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Cultural Marxism, Political Correctness, Entitlement, Forced "Change", and Privilege

Q: Wow, I did not know look at Reality the way you exposed it in your last article.  Eye opening for sure.  I'm speechless!! I didn't think that you were a Supremacist before however, after that article, now I'm doubting my own views on Reality and despising the Education I received. I feel so brainwashed and I'm agitated by all of this.  Anyway, before I digress, my question is -What do you think of "Privilege"?
A: Thank you for looking through the article(s) and having an open mind when you went through the article(s) because that is the only reason you now have a different view on Reality.  As for your question, I believe that these articles below is what "Privilege" is:

At Heart of Humanitarian Crisis, Israel Building Wall to Keep Syrian Refugees Out

 Kuwait & Israel Admit They Refuse to Take ‘Refugees’ Because Migrants Don’t Assimilate

Why the rich Gulf states are saying no to Syria’s refugees

Finland to raise taxes on the wealthy to cover refugee costs

Engineered Refugee Crisis to Justify “Safe Havens” in Syria

Behind The Media Propaganda: Father Of "Drowned Syrian Boy" Was People Smuggler

     "Privilege" is the ability to force other people to think and act one way and yet not have to do the same thing yourself.  "Privilege" is hypocritical, contradictory, unequal, inconsistent, and has a lot to do with "cognitive dissonance".  These articles above highlight exactly what "Privilege" is because here are two countries, 1 Arab & Muslim (Kuwait) & 1 Jewish (Israel) -who are closest to the refugee crisis and yet both countries have decided to Refuse and Deny Refugees "safe haven" because both Countries feel that Refugees will not Assimilate.  Furthermore, Israel has decided not only to refuse Refugees but also to Build a wall to keep Refugees away.  This is amusing because one must remember that these are two of the countries involved in creating the refugee crisis in the first place. Kuwait was one of the nations participating in the Saudi led Yemen intervention (which is ongoing presently) that caused much of the Displacement in Yemen and Israel is heavily involved with maintaining ISIS in Syria & Iraq.
     Furthermore, the Refugee Crisis will allow the R2P ("right to protect") United Nation mandate to be initialized and therefore allow a full out military assault on Syria in the very near future which will try and oust Assad from power.  Ironically enough, without Assad in Syria, the Humanitarian Crisis would have been far worse under ISIS (yet very little is said about that in the media presently).    The real Refugee Crisis will occur when Turkey, Lebanon, and Iran finally Destabilizes -and this is exactly what Israel, Arab countries ruled by Sheikhs, and the West want.
      However, in order to combat the Refugee Crisis -the West has decided to bring in Refugees into their Countries which means more Statism.  More statism means more government involvement which means more Taxes Raised on Citizens and more Government Debt incurred (as the 4th article on Finland highlights up above).  The citizens of those heavily hit by Refugee countries will now not only have to face Economic contraction and Economic stagnation in their own countries, but now face higher taxes being placed on them, an Underclass of workers being created, and their Homogeneous Culture(s) being altered over time through the "Law of Islamic Saturation".  Notice carefully that no Muslim Gulf countries and no Muslim Asian countries are involved in solving the Refugee Crisis even though it is their "brothers" and "sisters" that are involved in the Humanitarian Crisis. Kuwait and Saudi Arabia has even said "NO" to Refugees.  
     This again is why you must clearly understand what "Cultural Marxism" is and what the "New World Order" want to achieve in order to understand the Humanitarian and Refugee Crisis taking place presently.  Only then will you understand what "privilege" actually means because "privilege" as we understand it and are taught is incorrect.  "Privilege" is what Politicians are -no matter the color, gender, race, or religion -who get away with selling out their population and becoming mere shills and salespeople for the Elite.  Who suffer no actual consequences but only step down from power when their term is finished.  These are the individuals that collect "Odious Debt" and pass it onto future generations which leads to higher taxes, privatization, sell offs, government constriction of the "free market" through enacting government regulations and government restrictions,  stagnating economies, austerity measures, and high unemployment levels.  "Privilege" is "Crony Capitalists" and "Crony Capitalism" -all of whom sow divisions in society for the betterment of their self interest and the self interest of the groups, fraternal societies, and organizations that they are a part of.  However, instead of understanding actual "privilege", or understanding actual economies, or understanding ourselves and our histories, or the histories of others -the masses instead fight within themselves and fight among themselves looking and seeing the "other" (and that means seeing anyone with a different opinion from their own opinion or someone with a different opinion from that of their group as an enemy who is trying to take something they believe is theirs).  One must realize we have been Brainwashed and Indoctrinated by Academics, Experts, and Sophists as well as Politicians to think and believe this divisive way.  That is "privilege"!  When one group of "crony capitalists" work to take away the choices and opportunities as well as limit the financial understanding and limit the financial freedom of the masses.
