Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Circle (part 8) -Technological Scientific Dictatorship, Internet Censorship, & "Regime Change"

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

 Though you might not want to think about it and rather refer to the outside forces as "Shadow Governments" or "Shadow Politics" in order to push it out of your mind and out of your every day reality -the influence these outside forces have on our social, political, and economical realities day-to-day are immense.  Much of what works in the "shadows" in part has a lot to do with the Wealth and Social Influence that these "Shadow Forces" wield at their behest.  Historically, wealthy families and their "associates" avoid most of the social and economic global catastrophes because their immense wealth and social networks enable them to use it at their discretion.  This allows them to move themselves, their money, and their families far away from problematic issues long before the problems in a country arise and are apparent to the masses ("Wealth Drain").  The Rich and Middle Classes/Indoctrinated "Educated Elites" also have the ability to move from country to country when the economy and political realities appear to the masses.  These two groups (the Wealthy and the Educated) fleeing from any country they formerly inhabited, causes the country to go through vacuums that they cannot easily cover up.  Once wealth and "the experts" have left a country and migrated elsewhere, this often hinders the development of the country long after the initial problems become resolved.  This puts the weakened country and it's trapped politicians stuck borrowing from Banks in order to repair their damaged country and train workers in order to fill in for the "Brain Drain" and "Wealth Drain" that occurred during the tumultuous time.  After much of the debt is accumulated from borrowing from Banks, countries are stuck in a quagmire  often having to become an export nation and bring in privatization measures in order to pay back the interests accrued from borrowing from Banks in order to create "job training" and jobs in the faltering economy.  This also opens the door and allows for foreign investment to stimulate economies and create a false notion of a successful economic growth which is very detrimental to the future of the country (this problem of foreign investment stimulating economies will be brought up at a later time in the article).  "Brain Drains" and "Wealth Drains" is what is occurring presently in First World countries who have already economically collapsed and are becoming Third World countries presently (ex: Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, etc.)

Creating debt and "Brain Drains" for many countries across the world is why the "Cold War" was so pivotal to the Central Banks and the Elites.  The "Cold War" created Proxy Wars in countries and areas across the world that were trying to find their own path after Colonization and were trying to move away from the two spheres of ideologies that existed at that time.  The Cold War fought between Superpowers and fought through Proxy Wars engulfed all global areas and ensured that this independence did not occur for any nation.  Instead of pulling away and creating their own separate spheres, "independent" and "free" nations which were led by Populist leaders would actually be forced to puller closer to one of the two spheres/ Superpowers and depend on Central Banks. Proxy Wars initially created by Superpowers devastated economies and societies and toppled many populist governments which resisted them.  Instead of trading between themselves, growing dependent on one another, and avoiding the two trading blocks and two Superpowers -Proxy Wars made countries trying to be independent, become forced to rely on a Superpower to save their country from the other Superpower and therefore Proxy Wars put them in a unenviable position.  Caught between "a rock and a hard place" independent countries tied themselves to one of the Superpowers and the independent sphere no longer existed.  Either choosing to get aid from a Superpower or using all of their own resources to fight off the destabilization efforts by a Superpower (which forced them to borrow heavily from the Banks) independent nations found that they could not get away from the private debt system in place.  Hope which was created immediately after the end of Colonization and the starting of independence for so many "free" nations and their citizens soon ended during the Cold War.  During the Cold War, many countries and their citizens faced the harsh truths of the geo-political and economic realities in place.  Many of the "educated elites", facing weak economies, very few job opportunities, and little upward social mobility -left towards the First World countries creating more "Brain Drains" to an already faltering economy which did not even have a chance to create itself.  The Third World was then created while the First World prospered because of "Wealth Drains" and "Brain Drains".  This trend of Superpowers manipulating countries and their citizens has never stopped and in fact continues presently because of the "War on Terror".

