Friday, March 6, 2015

Engineered Collapse, NDAA, and Fema Camps

With all the laws in place since 9/11, the stage is set for:
(a) Assassination Attempt or Successful Assassination
(b) Martial Law declared
(c) Military Coup
---> (A) can lead to (B)
--->(C) can lead to (B)
--->(A) can lead to (B) quickly followed by (C)

Either way "Domestic Terrorists", or "Foreign Terrorists", or an "Enemy State", or Combination of all 3 will be blamed which finally allowing for MARTIAL LAW to be declared and indefinite detention of American citizens allowed.  Meanwhile, the arguments the media and government will always use is: "this is for your safety", "this is for you own good", "we know what's good for you", "just trust us", "your lucky to be alive, keep moving".

We are already past the "point of no return", and there is no returning to America being the supreme Superpower that it was known for from days past.  This is a new America and a new reality and Free Trade Deals such as TISA, TTIP, and TPP brings it home to all other nations where Statism and Corporatocracy finally allows for a Plutocracy and Oligarchy to rule over everyone and everything.  Do not think what is happening to America is in isolation.  Regionalizational such as the North American Union, European Union, Mediterranean Union, etc. brings it home to everyone no matter the country that you live in.

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