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Questions Asked By Readers, 3rd Edition (your personal thoughts answered)

1.) You keep blabbering about “Christ Consciousness” so what is this “Christ Consciousness” you speak about it in every article. Moreover, what is the difference between that and “Nanak Consciousness”?
     Christ consciousness” in simplicity means “Spirit” consciousness.  It means to detach from Ego and Identity and to see things from not only your mind but also from the spirit within you.  It means to allow silence to resonate within and to be attuned to all things around you.  It means to be spatially aware and mentally aware before you speak. When you speak, to speak without emotion or attachment to emotion but to speak with wisdom and with truth.  It means to see beyond your sense perception and to be able to see all sides MacroCosmically and then decide upon your next action.  It means to understand your intentions before you act, to understand all possibilities before you act, to accept responsibility for your thoughts and actions, and to be accountable for your thoughts and actions.  "Christ consciousness" means to be aware of the energy you emit and that resonate around you by controlling your thoughts and mind and doing so by controlling your breath and the language constructed inside your mind.  It means to not judge when you are given information but to take it as is, deconstruct it, understand it, and allow it to play out in your mind and spirit as well as on the material realm.  "Christ consciousness" means to look upon things with awe, gratefulness, and understanding.  To not try and compartmentalize things or stereotype things but to understand it for what it is.  "Christ consciousness" means to allow your "Presence" and "Being" to be with you by living truthfully towards your purpose and goal.  To not deceive others or manipulate others through words or actions, intentions, or plans.  "Christ Consciousness" means not to do things in order to fit in but to understand another’s person’s intent and to either remove yourself from the situation or to try and make a positive out of it.  Everything you touch with your physical body you leave a little bit of yourself behind (as well as taking a part of that object with you after you touch it).  Be weary of what you touch, who you touch, and your intent (as you touch it).  Not all vibrations and energies are the same.  Some people say "spirit", others say "consciousness", others say "energy", and others say "vibration".  Whatever you may call it or however you understand it -be aware that it affects you and others.  Do not believe that you can fit and cater to everyone in your life or that you can "fake it to make it" because different people in fact vibrate differently than you and can in fact cause you to vibrate negatively therefore attracting negativity into your life.
      “Nanak consciousness”, “Krishna Consciousness”, “Rumi Consciousness”, “Kabir Consciousness”, and “Buddha Consciousness” are just synonymous terms that you can use instead of “Christ Consciousness”.   All six beings mentioned are leaders of their respective movements however, ironically enough, none of them was trying to create Material or Physical Religion.  In fact, all spoke against blind Rituals and against hollow Dogmas.  All spoke against Physical Institutions and Rigid systems of duties that had trapped people’s minds and bodies and were not allowing people to see the wholeness of life or connect with the “Consciousness” that existed with them every second of their life which was their supreme connection and understanding with all things.  All six beings mentioned above tried to pass this message onto others knowing that it was the only way to escape Saturn’s Matrix/Maya.  However, all 6 beings mentioned were made into Saints, were personified, were personalized, were celebrated, and ego and emotion from their adherents became attached to all of them.  Images, Idols, and Myths were all created after their deaths and the message became lost and splintered.  Instead of following their message, adherents instead created everything that they spoke out against and allowed Culture to filter into the message.  Their words were then Institutionalized, Ritualized, and made into Dogmas. This is why many people who presently call themselves Christians, Sikhs, Sufis, Hindus, or Buddhists now walk blindly with no spiritual purpose but instead walk to gain material accumulation and physical pleasure, as well as acceptance in the material world (everything that their teachers spoke out against).  In their "Holy Books" (be it the Gita, the Gurbani, the Bible, etc.) -the message that was lost can still be found.  One must look upon it with pure intent in order to understand what the message was, so it can be applied into their lives and lives of those that they encounter.

