Saturday, March 14, 2015

Aspartame, Monsanto, Hospital Wait Times, Homelessness & "Tent Cities", and Fukushima

     Only when they retire or are in old age do professionals challenge their organization or their institution.  By then, they are irrelevant and seen by everyone as being "behind the times".  When they are relevant or in a position of influence and power -when they can actually say and do something that can alter the direction of the institution they work in and actually make a difference, they do not.  This is no different from Dwight D. Eisenhower leaving the White House in 1961 and warning the public about the "Military Industrial complex".  Even though Eisenhower made his whole career, salary, and gained enough recognition to become the 34th President of the United States of America because of the "Military Industrial Complex".

     Where are the scientists, professors, teachers, doctors, nurses, health care workers, etc who are protesting?, OR publishing journals and publishing commentaries?, OR speaking up about Monsanto and Big Pharma?  They are far and few, a handful worldwide.  Those that have the biggest impact and influence on the minds and bodies of people in society are those that do the least in every day society.  You see the best come out of them only when they are hard at work in their professional setting where their wages/salary, professional reputation, and their pensions will be earned.  Take the "we care about patients" or "we care about students" with a grain of salt and as nothing but mere rhetoric.  Public service sector workers only seem to care about the students and the patients when their contracts have yet to be renewed or they want better wages at the cost of ordinary taxpayers.

     Where are the nursing unions and nursing union leaders when the Ministry of Health raises his/her salary?, Where are the nursing union leaders and nursing unions when the CEO of a hospital raises his/her salary?  They are quiet! Why?  Because they are waiting until the nurses union contract expires so they too can ask for more wages in a public display that traps taxpayers in the middle and foots them with the bill and forces them to deal with disrupted service.  Everyone is reaching for the pie and leaving taxpayers with only crumbs -even though it's tax dollars that is funding the government, the unions, and the public service sector (including unions and medical associations).  This is how everyone is complicit in the system and holding it together.

     Even though Aspartame is proven to be unhealthy and G.M.O. foods are proven to be toxic -not a word from the Unions or Public Service Sector unions about it or the "Public peril" that society faces.  Sadly, the public is "at risk" when the workers in Public Service Sector Union do not get their wages.  Only when Unions are about to go on strike for wages do they go on the offensive and put up fliers, march on the street round-and-round in circles chanting and blocking roads and sidewalks, and advocating about "patient care" or "betterment of students".  They dare not bite the hand that feeds them and anger the government and bring coverage to an important issue.  Not a word is spoken up about the fact that smoking is not the only way to develop cancer and in fact, Preservatives in foods such as G.M.O. products actually have many cancer causing properties that lead to cancer.  The health care industry, the Mainstream media, Big Pharma, the government, and the Banking industry are all complicit in keeping silent about these chemical killers which are affecting everyone you know far more than smoking does.

     Not one public service sector union is talking about the radiation that has filtered into the oceans and coastlines of North America or Asia and has tainted the food we eat and that we bring into our country.  Not one Public Service Sector union has spoken up or raised concerns about T.I.S.A. (Trades in Service Agreement) and T.T.I.P. (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) because they are going back to the same circular rhetoric: (a) we don't get paid, student won't get good education, (b) student don't get good education, they can't have a better future, (c)and it all starts by paying us better. Your future depends on paying us better so we can give students a good education and a better future. Our increased wages enable for better students and better futures.

     The sad part is presently nurses, doctors, teachers, professors, the education system, the health care system, the media, the government -are all complicit in pushing out vaccines that have never been fully tested or understood (similar to the Flu vaccine which has been proven not to work during Flu season but is still being pushed out by professionals and "experts").  



Taking Aspartame is similar to sticking needles of poison into your unprepared and unprotected body.  They are what you would call a "soft kill" and lead to your dependence on the Medical industry and Big Pharma as you age.  This means Big Profits for the Medical industry and Big Pharma (as well as jobs for Health Care workers and more taxes in order to fund the Health Care institution).   It is a vicious circle of misery for all.

MONSANTO (Genetically Modified Foods):

Remember, it's a small circle of people that take top positions of power in order for a Global Agenda to work out the way it has to.  This is a good example of it in "real time".


The irony is, "though the U.S. and Canada both prohibit 100% certified organic food from containing GMO ingredients -contamination of the crops may cause organic feed to contain some percentage of GMO ingredient. Organic farmers point out that there are no longer "organic" when their seed and farm is contaminated by genetically-engineered cross-pollination". 






1.) Radiating Americans: Fukushima Rain, Clinton's Secret Food Pact:

2.) Hillary Clinton Signs Deals To Permit Japan To Continue Importing Irradiated Fish & Other Goods:

3.) Hillary Clinton's Pact With Japan to Downplay Fukushima

     So you choices for the 2016 American election are: Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, a Military Coup, or Martial Law and Emergency Powers granted to Obama and Biden (and Obama and Biden remain on as President and Vice-President).  You call that having a choice?  I call that, Illusory Choice and the Illusion of Freedom.  
     In Canada, the 2015 election is between Stephen Harper or Justin Trudeau.  Watch for both countries (USA & Canada) to sign T.I.S.A. and T.I.P.P. and hand powers over to Transnational Corporations to re-write Constitutions and Laws in their respective countries therefore ensuring that all protests are labelled under "Domestic Terrorism" and all protesters are ticketed, arrested, or detained.  This will allow for T.I.S.A. and T.I.P.P. to be processed through without a snag. 
     Watch for a major "False Flag" to occur which will either: crash the Power Grids, cripple the Economic/Financial Sector, or lead to World War 3.

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