The "War on Terror" presently enables Superpowers to manipulate nations and use citizens in any nation for their own agendas.  Since a Superpower only needs to find an "enemy" or a "threat" to it's "national interests" in order to intervene and attack, it's been revealed many times over that, "the USA created forces it spends money fighting against".  This is an old trick used historically by Empires and Superpowers in order to manipulate the masses into believing that there exists an enemy and a threat when in fact: (a) there exists none, (b) the threat of danger from the enemy is far smaller than is actually shown and can easily be controlled by already existing police forces inside the country OR (c) fabricated entirely in order to manufacture dependence on foreign governments and foreign militaries in order to protect them from the impending threat. In other words, it's no different than a "Extortion Racket" created by Empires and Superpowers in order to gain more control over smaller nations

The misunderstanding of "good" and "evil" and the ignorance of the masses historically, culturally, economically, and politically enable this to happen time and time again.  With the media's tactic of repetition being used on the masses to control narratives, it causes the masses to blindly support what occurs when the government or social institute advocates for it.  Blind faith in anyone, whether it's a religious leaders or a political leader, enables acts to occur worldwide that might not have relevance in your life but does affect the lives of many other individuals, other cultures, and other groups. Blind faith and belief in the Media's viewpoints, Social institution's teachings, and National government's agendas -enable a new culture to be created and over time to become entrenched into a belief system which has been socially engineered and created in order to become the new "mainstream society".  Those that disagree with this new viewpoint are quickly cast out, stigmatized  and seen as "different", therefore not belonging to the society and seen as an outsider.  Though this does permit for fringe groups to be created outside of the mainstream society at large, since democracy revolves around the majority, the "Tyranny of the Masses" has been brought into existence which will have devastating results for all individuals in the society (and the world) since mass society depends on Patriotism and Nationalism as cultural identities.  Both Patriotism and Nationalism feed into climates of war and into the "War Machines" that have been maintained since World War 2.

Presently, newly created military powers (due to the "War on Terror" campaign) has enabled the creation of "Right to Protect" (R.2.P) and Pre-emptive strikes and Pre-emptive interventions (Bush Doctrine) which further exacerbates the climate of fear and tension which did not exist before the "War on Terror" was launched.  This climate of fear stimulates the Militarization of nations and forces nations to borrow from Central banks in order to do militarize.   It also forces money that could be going to much needed social programs inside countries, to be spent on the military and security apparatuses which will be used by the Elite and National Governments for their own benefits.  'War is a Racket" that is the reality of why it is used time and time again by the Elite.  War enables mass profits to be accumulated to a small group at the expense of many.

In fact, the present escalating North Korean rhetoric is in response to the US militarizing South Korea after 9/11.  Put simply, it is as if you are living inside your house (North Korea) and outside you are watching people (South Korea and U.S.A.) strategize and plan ways to break into your house and attack you.  In defence of that strategy, you arm yourselves and prepare ways to prevent that from happening.  The people that were planning to break into your house, now use your defensive response to advance their own plans and begin further militarizing, training, and preparing, and still continue arming themselves.  You respond by issuing more threats and militarizing even further.  Now, what has been created is a game of "Bluff".  However, the game of Bluff is created and played in order to see who blinks first.  The only consequence is that it's a child's games that involves the whole world and puts economies and citizens at stake. Furthermore, the problem of the game Bluff is that it also opens the door for "False Flags" to occur.  This unknown and uncontrolled variable of the "False Flag" once opened enables war to not only destabilize much of the area that the conflict arises in (ex: Korean Peninsula) but also enables allies of each nation to join in the fray (ex: China, Russia, and NATO).  

