are in and being resilient and adaptive.  It's easy to lose faith and to lose hope in yourself and in others, it's another to motivate yourself in the face of adversity and accomplish your set goals and in turn, motivate others.  In truth, life is nothing more than a journey you travel on.  Don't let ego or your lack of confidence rule your perception and ruin your choices and take things away from you that you truly believe you deserve.  Know and understand yourself.  Know the people you surround yourself with and the energy they bring into your lives. 

Though family is the one thing you cannot alter because you do not control the "birth lottery" it is something that can impact you positively or negatively so you must choose carefully the amount of time and energy you want to expend on your family.  Emotional ties run deep when it comes to family.  Some people in families realize this fact and manipulate sacrificial lambs and martyrs.  So realize all the people present in your family before deciding what role it is you want to play.  Sometimes you do more harm than good when interfering in things that are way out of your control or understanding.  Sometimes, things must run it's course without us being involved.  Choices made by individual family members do impact more than just themselves.  Not everyone realizes this.  Some that do realize this, realize it, but cannot apply it.  Whatever role you decide to play, understand that things will be out of your control and you can only control so much.

Love life, for you only have one life to live as the person you are presently.  You only have one life with the people and memories you have presently.  If you don't love it, quiet your mind enough so that you can reflect and self-reflect constantly.  This will enable you to collect yourself and know yourself and therefore understand yourself.  When you understand yourself, know your motivations.  Know your fears.  Use both your fear and your motivations for your advantage when you aim towards a goal.  Make your goal your sole focus when you aim at it, concentrating your whole being on actualizing it.  Make your dreams come true, adapting at each stage you come across.  For you can blame no one else but yourself for letting opportunities squander because of your own attitude.

On your journey in life, with each breath and with each footstep you take, you will have a chance to understand your world and the different people you encounter.  Your journey will enable you to have a chance to experience different and diverse cultures and languages.  What you see in your encounters depends on what you put inside you mind when you go through your experience.  The "truth" will always be in front of your eyes, in reach of your fingertips, felt by the silence in your mind.  Never stop believing in yourself and others.  Never stop adapting.  Remember resiliency is a trait all human beings have if they choose to use it.  Never give up on yourself or others.  Never let the light fade inside you.  Life is a lot darker when the light inside you dies.

At times, reality may seem hopeless.  Especially when you see the harshness of social circumstances and what it does to people and how it shapes them.  When's it all around you and it becomes harder to ignore.  When you encounter disease, or war, or theft, or rape, or abuse, or poverty -it's hard to just focus on the positivity of life and the beauty embodied in all things.  However, your thoughts do control what emotions you go through and simultaneously, situational circumstances play into it as well.  Do what you can with what you have.  There is nothing more you can do if you know you have done everything you could at the moment in time that you needed to do it.  Sometimes, doing everything you could isn't enough.  For those times, when reality looks bleakest, realize that all things change.  What may be a certain way at this present time, may be better or worst at a later time.  Change must be experienced.  It cannot be described.

Change is constant.  Our perception of change determines our attitudes, beliefs, our choices, and our actions.  Whatever you throw yourself into, learn the lesson as you are going through the experience.  Don't live a life of regret or worry.  Look back nostalgically and accept the moment.  Moments make up your life and every moment in the past can be re-lived in the future even if the situation around you has changed.  Accept things as they come.  Change things you can.  Move on and away from things you cannot change.  Understand change takes place either way.  Don't think you can solve everything.  Don't fool yourself  into believing you can sympathize and empathize and truly feel what someone else feels and has lived through when you yourself have not gone through it.  Experience is the greatest teacher.  Every experience and feeling is individual and even though you understand some layers, you might not be able to understand them all.  Some things you may understand now, but did not understand in the past.  Some things you don't understand now, you will understand later in the future.

