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Without understanding the power structure in place, namely the "Death Cult of Saturn"/Cult of Nicolaitans's grip on the Private Banking System which controls every other aspect of society -you will be channeling your energy in the wrong direction and therefore wasting it.  Understand reality before you speak on it and decide to take action in order to correct it.  Otherwise, without being properly informed we will be fighting one another and complaining about the wrong things to the applause, acceptance, or/and anger of others.
Do not be like the "Death Cult of Saturn"/Cult of the Nicolaitans and feed off the hard work, energy, and blood of others.  If you do act like them, then you cannot complain about them because there is no difference between you and them.  This includes all "Crony Capitalists" who are in the F.I.R.E. economy and those Individuals that work in Corporations, Institutions, and Public Service Sector Unions who manipulate and mislead people in order for any and all gains that they have personally and collectively.

ECONOMIC COLLAPSE LEADS TO CENTRALIZED POWER STATISM/SOCIALISM CONTROLLING EVERY ACTION OF YOUR LIFE -worthless currencies and rising inflation leading to lower standards of living, government sell offs, more Free Trade deals, "bail outs" & "bails in" enacted, and cashless economies:
Forget China: This Extremely "Developed" Country Just Suffered Its Biggest Money Outflow Ever

Money is flooding out of Canada at the fastest pace in the developed world

It's no accident that Ontario is also the most "Multicultural"  and "Unionized" province in Canada. Meaning if you have been in Canada for several decades and do not vote the way they want you to, they will ensure the area will be flooded with Individuals and Groups that are Dependent on them staying in power and therefore will vote the way they need in order for the Liberals to stay in power.

Japan's Abe, Trudeau agree to promote TPP

Say goodbye to $3 billion in sales as Calgary’s housing market takes a bruising

With fluctuating oil prices, Saudi Arabia will soon have to dip into its cash reserves. Saudi Arabia heading into an economic crisis!

Venezuela is running out of cash and selling its gold

India’s Gold Stash Dwarfs Fort Knox Hoard And Modi Wants It
       "Sell yer gold before India’s demand peaks!  Put it into the financial system, where it can be more productive, just like when the Delian League’s gold was moved from the League’s shared treasury in Delos, over to Athens, where it was spent".

US Trade Deficit Narrows 15%, Smallest Since Feb 2015 As Petroleum Imports Collapse

Argentinean Supermarkets Get Hip to Inflation with Digital Price Tags

Currency Controls Strangle Argentina, But Hey, “Take it up with the Next Government, We’re on Our Way Out”

Want Cash? Next-Gen ATMs Demand Biometric Verification: “Smartphone and Eye Scan To Dispense Money”

The War on Cash is Real

Bank Of Ireland Bans "Small" Cash Withdrawals At Branches

People in Sweden are hiding cash in their microwaves because of a fascinating — and terrifying —economic experiment: negative interest rates in a cashless society.

After bankrupt U.S. bails out Puerto Rico, who will bail out the U.S.?

Apocalypse Now: Has Next Giant Financial Crash Already Begun?

18 Numbers That Scream That A Crippling Global Recession Has Arrived

China Slowdown, “Global Turbulence” Trigger Collapse of Export Orders for German Equipment Makers, Ripples Are Now Spreading To Other Key Markets

China's "Ghost Capitol Building" Has Been Overrun By Vagrant Food Vendors           This is what happens when the State is the main driver of economic growth –“Ghost cities” and absolute Impoverished citizenry.

Experts Fear a Stealth Crash Has Already Begun: “Risk is Flashing Red”

The disappearing middle class is threatening American mega brands
      Think about it –when the Retail Economy goes belly up, who will control the Retail Economy? YUP!! That is right, just like Communist/Socialist USSR -the State will.  This is what happens when you allow the State to choke out the Free Market and enact “Bail Ins” & “Bail Outs”


How the decline of Black Friday might even help retailers

        “Too Poor To Shop” and the end of the Retail Era.  However, instead of admitting it, Public Relations & Spin Masters are trying to say “bad Black Friday sales are good for the economy”. If you did not know already, this is when you know you have to stop watching Mainstream News.  It is nothing more than "Static" and noise.

