Saturday, February 22, 2014

Poetic Perspective (part 7) - Zombie Life

Zombies are all around
Sitting, eating, staring while walking passively without making a sound
No need to be dead, zombies move around while still alive
Living in absurdity
Routine, automatic, superficial lives
Some live on the fringes, others just act out
Can’t be helped, damaged from within
The zombie disease is infectious once it penetrates deep within the mind, deep into the skin
“Sinner”, “saints” –even those trying to fit in
It never ends
Another day, another moment –again it begins
Monotonous journey, the days of our lives
Work, school, sleep
Work, school, sleep
It’s how we survive
Bills pay mortgages, bills pay insurance
Very little left for me, so I use credit
Go into debt, only one choice I have left
What do they expect?
Inflation takes away all my earnings
Taxes and union dues most of my pay check
I finish school, straight to work
Work until I retire, quit, or get fired
Then I get hired
Again another cycle begins
Never happy, unsatisfied, yet I continue on
Body aches, soul dying to get free, yet no release for it now
Zombie life, robotic, automatic responses
Now I’m despondent
Zombie life, wired into the system
Social networking websites, phone, text, email, B.B.M –always glued in
How do I plug out when the rest of my days and hours I spend working
It’s my only freedom to escape my zombie routine
Movies, sports, and TV shows enable me to escape reality
And allow me to live
Otherwise, zombie reality is me, it’s how I function while I remain alive
Living a zombie life is how I survive.

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