Militarization and War Economies enabled Germany, U.S.A., Russia, Japan, etc. to escape the Great Depression after it had devastated their economies.  Even though it pitted the countries against one another in the War, the tension also enabled many nations which had nothing to do with the initial conflicts to be pulled into it due to their alliances with the nations already engaging in war.  "A potential US attack against North Korea is simply a back-door route to a war against China, in order to attempt to prevent it from coordinating with B.R.I.C nations to establish a regional currency which bypasses the US dollar completely".  In fact, America and it's allies have encircled all B.R.I.C nations through current Proxy Wars started since 9/11.  The "War on Terror" has enabled "Regime Change" to occur which favors American business interests over that of East Asian, Asian, or Russian investments.  Investments by B.R.I.C nations inside Africa, Asia, and in Latin America have been altered because of "Regime Changes" and "Proxy Wars".  Since 9/11, for example: U.S.A. has caused destabilization of countries which surround B.R.I.C nations whether through military action, covert intelligence operations, through manipulation of "terrorist cells", or economically.  Pakistan and Afghanistan have been destabilized against India; Iran, Afghanistan, and North Korea against Russia; Japan, Myanmar  Malaysia against China, etc.  This toxic atmosphere presently in place opens the door for a tinderbox global climate which a "False Flag" operation can completely open up and which will lead to further conflict.  "Any military confrontation between NATO and her allies and Russia and her allies, would plunge this planet into a world war".  This current atmosphere is what enabled previous Global conflicts historically to occur.  Do not forget that economic sanctions by America caused Japan to attack Pearl Harbor in World War 2.  Faltering economics, Expansion by Empires, Military War games, and Militarizing of nations started World War 1 once Archduke Franz Ferdinand was shot.  What will be the trigger to kick off World War 3?  Will the Economic time bomb drop first?  OR an actual bomb that drops and creates and conflict that spreads into a larger war?  Either of those choices are a lose-lose for the masses and a win-win for Banks and Big Business who will profit off the misery.

Since money enables the politicization of any one topic, this ensures that a small idea will eventually run into funding issues and the money needed to implement broad change will have to come into contact with someone willing to fund a cause with their money. This gives the funder control of the cause and movement, control of it's leaders, and control of its objectives (no matter what the leader wants to say publicly) .  This is why social causes and social uprisings are often manipulated first by Intelligence agencies and then hijacked by Big Business and the Elites in order to fit their own needs and agendas

Expanded further, all National Governments have oppositionary groups in their respective countries.  However, how can any National Government survive if the opposition was directed, armed, trained, funded, and led by Foreign powers?  Would any National Government being threatened, not react by crushing and imprisoning the opposition group once they realized how destabilizing the oppositionary forces were to the stability of the country? Now imagine if the worldwide media turned this picture of protecting "national interests" into propaganda and caused public dissent by the minority (oppositionary group) to tarnish the image of the National government as a whole.  Imagine if International leaders and the International populations turned away from the National government trying to save itself from being toppled by oppositionary forces -how can the National government possibly survive? Can any government survive for long in these circumstances?  If all the opposition parties during the 1960's in America were armed and trained and funded by Foreign Powers, how would America have reacted?  In fact, even without the groups being funded and trained by Foreign Powers, America enacted Cointelpro and cracked down viciously on protesters.   What if F.L.Q was trained, armed, and funded by foreign powers, how would Canada have reacted?  In fact, during the F.L.Q crisis, Canada enacted the "War Measures Act" and crushed the opposition in question.    This is no different than what Syria or Libya has done in the past.  The only difference is that the world then intervened and brought down the National governments enacting "Regime Change" in those countries when they were only trying to protect themselves and their country. 

