Thursday, September 10, 2015

Forced Integration & Forced Equality, Tokenism & Multiculturalism, and what exactly is Privilege?

Q:  I believe you are a "Racist" and not only that but an over privileged "White Supremacist"!
A:  Fair enough but before I delve into that question, let's look at a few definitions shall we.      

Tribalism -is the state of being organized in, or advocating for, a tribe or tribes. In terms of conformity, tribalism may also refer in popular cultural terms to a way of thinking or behaving in which people are more loyal to their tribe than to their friends, their country, or any other social group.

Supremacist -an advocate of the supremacy of a particular group, especially one determined by race or sex.

Elitism -is the belief or attitude that some individuals who form an elite—a select group of people with a certain ancestry, intrinsic quality or worth, high intellect, wealth, specialized training or experience, or other distinctive attributes—are those whose influence or authority is greater than that of others; whose views on a matter are to be taken more seriously or carry more weight; whose views or actions are more likely to be constructive to society as a whole; or whose extraordinary skills, abilities, or wisdom render them especially fit to govern.

Ethnocentrism -the belief in the inherent superiority of one's own ethnic group or culture. a tendency to view alien groups or cultures from the perspective of one's own.

Racial Pride-is the idea of pride in one's race.

Racist -a person who believes in racism, the doctrine that one's own racial group is superior or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.

Privilege -concept that some groups of people have advantages relative to other groups. The term is commonly used in the context of social inequality, particularly with regards to race, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, and social class. Specific elements of privilege may be financial or material such as access to housing, education, and jobs, as well as others that are emotional or psychological, such as a sense of personal self-confidence and comfort, or having a sense of belonging or worth in society

Nationalism -The strong belief that the interests of a particular nation-state are of primary importance. Also, the belief that a people who share a common language, history, and culture should constitute an independent nation.

     Presently, people easily throw out a highly charged emotional term such as "Racist" in every day interactions.  In part, because it can manipulate a conversation/debate/discussion/topic.  Secondly, since the 1970's people have been Indoctrinated and Brainwashed by their Educational Institutions to use that very Divisive and Emotional term without fully comprehending what it meant.  However, how many people even know what the term, "Cultural Marxism" is?  It is because of "Cultural Marxism" we have been Trained to throw out terms like "Racist" and "Racism" so nonchalantly and so easily in public without realizing that we might not be understanding what "Racism" actually is.  However, before I go further, let us also look at "Cultural Marxism" and a few more terms related to the discussion :
Prejudice -an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason. any preconceived opinion or feeling, either favorable or unfavorable. unreasonable feelings, opinions, or attitudes, especially of a hostile nature, regarding an ethnic, racial, social, or religious group.

Stereotype -a thought that can be adopted about specific types of individuals or certain ways of doing things. These thoughts or beliefs may or may not accurately reflect reality. 

Discrimination - is treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction in favor of or against, a person or thing based on the group, class, or category to which that person or thing is perceived to belong to rather than on individual merit.

Grievance -a real or imagined wrong or other cause for complaint or protest, especially unfair treatment.

Tokenism -the policy and practice of making a perfunctory gesture towards the inclusion of members of minority groups.

Exclusion/Excluded -to shut or keep out; prevent the entrance of; to shut out from consideration, privilege, etc.

Inclusion -an organizational practice and goal in which different groups or individuals having different backgrounds like origin, age, race and ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity are culturally and socially accepted and welcomed, equally treated, etc.

Tolerance -the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.

Segregation -is separation of humans into racial groups in daily life. It may apply to activities such as eating in a restaurant, drinking from a water fountain, using a public toilet, attending school, going to the movies, riding on a bus, or in the rental or purchase of a home.

Apartheid -word meaning "the state of being apart" (literally "apart-hood").  Was a system of racial segregation in South Africa. 

Integration -an act or instance of integrating a racial, religious, ethnic group, an organization, a place of business, a school, etc.

Multiculturalism - a description of the many different religious traditions and cultural influences that in their unity and coexistence that make up culture

Political Correctness -using words or behavior which will not offend any group of people. Most people think it is important for everyone to be treated equally, fairly and with dignity.

Equality - is a state of affairs in which all people within a specific society or isolated group have the same status in certain respects, often including civil rights, freedom of speech, property rights, and equal access to social goods and services.