Understand that everywhere you go, National Propaganda will make the country you are in seem better than it actually is.  Don't get sucked into it and become an instrument the Elites and Big Business need you to become for their own benefits.  Don't believe the hype.  Don't believe what they are selling you.  With perceptual reality, you can look at the whole picture of your living, physical reality on a macro-cosmic level if you so choose to.  If you choose not to, you might want to emphasize others micro-cosmic parts of your reality and just focus your total energy on that.  Either way, the social forces that exist, outside of your individual perceptual reality, do in fact impact and affect your social and economic reality.  Don't forget, what you choose to ignore, also says just as much about you as what you choose to believe.  People often fill themselves up with many different distractions throughout their physical, living existence in order to distract themselves or to find meaning in their lives.  Whether it's alcohol, prescription medication, drugs, video games, sports, movies, work, sex, religion, family and friends, relationships, etc. -all of it is nothing more than distractions in our physical, living reality.  Therefore, it cannot be judged by another person if there is purpose to it, or meaning to it, or if in fact it's the "right" or "wrong" choice.  Do not let others take away your happiness.  Do not ignore their wisdom or warnings.  Take everything with a grain of salt.

The way you perceive your reality will be much different than the way another person perceives your reality.  Some times, it is you that creates their perception of your reality by what you tell them about your reality.  Be aware of what information you give to others about your reality especially if you are worried it may come back and haunt you.  How much time, energy, passion, and purpose an individual puts into his/her perceived reality is totally up to the individual.  How he shapes his/her mind, is many times under his/her control and no one else's.  Perceived realities only come into conflict with one another person's reality when one of the two individuals decides to make a judgmental statement or take a judgmental action on someone else's perceived reality.  Therefore, be weary of the perception others have of you and your reality.

Though society has forgotten that  "Class Warfare" exists because of the "Cold War" since we were conditioned and indoctrinated at that time to believe the spoils of war were for us -we must never be fooled again.  We were taught during the "Cold War" to believe in the "trickle down" effect because we were socially conditioned to do so.  Believing that myth enabled us to hope that when the "Cold War" ended, war would stop.  However, now that you see how National Governments, the Entertainment Sector, the Media, Big Business, and the Elites exploit hope and manipulate hope in order to accrue profits, we must understand we cannot just blindly agree and go with what they want us to go with.  Though you might not be able to convince the masses, at least you have an understanding of it.  

In truth, all things from birth are controlled.  Parents control what they put into the minds of their children before they send their children off to schools.  Schools and Post secondary institutes control the mind by controlling the marks.  That's how we are conditioned by schools.  Work controls our minds and our actions by controlling our salaries and our upward advancement opportunities.  That's how we are conditioned by work.  The Entertainment Sector and the Media use predictive programming through the TV, and through the radio, and through ads to control our minds because of it's constant repetition.  No matter what, your mind is never free.  It was never free since you were conceived.  Only when you can pause your mind and enable it to focus on your breath, is your mind free from the clutter you have received ever since your conception.

Be weary of how the media and entertainment sectors use extreme cases as an argument for their objectives.  Through the presentation and repetition of an item, the entertainment sector and the media enable us to think of a certain item a certain way and therefore when we hear the item at a later date, the thought we have of the item is what they had created subtly.  For example, "hoarding".  Extreme cases and extreme individuals are shown presently living in unsanitary conditions and being a health risk to themselves and to others.  However, during the "Cold War" era, governments wanted citizens to stockpile supplies just in case a Nuclear Warhead detonated and individuals were stuck inside their bunkers.  Now that National Governments are faltering, governments have enacted Executive Orders in order to confiscate those supplies from citizens and argue the case without revealing what they took by simply saying and using the term, "Hoarder" via the media.

Don't get caught up by people who hide themselves behind quotes, or behind theories, or behind ideologies.  Don't get intimidated by people who hide behind the "power of numbers", or their net worth, or their job titles.  Religion, Education and Book Smarts, Being "Cultured" and a travel expert, or having Life Experiences and "Street Smarts" -all create people who have the opportunity to have their minds open, yet along the way, they have chosen not to.  They have used their "knowledge" to create bubbled realities within themselves and for their families therefore consolidating already prejudicial views and ideas inside themselves.  Be weary of these people, for there are far more close minded people than there are open minded people.  Also, do not be intimated by "Alpha" Male and "Alpha" Female personalities for they might lead you down the wrong path and then blame you for following them.  Make accountable choices on your own based on combining logic and emotion and seeing your choices out to the end without just rushing into it halfheartedly and blindly.  