2.) As an Atheist, have I escaped Saturn’s Matrix since I do not identify with any Religion or Religious Ideology?
      Firstly, since you call yourself an “Atheist” it shows that you do Identify with a belief system because you have separated what you are from what you are not and therefore there is an Ego attachment to it because you feel that what you are when you call yourself an "Atheist" is your "true" self.  

      Secondly, what brought you to where you are now and made you believe what you believe presently? If it is based on anger or sadness then there is ego attached to your identity because now you have attached emotion to your identity.  
     Thirdly,  how do you approach others with your own belief system?  Do you look down upon others who have religious belief systems and feel superior to their belief system or do you look upon them with compassion and understanding? Do you try and understand their perspective when they speak and try and use it to understand their intent without judging them for it?         
      Lastly, I have met giving, caring, and loving Atheists and I have met angry, bitter, ego centered, and superficial religious believers.  I have also met angry, bitter, and ego centered Atheists and loving, caring, and giving religious believers so whether you are an Atheists or if you believe in Religion or a Religious Ideology -it does not necessarily trap you in Saturn’s MatrixWhat does trap you to Saturn is your attachment to that identity and not seeing past that identity.  Attaching ego to that identity and not seeing beyond that identity and allowing yourself to be trapped by language, by emotion, by thought process.  That is how you are trapped into Saturn’s Matrix.  Living in a physical and material reality, it is difficult not to identify yourself with something, in fact it is almost inescapable. Whatever you want to identity yourself in this physical realm, do not attach ego or emotion to it.  See beyond ego and emotion.  Connect with the silence inside yourself and around you.  See beyond Saturn.

3.) What do you think about the Adam and Eve Creation story in the Bible?  What is your take on it?
     It is a story about Adam and Eve losing their connection with their “Spirit Consciousness” and instead identifying with the Material world and the Physical world, with their Minds, with their Emotions, and with their Ego.  Many people blame Eve and therefore women as a whole for damning humankind to a world of pain and sin justifying their Patriarchal views on reality.  However, once must understand that the underlying message is that by eating the apple, Adam and Eve attain knowledge, which then makes them aware of their Physical form and causes them to be fearful of God therefore causing them to hide and cover themselves with leaves.  As soon as you are born into the material realm and start inhabiting a physical body, your sole objective is survival.  At first, your parents provide you everything and through them you also absorb the culture from the environment around you.  Your role and identity is shaped through this process at an early age where you are further Indoctrinated through the Educational System (and for some, the Religious Institution that you go to).  Majority of people develop an Ego at an early age –as soon as they learn the expressions, “Mine”, “My”, and “I”.  This becomes further entrenched into place as a Teenager when Teenagers identify with certain friends and try to fit into particular groups and with particular people.  During this timeline, Ego has fully taken over their existence and it is not until later that they will be able to break free from Saturn’s Matrix and see Reality for all that it is (if they seek it).  Through experience and acquired knowledge –one will be able to see Ego and deconstruct Identity so that you will be able to ask the questions needed in order to see Reality for what it is.
      From birth, you start to identify with the body and see the body as the only way to survive
.  This self interested survival of the body and the Identity that it creates for you becomes more entrenched as you grow into your teens due to “Crony Capitalists” who want you to solely focus in on your body and your body image through their ads.  This then allows you to value your body over all other things, above your mind and above your spiritual connection thus limiting your actual growth and the ability to see through the Matrix.  Without seeing past the body, you focus in on enhancing your body and your body image through material possessions.  This often will make you act and think a particular way in order to attain those material objectives.  A lifestyle is often developed once you identify with your body and with that comes roles that you play and friends you make who entrench and strengthen this Identity.  It is not until you realize that you are more than the role you play and more than the identity you choose that you will start to connect with your mind and start asking question that will enable you to see beyond your physical realm.  You must see beyond, the framed view and controlled narrative that the “Crony Capitalists” have created in order for you to understand your spiritual self and therefore become one with your spiritual self through thought, word, and action.
     Many people once they become parents do not see past their role as parents and that becomes their sole identity.  This limits their own growth and sometimes also limits their children’s growth, as they are not allowing their children to see all their own possibilities and to see and understand their children’s own unique abilities and unique talents.  Often times, it is not until children leave their parent’s home that parents find free time to understand their role in the world and seek their mental and spiritual selves that were not developed while they were parents and looking/catering after their children.  Many times, it is not until their “twilight years” that many parents tap into their spiritual selves by removing (or having it removed for them) -ex: their Work Identity and their attachment to the Roles as (husband/wife, mother/father, child, etc.) that they have played throughout their entire lives.