     Now, you must be thinking that I am a "Racist" and "White Supremacist" because of the content of my older articles on my website.  However, did you know all those terms I listed above (in the first grouping) are all closely related with one another?  In fact, the first few sets of terms are hard to differentiate from each other and yet, we so easily jump to two words in the grouping more than any of the others.  Those two words we jump to are, "Supremacist" and "Racist". Almost automatically, almost as if it were a "knee jerk" reaction.  Like Pavlov's dog, we automatically react when we are stimulated in a certain way.  Just like Pavlov's dog, we must have been trained and conditioned a certain way in order to automatically react to the stimulus in our environment.  Furthermore, to have this "knee jerk" reaction of yelling "Racist" or "Supremacist" one must unconsciously have thoughts embedded in our mind that as soon as we see or hear something, we consciously and automatically yell out terms such as "Supremacist" and "Racist". And this is exactly, what I wanted to bring up.  What has trained us and what has unconsciously embedded thoughts and reactions into our mind? This my brothers and sisters is where the little known, yet well used, philosophy of "Cultural Marxism" comes into play -something that has been taught to us in Western Society institutionally since the 1970's.  It has been taught so much to us in the past, that now we tend to look at the world, people, and ourselves through the narrow tunnel vision lens of "Cultural Marxists" and nothing else.  But let's delve further shall we.
     For some reason, we believe that "White Society" is Racist.  That White people are "Privileged".  For some reason, we never seem to apply this "privilege" and "racism" to any other people or society.  Just "White society", "White history", and "White people".  Is this because we have only diagnosed "White people", "White history", and "White society"?  YES! The "Cultural Marxism" that we have been Indoctrinated with through our Institutional learning only diagnoses "White people", "White history", and "White society".  Though we always argue about "Equality in society" we choose not to be "Equal" in the way we look at other people's history or  other people's civilization.  Seems unfair in a "fair", "just", and "equal" society to only look and apply "Cultural Marxism" to one society.   Why is it that we have not applied "Cultural Marxism" to "Arab history", or "Arab civilization"?  Why is it that we have not applied it to "Jewish history" or "Jewish people"?  If we examined and scrutinized Arab history and Arab civilization or if we examined and scrutinized Jewish history and Jewish civilization would be surprised at what we find?  Let's delve even further into this topic.
     How is it that we have heard of "White Privilege" and yet nothing about "Arab Privilege" or the "Arabization" of whole people, whole countries, and whole cultures?  How is it that we have heard solely about "White Western Privilege" (Western meaning Catholic or Christian) and yet nothing about "White Jewish Privilege"?  That would be an oddity since before Secular Nation States were formed (which occurred after World War I), there were only Religious Wars or Tribal Wars.  The four dominant Religious groups at war at the time of the Religious Wars were: Eastern Orthodox, Muslims, Protestants, and Catholics -who happened to carve up the world among themselves. In fact, "Arabization" had spread all the way from Arabia to Western Europe, the Balkans, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.  Only the "New World" consisting of Latin America (South America), North America, and Australia were left untouched by "Arabization".  Yet, our Educational Institutions never bring this historical fact up.  From the 7th C. up until the Ottoman Empire fell in World War I (1918), "Arabization" had been in effect globally -and yet, not a word about it in our Educational Institutions!
     Furthermore, not a word about "Jewish privilege" and yet Jews have been historically been the biggest Lenders and Creditors stimulating whole economies and whole nations.  Not one word or one sentence in our Educational Institutions about the Khazars or the Khazar history.  Not one word or sentence about the Rothschild Family or their Family Dynasty.  Not one word or one sentence about Jewish owned banks or Jewish Central Banks.  Strange!!  However, there are many words, many sentences, and many paragraphs where we only and solely focus on "Western White history" and "Western White privilege" and the atrocities of the "White Man/White people". 
       Now this is where I want you to look up at the first set of word groupings at the beginning of the page.  Re-read over them and then apply those words into the history of Arabs and Jews and start seeing their history for what it actually is and start seeing "White" history for what it is: Arabs have historically used "Tribal", "Ethnocentric", "Elitist", "Supremacist", and "Exclusionary" words such as - "Kufr" (cattle), "Dhimmi" (second rate citizen), "Non-believer", and "Infidel" for non-Muslims.  Jews have also historically used "Tribal", "Ethnocentric", "Elitist", "Supremacist", and "Exclusionary" language such as -"Goyim" (cattle), and "Akum" and "Gentile" for non-Jews.  
     To those outside their Tribe and Belief System/Ideology -Jews and Muslims could do anything to them and it would not be viewed as a "Sin", or viewed "Negatively", or viewed as "Immoral" because it was actually ordained in their Holy Scriptures/Holy Books (ex: Talmud, Koran, and Shahih al-Bukhari) that those outside their Tribe and Belief System were not their "Equal".  That includes -lying, stealing, demeaning, raping, killing, manipulating, and/or injuring -any one outside their tribe.  It was only a "Sin", or "Immoral", or "Negative" when it was done to a person of their own Tribe or a person who followed the same Belief System. This is problematic because Jews and Muslims feel above anyone outside their tribal group and historically do not integrate into any societies that are non-Jewish or non-Muslim respectively.  This is why "Arabization" took place globally for so long.  Arabs could not imagine themselves being ruled over by non-Muslims (until World War I was over and all Muslim territories and all Muslim lands were taken over and colonized by the West).  Jews on the other hand, no matter what Society or Civilization they found themselves in, Jews would often go into Jewish enclaves and form Jewish networks outside and away from non-Jews.  This network presented Jews with certain advantages that other non-Jews did not have.  This practice of Jewish enclaves was even done up until the end of World War II (and even presently you will find only Jewish neighborhoods globally).  This self alienation by both Jewish communities and Muslim communities was a key part in keeping their "supremacist", "tribal", and "elitist" views in tact.
     Why is this all key?  Until Western Colonialism began, and to be more specific, up until Western Catholic and Western Anglican/Protestant Colonialism began -the West did not rule over and subjugate people because they were too busy fighting among themselves.  For the most part, Westerners fought among themselves and fought against invading Muslims. Slavery does not start from Western Society (as you are taught in Educational Institutes).  Before the Western Slave Trade, there was the "African Slave Trade" and the "Arab Slave Trade" -the Arab Slave Trade many argue was more brutal than the African Slave Trade.  Some historians argue that the "Arab Slave Trade" was as brutal or similar to the brutality found in the "Western Slave Trade" especially when it came to separating children from their families and from their parents, due to the forced labor involved , and because rape/sexual acts that were forced upon females and girls.  Also, a minor difference is that those caught in the "Arab Slave Trade" were sent to war to fight whereas the "Western Slave Trade", slaves were not used in subduing opposing forces.
     "Western Colonialism" begins with the "Reconquista" and then expands outwards by chasing the Muslims into Africa and Asia.  From there the "Western Slave Trade" begins followed by the "Scramble for Africa" and "Western Colonialism" which was held in place until World War II.  The institutions left behind by "Western Colonialism" are still managed, maintained, and controlled by the West.  However, the finances are controlled by Jewish owned Rothschild Central Banks and Rothschild Central Banking networks (ex: Bank of International Settlements).
     Another item that is not mentioned or taught by Educational Institutions (making them complicit in "Crony Capitalism" and therefore being a key part in holding Saturn's System together) is that after Decolonization began, the Cold War squashed all Nationalistic movements and pulled Nationalistic movements into the Cold War.  All other possible identities, global alternatives, and global directions were stamped out.  Some of those identities and alternatives were:

Pan-Africanism -is an ideology and movement that encourages the solidarity of Africans worldwide. It is based on the belief that unity is vital to economic, social, and political progress and aims to "unify and uplift" people of African descent.

Pan-Arabism -is an ideology espousing the unification of the countries of North Africa and West Asia from the Atlantic Ocean to the Arabian Sea, referred to as the Arab world. It is closely connected to Arab nationalism, which asserts that the Arabs constitute a single nation.

Black Nationalism -advocates a racial definition (or re-definition) of national identity. All Black nationalist ideologies espouse unity and self-determination —that is, separation, or independence, from European society.

White Nationalism -is an ideology that advocates a racial or ethnocentric definition of national identity.

Pan-Asianism (also known as Asianism, Asian Unionism, or Greater Asianism) -is an ideology that promotes the unity of Asian peoples. Pre-World War II Japanese Pan-Asianism was, at its core, the idea that Asia should unite against European imperialism.

Pan-Indianism -is a philosophy and movement promoting unity among different American Indian groups in the Americas regardless of tribal or local affiliations. The movement is largely associated with Native Americans in the Continental United States, but has spread to other indigenous groups as well. A parallel growth of the concept has occurred in Alaska and Canada. There, however, other indigenous peoples, such as the Inuit and the Métis are often included in a wider rubric, sometimes called pan-Aboriginal or some variation thereof. Pan-Indian organizations seek to pool the resources of indigenous groups in order to protect the interests of native peoples across the world.

      Since there was no other Identities, no other Alternatives, and no other Possibilities allowed to be created apart from the Dichotomous sphere of "Capitalism" and "Communism", once the Cold War ended, Saturn began manufacturing his new path -the "Clash of Civilization".  Globalization which started after the Cold War ended allowed for Global Markets to be flooded with "Easy Money"  which started to weaken once the "War on Terror" was started and therefore the "Clash of Civilization" would finally occur.  The "easy money" of Globalization, the manufactured "Clash of Civilization", and the manufactured "War on Terror" is now leading up to World War 3 and the "New World Order" identities -which will be given to all who survive World War 3.
      Little known (since it is not taught inside Educational Institutes), is that art is manufactured from the Top-Down and is used to Manufacture the Culture of the time.  Since the "Counter Reformation" led by the Jesuits, the Church, and the Medici Family -art has been used to shape culture and identities.  The Elites, used the "Counter Reformation" and "Western Renaissance" to teach the masses everything they knew about Jesus, Heaven & Hell, History, and the ancient Gods through Art. 
     The "Elizabethan Era" continued this trend with Queen Elizabeth and Francis Bacon using Modern English in their writings and works. Due to Shakespeare's plays and the King James Bible, this began England's path to becoming the Global Language of the business world.  What is little known is that "Ghost Writing" was used at that time to Alter and Transform the minds of individuals and Alter and Transform the popular culture of the day.  During the Western Colonial era, everything that was created in the Counter Reformation, Western Renaissance, and the Elizabethan are was taught inside Educational Institutes to the masses where they also learned to think and speak English.  This view of the world was held in place until "Cultural Marxism" was introduced to the masses by the Elites in order to Re-Create and Transform culture and the Individual.   

        "Ghost writing" is still presently used to alter Individuals and Culture through the Entertainment Sector.  As you will hear in the link down below, "Ghost Writing" is more prevalent than the masses realize.  The key part in the interview I want you to focus on occurs during the interview at 13:33 MINS & ENDS AT 18:55 MINS when the speaker explains about being approached to put his name on a book that he did not write:  (19:10 mins.)