     In regards to Global Events -one must understand that "Decolonization" started after World War II ended which means many new Nations and Identities were created after 1945.  It is now 2015 which means it is 70 years since World War II ended.  The "Civil Rights Movement" occurred in the 1960's which means less than 60 years have past since policies were enacted by the Government to push forward with "Integration" and "Tokenism" policies.  One must remember that "Multiculturalism" policies did not start and become fully implemented until the 1970's and 1980's in countries such as Canada.  This was to accommodate Immigrants and Refugees fleeing from the "Cold War" as well as bringing in: (a) Foreign Investors and Skilled Immigrants (thus creating a door for Wealth Drains and Brain Drains to occur in other countries who were caught in Civil Unrest because of the Cold War). (B) creating an Underclass of workers which would allow the economy to change from a Manufacturing sector driven economy to a Consumer Culture driven economy which would help alleviate the weakening and falling currency that was precipitated by Centralizing the Banking System in the country.
     "Decolonization", the "Civil Rights Movement", "Multiculturalism", the "Cold War", and the teaching of "Cultural Marxism" all started after World War II (which is at best 70 years and at the minimum, 50 years) for people of different cultures to become accustomed to one another and become familiarized with one another.  For many "Homogeneous Cultures" it was a learning process. However, because of the Indoctrination of "Cultural Marxism" in the Education System, change was Demanded at a more rapid pace than ever before with every New Generation inside the Education system asking for more and more from Older Generations and being instilled with a mentality of "Entitlement" -something which was not seen in previous generations except during Colonization and with countries that had successful Communist Revolutions.  During Colonization and Communist Countries -the Elderly were identified with stagnate, decaying, and decrepit cultures by the Young.  Anything seen as Old was expendable and had to be overthrown and removed in order to save society and the future (ex: Cultural Revolution in China).  
      This mentality of "Entitlement" is exactly what "Cultural Marxism" nurtured and created. This mentality of "Entitlement" is exactly what led to Divisions between the old and young, divisions between women and men, divisions between people of color, divisions between people of different sexual orientations, divisions between people of different religions, etc.  Younger generations and New Citizens to the country demanded "Respect" without understanding what it actually meant.  Younger generations and New Citizens to the country demanded Government Intervention without understanding the Economics behind Government Intervention.  Younger generations and New Citizens to the country demanded more Government Integration and more Government Services without actually understanding the Central Banking System, Government Debt, or Taxes and how they are intertwined with more Government Integration and Government Services.  
      This is what has led us to where we stand today with Governments now demanding that we accept "Change" whether it is based on: (a) bringing in Refugees from North Africa and the Middle East presently, (b) accepting "Austerity Measures" because of Government incurred Debt from Government created "Bail Ins", or/and (c) accepting "Green policies" that are allowing for more Restrictions in the Economic Market of the country therefore allowing for more Stagnation in the Economy.  Instead of actually understanding our Reality and allowing change to occur naturally and over time, we now Demand instant change which is creating more Toxicity in Society, more Toxicity within Individuals, and more Toxicity within Families and within Family Members.  Demanding change has made our society and world more Cannibalistic and intolerant under the passive aggressive and micro aggressive banner of  Liberalism, Political Correctness, and Equality.  This is also why we have so many "closet racists" and so much "intolerance" on the Internet.  Many people who cannot get a voice in public forum demanded a voice on line.  Ironically, enough, how many people actually knew that it was CERN who invented the internet in the first place? 

