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Canadians "Asleep at the Wheel" -Imaginary Budgets and Illusionary Futures

"Don't Be Fooled By the Madness of Crowds"
"Careful, your heart is dripping blood on your ability to reason"
"We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid."

If the
(a) Government representing the country you live in 
(b) the Organization, Corporation, or Institute you work for
     Does not talk about any of the items listed below appearing in bold, underlined, and in red fonts, then they are setting you up to fail and giving you false expectations of your future.
     If neither (a) OR (b) bring up these items listed below when creating budgets, then they are actually setting you up to fail and allowing you to be shocked and disappointed by the future.

1.) Integration of the North American Union (N.A.U.) and Why there is so much Funding of Infrastructure Projects across Canada presently:

2.) Increase Canadian Militarization, Growth of Police Powers & Police Budgets, & Integration of Canadian & American Military and Police:
(A) "A pre-clearance agreement signed last month will post armed American border guards at train stations like Union Station. Armed U.S. border guards could soon be posted to Union Station — and if they ever use their guns, they may not be held accountable in a Canadian court. A border preclearance agreement signed last month by Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney and U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson allows for armed American border guards to be posted to any port, ferry terminal, land crossing or rail station to clear goods and passengers through customs and immigration before they cross the border. While U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers now preclear passengers at eight Canadian airports including Pearson, only police may carry firearms in airports, so border agents stationed there aren’t armed. The deal is promoted as a measure to facilitate trade and benefit the economy on both sides of the border, but critics say little notice has been taken of the clause that grants U.S. agents immunity from Canadian prosecution".

3.) the Myth of "Labor Shortages":
     "A striking gap is the difference between the number of new graduates and the growth in the RN workforce. More than 10,000 RNs graduated in each of the past three years, but the net gain has been disappointing; in 2011-2012, only 1,083 RNs were added to the workforce. What happened to the other 8,917 RNs? How Canada currently collects and reports health workforce data does not provide enough information to determine what the real story is — where the gap lies. The data provides little in the way of a clear picture to help plan for the workforce that is needed to support the growing and changing health needs of Canadians. Knowing whether the numbers of RNs in the system are shifting because of retirements or career changes — or leaving the profession because suitable employment is unavailable — would be invaluable insight for health-care planning".
     What's more problematic is that the main ways to get a Canadian citizenship is:
(a) Sponsorship, (b) Refugee Status, (c) Business/Investment (Wealth), and (d) Immigration through the "Point System".  However, the "Point System" is leading to an "Underclass of workers" since many of the Immigrants that come to Canada will not have their foreign education credentials recognized by Canadian Institutions and therefore Immigrants will have to go back to Canadian post secondary institutions/school in order to upgrade.  This is why there are so many highly educated immigrants who work in low paying service industry professions.  With a weak job market, high levels of competition, and a saturation of degrees throughout Canada, many immigrants who believed that Canada has a labor shortage are severely disappointed when they arrive her.

4.) Completion of the Trade In Service Agreement (T.I.S.A.), Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T.T.I.P.), and Trans-Pacific Partnership (T.P.P) in order to overwrite Government and Union powers

5.) the United Nations Agenda 21 & the Green Agenda

Smart Meters allow Fines to be issued if you use too much water.  Smart Meters allow Corporations and Governments to earn more money. However, the new government revenue kills consumer society because families will be forced to decide between making cutbacks or going into debt to fuel purchases.  Also, during the week of April 12, 2015, Pennsylvania Smart Meter Awareness (PASMA) sent out two Press Releases regarding the increasing adverse health effects from Smart Meter (SM) radio frequency non-ionizing radiation (RFs)

Agenda 21 –is a United Nations plan which wants the construction boom to fuel more people living in compact cities in controlled areas.  Meanwhile, every other area is restricted and limited.

