Tuesday, March 24, 2015

the Creation of "Multiculturalism" & "Diversity" and the "White Guilt"/"White Privilege" Dichotomy

    For all those that believe internally and preach externally the "White Guilt/White Privilege" dichotomy -how many have actually taken the time to look at history? For if you did look at history you would realize that "White Guilt/White Privilege" is an oversimplification of history?  In fact, it is nothing more than an oversimplified historical narrative which is "time sensitive" and presently creating deep divisions in society.  Let's look at some examples at why this "White Guilt/White Privilege" narrative is an Institutional Agenda, nothing more.

(a) When bringing up the Western Slave Trade why is there no mention of the African slave trade, Arab slave trade, and Barbary Slave Trade which preceded the Western slave trade? The Western Slave Trade is always studied in isolation which presently paints a terrible picture of Western history.  Combining the Western Slave Trade with the African slave trade, Arab slave trade, and Barbary slave trade -it starts to put things holistically together and into perspective. Furthermore, whole Societies and Empires such as Rome, Greece, and Egypt depended on slaves and their economy thrived on slave labor.  The 2 greatest slave rebellions in history have been the Haitian Revolution against the French in 1791 and the 3 Servile Wars in Ancient Rome but none of this comes up when bringing up Slavery.  Only the Western Slave Trade appears in isolation.
(b) When learning about Colonization in Educational Institutes why is there no mention of Arab Colonization/Arabization? (especially since you cannot have a complete understanding of Western history without this 1 factor) Why is there only mention of Western Colonization and Arab Colonization/Arabization has been "white washed" out of historical narrative?  In fact, it was not until 1492 with the expulsion of the Moors in Spain, AND in 1571 with the Battle of Lepanto, AND in 1683 with the Battle of Vienna that the West expands outwards in order to push out the Muslims and Colonize whole "undiscovered" countries and "New Worlds".  Without driving out Muslims and stopping Arab Colonization/Arabization, Europeans were stuck inside Europe. Western Colonization started in order to defend their culture, preserve their culture, and then consolidate gains made by these cultural excursions. 
(c) When bringing up the ending of Slavery in America through the Emancipation Proclamation (1863) by Abraham Lincoln which occurred during the American Civil War (1861-1865) why is it that everyone runs straight from the American Civil War narrative to Segregation and the Civil Rights movement narrative as if it's as simple as moving from A to B? Especially since the Emancipation Proclamation was in 1863 and the Civil Rights Movement was in the 1960's which is nearly 100 years apart.  People forget to mention and bring up the Tulsa Race Riots in 1921 intervened by the National Guard; COINTELPRO launched in 1956 by the FBI;  the connection between the CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion in the 1980's & 1990's in "Black America"; the growth of the "Prison Industrial Complex" during the "War on Drugs" and the "War on Poverty" which focused primarily in the ghettos of "Black America" and led to rise of incarceration rates and police presence in poor neighborhoods.  Focusing solely on the Emancipation Proclamation and then moving straight to the Civil Rights Movement creates "Affirmative Action"/"Tokenism" as the only resolution and also institutionalizes "White Guilt/White Privilege" in society which hides the systematic involvement of Institutions and the Government in creating the society we see presently.

     "White Guilt" is at the farthest end on a line, "White Supremacy" is at the opposite end. In the middle there exists "White Pride".  White people should feel "white pride" at their culture and history as should Black people, Latin people, Asian people, Arab people, Aboriginal people, South Asian people, etc.  When looking at history holistically instead of trying to simplify, categorize, and embed forced narratives where they don't belong, people will realize that all cultures have borrowed, stolen, and used ideas from one another from time- to-time.  They have co-existed with one another inside Empires and Civilizations for their own self interests and the interests of their own blood lineage and communities. Forced co-existence such as the implementation of "Multiculturalism" does not alter much because Cultural Cleavages in communities still exist presently even in "Diverse" and "Multicultural" cities and countries like Toronto where 1 culture makes up the major cultural group (ex: Woodbridge & Europeans, Brampton & Sikhs, Markham & Chinese, etc.).  In fact, majority of cultural interacting between people of different cultures occurs: (a) inside of Institutes, (b) at Organizations, (c) during Sporting games and Entertainment events, and (d) During train or flights.  Inside homes and among close friends Cultural Cleavages still exist. As much as we like to present ourselves outwardly in society, we are only tolerant to a degree and that has much to do with skewed narratives inside of our Religious and Educational institutes.
     Governments because of taxes that are collected, Corporations because of cheap labor and skills accumulated, and Institutions because of revenue collected either from the Individual or the Government are the main winners from the facade of creating forced "Multiculturalism" and "Diversity" inside of a Nation.  Corporations, Governments, and Institutions are not loyal to the countries that they are located inside.  They are loyal to the Elite network that that work with in order to bring about the Global Agenda in motion presently
     Countries such as Canada and the USA were "Multicultural" from the very beginning.  If we disagree with that then we must say "White culture" does not exist because the first wave of cultures and people into Canada and the USA were Germans, Anglo-Saxons, French, Dutch, etc.  The second wave into Canada and the USA were Italians, Russians, Ukrainians, and Irish
 -who were all from "White Culture".  After World War 2 ended and De-Colonization was occurring globally, that is when people from Asia, Africa, the Caribbeans, and Latin America were coming into Canada and the USA. The third wave reveals that it was "Multi Religious" and "Multi Racial" not just "Multi Cultural" because "Multi Cultural" already existed.  Hence the term "Multi Cultural" is a political term not social or historical reality.  The fourth wave, which we are experiencing presently in Canada, is people coming from the Middle East, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and North Africa.
     The question people must ask is, "Why is Multiculturalism and Diversity forced on Cultures and Countries with strong Social Democratic governments in place therefore weakening Social safety nets already in place?" Pensions and Tax Dollars are being looted in order to pay for "Multicultural" programs and weakening Government revenue is forcing the Government to crack down even harder on Private Sector businesses and Property Owners which is forcing them to close down.  This is leading to even less Government revenue and in order to fix this problem the Government is enforcing more User Fees & Service Fees, asking for more Taxes to be created, and allowing for higher Fines to be levied.  Instead of fixing anything, forced Diversity and forced Multiculturalism is creating bigger problems for individuals and society and allowing for BIGGER government to be created which is what it was designed to do in the first place.
     Governments and Politicians, Institutions, and Charities focus, strengthen, and preserve themselves through Divisive Narratives.  Do not get pulled into these skewed and biased narratives.  These Divisive Narratives serve only those that use them in society, perpetuate them in society, and profess them in society.  They do not serve the masses

Replace Tokenism, Nepotism, and Cronyism with Meritocracy.  We as a society need to stop hiring out of fear.



Have you noticed that in the last 5 years many of the popular music videos in circulation ("Run This Town", "Church in the Wild", "From the Inside", etc.) and many movies aimed at young adults (V for Vendetta, Twilight, Divergent, etc.) have to do with Social Unrest and Revolution?  The Elite are predicatively programming you because they want you to revolt and like 1884 in Europe, the Counter Revolution will put a Conservative government in place (and this time the government represents the Corporations because States will only exist by name alone).  This Revolution is where the State crushes all dissidents and remolds society the way it needs it to be.

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