Protest is one thing, but an armed opposition and an armed uprising usually needs support from a foreign power in order to be trained and armed with sophisticated weaponry.  The "Occupy Wall Street" movement was a popular protest movement which if supported by foreign powers and the Global Media -could have been used to show America as being a "Police State" and being repressive since the government was forced to detain many of the protesters in these demonstrations.  During the G20 summit in Canada, Canada detained many of it's protesters as well.  Therefore, images and stories that appear one way through the media are often distorted and manipulated by the media, not revealing the whole story so that the narrative created by the media is repeated so many times that it becomes believable to the masses.  Instead of showing opposition forces attacking the government and being "terrorists", the media would show them as "freedom fighters" and portray the government as being "repressive". This is how the media and social institutes distort the truth in reality.  NO GOVERNMENT CAN SURVIVE IN POWER FOR LONG IF THE INTERNATIONAL MEDIA TURNS AWAY FROM THEM and SUPPORTS THE REBELS.  The Media will enable the global masses to protest for action against the "dictatorial" regime and create an atmosphere of intervention by their nations which would allow their nations to intervene on the side of the rebels and topple foreign governments thus allowing "regime change" to occur.  If the media does not get it's way the first time, it will continue to show brutalized images of the war ad nauseum, until a Foreign power invades and enacts a "No Fly Zone" in place, crushing and choking the country at war economically, until the people themselves finally overthrow the government.

Presently it has been reported by the UN that, "Syria Rebels Come From 29 Nations".  These rebels are armed and trained by Intelligence agencies in order to create a facade of a domestic "Popular uprising" existing inside of a country.  The Rebels main initiative is to seek intervention by foreign powers who would enact a "no fly zone" and then actual military intervention in order to topple regimes and bring about "regime change".  These rebel forces then create the new government.  This happens time and time again historically and continues today.  Most of these "popular" and "domestic" social movements and social uprising, first start off through Non-government organizations and Aid Agencies working with youth and the marginalized populations in any country.  These N.G.O'S and Aid Agencies are backed heavily by the Elites and by National Governments.  "How can you called them 'non government organizations' when they all are funded by foreign governments?". This is why NGOs and Aid Agencies are kicked out of countries many times over.  In fact, "Aid agencies have political interests and also have a financial interest in 'finding' abuse, torture, and war crimes. It is, rather the reporting of it, that is their biggest multi-million dollar donation grabber. With this tactic alone, they are able to create jobs, careers, and livelihoods as well as keep their organizations competitive, thriving, and in existence. Therefore, they have a reason to create rage, disgust, and empathy simultaneously. They are glad to pass on to the media -second, and third hand reports of atrocities from groups who have a co-interest in 'branding' their enemies as the 'evil, bad guys'. War always kills civilians, what comes afterwards however, has more to do with politics and finances than altruism and benevolence".  "Nothing is at it seems" when it comes to politics.  What you view through the TV is often the opposite of what is actually going on in the ground.

Predictive programming enables fiction to replace fact and unconsciously creates feelings and beliefs in an individual`s mind that were not present earlier.  PSYOPS (Psychological Operations) being committed on the masses through the entertainment sector and through the media enables the vilification of whole cultures, peoples, countries, and races to occur all throughout this process.  Romanticizing of Western people, Western institutes, Western ideologies, and Western cultures is created through the media and through the entertainment sector.  Glorification of military expeditions against the backdrop of the gains made by Big Business is created.  However, the truth is that this formula distorts the actual social, economic, and political reality for the global masses.

This manipulated atmosphere has also allowed for the backdrop of a Technological Scientific Dictatorship to be created in place globally since 9/11. Now, a growing need for drone planes has been created.  A growing need for CCTV systems and facial recognition technology has been created.  A growing need for private security industry firms to be everywhere has been created.  And a growing need for censorship on the internet are on the agenda (which we will get back to) are being implemented on the global public presently.  Historically, many "Top-Down" revolutions occur periodically.  However, people living in that timeline do not realize the shifts occurring.   It is the later generations looking back at the narrative created by Social Institutes that see the shifts that have occurred.   Our present day society has undergone a revolution in the way we view others after 9/11. 9/11 was the watershed moment for Conservatism and Big Business to tighten it`s grip on "Liberal" society and engineer "Top-Down" social, psychological, and emotional changes. Our fears have increased due to the exposure of the media in every facet of society.  The Media, Big Business, and Banks were big winners since 9/11 occurred.