     Since culture presently is just used to subliminally control the masses and embed thoughts inside their minds, this is how the Occult goes from "Secret" to "Mainstream culture".  This is how the Elites impress ideas and thoughts in our minds and alter culture so that it looks "natural".  Nothing about Culture is "natural".  It is just presented that way but instead Cultural Change actually comes from the Top-Down never the Bottom-Up.  When it comes from the Bottom-Up before it can start affecting society and culture, it is Hijacked and altered slightly to fit the agenda the Elite need.


The Elite understand the 1st quote well, so in order to harness what is being said in the first quote, the Elite control the money and the people, control all sides of debate, and then use everyone like pawns on a chess board -moving them where they need to move them in order to move the Agenda forward.

Lenin, Castro, and other Marxists also argued the same thing as Du Bois when speaking about power and the ability to transform culture.  Marxists and Du Bois wanted to ensure that power and the ability to transform culture would be held in a small percentage of people and not everyone in order for it to work effectively.  In the words of Marxists, a "Vanguard Party" would need to be created which, "required a close-knit group of individuals pulled from the working class in order to safeguard the revolutionary ideology within the particular circumstances presented at the time". 




Rocky, a fictitious White character, in the first 3 Rocky movies, beat Black Boxers who were portrayed as villains in order to keep perpetuating that Blacks were "bad".  Rocky also overshadowed the success of factual Black characters at the time -such as George Foreman, Mohammed Ali, Sonny Liston, and Joe Frazier.  It wasn't until Mike Tyson emerged on the scene in the late 1980's that a strong Black boxing hero re-emerged once again in Black communities and galvanized the Global Consciousness and Black Consciousness helping to erase the fictitious white boxing legend of Rocky.

       Many people do not realize that a "21st century Plantation" exists presently.  You can make and produce music and movies, and you can even get credit for it -however you do not own the "Intellectual property", or "Capital", or even make much Capital from what you "made" or are "credited" for making.  Instead, other people behind the scenes make all the money from your hard work.  This is what the "21 century Plantation" is and this is why it is so exploitative.  This is why you see individuals like 50 Cents go broke.  The recording companies own the "intellectual property" and therefore they own the voice.  The actual person has no claim to their own voice or image (the music industry or film industry owns the person's voice, his trademark name, and his image -and the individual, the flesh and bone and blood, the human person, has no claims to it). This is why so many rich and famous people go broke.  The masses do not realize that from the minute an entertainer signs the contract, they are legally obligated to produce X amount of music, movies, or recordings and failure to do so will have the individual sued for "breach of contract".  Entertainers live in debt and live on borrowed time.            Furthermore, entertainers do not own their own image and they are also legally obligated to play up a certain persona and image every time they are in public.  The entertainment sector provides "ghost writers", stylists, image consultants, and "handlers".  The more, the Individual lives up to what the Entertainment sector wants, the Entertainment sector ensures that the individual gets the attention that is needed for him/her to become famous.  Since the entertainment sector is so closely intertwined and enmeshed, and since the Recording Industry owns the "intellectual patent" they are able to monopolize it with "Crony Capitalism" in the entertainment sector (which means those in the Entertainment Sector can make or break a musician's career and take or make him/her profit.  This means "air time", the kind of exposure you get from the entertainment sector or the media, where your song or image appears in movies or TV shows, etc).   This is why many people say Entertainers, "sold their soul for success". It is because the contracts are sometimes referred to as "Slave contracts" where the Entertainer does the  bidding of his Recording Company.
     Secondly, when Black people talk about success, Black people need to talk about "Black Dignity" and "Black Title ownership" not "Black grief" which is what the movies "Purple" and "Precious" were all about.  Black films should tell stories of inherent "black dignity".  The inherent "Black dignity" that came from Black Wall Street, the "Black Dignity" that came from Marcus Garvey, the "Black Dignity" that comes from successful Black Neighborhoods that were segregated from White Communities but still  stayed strong, tight knit, and in fact thrived.   Black people need to realize their own potential within themselves and their communities and the best thing Blacks can do is to create and own their own space. Use that space to Patent and then Own their own identity, their own property, and their own creations -so that no one else can make capital off of Blacks and exploit Blacks. Without capital, Blacks cannot challenge Patent owners which means the "21 c. Plantation system" will continue.
     Black people need to stop playing up the weak, victimized, dumbed down Black identity and stop playing up "black anger" and "black grief".  Blacks need to play up "black dignity" and stop exploiting and victimizing their own people as Marcus Garvey and the original Black Panthers envisioned and wanted. For having this vision for Black and Black communities, Marcus Garvey and the original Black Panthers were seen as threats by the Black Boule and the "Crony Capitalists".  Black people need to stop accepting the Race baiting brainwashing tactics and strategies and stop hating people of other races and see the potential within themselves.  Black people need to Relearn their own culture and their own history so  that they can look at the world differently and themselves differently.  Erase what has been taught to you in the past so that can see reality differently.  Blacks need to stop seeing the "other" as your enemy which leaves you open and weak to attacks from your "own" people in and out of your own communities
       People need to realize that it is unacceptable, inconsistent, and hypocritical to attack people of "other" races for one thing and be silent when it is Politicians of your own color that enabled the same thing to happen to you or your community.  By speaking and living truth, you do not have to "infiltrate the system" you would instead make another alternative just as Marcus Garvey, the Black Panthers, and others have spoken about.  This is what "Crony Capitalism" fear the most.  "Crony Capitalism" wants you to Integrate, be a token figure, and become Dependent on them.  In fact,  "Crony Capitalism" promotes "infiltration of the system" because they know the truth is, Infiltrators that "infiltrate the system from within" never come back the same or worst yet, do not come out at all.  The system is built on entrapping you, altering you, or destroying you -it is not designed to have people change it.  Saturn does not change, he makes you change.    