Peter Schiff On QE's Creeping Communism: Washington Joins Tokyo On The Road To Leningrad

Bank of America Admits – Central Bank Policy Enriched Wall Street While “Steamrolling” Main Street

In a six-month period, 70% of detached homes sold in Vancouver’s west side went to Mainland China buyers
         However, due to the F.I.R.E. economy and people’s greed, people actually believe this a good thing for Vancouver. In response to the frenzy of homes being sold, (next article below)

RBC scraps limit on size of mortgages for newcomers, foreign owners

Canadian renters, it’s your market now: ‘There’s never been a better time for a tenant’
     IN REALITY: “There is more land in Canada then anywhere in the world. More water, more oil and gas, more natural resources. Why is the Real Estate in Canada so overpriced? Real Estate Speculators should face jail time for abuse of power!”

Housing Crisis: Australians Resort To Renting Tents As Cost Of Living Skyrockets

      For Countries and Corporations to keep playing this game they need: (a) Cheap migrant labor, (b) Foreign investors to continue buying Government Bonds & Corporate Bonds, (c) Governments signing Free Trade Deals for Corporations, (d) More banking stimulus, and (e) Governments continuing to go into debt to Private Central Bankers while weakening their national currency and selling off their natural resources. THEN REPEAT FROM (A) until it all explodes!! THIS IS THE GAME THE ELITE HAVE BEEN PLAYING SINCE THE END OF WORLD WAR II.

Housing Market Horror: Home Equity Loans Making A Big Comeback
     The ignorance of people is truly amazing! You need an absolute ignorant and desperate population in order for the games that Bankers, Mainstream Media, and Politicians play to actually work.

“The biggest risk in the world is the belief there is no risk”     

     Ignorance, Greed, & Mass Delusion kill all Societies

How Wall-Street Financial Engineering Vaporized Valeant
     Everything in the markets is based on manipulation.  All prices are dependent on Manipulation & Speculation, Rumors, & “Leaks”.

A Furious Trump Goes After Janet Yellen: "She Is Not Raising Rates Because Obama Told Her Not To"

      The Bankers tell Yellen, Obama, and Congress what to do and what to vote for in every situation. 

12 Days Before ’08 Crash, Congress Was Secretly Told to Sell off Their Stocks

The Truth About the Fed – the United States has become — at least from a monetary perspective — ruled by a hidden oligarchy. The voters sense that the ship of state is not responding to their commands, but cannot seem to identify the source of the problem.

The Essence Of Modern Economics: Garbage In, Garbage Out

 How Beijing & The West Work Together To Manipulate The Global Currency War

China Could Re-price Gold To $100,000 per Ounce

On the Brink of War and Economic Collapse (1:29:18)

The Unsuspecting Public Is Being Led Into Immense Financial Destruction

Cost of Government Is Not What It Taxes, But What It Spends


The Nightmare Of Collectivism: “A Society Built On The Lowest Common Denominator Is A Society Destined For Collapse”

Killing Off Community Banks –Intended Consequence of Dodd-Frank?

Iceland PM Admits “We Dodged The EU Bullet”

No Mainstream Media (Liberal or Conservative) covered or backed Ron Paul when he ran for the Presidential Nomination of the Republican Party.  However, the Conservative Media is covering and backing Donald Trump for presidency.  This is something that you should be concerned about.  More so, because if the Individual covered by the Mainstream Media wants to Isolate America, that Individual will actually go to war (Doublespeak).




We Are Moving Inexorably Towards A Global Confrontation

Qatar Ready for Military Intervention in Syria: Reckless Policy Fraught with Dire Implications


Kashmir: Indian soldiers killed in 'Pakistan firing'
      Modi's focus on gathering all the gold in India plus his close relationship to Religious groups and Religious Institutions, as well as his close relationship with Bankers and Corporations spells trouble for India.  A "false flag" could destabilize this entire region.  The more "Americanized" and "Westernized" India becomes, the more militant they will become.  This spells trouble for many minority groups and minor regional based populations inside India.