The unprecedented Leveson Deal reached in the U.K. in 2013 reveals to the masses that, "Bloggers are ‘caught in newspaper crackdown’ as political parties agreed to the Leveson deal.  Bloggers risk being hit with huge damages under a press clampdown which campaigners warned would have a ‘chilling effect’ on the internet.  Thousands of sites could fall under the ‘dreadfully broad’ definition of who is a publisher in the new regime.  If a website’s work gives rise to complaints and it has failed to sign up to the regulator, it may be liable for exemplary damages.  Freedom campaigners said it could stop bloggers from writing on issues such as local politics or football club corruption.  Index On Censorship chief executive Kirsty Hughes said it was a ‘sad day’ for British democracy, adding: ‘This will undoubtedly have a chilling effect on everyday people’s web use".  In America, the "Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (C.F.A.A) can literally make it a crime for many people to read the news online".  Issues such as Child Porn, Bullying, Porn, and Hackers have enabled National Governments to use "moral" arguments and "benevolent" viewpoints in order to bring about and have the ability to try and enforce Internet Censorship and Internet Regulations on the masses.  For those that think Censorship on the internet is impossible, Censorship is possible because Big Business and the Elites will enable a job sector to be created in a faltering economy which the new generation of unemployed youth will be able to fill.  The youths will be programmed to believe they are doing a "National service" and using their skills and services for a "good cause" and be able to do it willingly and with conviction.  Added to the mix that there continues to be a growing security industry, jobs and training will be created which will enable censorship to occur overnight.  Just like the youths enabled the "Cultural revolution" in China to occur in the 1960's, it will allow Censorship of the Internet to occur

The masses believe because we have Social Media we can fight back and make things go "Viral" and then force change to occur on a wide global scale.  No, that's a farce.  Social media (whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter)  will not be used like that once Censorship occurs.  In a "War Economy" you can be charged for treason if you write something subversive or go against the government's narrative of the story.  Though Social media does enable the possibility of it bringing down a government, it's actually being used presently by the masses to do nothing more than stalk each other and indulge in narcissistic vanities.  To make concrete social changes, you need numbers, public attention (which must last more than 15 seconds, and money to force the change through).  When money comes into the picture that is where the Elites and Big Business will hijack it once again and use educated elites to pioneer and direct the social movement  enabling them to take it over and re-direct back towards their own goals and objectives.  Social Media outlets such as YouTube and Facebook are manipulated and censored presently by: (a) being flagged, (b) having "offensive" videos removed, (c) having user profiles removed completely from the services, and (d) having the number of views on any one video altered.  The Elites would not have given you a tool if they knew they could not use it for their advantage.  Social Media is nothing more than a mere distraction for the masses to be amused with.

With internet censorship in place, Big Business will be able to use present day state apparatuses strictly for their own use.  The "corporate" police, the "corporate" military, "corporate" courts, and already functioning security industry will be used in conjunction with privately owned prisons to create a ready supply of prison labor.  Prison labor will be created to imprison political prisoners and anyone seen as being subversive to business initiatives.  For example,  "The N.D.A.A, an otherwise mundane annual bill that lays out the use of funds for the Department of Defense, has come under attack during the Obama administration for the introduction of a provision last year that allows the military to detain United States citizens indefinitely without charge or trial for mere suspicions of ties to terrorism. Under the 2012 N.D.A.A’s Sec. 1021, Pres. Obama agreed to give the military the power to arrest and hold Americans without the writ of habeas corpus".   Under the guise of the "War on Terror", secret prisons have been created and political prisoners have grown all across the world.  In fact, little known to the masses -the U.S. government already claims the power to assassinate, indefinitely detain or torture anyone in Al Qaeda or “associated forces”. Presently, the American government is close to expanding even that objective and surpassing it by being allowed to target “associates of associates” of Al Qaeda.  In laymen's terms, put simply, it means anybody and everybody is a potential target.  This is how many Dictatorial regimes, the "Salem Witch" trials, and the "Red Scare" operated.  Where your neighbors and friends could become threats to you thus forcing you to modify your behaviors in public in order to avoid arousing suspicion.  More so, if you happen to be a visible minority with ties to a country that has had historical ties to uprisings, "terrorists"/"freedom fighters", and social unrest -you can be detained as well. 

