Friday, April 10, 2015

Cronynism, Corporate Welfare, Culture of Entitlement, and the Welfare State

Nepotism at work (which is not that much different from Cronyism). The Politically Correct and subtle way to say Cronyism and Favoritism in society presently is, "Social Networking".

There is too much invested in the "Military Industrial Complex" by "Private Interest Groups" that the US troops will be stationed there until the New World Order comes into place. Afterwards, the remaining troops will be removed from Afghanistan.  For the time being, the US troops will be there until World War 3 ends.
No matter what the Mainstream Media, or a hired "expert" says, or the Literature provided for you by Institutes shows you -any Financial plan is based on a lot of hot air (estimates and assumptions) and sold to you by career salesmen. Don't stake your finances or your career on anything  unless you have done the research for yourself.
The "Buyback" phase from 2008-2015 due to the Fiat Currency Printing Presses is ending. The Liquidation phase and Automaton phase for Major Companies is about to begin.  This phase will rock the very core of the Global Economy that you have been familiar with creating huge job losses globally.

Even major companies are Merging presently in order to be profitable and become bigger powerhouses on the Global Economic scene. The economic crisis was created and allowed to build up in order to allow Major companies to monopolize the industries that they control, allow for Major Companies to completely control the governments of countries through Free Trade Deals, and for Major Companies to eliminate any and all Free Market Competition.

What the Global "War on Terror" actually does. The next phase will be attacking "Domestic Terrorists" which means anyone opposed to the New World Order.  This includes people that believe in Decentralized Governments and Separatists.

Warren Buffett, Slumlord – Predatory Loans, Kickbacks & Preying On the Poor

"Political Donors Control US Universities. Public education has never followed a democratic model. Universities are governed by an incorporated entity called the Board of Regents (BOR). The role of the BOR is codified into each state constitution and, has powers that far exceed elected politicians.  In fact, this entity has been called, "a fourth branch of the state government".  This branch of state government is a silent, insidious force that has governed all higher education in the USA for almost two centuries. 'Silent' because most persons would never be able to identify the power behind a university president. 'Insidious' because they rule by appointment and could care less about any individual student or employee.  These appointed rulers of the education culture are owned by the governor and the political PAC to whom he or she owes favors.  Think monarchy because this system is a carryover from old British law. Think authoritarian because no matter how benign a B.O.R. member appears to be, your voice doesn't count; not now, not ever.

1.) Anything with promise will be scooped up by the Department of Defense because they underwrite most of the funding in major research universities. Evidence for this is obvious -how many engineering departments have an integrated community program that provides innovative solutions for local use? None!

2.) The Board of Regents (BOR) which are the governing body of any American university is an 'appointed' position in all universities. These positions are strictly political and are given to 'buddies' of the state governor, party favors.

3.) Because of the BOR system, most universities are locked down by controlling elite of mediocre suck-ups who pander to the ruling economic power.

4.) Universities are basically sovereign nations contained within a state. They have their own state statutes, their own police force and are run like a foreign nation. Educational propaganda and conditioning is so powerful that the average individual will never understand this unless they actually are forced into a confrontation based on a violation. (i.e. lawsuit or rape.)

5.) Most universities have utilized many of the law firms throughout their state in order to deal with any claims. Thus, most law firms have a vested interest in preserving this status. So there is no recourse for students or employees with legitimate grievances.

6.) The worst type of person for any presidential or administrative position within a university is a career military person coming from the officer ranks. You can pretty much assume that they have had CIA training or connections of this type. They cannot facilitate the type of transparent and innovative curriculum or milieu required for authentic educational development.

7.) Universities have evolved into 'holding' tanks for populations. They are social conditioning units and employment farms"

 "The Welfare State makes us all poorer in character and independence. Confiscation of freedom through abridgements of individuals’ rights to their life, liberty and honestly acquired property, also brings with it a less humane and civil society".

Anyone who takes aid is crippled. Aid is meant to cripple people. Governments in Africa and elsewhere are not allowed to write their own programs. And when it comes to implementing programs, it deprives you of building institutions and the capacity to implement your programs. We need to write our own programs in the first place. We need to articulate on the projects we write. We need to have a comprehensive strategy, plans on how to implement those programs. Unless we do that on our own, we can’t possibly imagine that we are achieving any of the goals – millennium or non millennium”.

     There are 2 types of Welfare that the State provides for and both types of Welfare
 eliminates Privately Owned Small Businesses and takes money out of hard working taxpayers pockets.  Both types of Welfare need to be eliminated in society before "Freedom" and "Independence" can actually be spoken about.

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