Sunday, March 15, 2015

Black Operations, PsyOps, and False Flags

     Without the Mainstream media (M.S.M.), many of these "Black Operations" and "Psy Ops" would not be reported a particular way and therefore the narrative pushed out by the M.S.M. would not become absorbed and ingrained inside our minds.  Once the media narrative is absorbed however, due to the heavy repetition by the M.S.M., it makes it hard to alter and remove from our minds.  Due to the media's complicity and the mass distraction campaigns, the government can push forth with the Elite's Global Agenda undisturbed.

Boston Bombing -"This is a Drill" heard LIVE on overhead speakers

"Predictive Programming"
Chemical weapons used in Syria in 2013 by the then known Syrian rebels (presently known as I.S.I.S.) and blamed on Assad in order for the public to support a Syrian invasion by the West.
"Sandy Hook school shooting, 2012"
Religion is ideology enmeshed into culture and as we seen during the Communist Revolutions  during the 20th c. -ideologies also enable the killing of the rich, taking of their land, and theft of all their possessions.  During the Arab/Muslim Conquests starting in the 7th c. -religion allowed for the killing of others, taking of their land, rape of all girls, and led to destruction and theft.  With that said though, without a State or Ruler, the poor would still be dependent on a leader to guide them.  This is why the French Revolution led to "The Terror", why Statism leads to "Democide", why the "Spanish Inquest" was easily started, why the "Salem Witch Trials" were easily started, and why we accept when groups of people are rounded up historically and set to Internment Camps & Labor Camps.  Until we realize we don't need the State, or an Emperor, or a Ruler to tell us what to do next -we will always act violently or passively depending on what they ask for at any given time.
Controlling your mind and your senses through all that they own, have created, and have influence over.

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