Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Eco Fascists, Activist-o-Crats, Statists/Socialists/Liberals/Progressives, Global Centralization and Agenda 21

Without understanding Reality, Fear creeps into the Mind and Heart and is preyed on by many.
      Due to our mass Indoctrination at an Early age inside of the Educational Institutions in our Countries, we do not realize that we have been Indoctrinated to become "Liberals" "Activists".  Tragically, that has made us pawns of the Elites, pawns of "Crony Capitalists", and pawns of other more aware "Activists" who actually understand the "game" being played.  "Money makes the world go around" is an adage most often used in society and yet many people do not understand the adage at all.  Due to their naivety or due to their willful ignorance, Individuals choose not to comprehend the fact that without money, nothing can run.  That money must come from somewhere and go somewhere for transactions to take place. For activists who understand this financial aspect and understand that whatever you are protesting against has a lot to do with the financial aspect of society, those Activists use social causes for their own benefit and their own self interest.  When activists understand the financial aspect of the "struggle" they understand that they are not just "Activists" but are in fact "Activist-o-Crats" (who just want to make money off of the things they like and ensure that things they do not like, do not make money).  Let that sink in for a moment!  

      What the "Activist-o-Crats" are is neither for "freedom" or "liberty" as they portray themselves to be but instead they are "Fascists" since "fascists" are defined as "authoritarian with intolerant views or practice". This is why "Activist-o-Crats" are also known as "Green Fascists".  Many "Activist-o-Crats" believe in "Collectivism" and "Socialism" and therefore believe in "Legalized Plunder" through "forced taxation". "Collectivists" and "Socialists" believe in "Bureaucratization" which means more Government Regulations and Government Restrictions on the "Free Market".  "Activist-o-Crats" believe in the "Progressive Taxation System" which means the more you make, the more you pay to the Government who will then dispense the money towards social programs and the "betterment of society".  However, if you keep taking money from the rich, over time the rich become poor or they just leave the country all together which leaves a huge problem to be filled because the social programs from taxation is gone and therefore cannot be run.  The only option left for the Government is to either borrow money from the Central Bank (which means future taxes) OR to raise taxes on it's citizens (which means that there is less money for Individuals to spend on the Consumer Economy in place presently).  Both options are problematic for the Government and the Economy.

      Ironically, an argument that "Activist-o-Crats" use because of Indoctrination and Ideology is that "Capitalism" is what causes pollution.  In fact, both Communists and Capitalists countries have created Pollution and both Economic/Political state models (during their Industrialization and Modernity eras -when they were replacing their Agricultural Sector and Urbanizing) created Pollution and Environmental Damage.   Whether the system is "Capitalist" or "Communist" does not matter, 'nor does it change the amount of pollution that is created.  As long as the Economic/Political system are competing against each another, trying to expand, and while creating jobs -there is no way to prevent pollution.  However, "Activist-o-Crats" believe that only Capitalism is to blame for Pollution and the world's problems.  This thinking has allowed for Communist countries to by-pass blame and for the Centralized State to be by-passed from blame.  Instead, "Acivist-o-Crats" demand acceptance of their "Carbon Tax" on "Capitalistic Enterprises" not realizing that the "Carbon Tax" just squeezes money from Small Businesses and Corporations which means job losses and a weaker economy (especially when there is no "Free Market" and there only exists "Crony Capitalism").  This again creates a problem for the Government when providing Social Programs for it's citizens.  However, "Activist-o-Crats" are so bent on blaming Capitalism for the world's problems that "Activist-o-Crats" do not care about the vacuum it will create when Capitalism no longer exists and is completely regulated, restricted, and controlled -that it finally transforms into Communism/Statism.  For "Activist-o-Crats" this is "Progress", this is their Utopian vision.

     The Elites are supporting the "Green Platform" and Agenda 21 because the "Green Platform" will allow for the State to regulate and restrict activities even more than before. Therefore, the Government will choke out what is left in the "Crony Capitalistic Market" presently and drive it completely out of business.  This means that the Elites and "Crony Capitalism" will have complete Monopolization of the economy in any country with no other economic alternatives in sight to challenge it.  This is why all Political Parties in every country (except the Conservative Parties) are supporting the "Green Platform".  Due to the "Hegelian Dialect" in play, Conservative Parties are instead supporting "Free Trade Deals" such as T.P.P., C.E.T.A., T.I.S.A., etc which will also hand over power to the Elites and allow the State to have more control of the economy and the market.  All mainstream/popular Political Parties, no matter their politics will adopt policies that will give them more power whether it is through "Green Policies", "Humanitarian Policies", or through"Free Trade Deals".  For political parties, strengthening the state and therefore their own Political Power is what is most important to them

       "Activist-o-Crats" never mention anything about "Geo-Engineering" or "Weather Warfare".  "Activist-o-Crats" never mention anything about H.A.A.R.P, about Chemtrails, or/and about the "Tsunami Bomb".  Just like the "Migrant Crisis" happening presently or the invasion of Libya in 2011 -everything is about "Humanitarian Causes", the "Good of Mankind", and the "Betterment of Humanity".  Nothing "Activist-o-Crats" do is ever linked to finances, taxes, or monetary gains.  This is why "Activist-o-Crats" are either naive or willfully ignorant.  With certainty though, one must admit, "Activist-o-Crats" are very manipulative -not only manipulating themselves but others around them to destructive ends.  "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions" and that is the path that Collective Ignorance is leading us on presently.  For all the "good" that the "Activist-o-Crats" believe that they are achieving, one must realize that,  "No good deed goes Unpunished".

"Crony Capitalists" always tell us that as we "progress" and "evolve", the future will be better than the present.  However, presently, we have the same problems that those in the past had -where so much wealth is stored in the hands of a select few therefore creating scarcity for the masses and wealth and abundance for a select few

 "Political Correctness" has now been modernized and introduced to children


the May Deception
the Mulcair Deception (13:02 mins.)

      What can you do when your whole physical Reality is fake and everything you believe is manufactured?  Start believing in yourself!!  Starting doing your own research in order to completely understand everything around you so that you will not be fooled again by anything this physical Reality shows you.  Only when you understand your physical Reality can you speak truth and not follow lies or be pawns for the Elites, their collective movements, and their Institutions and Organizations. 

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