6.) Integration of Automatons and Robotics in order to replace and reduce staff in the Public Service Sector:

7.) There are not enough workers to replace the Baby Boomers (meaning that more Immigrants are Needed to replace them in the Canadian Economy):

8.) Canada's Over Inflated and Overpriced Housing Market:
"Affordable housing markets have weak job markets" (ex: PEI, Halifax, Nova Scotia). Any type of job is included in "job data" as long as there is a job available, it makes the job market seem more positive than it is.  This is why the government never wants to admit: it is closing factories, there is retail closures, and the loss of jobs. Presently, the job market in Toronto seems positive yet is weak due to the type of jobs available for most.  Toronto's economy is fueled by a "part time economy".  High paying, full time jobs are being replaced by Low Wages and Part time hours.

9.) Canada has always had Statism, Bankism, Monopolies, and Crony Capitalism in place and over time it has only grown in size, influence, and power:
(A) For example -"Kathleen Wynne and her wife Jane Rounthwaite share an extensive background in the lucrative mental health growth industry in Ontario. Jane Rounthwaite secures government funding for private corporations in the field of mental health. Here is another trip to the trough. Wynne also appointed Rounthwaite's brother to a key mental health position at an annual salary of $210,000. This is a clear conflict of interest". 
(B) "$11,000 of the $11,500 per student goes to salaries of teachers, executives, staff and facilities. That leaves a $600 gap per student for things like field trips, equipment, supplies, is much more significant. This is not just a Toronto issue, this is a problem experienced by all the public schools within the entire province"
(C) "In Canada, each city is increasing property values left and right. They go in and perform “gentrification” to an area then double or triple the property value of that area” which allows for the Government to increase property taxes on home owners".
(D) "The Ontario government also guarantees 12% profit to automobile insurance companies. This results in provincial drivers paying the highest premiums in Canada." – Barrie Examiner, 7 DEC 2011…"Motorists in Ontario pay high auto premiums because companies can submit rates for government approval that build in a 12 per cent profit, the $56,000 average cost of claims is five times that in other provinces, and accident benefits here are among the highest in the country, he explained"..Toronto Star, 5 DEC 2011…The McGuinty Liberals (and now the Wynne Liberals) promised to lower insurance rates. The rates were lowered, along with the basic coverage. To receive the same coverage as before, people ended up having to pay more. Just another Liberal lie…Insurance may be private, but rates must be approved by the provincial government.
(E)  Bill 115, the controversial Ontario legislation (before Wynne was elected) that was supposed to freeze teacher pay, would still have allowed 40% of teachers to move through the salary grid and collect pay hikes.

10.) Canada's housing boom from 2008+ is due to Government Backed Insurance:

11.)  Canada's Bail Outs, Bail Ins, and Confiscation of Wealth already in place:
     In time of economic crisis, the Canadian government insures Institutions, Banks, Corporations, and Organizations -the "Too Big Too Fail" structures in Canadian society -through the use of Canadian taxpayer bank accounts. In other words, all the wealth that an individual believes he/she has will be used to secure the survival of everyone else but Pensioners and Taxpayers.  For example, the individual debt is not erased, (ex: student debt bubble) but the Institution that the Individual went to (ex: UofT) is insured.  So in other words, the Institution survives, and the Taxpayers will get the bill for it's survival. Meanwhile, the Individual will still have to pay back his/her loans or declare bankruptcy.

12.) Cashless Society:
" 'Banning Cash' The Only Solution to Negative Interest Market Problems"

     In conclusion -Government, Institutions.Organizations, and Corporate Budgets are Projected, Estimated, and Imagined.  Budgets are forecasted and are not real or tangible and yet leave very little 'wiggle room' for error. This is also problematic because this leaves many Government funded Public Service Institutions in RED which they cannot legally be in.  Therefore: (A) it forces the Municipal, Federal, and Provincial governments to raise taxes, (B) it causes the Unions and their workers to work without a contract for long periods of time OR to go on a strike for wages, (C) it causes higher "user fees" for services, (D) it causes sell offs of public holdings -Hydro 1, (E) creates more Public Private Partnerships -P.P.P and (E) it causes cutbacks on staff and services provided to taxpayers.  Even more interesting is the fact that in "Canada's 2015 Budget it has an ‘Escape clause’, which exists and enables an "only ‘acceptable deficit,’ which would come into play, in the event of Recession, War, or Natural Disaster". Canada is already in a Recession and in two War Zones presently (Ukraine and Syria/Iraq).  

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