Only when you do something for the good of "Crony Capitalists" and the Elite will you be Knighted.  Remember that!!  Whether it is Mohammed Iqbal or Tim Berners-Lee, what the knighted create serves multiple purposes for "Crony Capitalists" and the Elite to advance their agenda and profit from.

     The "Hegelian Dialectic" of Citizen VS Refugee/Immigrant in the Western World is always occurring in society presently.  Whether it comes into play when people choose to yell out "racist/racism" or when the opposite side chooses to scream out, "then go back to your country" -the one thing that is not being spoken about because of "political correctness" and high emotion is that: (a) Immigrants do not go to Asian countries.  Immigrants do not go to African countries (Libya being the major exception before Western destabilization and the removal of Qaddafi).  Immigrants and Refugees willingly, freely, and independently choose to go to Western Socialist/Statist countries; (b) Western Politicians accept Immigrants and Refugees based on UN refugee mandates as well as the "Immigration Point System".  This means that the Immigrants getting into Western country through the "Immigration Point System" are the best and brightest from those countries which means it is creating a "Wealth Drain" and a "Brain Drain" in those countries that they are leaving. When Immigrants come to the West, their skills and credentials are not accepted and their experience is not recognized which leaves them now stranded (and this is why many go back to their country once they get their Western Citizenship).  The problem though, and this is by design, is that many Immigrants that leave their country now require Social Services in their new country, that they have not paid into in order to integrate properly -which drains away from Government revenue which was previously allotted for Citizens that have paid into it leaving the Government accruing more Government Debt.  Secondly, many immigrants that do arrive into the West also get "service jobs" while living completely in debt chasing after the "myth of progress".  This means that many of these Immigrants are borrowing heavily from the Banks in order to qualify for Mortgages or attain their Post Secondary Education.  This is very problematic, and again by design, because when the Market Crashes on purpose, "Bail Ins" will transfer money from Depositors into Institutions in order to save Institutions.  This opens the door perfectly for "Free Trade Deals" such as T.I.S.A., T.P.P., C.E.T.A., etc. to be enacted by Western Governments thus opening the door for the "Part Time Economy" and a "Cashless Economy" to begin.  An underclass of workers, in a stagnant economy, in a part time, cashless economy is the new future for the global masses but because the "Hegelian Dialect" is going on presently between Citizens and Refugee/Immigrants -very few are realizing the Agenda in play presently
     Institutional education means that we are now trained to overlook certain aspects of Reality and instead we are trained to become unaware of what is going on in our Reality presently.  Instead of looking at the MacroCosmic Reality and Macrocosmic Agenda in play we have Compartmentalized reality and tried to made it Oversimplified thus leaving us vulnerable to experts, sophists, and shills (who are nothing more than spokespeople and sales people to their field, to the Institution or Organization they work at, to the Union they represent, or/and the Association they belong to).  Institutional Education has Indoctrinated us to fit into the System and play the Role needed and designed for us to play in order to fit into "Crony Capitalism".  It means that the Institutional Education system is now a factory that now creates "Crony Capitalists" and creates individuals to chase after the "Myth of Progress", to chase after Material Achievement, and to believe in Material Success.  That is how we define our roles and our identities presently as human beings.  Due to being Indoctrinated inside of the Education system we are always chasing after the "Myth of Progress" and not realizing that 
Time is comparative, Time is relative, and Time is artificial.  Not understanding Time, or our Existence and having Identity Crises have caused Individuals and our Societies to become very "politically correct", very subtle, and also very manipulative with our thought patterns and emotions
      Society is now either: (A) overly medicated (through legal and illegal substances & addictions); (b) turned into "Alpha" personalities or "Micro Managers"; (c) We have become "Micro Aggressors", "Passive Aggressive personality types", "Subtly Aggressive", or using "Hidden Aggression" in our Conversations and Interactions in order to feel superior and dominant in any way we can and thus doing everything we can not to be "Mediocre" or "Average".  This means never being satisfied with the present moment and also in extreme cases means we engage in reckless and harmful thoughts and behaviors that we would not otherwise engage in but do so to "fit in" or "for the rush"/"for the thrill"; (d) completely apathetic and indifferent to any outcome in our lives.
      The Institutional education system also espouses the belief,  "I think therefore I am" which is very useful to the Cult of Saturn especially when chasing after the "myth of Progress". However, on closer examination, one will realize that "I think therefore I am" is not all that it pretends to be because: (a) people don't think in the present, they just apply what they have been taught and indoctrinated with; 2.) people don't often think in the present, they are automatic or just emotionally react3.) people don't think in the present, instead they obsess over a past moment or a future thought.  People think only about the future or the past, not the actual present moment where the future and past meet simultaneously.  Since we are always inside our minds and in our ego we do not understand the Reality we exist in, we do not understand Consciousness and Space.  Without understanding the Reality we live in and without understanding Consciousness and Space -we do not accept responsibility and accountability for our thoughts, for our actions, and for our words.  This is how Saturn consolidates his system -by feeding the mind and ego but never allowing you to ever see the whole game while it is being played right in front of you.