We are all equal to a degree and unequal in other degrees.  What makes us more or less valuable and creates the inequality in society, depends heavily on the culture we are living in.  With that said, humans are very resilient due to the Defensive Mechanisms they are able to create in order to lessen and reduce trauma (emotional and physical) in their lives.  Forgiving, Forgetting, Romanticizing, Fits of Anger, Fits of Jealousy, Apathy, Sarcasm, Nostalgia, Laughter, etc. are all defensive mechanisms humans have used on one another and on themselves to alleviate pain and reduce sadness.  Understand your culture you are living in and understand what you are able to do and not do.  The ego will say you can do, whatever you want.  Think a lot deeper and see how culture restricts people's growth.  "A being of higher faculties requires more to make him happy, is capable of more acute suffering, and certainly accessible to it at more points than one of an inferior type.  It is better to be a human being dissatisfied than a fool satisfied".

"We are Living in the Age of Catastrophe!"  OR "We are Living in the Age of Scientific Wonder".  Beware of polar opposites and dichotomies when it comes to picking sides on any one topic.  No one should force you to conform to a belief system that has flaws and is fallible.  Most topics, arguments, conversations, discussions -have flaws, weaknesses  and are fallible.  Don't get pulled into something you don't truly believe in and you don't want to fight for.  In truth, in all worlds, "First World" or "Third World", you will come across and experience "Time Frozen" and "Time Sped Up".  "Time Frozen" are areas in Jaffna, areas in North Carolina, areas in Dominican Republic, etc. where you are brought back to a time anywhere between 1900's and 1960's and life is more relaxed, slowed down etc.  "Time Sped Up" is areas such as Toronto, Las Vegas, New York, etc. where people and items are moved non-stop and there is no time to breathe or think.  Where you live in relation to the proximity, "Time Frozen" and "Time Sped Up" has a huge impact on the way you perceive yourself, the way you perceive others, and the way you perceive your own life.  For some, "Time Frozen" is the place to be.  For others, "Time Sped up".  For some it's a mix of both.  Travel and see where you fit in.  "Time Sped Up" and "Time Frozen" can be found in all countries in different areas of the same country.

Just remember my brothers and sisters, that many times you cannot "pay it backwards", however, you can "pay it forward".  Sometimes you can make a difference in the life of some one else, just by helping them with nothing asked in return. A sincere, genuine assistance can go a long way when given to the right person.  Some people will manipulate, exploit, and abuse you and the service/aid you give.  Some will be forever grateful.  You never know the full outcome, until you give of yourself to another person.  "Pay it Forward" essentially means, giving something to someone for nothing and hoping he/she continues the trend and gives assistance to someone else for nothing.  Eventually it will hit a bump when the person you "pay it forward" to is selfish and keeps getting without giving.  It happens.  C'est la vie!!  You can never fully get rid of selfishness and self-interest in others

Alas, "Money Makes the World Go Around".  Whether it's money that is hidden in Secret off-shore companies such as Quantum Fund NV which is owned by George Soros OR money that's hidden by National Governments through "Black Budgets" and "Classified Files" -following where the money leads can make you understand the social forces that exist inside your reality.  However, "knowledge" of this sort and type also distorts your own social reality because it makes you aware of what occurs without enabling you to actually have an affect on the things taking place.  Many National Governments, in conjunction with Drug Lords, War Lords, Organized Crime Syndicates, and Intelligence Agencies are involved in money laundering schemes in order to accrue even more wealth in the system and therefore stimulate and manipulate economies, citizens, and societies.  Money enables the Elites and Big Business to hire the personnel needed for Operations such CointelPro (domestically launched), Operation Gladio (Externally launched), False Flag operations (Launched domestically and externally).  It also enables Big Business and National Governments to "Rent-a-Cop" (paid off duty police officers) and "Rent-a-Military" (hire out militaries to protect their companies and assets in other countries).  Though "Money Makes the World Go Around", try and understand how much money you need to make you happy and whether in fact, you can live with less.  If in fact, money can make you happy or if it's something else you need which will make you happy, seek it.  Having no money, isn't a viable choice in this economy.  Having too much money or only seeking money, has problems of it's own.  Choose for yourself, how much money is needed to make your perceived reality worth living.  Then strive to make your perceived reality a reality worth living in.

On top of the other differences that exists between the definition of "Knowledge", there also exists the difference between, "Esoteric Knowledge" and "Exoteric Knowledge" which will also factor in and shape the way you look at reality.

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