Justice is not blind.  Rather, justice turns a blind eye when needed to.  What it watches, depends on the money being spent inside the court room either on the lawyers  or on the judge himself, or the evidence being gathered by the police in order for a conviction to occur.  During times of Censorship and Privatized Prisons, nothing but "show trials" will be viewed by the public aided by the coverage of the media.  Embedded media reporting will create public opinion in order for a conviction to occur inside the court rooms.   All of this will be done by the media in order to create a state of fear around the accused so that his/her conviction will be able to appease the fears and worries of the masses.  Since prisons will become privatized, information censored, and technology such as facial recognition through C.C.TVs and Drone Planes possible -all of it will be simultaneously used to quell any sort of dissent or dissatisfaction.  

Presently, the medical field has already given the tools needed for social workers and psychiatrists to stigmatize you with certain existing labels such as: "Obedience Defiance Disorder" (O.D.D), "Emotionally Disturbed Person" (E.D.P), and "Generalized Anxiety Disorder" (G.A.D) -among others.  This would make it easier to "form" people and create Mental Health cases where there was none present in the person earlier.  Fear of time away from work and losing pay, fear of job loss, fear of sedation and medication, fear of lost careers and livelihoods, fear of prison time and hospital time, fear of social ostracism -enables the masses to accept things much easier than fighting back.  "Former D.S.M chairperson (Allen Frances) apologizes for creating 'false epidemics'.  Frances chaired the D.S.M-IV that was released in 1994 which he now admits it was a huge mistake that has resulted in the mass over-diagnosis of people who are actually quite normal. The D.S.M-IV, 'inadvertently contributed to three false epidemics -attention deficit disorder, autism and childhood bipolar disorder' writes Allen in an LA Times opinion piece.  He goes on to say:  The first draft of the next edition of the D.S.M, 'is filled with suggestions that would multiply our mistakes and extend the reach of psychiatry dramatically deeper into the ever-shrinking domain of the normal. This wholesale medical imperialization of normality could potentially create tens of millions of innocent bystanders who would be mislabeled as having a mental disorder. The pharmaceutical industry would have a field day -despite the lack of solid evidence of any effective treatments for these newly proposed diagnoses'.  All these fabricated disorders, of course, result in a ballooning number of false positive. As Allen writes:  The 'psychosis risk syndrome' (P.R.S) would use the presence of strange thinking to predict who would later have a full-blown psychotic episode. But the prediction could be wrong at least three or four times for every time it is correct".

Police use discretionary powers.  Doctors use discretionary powers.  The Security and Military personnel use discretionary powers.  Individualized discretionary powers is based solely on one person's perception and having him/her argue why a label/term should be given to an individual.  That is why discretion is a tool that can be used easily against you.  The media then controls the narrative and since Private Investigators, the Police Department, and Intelligence services can easily gather information against you and present it in a way that fits their agenda, many people will not have: (a) the resources to fight it in court and (b) a chance to fight it in court. Courts are evidence based and can be easily manipulated.  Social perception by the individual jury members also enhances the fact it is very easy for a conviction to occur.  Throw in the correct social atmosphere, and convictions and "kangaroo courts" will be viewed as entertainment by the masses.

The masses must understand that all Police Departments operate on a quota system.  This enables police officers to search the streets and roads for "offenders" in every day behaviors in order for them to meet their weekly and monthly quotas.  For example, often times, "speed traps" are set up to catch anyone going over 60 miles per hour (m.p.h) and usually catch people going 75 mph and higher.  During "quota time" speed traps are created to catch people who are going 65 mph.  This is done because quotas enable profits to be made for the government and in doing so, police are given the incentive that tickets will enable them to rise through the ranks and attain higher "status positions" inside the force. This ensures that Police officers will be using their discretionary powers to LOOK FOR offenders. One police officer once stated, "when you go out looking for an offence, it's kind of like fishing.  You just have to throw your fish hook out and you'll be able to catch as many people as you need".

