Thursday, April 9, 2015

Getting the FDA's (Food and Drug Administration) Approval to Poison the Masses

The FDA maintained the status quo, regulated the Free Market, and allowed for Monopolies to be created.  The FDA did the exact opposite of what it was supposed to do which was look after the population. Instead of looking after the population, the FDA looked out for Corporate profit.

It's ironic though that David Suzuki speaks up about GMOs but has no problem promoting the United Nation's "Man Made Global Warming" campaign and pushing for a Carbon Tax (otherwise known as "Cap and Trade" tax). This is a prime example of the Elites playing both sides of the coin by letting the "Pot call the Kettle Black" and using David Suzuki as a "Gatekeeper". This way it looks like one side is more "moral" in their pursuit than the other side, even though both sides are playing the same game against the masses by allowing their institutional coffers to collect revenue and therefore stripping taxpayers of money either through: (a) taxes and government regulations OR (b) through medical fees and medical dependence. David Suzuki is nothing more than "controlled opposition".


     Always remember, that the Medical Industry and much of the Medical professions as a whole could not survive if society was optimally healthy.  This is why, the Medical Industry wants to trade you one problem for another problem. To take away the short term problem and then give you a delayed problem instead that, "you don't have to worry about it until later if and when it appears". However,  since people are collectively living longer than in the past, people are also more dependent on Medicine and therefore people are far more sick and unhealthy than ever before. The "you don't have to worry about it until later" is here!  The "later" is now.   Yet, that does not mean that the staff in the Medical Industry and in their respective Medical Fields are malevolent and want to harm you.  Majority of people in the Medical profession do not go into the Medical field in the first place to harm you.  It does reveal though that Medical professionals have their hands tied in the treatment options that they can give you due to how the Medical Industry is constructed and held together by: (a) the training received from Institutions, (b) from the educational and informational material approved and taught in Institutions, (c) by the medicine that is approved by the FDA and WHO, (d) by the containment strategies and plans created by the CDC and WHO, and (e) by the high costs for medicines and diets that are out of reach for most patients.  
     As much as we would like to wish that Medicine and Hospital treatments should be free, they are not and in order to pay for it, that money must either come out of the State's pockets (meaning the pockets of Taxpayers) OR it must come out of the Individual's pocket directly.  Since money is what drives the Medical Industry and Medical professions, in order to keep it beneficial for individuals and families -corrupt organizations such as the FDA and WHO must be eliminated.  The Free Market must be allowed to operate instead of being heavily regulated so that Alternative Medicines from the East and traditional medicine from our past can be used instead of what is used now. The Medical Professionals also need a new understanding of patients and their social realities so that Medical Professionals can have a new approach and new vision when dealing with patients instead of being so theoretically based and therefore distant from the patient in front of them. 
     We are presently heading towards a more Technologically based, Standardized model for hospitals and treatment options which Corporations and the State decide upon. Where patients become more commodified than ever before.  One must understand though how we got here and realize that society was led to where we are presently.  Though many people in society were complicit in bringing us to where we are -Organization, Institutions, Governments, and Corporations played a pivotal role.  Social change and social shifts are always "Top-Down" not "Bottom-Up" but our living physical reality gets turned upside down during the process of change.

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