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Questions Asked by Readers (your personal thoughts answered)

   Thank you all for reading my blog and sharing it with others.  I apologize for the late responses to your questions but I have chosen the questions I feel will shed light on my blog as well as answering questions that continue to repeat themselves.  I hope this will further clarify for readers any questions that they may have.  Keep sending in questions and I will answer them in time.

1.)  Your Blog
     It's to allow for other narratives to exist side-by-side in the same space as the main narratives that are promoted, expounded, and repeated regularly.  The Mainstream Media (M.S.M.), the Government & Politicians, Unions, Institutions, Corporations and Organizations, and the Entertainment Sector shape your mind a particular way by controlling the narrative that exists in society.  By controlling the narrative, they control your thought process, your beliefs, and your perspective.  By controlling your thought process and perspective, they control your reactions, your behaviors, your choices, and your reactions.  The fact they control the narrative also allows them to control your short term goals and your long terms goals.  This is why narrative matters and this is why they spend so much time, energy, and money controlling the narrative.  This is why they create the Institutions, Publications, and Forum needed to control the narrative that is in play in society.

2.) Antisemitism
     No I am not an Anti-Semite, 'nor have I have been an Anti-Semite.  There is a difference between Jews, Semites, and Zionists and it is crucial that people understand this.  Yes there are images and content provided on my webpage that many may find as Anti-Semitic but that is because it is trying to point you in a particular direction and a push you towards a way of thinking that you might be uncomfortable with because of the way you have been Indoctrinated.  Not all Jews are Semitic 'nor are all Jews Zionists.  Some Jews who are not Semitic are Khazars/Khazarians and it is crucial to understand this narrative because you cannot be Anti-Semitic if in fact you speak about Jews who have no Semitic blood.  Many Khazars are Zionists and this is something that should be focused in on.  Moreover, there are Chinese Jews (Kaifeng Jews), Brown Jews (Cochin Jews), White Jews, Black Jews, Turkic Jews (Khazars), poor Jews, middle class Jews, and rich Jews in any society all over the world.  Not all Jews agree with one another about certain topics or belief systems and rituals -so there is no Universal, all encompassing, homogeneous version of what it is to be a Jew.  You have to take every Jews as an individual when you come across them without having a pre-conceived judgment already in place. The quick "knee jerk" reaction to label someone an "Anti-Semite" must stop in order to fully comprehend Jewish history.

3.) the Illuminati
     Imagine that you are in a dark room that is completely black without any light.  Suddenly, someone turns on their flashlight.  Your eyes automatically notice the light, whether your eyes are open or not, either subtly or directly.  Wherever the light moves in the dark room, you are aware of it's movement.  If your eyes are open, often your eyes follow the light and what it directs you to.  This is how the Illuminati works.  It controls "focus points" whether it's through Institutions, Mainstream Media, the Entertainment Sector, the use of paid "experts" and "professionals", etc.  The control of "focus points" allows you to go into "autopilot" and therefore take for granted that the light is not showing you everything that is around you in the dark room.  This is why awareness and information is pivotal. You need to be able to realize that you are not seeing everything in the room and therefore what little you are seeing is what is shaping your perspective and viewpoints and therefore your thought process, choices, reactions, and actions.  Remember this metaphor next time someone brings up the Illuminati and you have a "knee jerk" reaction to it and want to doubt it or label people "conspiracy theorists".  Unless you have done the research for yourself, try not to have a defensive and emotional "knee jerk" reaction because even that "knee jerk" reaction has been indoctrinated inside of you over the years.

4.) Law Enforcement
     Similar to Gangs, where the adage of "Wrong place, wrong time" rings true.  Agents of the Law follow orders given by Higher Ups.  They follow a chain of command and have to obey orders given to them just like hierarchical Organized Criminal Networks.  Just like Gangs, Agents of the Law also have a "Code of Silence".  Just like Gangs, agents of the Law intimidate you through use of numbers, application of force, through the use of weapons, and in the case of Agents of the Law they also can use tickets and fines.  Agents of the Law have the "power of discretion"  which they often abuse. Agents of the Law also have the ability to give you a hard time by arguing the use of "reasonable doubt" and any emotional or aggressive response will work against you because "any deemed threat can be subdued by the use of force".  Depending on where you meet an Agent of the Law and who you meet representing Law Enforcement -it could go smoothly or be problematic.  Agents of the Law also try and Entrap and Blackmail you depending on your social status, social networks, and influence you have.  "Lower income neighborhoods" encounter Agents of the Law on a higher ratio than "normal" society because it is accepted by "normal" society and this is disparaging because many times a lot of the situations that occur in lower income neighborhoods could be avoided. Society often takes Agents of Law at their word instead of giving the accused a chance to state their full story and the truth of what actually happened is caught in conflicting narratives.  So as I stated above, try and avoid interacting with Agents of the Law as much as you can.

5.)  Politicians
     "Politician are not brain dead, they have already been bought" and are being controlled by the Institute, Funders, and Social Environment that they work in.  This is why politicians make the choices they do when they make it.  It is in their best interest and moreover, there is incentive for them to make the choice(s) that they make when they make it.  This is why Politicians often betray voters after all the election campaigns are finished.  There is so much money involved and so much social pressure by influential people in power and with money that Politicians are also groomed into the position years before they actually take it.  Politicians do not represent you, however, in public, politicians will use rhetoric to emotionally sway you to believe in them, in their party, and in their platform.  In truth, there is very little that politicians do but sell you other people's ideas and objectives.  Politicians are the face that you see, yet there is a vast network behind them that pulls their strings and politicians have very little power to alter it.