4.) What is your take on Sex?
     I am not judging you.  The questions I leave with you though:
(A) are you manipulating anyone to have sex with them?  Are you hiding your intentions?
(B) how do you view those that you have sex with?  Is it based on “possessions” and “achievements” or is there more than that?  In fact, why is sex important to you and what are your thoughts on sex when you interact with people? 
(C) how do you view yourself before you engage in the act of Sex?  How do you view yourself afterwards when you have finished having Sex?
(D) do you attach “ego” to the act of Sex?
(E) why is Sex important to you? Is it in fact important to you at all? OR is Sex and your views on Sex based on your Gender Identity and Social Pressures?
     Sex for the most part is neither “good” or “bad”, “immoral” or “moral”, “negative” or “positive”, or “sinful”it just is.  Do not judge yourself or others on: sexual partners, the amount of sexual partners, or why you have had sex or why you have not had sex.  Focus yourself instead on your own inner being so that whatever you think or act upon there is no hidden motives, no hidden intent, and no manipulation involved.  Whomever you have sex with - the act, thoughts, and emotions involved are forever trapped in Saturn’s time and space Matrix for eternity.  Know also that the energy of the other person is carried with you as you go forward in life so that you are never far from that person whether you think about them,  try and forget them, or have forgotten them.  One of the reasons “Crony Capitalists” try and have you focused solely on Sex and the attainment of sex is because they want you to be constantly thinking about Sex which traps you in Ego and on the lower levels of Vibration.  Secondly, they want you to have Sex with as many people as you can so that your energy, actions, emotions, and thoughts are trapped in Saturn’s Matrix with them.  Lastly, because it is profitable for “Crony Capitalists” and this is why they spend so much money on it and have you constantly thinking about it as soon as you are born through Subliminals in cartoons and in comics.  Presently, "Crony Capitalists" are trying to hypersexualize little children so that Sex is not far from the mind of children.  

1.) “Crony capitalists” = “Saturn Death Cult” for your existence is propping up and helping strengthen Saturn’s Matrix.  Your whole existence as “Crony Capitalists” is centered around Ego, Attachment, and Identity all of which are on the Material Realm that Saturn controls.

2.) “Saturn’s Matrix” = “Maya”.   “Maya” is known as the “Physical Realm” or the “Physical Illusion” in Eastern Philosophy/Eastern thought.  “Saturn’s Matrix” is the exact same thing, hence why sometimes I will use Maya, other times Saturn, other times Maya/Saturn in combination.  I believe using the term “Saturn” helps one get a clearer picture of Reality because then one will also understand the Astrological and Numerological Vibrations and Energies connected with the Material Realm whereas the term “Maya” often leaves that to interpretation and leaves misunderstanding.  Using the term “Saturn” instead of “Maya” also helps one focus in on days celebrated by the Death Cult of Saturn/Nicolaitans such as “the Sabbath” and “Saturnalia” which will help you focus in solely on Ideologies that revolve around Saturn.  Using the term “Saturn” instead of “Maya” will also help one understand Saturn’s symbols such as the “Kabba”.  I use both terms ("Saturn" & "Maya") interchangeably because for many that understand Eastern thought and Eastern philosophy "Saturn" is a new term for them but they understand and are familiar with "Maya". “Maya” and “Saturn” are one and the same just viewed and understood differently by different cultures.

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