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PsyOps committed in the Past & Present by Intel, the Media, & others involved in "Crony Capitalism"

1.) The Tate Murders (Manson Murders) (43:05 mins.)

2.) The O.J. Simpson Murder Trial  (15:01 mins.)

3.) The Secret Life of Timothy McVeigh  (58:16 mins.)

4.) Meet Lee Harvey Oswald, Sheep Dipped-Patsy (48:45 mins.)

5.) 9/11 -The truth in 5 mins. (4:55 mins.)

6.) We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook  (2:14 mins.) (1:50:52 mins.)  (47:12 mins.)  (33:09 mins.)

7.) Virginia Shooting Hoax  (1:36 mins.)  (1:29 mins.)  (6:04 mins.)  (1:29 mins.)  (3:52 mins.) 

      "Don't believe the hype" is an adage that rings true in Material Society.  Anything taught to you or that you have learned through "Crony Capitalism" is false and nothing more than "Half Narratives" which are created for particular agendas set in motion. Remember Substance over Style, not "Style over Substance" as Saturn wants you to believe in.  "Real recognizes real" so for all those that profess to believe in "Truth" and profess to living "Righteous", and to living "Honestly" -then there is no way you can accept this Material Reality for what it is! Otherwise, you are contradicting yourself and therefore creating "Cognitive Dissonance" to accept your thoughts and actions in this Material Reality and thus using  "Circular Reasoning" to justify your livelihoods.  The only way to break Saturn's Matrix is to believe in and live out "Christ Consciousness", "Buddha Consciousness", "Krishna Consciousness", and/or "Nanak Consciousness"?  

      If "Crony Capitalism" is telling you what the event and narrative is, then that is exactly what the event and narrative is not. When "Crony Capitalism" portrays something, it is the opposite of it.  "Crony Capitalism" only tells you what they want and need you to believe in because they view the masses as useful pawns.  The pawns must bring the "New World Order" to existence.  "Crony Capitalism" must only guide the pawns into actualizing the Agenda so that the Elites can use it against the pawns.  
     "Crony Capitalism" manipulates identities, narratives, and images so that "Crony Capitalism" can sell you what "Crony Capitalism" wants to sell you so that you can turn towards "Crony Capitalism" as opposed to seeing what anything really is and making the choice for yourselves.  Saturn manipulates people and reality in a myriad of ways. One must be alert when battling Saturn and his adherents.  Saturn uses your senses, your mind, and your emotions against you in order for you to believe in him and his reality as being the only Reality one can have and live in.  

(A) Anarchy & Anarchists:

(B) Nazis:

(C) Satanists:
1# What the Elite want us to believe Satanists are:

2# Who the Satanists actually are:


1.) Q: You mentioned that "over the rainbow" is an Occult expression and until I seen the pictures myself on your website, I didn't know it was so overly used and pronounced in popular culture. What does that expression "over the rainbow" even mean?

A:  "To go over the rainbow” is an Occult expression used by the Theosophists meaning 'to reach the ethereal world and follow the path to illumination. A path to perfection' .  It also is an expression pertaining to people who have become Brainwashed and Indoctrinated and are ready to be activated and sent out to do their "mission" (particularly with "Project MK Ultra", and "Project Monarch"). On the third level of meaning, it is used on the masses who have been brainwashed and indoctrinated through the State education system and therefore are ready to go out in support behind the causes of 'Cultural Marxism' and support whole-heartedly its objectives. The masses are now on a mission to progressively push forward an Agenda and bring it to fruition.  One must understand that items and expressions seen on TV have 4 functions: (1) "Predictive Programming" for the masses; (2) "Revelation of the Masses" to the Initiates, (3) Creating a Narrative to be used and exploited  by "Crony Capitalism", (4) To create "emotional & psychological trauma" which will enable the Brainwashing and Indoctrination to take place properly.  This for example is why Childhood Celebrities will always go through a particular phase of Development which is transcribed in the the Occult expression, "Good Girls Gone Bad" (ex: Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Christina Augueilra, etc.) because the trauma is for the masses to experience as a "growing up process".  It is a stripping away of innocence in order for the masses to believe that this is the "natural stage" of development and the "natural experiences" that individuals must go through to become mature and to become accepted.  Celebrities do not control their image, their Recording Company and their "Handlers" control the images of Celebrities.  Celebrities are "slaves" to the Record Labels.  However, because the masses see the glamour and extravagant lifestyles they believe that Celebrities control their own lives.  That is not the case.  This is why one must understand how Saturn works.  Saturn creates institutions and hierarchies in order to control everything below it.  The Babylonian Banking System held in place by the Rothschild and "Crony Capitalism" allows for everyone underneath it to be in Debt and therefore owned by the Institution and Individual above them.  There is no "Freedom" the lower you are on the hierarchical chain.  For example, Celebrities are indebted to their Recording Companies, Recording Companies are indebted to the Banks.  Banks are owned by Occult Families.  Therefore, celebrities are not free to do as they wish regarding their image or lifestyle.  This is why you see so much Occult imagery in the lyrics, clothes, and videos of Celebrities.  (2:42 mins.)