     Presently, everybody believes that they have "free speech" because they can comment on anything and be a commentator or critic on anyone or anything.  However, most people comment on things that do not effect them in any way, in any shape, or in any form (ex: commenting on scenes in movies, players in professional sports games, or about strategies in video games, etc.).  However, commenting on irrelevant details also makes you miss out on relevant details of how "Crony Capitalism" actually works and holds everything together.  In truth, like a jealous lover, "Crony Capitalism" can have no alternative to it's system.  It has to either alter, conform, or destroy what it sees as it's main competitor and what it sees an an alternative to it's system.  This is why people fail to understand and realize why Individuals such as Tupac, Easy E, or Pimp C were found dead so abruptly.  
      All 3 individuals spoke up about the entertainment business, about "Studio Gangsters" altering the way music was being made, and how it was negatively affecting the Black community.  All 3 individuals had or wanted to create and own their own recording companies.  If Tupac would have started his own records Makaveli Records, he would have competed directly with Death Row, Aftermath, and Bad Boy Records. Rap also could not have gone Mainstream the way it did after Tupac's death. Unlike, rappers Immortal Technique and Lowkey, Tupac could not have gone underground (due to his popularity) and the Elites could not have controlled his image or lyrics because he would have been on his own -this is very problematic for "Crony Capitalism". Simultaneously, Jay Z also would not be where he is presently because Hip Hop would have been completely different than it is today.  You have to realize that directly after the deaths of Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac, Hip Hop music went mainstream and the 3 major recording companies became "Bad Boy" under Puff Daddy, "Roc-A-Fella Records" under Jay-Z, and "Aftermath Records" under Dr. Dre.  The triumvirate monopolized Hip Hop music altering the complete image of Hip Hop, creating a variety of "studio gangsters", influencing Hip Hop into the occult realm and occult sexual realm, and "dumbing down" the music industry ending the era of Conscious rap music which existed before the monopolization of Hip Hop under the Triumvirate.  
     Secondly, Easy E "owned" Dr. Dre meaning that Easy-E owned a part of and a percentage of Aftermath Records sales.  This would have enabled Easy-E to not only profit and grow from the success of Dr. Dre and Aftermath records but would have also allowed "Ruthless Records" to compete on level ground with Aftermath Records, Roc-A-Fella Records, and Bad Boy Records therefore altering the music industry and music scene.  
      Lastly, all 3 rappers exposed Gay Homosexuals and the Gay Music Industry (which is the second part of the Occult rituals involved in the Music Industry).  With Hip Hop going Mainstream and into Popular Culture, all 3 rappers could not have spoken their minds.  Another similarity that all 3 rappers had, were that they actually understood the music industry and the finances behind it, and therefore could not be exploited by the music industry and therefore could not be controlled.  This was a very big problem for "Crony Capitalism" as it would have created an Alternative to the system that "Crony Capitalism" was creating.



PIMP C FOOTAGE:  (2:46 mins.)  (4:26 mins.) (4:46 mins.) (7:22 mins.)


FIONA APPLE, XZIBIT:  (10:41 mins.)

BLACK ICE -the MUSIC INDUSTRY (3:21 mins.)  (4:09 mins.)  (29:11 mins.)

The Real Michael Jordan
 The Black Boule and it's members never speak up about: (a) CointelPro, (b) about "Dark Alliance" and the CIA pushing guns and cocaine into the Black Communities -which is what completely fractured the Black Communities in the first place and allowed for the creation of Gang Culture once the Black Panthers and Malcolm X were silenced, (c) about the "War on Drugs" and the "War on Poverty" actually exacerbating the growth and consolidation of the "Prison Industrial Complex" which effects the Black Community. In fact, the Black Boule supports the images of "gangsters" in the Entertainment Sector & the Music Industry because it is so profitable for them and separates those in the Black Boule from the rest of the Black Community living in the ghettos.



As race-baiters cause divisions among people of color, what people who are warring among themselves do not realize is that the Nation they live in is totally Indebted and therefore is not owned by anyone but the Elite who are readying the next Economic crash and therefore the emergence of the "New World Order"

The Elites want to see the masses ask for more Government because it will allow them to control all sectors of society and all individuals while allowing "Crony Capitalism" to be the one and only option for all Individuals when looking for work or a livelihood in order to survive.  The T.P.P, T.T.I.P, T.A.F.T.A, T.I.S.A, etc. Free Trade Deals will allow companies (such as the 2 listed below) to control every aspect of your life including control over your Digital Bank Account.  The economic Free Trade blocs is the first step before Political Blocs which is what the New World Order will consist of when it is finalized.

