Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Controlled Chaos = the "New World Order" (New Identities, Part Time Economy, Underclass, & Global Dictatorship)

Majority of the global masses are just living hollow, shallow, superficial, and unnatural lives solely based on: Consumption, Property acquirement and Asset value, the belief in the "myth of progress" and the belief in Upward Mobility, and the belief in "democracy".  The masses are too afraid to speak up due to "political correctness" and "offending" anyone.  The masses are too afraid to think because of the realization of how powerless they actually are.  The masses live only for Distraction and more Consumption. Therefore, trapping them for eternity into Saturn's/Maya's Matrix.

the "Myth of Progress" hid Cultural Marxism's agenda and the consolidation of Statism in Plain Sight:
Mobilizing "Democracy" is Mobilizing "Mob Mentality"/"Mobocracy"/Herd Mentality/Group Think. Which is easily used by the Elites when they pit one group against the other and because of Total Control and Monopoly of the Media, the Elites can favor one side against another to push forward with their Global Agenda and their Global goals.  This is what "mobilizing democracy" actually is.  Mobilizing democracy makes it look as if the masses got what they wanted, however, it is the Elites who actually got what they wanted and used the masses in order to achieve it.
If "crony capitalism" is creating the Narrative that we belief in and the Reality that we believe in, then we do not have freedom 'nor are we living in a "Democracy" we are living in a Statist "Dictatorship".
Individuals and the masses actually believe "Democracy" is working and they are "free" because they are "free" to choose between Pepsi and Coca Cola OR choose between Tommy Hilfiger and Zara clothing.  In reality, their belief in "Democracy" and their belief in the State is what is allowing Individuals and the Masses to actually be Enslaved.  "Crony Capitalism" is trapping you through Debt and Taxes which is causing individuals to lose their freedom and choice.
"Cultural Marxism", the Fabian Society, and the Frankfurt School have taken over all the Educational Institutions globally so that the masses receive a particular Narrative that will make them forgot their own history and become nothing but mere Pawns of the Elite.  Submissive beings who cannot think Critically or Independently will only be led to the slaughterhouse where they slaughter each other in order to entertain their Masters.  One must shake off their conditioning received inside their Educational Institutions in order to see the world, themselves, and their Reality for what it actually is.  Without shaking off the Conditioning received inside the Educational Institutions, we will only see the world, others, and our Reality the way Elites want us to believe it is.


"The thugs are outnumbered, unfortunately they are outnumbered by suckers".


Historically, there has always been migration.  The only difference between the Migration in the past and the Migration from the 1960's onward -is that after the 1960's, because of the growing influence of Statism, the State is now responsible for the Migrants and for providing Social Services for Migrants.  In the past, migrants had to fend for themselves once they arrived to a new country.  Now, taxpayers pay for the integration and the transition the migrants make into their new countries.  This makes present day migration a "collective enterprise" not an "individual enterprise" especially when you understand that Taxes is what pays for the Government services provided to Migrants.

One must research and look into "Operation Gladio" and "Operation Gladio B" to fully comprehend why the "War on "Terror" was launched.

Stagnant Economies, Socialist/Statist Policies, & Heavy Migration creates Part Time Economies & New Identities:
"The government extracts money from the pockets of producers and hands it out to the 100 million non-working consumers and then publishes propaganda data reports announcing strong growth in personal income"

Police State, Entrapment, Planted Evidence, Backdoor Entrances, & Unwitting Patsies:
     "Crony Capitalism" spends so much time and money trying to glorify and romanticize Police Officers and Law Enforcement and portray them as "Heroic".  Do not get fooled by this tactic and strategy.  The fact that "Crony Capitalism" spends so much time trying to make Police Officers look good, should cause alarm bells to ring in your head. Police Officers need to look "Valiant", "Noble", and "Heroic" similar to the State needing to look like a "Servant" and the Courts needing to seem "Fair" and "Just".  None of these mythical narratives are true but because they are the Institutions that hold this society and civilization together, "Crony Capitalism" will do everything it can to portray them in a positive and good light.  Institutions must be romanticized so that the masses do not create another alternative to the existing Institutions in place.  Creating alternative Institutions would weaken "Crony Capitalism" and that is why so much money, time, and energy is spent romanticizing Police Officers, Law Enforcement, and public Institutions.  Belief and finances is what holds the fabric of society together.
 " 'Civil Forfeiture' has allowed the Police to be the new Highwaymen and Caravan Robbers".  Shrinking government pensions and Shrinking government budgets mean that the Cops are now searching for profit in order to sustain their livelihoods and maintain their lifestyles.



Remember that: (a) why Police talk to you and (b) how Police talk to you is based on "Personal Discretion".  Unless it is an Indictable Offense or your life is in "Imminent Danger", the Police Officer chooses, based on "Personal Discretion", to talk to you and chooses the actions, tone of voice, and words used in that conversation.  "Just doing my job" is the excuse police officers use on the masses.

Working for the Police, Intel Agencies, or/and Private Contractors is far more trouble than it is worth and if the operation that you are working with them goes "sour"/bad, you will be the scapegoat and the patsy (if you are not one already).  You are always a "surplus to parts needed", therefore deemed "expendable" and a "non necessity". Police, Intel Agencies, or/and Private Contractors will not hesitate to throw you under the bus and then eliminate and destroy all the evidence involved (which includes your friends and family, your property, and even your community/neighborhood).
Spy Agencies then hire those Individuals or blackmail the Individuals to join them.  If those strategies do not work, Spy agencies "blacklist" individuals, frame individuals, entrap individuals, threaten and injury, and even kill individuals.  if you do not work for Spy Agencies, you are deemed a "threat" and therefore are "expendable".
"Backdoors" can allow Hackers to have access to your Computer and they can use that to frame you.  This means with the manufactured evidence, the Government can then Blackmail you to do acts you would otherwise never think of.  This includes becoming a "Patsy" or "Informant" for them or agreeing to crimes you have never committed in order to protect your loved ones.

Governments, Corporations, and Affluent Individuals (and well connected Individuals) all own their own Hackers, Private Investigators, Security Personnel, and "Contractors" and use them as they deem fit.

Remember that nothing you see with your eyes on TV, on the internet, or/and through pictures is real.  Everything you see can and most likely is fabricated, manufactured, or/and edited.  Do not trust what you hear from any source because it might be a false narrative, a half narrative, or be completely wrong.  Do not believe what you see or hear because it is all Institutional propaganda and "Crony Capitalist" propaganda.  Do your own research and think for yourself.  Do not trust experts, sophists, academics, authority figures, technocrats, politicians, etc.  Everyone has their own self interest when telling you something a certain way.

Without evidence, media coverage creates and promotes a particular image of an Individual and a particular image of the Court Case that would not have been known about had the Media treated the case like hundreds of other cases that happen daily.  Media sensationalizes and scrutinizes certain trials and verdicts trying to cause an emotional uproar and public pressure.  In other cases, Media performs a complete "Media blackout" and chooses not to report the case or cover it at all.  Do not get fooled by this manipulation tactic used by the media when it comes to Court Cases.  The media allows the atmosphere to be created for Government/Corporate "show trials".
We are not far as a society from Stalin's "show trials".  "Show trials" will be implemented during the New World Order's inception, implementation, and consolidation stage when charging dissidents of the State with manufactured charges and fabricated crimes.  The media and public pressure will ensure the masses easily agree with the verdict and those that do not agree or question the verdict will be deemed a "suspect".  These "show trials" and the atmosphere created by "show trials" will cause many innocent individuals to lose their lives, have their families separated from one another, and have their property confiscated.

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