Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Statecraft, Military Deception, "PsyOps", "Black Sites", & Canada's Peacemaker Myth

     Winning the "Hearts and Minds" is done through Propaganda and Deception.  It is all part of "Statecraft" and the Mainstream Media (M.S.M.), Institutions, Think Tanks, Political Parties, and Corporations all play a part in it. The only difference between generations of the past and generations presently is that generations presently truly believe they "think" for themselves.  In fact, there has never been generations in the past that have been so willfully ignorant to what is happening around them and where they are heading.  Utopian visions abound in this generation far more than has ever existed in past generations.

For all those that think 9/11 could not be a False Flag, just remember they were considering Operation Northwoods, did execute COINTELPRO and Operation Gladio during the Cold War era, and have activated Operation Gladio B. 


There's no "hero's welcome" like the Mainstream Media and Government want you to believe.  Often, many returning veterans come home and find themselves in worst conditions than before they ever left.
"Reason only with those who can Reason" and unfortunately the Political Left always believes you can reason your way to a solution.  You can only find a solution either by complete victory OR by giving up something that the other side wants or needs because, "peace is only granted on the winner's terms".  You cannot enter a war and then walk out of it.  That is neither practical or realistic.
Police Departments, R.C.M.P, and C.S.I.S. work only for themselves and the interests of the State, not for the Citizens of the State.  No matter what you have been taught to believe through the Mainstream Media and School -they are no different than the average person you meet on the street except for their uniform and their discretionary power which they can abuse or use to uphold the law.

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