     Once must realize that Saturn misleads, misdirects, manipulates, lies to, blackmails. coerces, forces, rapes, entraps, brutalizes, neutralizes, and tries to legitimize by justifying or making excuses. Saturn creates "Identities" entrenched around Tribal beliefs but never shows you alternatives to those manufactured "Identities".  Saturn focuses on manufactured "Identities" that strengthen "Egocentric" and "Ethnocentric" views.  Saturn never allows one to believe that it is your own people that exploit you.  Saturn always wants you to focus on the "other".  Saturn never allows you to realize that it is the Black Bourgeois who exploits Black people and Black communities. Saturn never lets you realize that it is Arab sheikhs who exploit Arabs and Arab communities.  Saturn never lets you realize that it is White politicians who exploit White people and White communities.  Saturn never lets you realize that it is Asian politicians who exploit Asian people and Asian communities.  Saturn never lets you see other alternatives that will challenge his monopoly and his system in place.  
     Saturn will never let you be able to challenge his "Crony Capitalism" in place.  Saturn will never let you see all of the Cronyism, Oligarchy, Plutocracy, Elitism, and Fraternities entrenched into place. Saturn's Institutions hide all of this, instead showing you what you need to see in order to keep believing in the myth, the illusion, and the narrative he needs you to believe in.  Saturn however does wants you to demand "change" but only the "change" that will be enforced by the State which will allow him to further Consolidate his system.  Saturn does not want you to challenge the actually System by creating the alternative to his system.  Saturn just wants you to believe that Government will do it for you and that Governments will do the "right" thing.  Saturn never lets you see that Government has to take from someone in order  to give to someone else. Saturn never lets you realize that the "privilege" that exists in the Third World is the same "privilege" that exists in the First World and that both the First World and the Third World are ruled by a System of Debt.  You do not see this System of Debt because the masses are blinded by the High Rise Towers built upon debt.
     Saturn allows for Evangelical Christianity and Zionist Christianity to preach but does not allow for either to preach about "Christ Consciousnesses".  Saturn does not allow for Christians to preach about the Saturn Death Cult and Nicolaitans even though it can be found in the Bible (Revelations 2:6 & Revelations 2:15).  When other faces/heads of the Cult of Saturn attack Christianity and bring up that the Bible has been "edited" and "modified" -they never bring up the Nicolaitians and how the Nicolaitians have been all but eliminated from the Bible (except for obscure passages in the Bible).  The Cult of Saturn only argues among itself and among it's own followers in order to distract and deceive you from the real message in the Bible which is "Christ Consciousness".
     Saturn never allows Individuals to be Independent and live off his "grid".  This is why Saturn vilifies and goes after "Hippy Communes", Anarchists, and Individuals trying to live off the grid . Saturn need you to be "plugged in" at all times.   Saturn wants you to be distracted and absorbed into Material Reality.  Saturn wants you to focus on grievances, on your grief story, on victim theory and self victimization.  Saturn wants you to be emotional, to try and garner Pity from others and to Pity yourself.  Saturn does not want you to have Dignity and find confidence and understanding within your own consciousness and to be able to understand Reality.  Saturn wants you to focus on "Privilege" and "Entitlement" instead of focusing on the Language that you use inside your mind.  By focusing and concentrating on language and control of language inside your head you will regain control of your mind and therefore be able to allow the stillness and consciousness inside you to live.  This opens the door for consciousness to shed ego, to shed the heaviness and darkness of ego and allows for the soul to strengthen Intuition and therefore grow in Independence, Respect, Confidence, Knowledge and Wisdom.  By strengthening your Intuition you will be able to see the falsehood in others and be able to read people's intents and people's actions.  You will also become more open minded. You will not be defined by material and constructed identities
       Saturn wants you to Prejudiced, Discriminatory, Intolerant and jump to emotional claims such as: "racism/racist", "Anti-Semite", "Islamophobe" (which is usually only done in Western cultures that have been completely indoctrinated by "Cultural Marxism").  Saturn does not want you to realize that in the "New World Order" there will be "Zero Net Energy Homes" & "Zero Net Energy Buildings" that through "Smart Meters" will become the new "Eco Green" mandates which will enforce and introduce "Agenda 21" protocols. "Zero Net Energy Homes" "Zero Net Energy Buildings" that will have "Eco Green" mandates will be forced to be torn down and rebuilt in order to adhere to Government regulations and Government restrictions (or it will be heavily fined until it is torn down and rebuilt).  Saturn does not want you to realize that a "Green Division" will be created by the Government who will be working with Banks in order to push through "Agenda 21". That these "Green Divisions" will force you to take a loan(s) from the bank in order to fulfill Government "green" regulations.  That bank(s) will give you the loan and expect it paid back in full and in order to get their capital, Banks will deduct from your "digital bank account" as they see and deem fit.  This is "privilege".  This is systematic "privilege" and the biggest threat to our physical freedom.