"Crony Capitalism" profiting and gaining from the two images above (Walmart & Facebook) and the State funded Eugenics Program listed below.

"Crony Capitalists" are crooks, shills, sophists, sell outs, manipulators, opportunists, and psychopaths.  They will say and do anything to retain power and influence.  Do not buy into it. 

     the Fabien Society and the Frankfurt School allowed the Culture of the West to be eroded inside of Educational Institutions it had embedded itself into.

      "The Rothschild controls all the Central Banks, Queen Elizabeth is the World's Largest Landowner. The 'Crown' is a Rothschild Front as Elizabeth II becomes England's longest serving monarch.  It is also worth remembering that
she is really a symbol of economic disparity. Elizabeth Windsor and her covert syndicate in London are the world's largest landowners by a significant margin (the Vatican is the second largest landowner)". Put it together and you will see that the Rothschilds own all the Central Banks and everyone else is either a pawn, sophist, or shill living in debt and therefore owned by someone else.  The Jesuits are one of the military wings of "Crony Capitalists" and together, this is what allows Saturn's System to hold power over everyone and everything.
1# "The Radhanites -(also Radanites, Arabic الرذنية ar-Raðaniyya; Hebrew sing. רדהני Radhani, pl. רדהנים Radhanim) were medieval Jewish merchants. Whether the term, refers to a specific guild, or a clan, or is a generic term for Jewish merchants in the trans-Eurasian trade network is unclear. Jewish merchants were involved in trade between the Christian and Islamic worlds during the early Middle Ages (approx. 500–1000). Many trade routes previously established under the Roman Empire continued to function during that period largely through their efforts. Their trade network covered much of Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and parts of India and China. Several etymologies have been suggested for the word "Radhanite". Many scholars, including Barbier de Meynard and Moshe Gil, believe it refers to a district in Mesopotamia called "the land of Radhan" in Arabic and Hebrew texts of the period. Others maintain that their center was the city of Ray (Rhages) in northern Persia. Cecil Roth and Claude Cahen, among others, make the same claim about the Rhône River valley in France, which is Rhodanus in Latin. The latter claim that the center of Radhanite activity was probably in France as all of their trade routes began there. Still others maintain that the name derives from the Persian terms rah "way, path" and dān "one who knows", meaning "one who knows the way". English-language (or Western) sources added the suffix -ite to the term, as is done with ethnonyms or names derived from place names. The activities of the Radhanites are documented by ibn Khordadbeh, the Director of Posts and Police (spymaster and postman) for the province of Jibal under the Abbasid Caliph al-Mu'tamid (ruled 869–885), when he wrote Kitab al-Masalik wal-Mamalik (Book of Roads and Kingdoms), probably around 870. Ibn Khordadbeh described the Radhanites as sophisticated and multilingual. He outlined four main trade routes utilized by the Radhanites in their journeys; all four began in the Rhone Valley in southern France and terminated on the east coast of China. Radhanites primarily carried commodities that combined small bulk and high demand, including spices, perfumes, jewellery, and silk. They are also described as transporting oils, incense, steel weapons, furs, and slaves. These merchants speak Arabic, Persian, Roman, the Frank, Spanish, and Slav languages. They journey from West to East, from East to West, partly on land, partly by sea. They transport from the West eunuchs, female slaves, boys, brocade, castor, marten and other furs, and swords. They take ship from Firanja (France), on the Western Sea, and make for Farama (Pelusium). There they load their goods on camel-back and go by land to al-Kolzum (Suez), a distance of twenty-five farsakhs. They embark in the East Sea and sail from al-Kolzum to al-Jar and al-Jeddah, then they go to Sind, India, and China. On their return from China they carry back musk, aloes, camphor, cinnamon, and other products of the Eastern countries to al-Kolzum and bring them back to Farama, where they again embark on the Western Sea. Some make sail for Constantinople to sell their goods to the Romans; others go to the palace of the King of the Franks to place their goods. Sometimes these Jew merchants, when embarking from the land of the Franks, on the Western Sea, make for Antioch (at the head of the Orontes River); thence by land to al-Jabia (al-Hanaya on the bank of the Euphrates), where they arrive after three days’ march. There they embark on the Euphrates and reach Baghdad, whence they sail down the Tigris, to al-Obolla. From al-Obolla they sail for Oman, Sindh, Hind, and China. These different journeys can also be made by land. The merchants that start from Spain or France go to Sus al-Aksa (in Morocco) and then to Tangier, whence they walk to Kairouan and the capital of Egypt. Thence they go to ar-Ramla, visit Damascus, al-Kufa, Baghdad, and al-Basra, cross Ahvaz, Fars, Kerman, Sind, Hind, and arrive in China. Sometimes, also, they take the route behind Rome and, passing through the country of the Slavs, arrive at Khamlidj, the capital of the Khazars. They embark on the Jorjan Sea, arrive at Balkh, betake themselves from there across the Oxus, and continue their journey toward Yurt, Toghuzghuz, and from there to China.A caravan of dromedaries in Algeria. Much of the Radhanites' overland trade between Tangier and Mesopotamia was by camel. During the Early Middle Ages the Islamic polities of the Middle East and North Africa and the Christian kingdoms of Europe often banned each other's merchants from entering their ports. Corsairs of both sides raided the shipping of their adversaries at will. The Radhanites functioned as neutral go-betweens, keeping open the lines of communication and trade between the lands of the old Roman Empire and the Far East. As a result of the revenue they brought, Jewish merchants enjoyed significant privileges under the early Carolingians in France and throughout the Muslim world, a fact that sometimes vexed local Church authorities. While most trade between Europe and East Asia had historically been conducted via Persian and Central Asian intermediaries, the Radhanites were among the first to establish a trade network that stretched from Western Europe to Eastern Asia. More remarkable still, they engaged in this trade regularly and over an extended period of time, centuries before Marco Polo and ibn Battuta brought their tales of travel in the Orient to the Christians and the Muslims, respectively. Indeed, ibn Battuta is believed to have traveled with the Muslim traders who traveled to the Orient on routes similar to those used by the Radhanites. While traditionally many historians believed that the art of Chinese paper-making had been transmitted to Europe via Arab merchants who got the secret from prisoners of war taken at the Battle of Talas, some believe that Jewish merchants such as the Radhanites were instrumental in bringing paper-making west. Joseph of Spain, possibly a Radhanite, is credited by some sources with introducing the so-called Hindu-Arabic numerals from India to Europe. Historically, Jewish communities used letters of credit to transport large quantities of money without the risk of theft from at least classical times. This system was developed and put into force on an unprecedented scale by medieval Jewish merchants such as the Radhanites; if so, they may be counted among the precursors to the banks that arose during the late Middle Ages and early modern period. Some scholars believe that the Radhanites may have played a role in the conversion of the Khazars to Judaism. In addition, they may have helped establish Jewish communities at various points along their trade routes, and were probably involved in the early Jewish settlement of Eastern Europe, Central Asia, China and India. Much of the Radhanites' Indian Ocean trade was via coastal cargo ships such as this dhow. Besides ibn Khordadbeh, the Radhanites are mentioned by name only by a handful of sources. Ibn al-Faqih's early 10th century Kitab al-Buldan ("Book of the Countries") mentions them, but much of ibn al-Faqih's information was derived from ibn Khordadbeh's work. Sefer ha-Dinim, a Hebrew account of the travels of Yehuda ben Meir of Mainz, named Przemyśl and Kiev as trading sites along the Radhanite route. In the early 12th century, a French-Jewish trader named Yitzhak Dorbelo wrote that he traveled with Radhanite merchants to Poland. The fall of the Tang Dynasty of China in 908 and the destruction of the Khazar Khaganate some sixty years later (circa 968-969 AD) led to widespread chaos in Inner Eurasia, the Caucasus and China. Trade routes became unstable and unsafe, a situation exacerbated by Turkic invasions of Persia and the Middle East, and the Silk Road largely collapsed for centuries. This period saw the rise of the mercantile Italian city-states, especially Genoa, Venice, Pisa, and Amalfi, who viewed the Radhanites as unwanted competitors. The economy of Europe was profoundly affected by the disappearance of the Radhanites. For example, documentary evidence indicates that many spices in regular use during the early Middle Ages completely disappeared from European tables in the 10th century. Jews had previously, in large parts of Western Europe, enjoyed a virtual monopoly on the spice trade. Some have speculated that a collection of 11th century Jewish scrolls discovered in a cave in Afghanistan’s Samangan province in 2011 may be a “leftover” of the Rhadanites, who had mostly disappeared by the 11th century.

