Saturday, February 22, 2014

Poetic Perspective (part 13) - Philosophy

Many people wonder but not enough to change themselves?
Then why wonder?
Wonder for the sake of wondering?
Amusement to pass time?
Philosophy is time consuming, soul changing, mind altering, life changing
When done and used right
What else is philosophy for?
It helps one understand and to reason better

Yet many use it in order to fake conversations?
They rarely use it to better others?  Or help others see things for themselves
People use it against others in arguments
People use it to show off, for vain purposes

However, all things are weapons in the hands of the simple minded and ignorant
All things are also weapons when used by the wise and knowledgeable
Philosophy is a deep subject
Which knows no bounds except for the boundaries set by the thinker himself
Once you free the mind, the world around you changes
The words you use, the thoughts you have, the feelings inside you have altered
You see yourself as a part of a whole. A piece of it
The world no longer revolves around you
Only your world, your individualized world revolves around you

Your world is held together by your own thoughts
By your responsibilities in the environment you find yourself in
Philosophizing solely on things, makes you miss out on the ability to understand other things
Limiting the growth of your mind and of the soul
Which when connected as one gives you utter freedom and contentment

Peace and joy and acceptance
Love filtered through your body when you approach another living thing

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