Friday, April 3, 2015

Bail In's and Bail Out's -Bankism & Crony Capitalism at Work

     "Crony Capitalism" prevents "Free Market Capitalism" from actually existing. Since we have "Crony Capitalism" in place due to Government's dependence on the Private Central Banking System -all throughout the 1900's and moving into the 21st century -what we have presently emerging is a mix of Statism and Corporatism and a completely dependent, disillusioned, and ignorant populace. This bodes perfectly well for the Oligarchical and Plutocratic rulers of the hierarchical cannibalistic system entrenched in place.

     Presently there is a lot of hype that the AIIB, Bitcoin, BRICS bank, or Gold and Silver will protect you when the "Petro Dollar" falls apart. The Elite are moving to a Cashless society and how they will valuate that currency is yet to be revealed.  The Elites however will move to confiscate all Gold and Silver so be weary when purchasing Gold and Silver.

     The Baltic Dry Index is one of the most important items to gauge when looking at the Global economic health and as you can see, it is Crashing.  Forget about manipulated numbers like "Jobs Reports" and GDP -the Baltic Dry Index is what you have to pay attention to. No Mainstream News reporter or mainstream Economist is bringing up the Baltic Dry Index. Our global economy is in crisis no matter the amount of construction you see around you, or the amount of new cars you see on the road, or people that you see purchasing property.  It is all a facade because very few companies have any real liquidity and very few people are paying anything without accruing huge amounts of debt.  In fact, it in "Quantitative Easing" that is allowing Companies to "buy back" their stocks and make it seem as if Companies are actually earning a profit.  Massive layoffs and Restructuring is what is allowing Companies to avoid showing losses on the Stock Markets. 
     Very little is moving in society if the Baltic Dry Index is crashing.  Presently, everything moving in societies is because of Sub-prime Loans and Bank loans (via Credit Cards).  The only thing growing is Government, Government Debt, and Government Dependence. Government Dependence creates more Government which creates more Government Regulations and introduces more Taxes which destroys the Private Sector even more which eliminates jobs as well as Government revenue.  Without the Private Sector, few very jobs are created which brings on more "Crony Capitalism" to occur through Bail Ins and Bail Outs. Free Trade Deals such as TISA and TTIP hand the Government over to Corporations and there you have it, you are ruled over by Corporations and the Governments and in return for their "service" to you, you pay higher taxes and get less returns. Meanwhile because it will be a completely Digital world, they are in control of everything that you do, think, and say (and are taught). Freedom as you knew it before is gone and you have become a "Wage slave" and "Tax slave" owning even less than you did in the past but working that much harder for any little that you do have.
     In the next few weeks and coming months, Banks worldwide will be implementing "Capital Controls" in order to limit "Capital Flight".  On top of that, Banks will be taxing Bank accounts so not only are you not earning anything from your Savings Accounts but you are actually losing money by keeping it in the bank.  Governments in the meanwhile will be looting Pensions (even more than they are doing now) and forcing Austerity throughout their countries. As Delinquencies rise in Auto Loans and Student Loans, Governments will "Bail Out" Institutions and their Crony Companies and then pass on the taxes to the citizens of the nation. A Derivatives Crisis will cause "Bail Ins" of Banks and again those expenses will be paid by Government Pensions and more Government taxes. Every way you turn, the Elite are bleeding you dry and taking everything you have which is causing you to lose everything you had (ex: jobs, house, possessions, marriage, sanity, etc).

The Bit Coin is backed by nothing and can disappear overnight. It is a currency that you should have very little faith in (if any). It's strange that, faith in the Fiat currency even lasted this long.

It should say: "Endangered  Species: Middle Class EVERYWHERE"



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