2# "Mongols control of Silk Roads opened the door for European merchants (many of them Jewish).  In fact, Genghis Khan whose plans were to conquer the Silk Road, realized that with the impressive military power of Mongols it would be impossible to control all the routes for long. Therefore, having occupied the northern route Genghis Khan began to methodically destroy Arabian and Turkic cities standing on the southern route. Doing so, Genghis Khan tried to stop the intense commodity exchange beyond his control.  In the middle of the 13th – 15th centuries when Central Asia, Iran, and the steppes of Eurasia were governed by the successors of Genghis Khan -active trade between the East and the West continued and intensified. The Mongol Golden Horde (the territory from Siberia to Eastern Europe governed by the grandson of Genghis Khan, Berke) with the capital in Serai Berk dominated all over the northern intercontinental caravan road going from China via Otrar and Khoresm, the bottom Volga region, Azov, the Crimea and Europe - the huge part of international trade in the 14th – 15th centuries. Mongolian domination stimulated caravan trade between China and the Mediterranean countries. But all benefits from that trade were gained by the Golden Horde. Most caravans followed round Transoxiana, going directly to the Volga to the north from the Caspian Sea, and moved to the Black Sea from there. Khoresm was the southern sector of that northern route continuing to play the role of the link in the chain of regional and intercontinental goods exchange. Urgench was another major center of trade whose markets wee over saturated".