City of London Police Arrest a Man for exposing corruption in the police force on a call from private security firms. If you think there is rule of law, think again
     "Progress" is enabling Saturn to have complete hold and control over your life.  To have "back doors" into your computer, to listen in on your every conversation publicly or privately, to have control over your bank account, to have control of your career and what "zone" you can live inside, to have control of how much electricity you use in your day-to-day lives, to have control of how you are portrayed on Social Media Websites and on the Mainstream Media, etc.  This is "progress" and why Saturn sells it to the masses constantly.  Saturn needs for the masses to believe in "progress" because Saturn needs to be accepted and invited in, Saturn cannot succeed otherwise.  Understand Saturn and you will understand the Material Reality you live inside and are trapped inside.  Understand Saturn and you will actually understand "Crony Capitalism", "Crony Capitalists", "Statism", and the "New World Order".  Understand Saturn and you will understand your true self physically and spiritually -only then can you decide on what you actually want to do and how you fit into the Matrix that exists.  Only then will you understand choice and what freedom actually is.

     For some bizarre reason, North Americans actually believe that "North American Professional Leagues" and "North American Professional Sports" are not plagued by Corruption or Game Fixing.  Even though "North American Amateur Sports" and "North American Amateur Leagues" have been caught match fixing in the past (ex: NCAA basketball).  Even though "Professional Sports Leagues" all over the world have been caught in the past match fixing (ex: Serie A), because the Global Mainstream Media does not pick up on the match fixing and report on it -North Americans believe that North American Athletes and North American Professional Leagues do not engage in it.  This allows for the overly romanticized athletic myth of "hard work takes you everywhere" to be perpetually spun and believed and since sports is a National North American Institute, the masses believe that the Institute is fair, equal, pure, and infallible.  Seeing it differently and seeing it as unfair and engaging in match fixing would not allow the masses to buy into the Institute and that is why the Match fixing is kept out of the Mainstream Media and barely covered. "North American professional sports" and "North American professional leagues" are also embroiled in match fixing because it is a very lucrative business for Corporate Sponsors, for Professional Leagues, for Team Owners, for Organized Crime and for Government Agencies.  This is what is known as "privilege".  To not be suspected of anything due to the image given and created by "Crony Capitalism".

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