Friday, March 20, 2015

Double Standards, Hypocrisy in Politics & Society, Irony in Every day life, and "Double Think"

     "The curse of our society is that we have way too many people whose only sense of self-value is that they can find something to be offended by. But there is and never has been any guarantee that you will not be offended and in a society that values free speech, one must accept things that one finds offensive as the price one pays to say things that others may find offensive".
      Western Institutions since the 1950's due to the climate of the Cold War and Social Engineering have bred this privileged view that our individual opinions have value and importance no matter our age, gender, race, social status, or religion (even though we have yet to achieve anything but be born onto the Earth).  Institutions "spoon feed" us information and "cater to our thoughts and views in a customer service environment" which devalues the institution itself and those that work there.  Institutions have created and programmed individuals to have entitled views about their own opinions and thoughts because someone important had once said it and since we now believe that important person or thought (without researching it or understanding it completely) and are now using it and echoing it, our opinion is important as well. This is the "illusion of intelligence" which has manifested throughout Western society and permeates inside post secondary institutes, social network sites, and work environments.
     The "illusion of intelligence" further allows society to throw money through "crowd sourcing" even though they do not know where the money goes or is spent but just wants the problem to disappear and feel like "we" have contributed to the "change" that has occurred.  However, we do not understand the actual root causes of the issue/problem and do not attack the structural effects of the issue/problem.  Our society presently "likes" everything  or "tags" everything just because it is the fad or trend at the moment and you do not want to be left out.  Our society wants quick, forced changed even though change takes time and involves a lot of hard work for a long time.  Our society does not value commitment, persistence, and diligence, we just want it when we want it and we want our opinions to take precedent over everything else going on.  Our society's short attention span is focused on continuing to create distractions in our life so we don't have to actually focus in on actual reality.  We want all the quiet moments to disappear with noise and distractions and we cannot live without wanting to deny death and defy death by taking risks because of our Y.O.L.O. ("You Only Live Once") mentality. 
    Our society does not understand that "we will have a major deflationary crash (much greater than 2008), followed by Central bank interventions (Quantitative Easing on steroids) which will cause hyperinflation".  Everything we have valued since the end of the Cold War has led to taking risks in order to make money and in fact, the risks have now caught up to us and a great reckoning is upon us.  Our society has allowed "money to become weaponized leading to the the whole world becoming 'collateral damage' ".  Our society has allowed for Lenin's quote to come true, “The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.” Today, the capitalists/bankers don’t even sell the rope; they give it away, for nothing (negative interest rates and sub-prime lending by Banks when lending money in many countries). "Stock investors are getting rich. Bondholders are making money. The government can spend as much as it likes. And the voters are bamboozled by it; they think all of this is helping to make the economy work better. This is going to be a hard habit to break. So, here’s the gist of my conclusion: Governments won’t break the habit of getting something for nothing. It will break them" and the "era of decadence" will be seen for what it is, "the era of mass delusion and mass illusion".  The world is now becoming an Oligarchical Plutocracy ruled over by Corporation and States enforcing rules, laws, decrees, wishes, budgets, and mandates handed to them.  "In Democracy, voting is optional. In a dictatorship, it is mandatory, to conceal that it is a dictatorship!".  We now vote with very little consequence or effect on the things around us.




"Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear."

"The more warlike and imperialistic (externally tyrannical), and thus more emergency-inducing is a state, the more it will tend to become internally tyrannical".

"Mandatory voting is a form of Dictatorship which enforces regulations on voters in order to legitimize a corrupt system and corrupt politicians"
"Censorship is transparency"
"By applying Keynesian theory and infusing money into the economy into the 1960's Moon program and the Cold War "Arms race" this is what the major incubator that spawned the tech boom of the 1970's, 1980's, and 1990's. We need another incubator to revive our economy and yet there is no such thing as a "free market," free of the government. There are only protected markets designed to primarily benefit one class at the expense of all others. What a shame that America has become a common fraud".  Without "de-pegging" off the "Petro Dollar", pulling ourselves away from International Trade Unions and pulling ourselves out of International Free Trade Deals we have created this unstoppable and ever nearing Dystopic future.  We are all complicit in bringing this present reality to life and yet the negative consequences have yet to be felt. Before World War III commences we must also understand that the Mainstream Media, Institutions, and Governments are creating a "unified enemy" by "othering" groups of people that have very little in common with each other.  Beware of a "unified enemy", it does not exist.  It is a political maneuver by Governments, Politicians, Institutions and the Mainstream Media. It is just for over-simplification purposes that politicians use to sell war, creating an atmosphere of fear and government dependence, and therefore creating an enemy for perpetual war. Beware of Governmental, Institutional, and Mainstream media narratives, they are not complete, encompassing, 'nor holistic.
     "We're in the middle of a disastrous market mania and historically this ends by revolution, higher taxes, or wars" (OR all 3 will occur -with higher taxes forced onto the people in order to fund the ongoing Imperial wars.  A revolt to limit or end taxation -possibly even a Secession will occur.  However, a People's revolution is put down by a Counter revolution by the State and Corporations with higher taxes then being enforced on the masses.  Imperial war however continues onward).

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