3# "In the Caucasus, the Jews traded with many of the displaced Turkic tribes that were wandering westward and southward, but they formed a special association with the Khazars. Evidence of great glassworks factories can be found in Orbeti, which dates to the 7th and 8th centuries. This factory were under Jewish control, because the designs of the glass produced in these factories and especially the shape and the coloration of the beads can be traced to Near-Eastern Jewish glass designs. Around this time the Khazar king “converted” to Judaism and by the 8th and the 9th Centuries, most Khazars followed Judaism as they continued west and south into the Danube basin. The largest settlements of Persian Jews in Central Asia was to be found in Uzbekistan, and Jewish merchants worked the important hubs of commerce along the Central Asian Silk Road in places like Bukhara and Samarkand, helping to establish them as major trading posts".

4# Bukharan Jews refers to the Central Asian Jews of the khanate of Bukhara, those of Samarkand, and the Ferghana Valley. Bukharan Jews call themselves Isro'il or Yahudi and speak Bukhori or Judeo-Tajik, a distinct dialect of the Tajiki-Persian language that incorporated a number of Hebrew words".

5# Kaifeng is one of the Eight Ancient Capitals of China. Kaifeng, a capital of the Northern Song Dynasty, was a cosmopolitan city on a branch of the Silk Road. It is surmised that a small community of Jews, most likely from Persia or India, arrived either overland or by a sea route, and settled in the city, building a synagogue in 1163. During the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644), a Ming emperor conferred eight surnames upon the Jews, by which they are identifiable today: Ai, Shi, Gao, Gan, Jin, Li, Zhang, and Zhao".

Emotional stories spun to you by the media are "Trojan Horses" in order to enact wars in your name (but for their causes and agendas). Emotional stories will always involve women, or children, or women and children.  However, it will never be a complete narrative.  Just enough of a picture or narrative to get an emotional reaction from you.  A small "sound byte" to get you to react emotionally.

L.T.T.E killed all peace activists in Sri Lanka (before the Civil War and During the Civil War) in order to make it look like there is no alternative but War which also allowed them to rule over their lands with force -which is exactly what Mossad and the "Military Industrial Complex" wanted.



Jinnah's mentor Sir Muhammed Iqbal (pictured above) who was sent by Britain to recruit Jinnah (pictured below) in order to divide India into 3 (East Pakistan, India, and West Pakistan -and not to mention Kashmir is still left hanging in the balance presently).  Jinnah, Iqbal, and Nehru prevented Gandhi's vision of India and prevented Indian unity.
What you are seeing depicted above is a Fabian Society member (Jinnah) walking together with a staunch advocate and supporter of the Fabian Society (Nehru)
Pictured above is Nehru and Margaret Sanger.  This is why the Gandhi Family's Dynasty continued to Sterilize India even after Nehru's death (which was recently revitalized under Bill Gates).


the Rothschild Dynasty owns all the Central Banks and own all the Gold.  They are protected by the Vatican and the Jesuits and not to mention protected by anyone that works for "Crony Capitalists".  All that is left for the Elites to do is to steal your safety deposit boxes and that will occur when the economy crashes and the new Digital Currency is created.

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1.) NASA was created to lie to the world about Reality

2.) "the Illegals Program" -was a Russian spy program. Truth is, every country works together and has "Sleeper Cells" everywhere that are ready to be activated when needed.  All countries work towards the same agenda and same end goal -the masses are just pawns stuck in the middle of the game being played.

 3.)  God enters your body through Breath and lives in Soul; Satan/Saturn exists through our Senses.  You connect with God through Consciousness and control of Breath.  You connect with Satan/Saturn through giving into the Material form and Material desires.  In the physical world, because Saturn owns all the Institutions, Entertainment Sector, and Mainstream Media -Good is actually Evil and Evil is actually Good.  This is how the Cult of Saturn constructed society (where everything is thought up in advance, many moves ahead, on a Black and White Masonic Checkerboard). Saturn feeds off energy and that is why it tries to make us emotional and reactive. Emotion is energy. Saturn can not exist in presence and space and therefore when you control your breath and live in consciousness and space, Saturn can not enter your magnetic aura.  For Saturn to enter, Saturn has to be accepted.  Saturn needs you to agree to a proposition. Saturn can force you but you have to actually submit and actually agree and actually accept his invitation before he can reside beside you and inside you.  Saturn's whole existence is to trap consciousness, limit consciousness, and control consciousness.  Anything that will transfix your attention to material presence and material form is where Saturn thrives because Saturn thrives on your attachments to material form and material existence.  This is why Saturn created idol worship, art, photos, cameras, and uses social networking sites such as Facebook.  Saturn needs you to be remembered and trapped in his material plane and his material frequency.  In fact, when your physical form expires, it is Saturn that you see first in the form of a friend, family, or loved one.  Reject him and reject attachment so that you are free. Reject what you see so you can escape Saturn's energy frequency and not be trapped here for eternity re-living your existence over and over again.

       Race matters because we have been Indoctrinated through our Educational Institutions, through the Entertainment Sector, and through our Elders to believe untruths about Race.  Until we free our Consciousness, understand Reality, and think for ourselves -Race will always be an issue and therefore Race will always matter.

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