Police and the Security Industry already have the applicable By-laws and Criminal laws in place in order to find ANY type of offence they are looking for and then be able to fine and charge that individual.  Presently, unless it is quota time, they are not given the incentive to do it and it is why many of laws in place are not applied on a regular basis in public society.  However, law (and the fear of law) is what forces people to change their behaviors and perceptions and become socially conditioned to accept the way society is headed in.  This is what historically has enabled whole sale changes to occur in cultures and societies.  Throw in the already existing technology in place, and the use of the media and entertainment sector, and a faltering economy -and you have a climate of fear in place which will enable the privatized prison labor system to grow and to work.  Since the public is dying to be entertained, "kangaroo courts" will do just that.

"Charter Cities which are fully owned and run by corporations are popping up now in Honduras and other Third World countries.  It left the Americas in the 1900's but is now an option for ghost towns and broke cities".  Also, another alarming trend is that Economic Colonization is occurring which creates "Special Economic Zones".  Though Special Economic Zones were only established within China, the Chinese government has been buying huge tracts of land in foreign countries such as Nigeria and establishing "Special Economic Zones" in those nations.  According to Dr. Jerome Corsi, a plan being pushed by the Chinese Central Bank would set up "development zones" in the United States that would allow China to "establish Chinese-owned businesses and bring in its citizens to the U.S. to work".  Under the plan, some of the $1.17 trillion that the U.S. owes China would be converted from debt to "equity".  As a result, "China would own U.S. businesses, U.S. infrastructure and U.S. high-value land, all with a U.S. government guarantee against loss".  What this does in the future is that it opens the door for Big Business to control the areas once the Chinese Government goes down in the war.  Whatever you like to accept it or not, privatization of whole areas, nations, and services is occurring surreptitiously.

Essential public services which are currently run by National Governments are presently just "Black Holes"  that absorb money in order to "improve" their services.  However, much of the services in these essential services areas have gotten worse over time.  This is mainly due to the fact extensions, re-vitalization projects, and expansionary work of the essential services involving more money to be put into it.  The price cost given to tax payers at first is often the lowest Conservative estimate given to the National government to expose to the masses via the media.  This enables taxpayers to accept it.  However, the true costs of extensions, re-vitalization projects, and expansionary work of the essential services is far higher than revealed.  More money for technology and more money for staff in order to operate and maintain it's services, drains the government coffers of it's resources.  Therefore, there is always a shortage of money and more money is demanded of the citizens to pay for it.  Eventually this cycle meets an end point when privatization completely takes over.  Instead of using the money for staff as advertised, technology is brought in which in fact eliminates staff.  Instead of job creation, there is job loss -and now people face a privatized service which is completely for profit.

Bailouts, "Pork and Barrel" politics, and Cronyism prevent actually Capitalistic competition from existing   What it instead creates is Plutocracy and Giant Monopolies in place for the Elite and Big Business to continue to extract money from national economies and maintain control over it.  It also means that money and control will be kept out of the hands of the masses by design.  "New Money" will be allowed to the table, but it will never fully be accepted to sit at the table.  Old Money can work with "New Money" but will never see them as their equals.

