Saturday, March 14, 2015

Police Quotas, Plunge Protection Team, Evaporating Pensions, Tokenism, and 9/11 Truthers

     Cops do not usually prevent murders, theft, or other indictable crimes -they document it so that the legal system can decide on a course of action.  A cop has to justify his/her salary and the best way to do it is to write tickets since it generates revenue for the state.  Cops do not "run into danger" like we have been taught to believe.  Instead cops often wait until back-up is on site and when Cops outnumber a threat, then they act.  
"Carding", "War on Terror", and the "War on Drugs" allows Police Officers to question you about anything and based on your answer, Police Officers can look for something to nail you on.  Whether it is "Resisting Arrest", "Belligerency", "Being a Public Nuisance", "Causing A Public Disturbance", "Obstructing Justice", etc.  All that a Police Officer has to do is find Justifiable Cause to pin anything on you and then it becomes YOUR word against HIS word and the legal system always favors the one that upholds THEIR system so the court will choose HIS word over YOUR WORD.
Police Officers and Criminals are the only two forces you meet where the end result is never predictable or certain.  Where the saying, "Wrong Place, Wrong Time" comes into play since Cops and Criminals both use their Discretion and Emotion when Judging you and then decide on how they will act against you.  Police Officers and Criminals both have the "Code of Secrecy" in play where they do not snitch on one another and do not throw anyone else under the bus (yet they both expect to get the Truth out of you). "Everything you say will be held against you in a court of law" (and will be used on you when you are being questioned).  By yelling out "stop resisting" Police Officers can assault you.  Police Officers do not often go into things alone and often bring reinforcements into any situation, so just like Criminals, Police Officers also use "Power in Numbers" to intimidate.  Both Police Officers and Criminals use codes to speak to their own members and both Police Officers and Criminals intimidate other just by their uniform/dress code.  Both Criminals and Police Officers think that they own the "turf" that they patrol.  The entertainment sector romanticizes and vilifies both the Police Officers and the Criminals.



     Market Manipulation through (a) "Plunge Protection Teams" allows for the Economy to look better than it is therefore bringing in "dumb money" into the Stock markets. When all the money in stock markets evaporate and everything is lost and huge sell offs occur, the Wealthy "buy back" their shares and then ask the government for a "Bail In" or a "Bail Out" which (b) the Wealthy use to pay themselves bonuses and then over time, fire staff in order to make more profits.  This is a vicious cycle which involves Banks, Corporations, Governments, Investors, and Taxpayers -and Corporations and Banks are the BIG winners.  Governments then have to liquidate pensions in order to "Bail Out" or "Bail in" Companies.  Taxpayers are left with the bill, Investors have lost everything, and Pensioners are left with nothing and having to go back to work without having a retirement that they saved for and earned through work.


Ever since America went off the Gold Standard in the 1970's, they have less and less Gold in their Federal Reserve.  They have leased or liquidated most of their Gold and now have very little to back their dollar.  Much of the instability presently existing in the world is because of this.

"No one cares about where they're from" -only when they are part of the Privileged race or ethnicity in a specific area.  Otherwise, majority of people in any given area stop and ask, where you came from? and use that information on how they can categorize you based on stereotypes that they have seen through the Entertainment Sector or Mainstream Media.

9/11 & TRUTHERS:


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