Thursday, March 12, 2015

Private Armies/Contract Killers/Private Mercenaries/Private Contractors & the Bilderbergs


Often, many "Revolutionaries" and "Revolutionary Groups"  become Contract Killers, Regional Warlords, and Drug Traffickers in order to fund their "Revolutionary" ideals.

"Killers for Hire/Killing for Hire".  It is not only Private Armies, "Revolutionary Groups", and Organized Crime Networks that engage in paid killings and targeted killings but also Mainstream Society (using local street criminals) that engages in hiring Paid Killers to end the life of individuals and groups.  It is not only occurring in the Third World and Developing World but in the First World and Developed World as well.  The Mainstream Media (M.S.M.), Institutions, Governments and Politicians are all complicit in allowing them to work undetected and therefore become invisible to the masses (which allows them to further operate in secrecy and continue killing at will).



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