6.) "White Genocide"
     No one forced people of White skin in the Western world not to have children, they made that choice themselves (and at worst, that choice was made for them because of the economic situation they found themselves in). However, politicians have introduced policies that have led to "White Genocide" through the usage of Social Services for Immigrants and Foreigners who have never worked in the Country that they now reside in.  This has reduced Pensions for many people of White skin but then again, much of the Wealth from the First World was extracted from the Third World (as well as from the printing presses of Centralized Banks once Keynesian Economics took hold in society).  Also, majority of politicians who enacted policies such as "Multiculturalism" in the Western World are white skinned.

7.)  Accountability and Complicity
     People have to take accountability for their own thoughts, their own actions, and their own choices -no one else's choices, thoughts, or actions.  Stop being distracted and allow yourself time to breathe and escape the "Rat Race".  We are all complicit in holding the system and structure in place today.  Our faith in the system and structure and our lack of understanding in other options and narratives is what keeps it in place and growing in power and size. When you break out of the "Matrix" and challenge the narrative through informed sentence structure and logical arguments you allow others to break out of their cocoon as well.  However, you must first believe in yourself and always be willing to learn without creating an ego for yourself.  You must become actualized through realization but it must start with the thoughts that you put into your mind.

8.) About the Author
       I possess Double majors in Sociology and Social Work as well as a Double major in Political Science and History. I have also studied Law and Theology at depth.  I have more than 10 years experience working in the Social Work field in such work as: Youth Facilitator, Youth Outreach Worker, At Risk Patient Care Worker, Residential Counselor, and in High Level Security.  I also volunteer to feed the elderly, work with patients in Hospice care, mentor the youth, tutor students, and I have worked as a Board of Director in a Students Union. I own my own Small Business and am a subsidiary of another Private Sector Small Business company. I grew up in "Lower Income housing" and "Lower Income neighborhoods" and still have roots in those same areas.  I am very familiar with many of the Social Services through my professional and personal life.  I have been a Keynote Speaker as well as a Social Activist.  I have traveled to the Vatican City, Gaza & West Bank, Jordan, Israel, Sri Lanka, Dominican Republic, Cuba, parts of Europe, parts of India, and parts of Canada.  I define myself politically as a Voluntarist.

9.) Spirituality, Death, Afterlife, & Religion
    People believe that they can understand a Book by just reading the Middle of the book without ever reading the Beginning of the book or the End of the book.  When you start from the Middle of the book, because you do not have the Beginning of the book, you tend to imagine the beginning of the book and then you re-read the Middle of the book before you start to imagine the End of the book.  This is what we have done with our past.  For example the Bible, Torah, and Koran both mention Noah's flood and yet there is no mention of Gilgamesh's flood which is an earlier version of the flood story which predates all 3 narratives.  There is also presently very little understanding of Dark Energy, Dark Matter, or MacroCobes.  Therefore, without the understanding of those 3 items and very little understanding of how Vibrations work we have very little understanding of our reality.  I do tend to believe though, we are basically similar to transmitters which allow for Vibrations and all forms of Energy to flow through us and therefore this also allows us to attract and manifest objects into our lives and into our existence.  I do not believe in "Heaven/Hell/Paradise" but I do believe your body decomposes and your energy moves.  Whether it is attracted into other life forms or light matter OR gets absorbed into a black hole and into dark matter where it ceases to exist is something I have yet to fully understand.  The energy you used in your every day life before your "passing", lives on and can be used by others.  As long as you are remembered your energy and vibration can still be called upon and be allowed to vibrate in others.

10.) Purpose of Life:
     Narratives shapes your perception of life and your reason to be alive.  Therefore, the narrative you have is crucial to defining what your purpose in life is.

11.) Old Format:
     There seems to be more viewership with the way the new format is set up with less writing and more pictures so for the moment, I am going to stay the course with this format.  The old format was content heavy in regards to lots of writing and very few pictures.  The new format is image heavy and contains less writing.  I'll move between both formats depending on the topic and evidence.    

12.) "Man Made" Global Warming and "Man Made" Climate Change:
     Unless Geo-engineering is included in the narrative of "Man Made" Global Warming and Climate Change, it is an incomplete narrative.  Nothing in the "official" narrative includes mentioning HAARP, Chemtrails, CERN, or Geo-Engineering.  Instead the "Man Made" Global Warming and "Man Made" Climate Change campaigns pushes toward the United Nations Agenda 21 goals.  The "Man Made" campaigns push towards "Cap and Trade" options, Government and Corporate Regulations, "Smart Grids" and "Power Grids, and "Carbon Tax" which are all cash grabs and tax grabs.  Anything that is promoted through "fear mongering" tactics, "scare tactics", the Celebrity Army, and Politicians should be questioned before you believe in it.

13.) the Promotion of Vaccines and the Creation of Vaccine Culture:
     For those that think the Anti Vaccines movement is filled with "nut jobs".  Just remember that Smoking was also promoted by the Medical Industry and Dental Industry not to long ago and now they are raking in profits and creating careers because of it through Cancer Research.

     Remember that "Problem, Reaction, Solution" is the formula in play in an Opportunistic society. As I stated in an earlier article, "Selfishness, Self-interest, Self serving, Self-preservation, Ignorance, and Innocence are the 6 principals holding human interactions and human civilization together.  These are the 6 items which play inside your mind every breathing second that you are alive.  These 6 items listed above appear in your subconscious and conscious mind even before you act.  Whether you consciously or unconsciously act or react to something or someone, one of these 6 things is at play: Selfishness, Self-interest, Self serving, Self-preservation, Ignorance, or Innocence".  So do not be so quick to judge the Anti Vaccine movement until you have done your own research.

     What you do not know about a product now can damage and negatively affect you in the future.  Just because an "expert", or "professional", or "medical association" recommends it, it does not mean you have to take it.  Think things through first before agreeing to the treatment.  Always ask for other options and treatments.  Make an informed decision always.

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