Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Growing Tent Cities, Growing Inequality, Growing Poverty rates, and FEMA Camp usage

     Growing Tent Cities and a growing homeless population all across the First World means that there is No Economic Recovery.   However, it does mean FEMA Camps will become utilized in order to hide the problem from the general public and to hide it from foreign investors. In FEMA Camps -the homeless, dissidents, subversives, and 'enemies of the state' will be held and forced to work. FEMA Camps will be a good source of labor for Government and Corporations.  There will be "media blackouts" near any FEMA Camps location so once in, it will be very hard to get information out.  Once conscription is announced to fight endless wars in Eastern Europe, in North Africa and the Middle East, and in Asia -those that do not fight will also be sent to FEMA Camps. Militaries all over the world are being prepared for Civil Unrest in their own countries once their Economies goes Bust.  EMP usage by Governments and attacks on aging Power Grids will ensure that Tent Cities will be used as a necessity for many.

     Bankism, Statism, and Corporatism combined with the complicity of people taking unwarranted risks due to the zealotry of the "American Dream" has taken everything away from everyone presently. The system created by Bankism, Statism, and Corporatism is cannibalistic by design.  As the system grows, it takes away simultaneously, bit-by-bit, until there is nothing left.  Like a virus infecting a computer or a body, the system destroys the host.  The Entertainment Sector, Institutions, and the Mainstream Media are all complicit in selling the "American Dream".  In factthe "American Dream" only worked because people believed in it enough to want to make it work and did not want to hear warnings about what actually held the "American Dream" into place.  However, not realizing that the growth of the Industrial and Technological boom after World War 2 and especially during the Cold War was because of massive Government and Corporate Debt, hid the fact that once the bubbled pop, it would wipe out most of the gains individuals and families had created for themselves.  Those that lived from 1945 onward (until 2008) in the Developed and Developing World lived comfortable yet "unnatural" lives that will not be seen again.  "Unnatural" because it was created due to Government, Corporate, and Individual Debt.  Though the next economic boom will be Robotics and Automatons, for many people who lived from 1945 onward, the F.I.R.E. economy (Finances, Insurance, and Real Estate) and Public Service Sector economy that people have got used to will be gone.  With it, many of the jobs and careers that it created will be wiped out as well. Right now, it is a "Vacuum Up Economy" with the only thing trickling down to the masses is Debt and Lower Standards of Living.

     Harper and Trudeau are both are Bliderberg blessed appointees and Trudeau is expected to be appearing at the Bilderberg meeting in 2015 in Austria. There he will be anointed to rule over Canada. In the 2015 Canadian Federal Election, the Elites are asking the Canadian population to pick their poison because both paths, Conservative or Liberal, lead to the agenda that the Elites want done.  "During the 2008 Recession three Canadians banks (RBC, CIBC, BMO) failed and therefore received billions of dollars from the Canadian government and the U.S. Federal Reserve. Harper spent enough BoC (Bank of Canada) currency, that he could have effectively purchased the banks wholesale, banks who owns Canadian Debt at compounded interest.  In fact, there were 'Secret' Bailouts to Canadian Banks to hide this from the Canadian public.  Harper did not nationalize the Canadian banks because he willfully choose to continue to accumulate Debt since that system of Debt was created when Pierre Trudeau (Justin's father) took office in 1968.  At that time, Canada had a debt of $18 billion (24% of GDP) which was largely left over from World War II.  When Trudeau left office in 1984, that debt stood at $200 billion (46% of GDP), an increase of 83% in real terms.  Historically, the Bank of Canada functioned as the financier of Canadian public deficits in the Federal, Provincial, and Municipal budgets providing loans to fund government spending at interest rates as low as 1%. This practice allowed for public debts to be repaid more quickly, but at the cost of higher inflation. The growth of the federal government through the 1960s led to rapidly increasing federal deficits. As these were covered by the Bank of Canada, inflation rose steadily from 2% in 1961 to a high of 12.5% in 1974. That year, with inflation at a 20-year high, the Government of Canada abandoned this method of financing in favor of borrowing from private banks at market rates on the reasoning that paying interest on its debt was less harmful to Canadians than high inflation.  In other words, Trudeau decided to hand the nation of Canada over to bankers instead of choosing the alternative approach which was to address the high rate of inflation by decreasing but not eliminating the deficit financed by the Bank of Canada.
     During WW I-II, the U.S. collected 60-70% of the then worlds gold reserves as payment for goods and arms sent to allied countries. The U.S. then used this system to peg the dollar to gold equivocally, to make it a global currency reserve as the economies of the nations of Europe we're left in ruins after the wars. What happened after this is the U.S. started to engage in warfare, an act of economic depravity which made their own middle class poor. To hide this, the U.S. started mass printing denominations of its currency and other countries.  The French however found this out which led to a massive run and return on U.S. currency (ex: Nixon scandal and Nixon fallout). This massive return caused hyper inflation which floated through the 1960-70's which lead us to the Smoke screen that Trudeau used to shutdown the Bank of Canada as the sole lender of loans which were at 0% interest and put government debt into the hands of the bankers at compounded interest. This is why you see our banks making obscene profits year over year despite the mass deflation and inflation we're presently riding in. Trudeau committed an act of treason as well as the MPs that allowed this to happen, the massive debt Trudeau created wasn't accidental either, it was very maliciously intentional".  Since no Canadian MP, Political Party, or Prime Minister has brought up nationalizing the Bank of Canada and backing up the Canadian dollar with Natural Resources instead of leaving it in the hands of Private Bankers -all MP's and career politicians work for themselves and Institutions, not for Canadians.

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