Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Rapes perpetrated by US Soldiers, Military Occupation & Rape, "Comfort Women", and Feminism

If Feminists are so worried and concerned about "women's safety at the workplace" and "women's equal status at the workplace" -then where are all the Feminists voices when it comes to the sexual violence perpetrated on female soldiers serving in the military?  Feminists find time to "zero in" on wealthy high-profile celebrities such as Bill Cosby and Jian Ghomeshi -but when it comes to an epidemic plaguing female soldiers, the feminist voices are silent.

Where are all the Feminists voices when it comes to women being raped by US soldiers in foreign countries during US military Occupation and during "times of war" (presently and historically)?

     "French troops who took part in the invasion of Germany were assigned an occupation zone in Germany. According to Perry Biddiscombe the French soldiers committed "385 rapes in the Constance area; 600 in Bruchsal; and 500 in Freudenstadt. The soldiers of France indulged in an orgy of rape in the Höfingen District near Leonberg".
     "Many rapes were committed by English soldiers under the effects of alcohol or post-traumatic stress, and some cases were premeditated attacks.  Sexual assaults were reported in the town of Neustadt am Rübenberge. On a single day in mid-April 1945, three women in Neustadt were raped by British soldiers. A senior British Army chaplain following the troops reported that there was a 'good deal of rape going on'."
      "In Taken by Force", J. Robert Lilly estimates the number of rapes committed by U.S. servicemen in Germany to be 11,040. As in the case of the American occupation of France after the D-Day invasion, many of the American rapes in Germany in 1945 were gang rapes committed by armed soldiers at gunpoint.  Although non-fraternization policies were instituted for the Americans in Germany, the phrase "copulation without conversation is not fraternization" was used as a motto by United States Army troops. The journalist Osmar White, a war correspondent from Australia who served with the American troops during the war, wrote that: After the fighting moved on to German soil, there was a good deal of rape by combat troops and those immediately following them. The incidence varied between unit and unit according to the attitude of the commanding officer. In some cases offenders were identified, tried by court martial, and punished. The army legal branch was reticent, but admitted that for brutal or perverted sexual offences against German women, some soldiers had been shot – particularly if they happened to be Negroes. Yet I know for a fact that many women were raped by white Americans. No action was taken against the culprits. In one sector a report went round that a certain very distinguished army commander made the wisecrack, 'Copulation without conversation does not constitute fraternisation.' A typical victimization with sexual assault by drunken American personnel marching through occupied territory involved threatening a German family with weapons, forcing one or more women to engage in sex, and putting the entire family out on the street afterward. As in the eastern sector of the occupation, the number of rapes peaked in 1945, but a high rate of violence against the German and Austrian populations by the Americans lasted at least into the first half of 1946, with five cases of dead German women found in American barracks in May and June 1946 alone. Carol Huntington writes that the American soldiers who raped German women and then left gifts of food for them may have permitted themselves to view the act as a prostitution rather than rape. Citing the work of a Japanese historian alongside this suggestion, Huntington writes that Japanese women who begged for food "were raped and soldiers sometimes left food for those they raped."
2 Million German women were raped by Russian invaders during the occupation and "liberation" of Germany by the Allies and the USSR.

     Feminists in the West have no problem bringing up the "subjugation of women in society", "low wages for women at work", and "objectification of women in ads and the entertainment sector" but when it comes to actually taking on entrenched institutes in society such as the "Military Industrial Complex"  feminists are silent. This silence by Feminists has also allowed for the heroic romantic image and ideal of Western male soldiers  to perpetuate onward and remain cemented as figures who embody the virtues of justice and self control while they do their patriotic duty in foreign lands.  Meanwhile, this silence also allows for the vilification of American enemies to continue in society such as the Serbians fighting in the Balkan Conflicts in the 1990's or Africans fighting in Civil Wars during the 1950's-1990's -as being "Uncivilized creatures who cannot control their primal urges and their primal lusts and engage in orgy and lust".  By Feminists choosing not to go after the "Military Industrial Complex" they have actually become complicit with the "Military Industrial Complex".

     So what is it that really motivates Western Feminists? Is it just better wages and upward social mobility? Will the term "sexist" and "misogynist" always be used as a "safety net" in order to perpetuate "victim hood" (and therefore enable Feminists to make more entitled concessions and demands)?  Why is it that Feminists like to demonize male politicians as the reason "why the world is in peril and the world is the way it is presently" when in fact Spain would not be Spain without Queen Isabella? Russia would not be Russia without Catherine the Great? & Britain would not be Britain without Queen Victoria?  All three Matriarchs used Statecraft and Machiavellian Deception to guide their respective countries to prominence.  Why is it that Feminists love to blame Men, bring up the "glass ceiling", demand change, and then take the institutes and structures that men already reside in rather than starting their own organizations and institutes and building it "ground up" and having it compete with organization they feel have gender bias when it comes to positions and salaries?  Why is it that Feminists target Men and other Females but do very little other than applying a biased, one sided theory to reality?  Why is it that Feminists view things from a skewed, narrow minded, and biased narrative rather than a holistic complete narrative? 
     Presently, feminists have recruited male celebrities such as Ryan Gosling and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as well as female celebrity Emma Watson to push forth the Feminist message onto the masses.  Stranger that Feminists in public disparage the adage "sex sells" and "the objectification of a gender" and yet they actively recruit sexy male celebrities to sell Feminism to the masses.    What Feminists fail to understand is that Feminism as a theory is a very divisive theory (not unifying like Feminists like to believe).  This divisive theory works very well for the Elite who are funding the Feminist political movement and the Feminist theories espoused at universities.  Even music promoting female "independence" such as Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, or Pink are nothing more than a commercial gimmick ushering in millions of dollars worldwide for Male record owners such  David Geffen and Jimmy Iovine.  
     In fact, there are only a handful of people making billions of dollars from the Feminist movement and majority of the people making billions from the Feminist movement are also males.  Very few people know that the Feminist movement originated as a subversive political movement during the Cold War and instead of weakening the Capitalist structure, it in fact allowed Corporations and the State to profit well from it.  More women working meant more tax dollars for the state and more money in women's hands allowed for the "Consumer Society" to operate (since majority of things were geared towards women). As much as Feminist believe they are changing society for the better, without challenging the "Military Industrial Complex" or creating  a Company that will directly challenge Male dominated companies and therefore take a piece of their revenue, Feminists will always be caught with split personality disorder unsure of where a Women's role in society is.  Hence, Feminists, are "Useful Idiots" guiding many people down a divisive path that never ends.  

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