Currently, all across the world where housing bubbles have popped up, it is due to the fact that much of the money flooding into the country originally came from rich foreign investors (not domestic investors) who purchased condos, houses, and properties.  This quick injection of money into an economy caused development to occur at a rapid pace and caused the price of those properties and the land(s) to balloon to disproportional and unsustainable levels.  It also created a buying frenzy which engulfed domestic buyers who were purchasing lands and properties at an expedient pace in order to own something for themselves.  This distorted the reality to many citizens living in those respective countries and gave the citizens the notion that their economy was booming.  In fact, it is the opposite.  The economy is busting.  Most economies presently are only being stimulated by foreign investment, government investment, and private individuals borrowing from banks. The "success" of the Celtic Tiger and Gulf Tiger advertised through social institutes and the media were all created by foreign investment in the past and are presently bubbles waiting to explode

This presently, is the social climate that National Governments and the Elite have created for us and made us complicit in.  We must realize and understand this and be able to co-exist and adapt to the system and structure in place.  There is money to be made, careers to be started, livelihoods to be created, and families to begin.  However, do not think you are walking into the same lives your parents did.  The economic situation has changed and the lives of our children will be much more economically difficult than ours.  Though ads sell happiness in order to sell their products and sell happiness in a purposeless, meaningless, empty world devoid of actual purpose or meaning -we must find our own purpose and our own meaning and give purpose to the lives we live.

"It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong".

"A global government brought into being with lies and deception is a global government that can never allow freedom of speech, thought, or inquiry. A global government brought into being with lies and deception must be the greatest tyranny in history merely to survives its own creation".

"High-Frequency Trading (H.F.T) will crash the Stock Markets.  All H.F.T does is game the system to extract wealth and returns nothing of any value at all to the economy in exchange. 73% of all stock trading is being done with these high speed systems". It creates a Casino like atmosphere in place and just like a Casino, the odds favor the house and those that can manipulate the markets.  Not the "average Joe's" who risk losing everything and going into debt when the Stock Market crashes.  Since the Elite and Wealthy own their own gold and Central Banks, they have lost nothing in the stock market.  What's problematic in the stock market is the fact that, "an Algorithm places an order on the stock market, waits for the order to start to drive up the price, then cancels.   Repeated thousands of times this can run up the price of a stock without actually spending any money".  This is why the stock markets are ticking time bombs used against the masses.  Stock markets are only held together by speculation and algorithms and therefore are easy to manipulate

“The real fiscal crisis comes when our creditors want their money back and we don’t have it”.  When this happens, "Bank Runs" will cause banks to go insolvent and since National Governments have insured banks through "Bail-Ins" that they won't fail, National Governments will now use tax dollars to prop up banks therefore going further into debt and having to raise taxes on their citizens.  This forces governments to bring in Austerity measures and Privatization.

"France who was already suffering from a lack of global competitiveness is now facing the crisis that much of the wealthy business people are also fleeing the country.   Investment in the country is already drying up and the economy has begun to positively implode".  This has caused France to seek the extraction of wealth in other parts of the world.  Countries such as Mali, Libya, Central African Republic -are all countries that France has sent troops inside in the past 3 years in order to allow the militarization of their country and prop up their already weakened and faltering economy.  "Barely two weeks after invading Mali with over 2,000 troops of the Foreign Legion, France has dispatched special forces troops to neighboring Niger to secure uranium mines run by the French state-owned nuclear power company Areva.  This is the first ever use of the French commandos to directly defend the assets of a private corporation.  Military protection of corporate assets in foreign countries, will set a trend, as long as those countries being invaded by foreign armies don't have the will or capability to prevent it".

"The U.N. Security Council authorized a new 'intervention brigade' for Congo on Thursday with an unprecedented mandate to take military action against rebel groups to help bring peace to the country’s conflict-stricken East.  The resolution, which the council adopted unanimously, gives the brigade a mandate to carry out offensive operations alone or with Congolese army troops to neutralize and disarm armed groups. The brigade is unprecedented in U.N. peacekeeping because of its offensive mandate".  The U.N. has also asked to be able to use Drone Planes at their disposable.  What is being created is a Global Army and a new Global political body. "After Chaos comes Order" and this order will be orchestrated about and done by the Elite who have the money in place to create the structure needed for them to consolidate more control on the masses.

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