      "Crony Capitalism" also feeds off of "trauma".  Creating and maintaining "trauma" in society.  For "Cultural Capitalism", trauma is profitable and therefore exploitable and this is why "Cultural Marxism" is fed by "Crony Capitalism". "Cultural Marxism" and "Crony Capitalism" work together, hand-in-hand, to create "Identity Crisis" by manipulating "Trauma" since "Trauma" is also experienced in every day life.  For example, people experience Rape and Sexual Molestation in Prison -even if they were not Homosexual before.  However, because of the Media and Entertainment Sector perpetuating and promoting Homosexual behavior and Homosexual Acts, those that were Heterosexual before going to prison now have an "Identity Crisis" and are willing to engage and are willing to perform Homosexual acts because it is Permissible and Acceptable in society presently.
      "Trauma" is further exacerbated by the Entertainment Sector and Mainstream Media on many different levels because one must understand that the Entertainment Sector and Mainstream Media are PsyOps (Psychological Operations) performed on the masses in order to Indoctrinate them, have them Conform, and to have them believe and accept certain behaviors and agendas in play in society.  PsyOps are done slowly and methodically in order for things to gradually develop and seem "natural" in society when they are nothing but "natural".  This is how Saturn operates.  Saturn makes you believe that you desire something (that you do not need but want) and pretends that you came to that decision by yourself.  Therefore, you were being solely "independent" and "free" as you choose that particular thing you desired when in fact, Saturn was there throughout the whole process imprinting images and thoughts into your subconscious and unconscious mind until they became your direct thoughts in your conscious mind.

the Material & Physical Realm of Saturn (Maya/Matrix) VS the Spiritual Frequency that Pervades All of Reality
Saturn needs Individuals to turn to their Material Reality and celebrate their Material Existence as opposed to their Spiritual Existence and their Spiritual Frequencies.  When Individuals are guided by Time, that is when Saturn dominates their existence.  Focus on the "Now", focus within, and see Material and Spiritual Reality for what it actually is.
The last one should state, "those that reject Christ's teachings, Christ's lessons, and Christ's example will not be able to see Reality".  One must be able to actualize Christ's words and example by finding the "Christ Consciousness" within yourself.  Only then are you free from Maya/Matrix/Saturn's Material Realm.  All things are within you.  One must seek and find them, therefore enabling Truth to encompass their entire being which will allow you to escape your material desires and De-attach from the Material plane of existence.  
Edward Snowden VS Government Cyber Security Apparatuses and Russia VS the West are both "Hegelian Dialects" in play presently in order to further agendas that the "New World Order" want to bring to fruition.  The masses do not have the Elite where we want them, but instead the contrary.  The Elite have the masses where they want us.  Similar to the "1848 Revolutions in Europe" or the "Gun Powder Plot" involving Guy Fawkes in 1605 -the Elite have "boxed" us in and day-by-day are sealing us into the Matrix.  Too few of the masses are simultaneously Spiritually, Mentally, or Emotionally awake and on alert.  This will be our downfall and why Saturn ultimately wins!  You would not know of Edward Snowden, Anonymous, or Julian Assange and WikiLeaks unless the Elites wanted you to know of them.  Just as I proved to you above, "Crony Capitalism" only supports and perpetuates names and causes they want the masses to know.  Otherwise, when "Crony Capitalism" does not want the masses to know about it, people and names are forgotten, "white washed", and written out of history.

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