Wednesday, February 19, 2014

8 Points to Consider

1.) After the Cold War ended, and especially during the mid 1990's and early 2000's, the global elite, big business, social institutions, and the media began their onslaught of advertisement promoting that the world was getting more “equal”, "freer", and more "democratic".  In truth, these forces hid what was actually occurring.  While these social forces advertised that equality and democracy was spreading, the opposite was occurring.  Wealth, power, and social influence consolidated during this time.  Outside forces influenced and affected democratically voted governments and democratic social institutions controlling the choices they would bring about to the masses.  Voter’s needs and requests were pushed to the fringes.  It is true that people have a vote during election time to bring in a political party in order to form a government.  However, "the people" are only choosing between selected and appointed MPs (who have already been chosen by their party and will continue to be a loyal party member thus unable to have his own free will since doing so will have him replaced by a more loyal member of the party).  Basically, the voter is only choosing which MP is going to get paid while working in the government.  The agendas the governments implement are those of the Elite and Big Business not the political party or its members.  Appeasement occurs on a small scale for the masses in order to ensure the facade of "democracy" continues and voters continue to believe in the ritual being performed.

2.) Society thrives on artificial competition.  This is not healthy for the individual or the collective but good for Big Business and the Media.  Society thrives on creating competition whether it’s between religions, cultures, sports teams, regions/areas, brands, etc.  Constructed society needs the "Other" to exist in order to create identity and give the individual the illusion of choice.  Society thrives on creating and maintaining the illusion of the “Other”, the "different", the "abnormal", and the "outsider"subtly and subconsciously while pretending it is the masses who are "freely" choosing this.

3.) Many of you hopefully have grasped what a "false flag" and a "patsy" is presently.  The next question to be answered is when will the first "VIRTUAL 9/11" occur?  Will the US, Israel, and it's allies hack the US Banking System Computers and falsely blame it on a "enemy" nation (Iran? or Syria? or Russia? or North Korea? or China?). OR will the US, Israel, and it's allies hack the US Banking Systems Computers and blame it on Anonymous (who the US media outlets are apparently "reporting" have now teamed up with Al Qaeda presently).   Or will the US, Israel, and it's allies blame it on Domestic Terrorists?  Any of the 3 scenarios will enable the US government and their allies to activate their KILL SWITCH on the internet and eliminate all competing websites that oppose the government narratives

4.) We are all trapped.  Souls by bodies, minds by thoughts, and our lives by the people around us and the decisions we have made in the past.  You are never "free" but you believe you are "free" because it has been indoctrinated into you since the 1950's and afterwards by Capitalistic forces.  Freedom in today's present society is minimal and often ritualistic (ex: what to wear to school or work, what route to take to work or school, how late you want to stay up, what team you want to cheer for, what to eat and where to eat, etc.)

5.) Historically, Serfs and Slaves never gained anything after they were set “free” by their masters and owners.  Don’t expect Banks and Governments to “free” you of your accumulated debt once the economy crashes.  The debt hanging over your head and the need to keep your property from foreclosing and your family fed will ensure you will go in search of jobs and will go into job fields and areas the governments and the Elite need you to work.  Don't think the government will erase your entire debt. They need wage slavery and debt slavery to exist. 

6.) Presently there are 3 scenarios facing the world today:
Best Case scenario: Proxy wars continue fought by government forces and “rebels/terrorists” in the Middle East and Africa, destabilization of regions continues in the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa, and because of all this tension  the militarization of nations continues globally.  Meanwhile economies continue to weaken because jobs are still being lost regularly.  However, since individuals do not feel this directly, all of these things barely register in their minds and therefore life goes on as usual.
Middle Case scenario: Proxy Wars fought presently turn into Wars fought by Superpowers which causes trade routes to become blocked (i.e.: Straits of Hormuz) which impacts trade and slows it down.  This causes economies to stagger and become stagnant.  Prices rise for all imported and exported items and commodities.  Jobs are lost at a faster rate and economies that were weakened start crumbling.  This starts to affect the masses globally though for those in the Upper Middle Classes and the Rich -for the most part, life goes on as usual.  For everyone else, choices will have to be made of how money is going to be spent, where to move for jobs, what career fields to take if schooling is an option, whether to hold on to property or sell, etc.
Worst Case Scenario: The wars fought by Superpowers turns into World War 3 which creates a "War Economy".  Economies crash; jobs, careers, and livelihoods are lost.  All individuals and nations will be impacted by this.

7.) Work hours and job benefit are being cut at record levels globally and jobs are still being lost presently (at a far greater rate than the jobs that are returning to the economies).  Pay cuts are being asked by companies in order for people to keep their jobs.  Understand that c

ompanies can’t give individuals a “severance package” if the company is bankrupt.  Governments can't pay pensions, welfare, and invest into social programs if they are bankrupt as well.  Bail-Ins and Bail-Outs occur during this time of insolvency and bankruptcy.

8.) In sports, life, religion, and politics – people always think they are “experts”.  Taking that "expertise" away from them is the greatest “sin” you can do to them.  Defensive mechanisms are built into their perceptions and arguments on these topics, layer by layer.  Arguing against their “expertise” will make the individual feel as if you are actually attacking them personally.  Contentious topics create contentious situations.  Beware of all situations you put yourself into because conformity and herd mentality trumps individual thought and creative, hopeful thoughts.

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