War, Big Government, & Lost Freedom

USAFRICOM, An Instrument of “Imperialist Peace-Keeping” in sub-Saharan Africa

Western “Mainstream Media” Extremism: Distortion, Fabrication, and Falsification


      The greatest threat to any Mainstream Liberal Media or Mainstream Conservative Media channel is the Alternative News Network and Alternative Media Channels. RT (Russia) vs CNN/FOX/BBC (USA) is another Hegelian Dialectic which pushes individuals towards Statist beliefs and Statism.



Elite Hiding in Bunkers to Escape War with China: “Intended Survivors Are Moving Underground”
      Below are images of Underground Bases created by the Vietnamese and Afghans during the "Cold War" era (as well as one of Germany).  Now take in all the pictures and imagine how sophisticated military bases and bunkers for the rich and powerful will look like.  Then understand that if a "Nuclear War" started, or a "Tsunami Bomb" was dropped, or "Weather Warfare" occurred, or an "EMP" was dropped, or a "Bio-Weapon" was used -IT WOULD NOT AFFECT THE RICH AND POWERFUL ONE BIT!!

“All the Prepping In The World Is Immaterial If You Don’t Survive Long Enough For Your Supplies & Planning To Matter”

Turn Undrinkable Water Into Pure, Crystal-Clear Distilled Water With a Home-Built Solar still

Easy way to heat your home for free forever –Biomass briquettes


77% of Two-Year-Olds Now Use Mobile Devices on a Daily Basis

      Their reality will be far different from the ones that the generations that existed from the 1980’s to 2000 have experienced.

NSA-linked firm pays $1 million bounty to iOS9 hackers                  It is not government money that the government is spending so freely hence why they spend it the way they do on the things they do. Government only spends money to increase its power and influence.  It has nothing to do with your “liberty” and your “safety” (both of which are doublespeak for “control”). Government money is Taxpayer Dollars and borrowed Money from Private Central Banks. This is why Government spends money so freely.  The Government is not on the hook for the money, the Taxpayer is (as well as the Political Party and since there is only two main Political Parties in America -if one screws up the other replaces them).

Meet the world's first android actress

Scientific fraud uncovered in antidepressant study that claims psych drugs are safe for children

Middle Aged White Americans In Worse Health Than The Elderly

IT BEGINS: Government to Pay Doctors to Tell Patients to Kill Themselves
      Everybody is worried about the “Grey Tsunami” that will occur in the near future but that will not occur because the Elderly are the drain on the State.  In simplicity, this means that the Elderly are a “surplus” to parts.  Elders will become coerced through the Mainstream Media, Hospital staff, and Advertising, “it is for the good of the world/nation that they sacrifice themselves for the betterment of mankind and the future generations that will thank them”.  Secondly, the excessive amount of health care workers presently in the field or in school plays right into the “part time” state controlled economy being created which will eradicate Public Service Sector Health Care Unions and Medical Associations.

Virus Storm Of The Century! The NWO’s Plan To Infect You

Scientists feverishly working to develop artificial meat as biotech industry's next big product

Fukushima clean-up is impossible with current technology; decontamination efforts could take 200 years

Feeding the Vultures While Starving Agriculture: Capitalism’s Great Indian Con-trick


Rice, wheat, mustard -India drives forward first GMO crops under veil of secrecy

ALTERING IDENTITIES IN ORDER TO CREATE IDENTITES FOR THE NEW WORLD ORDER. Civil unrest leads to Martial Law and State controlled identities:

The European Refugee "Invasion" In One Stunning Info-graphic

Sweden Facing Collapse Due To Massive Influx of Refugees


Soros's ‘European values’ mean losing your national identity



19 year old girl in German city becomes victim of refugee rape gang, 4th attack this month alone (2:15 mins.)

    As Liberals/Socialists/Statists would argue, “Multiculturalism is Cultural Enrichment”.  Immigration and Migration are not wholly negative things, however, mass immigration that is not sustainable is not positive.  Moreover, bringing in Immigrants and Migrants that are parasitic, view you as the enemy, act like Ticks, and prey off you is absolutely destructive.

Muslim Man Warns Germans: "We Will Marry Your Daughters And Conquer You With Births"

German Opposition Party Warns, Nation Is "At The Edge Of Anarchy, Sliding Towards Civil War"

     What the Liberal Mainstream Media does not show you. 

Quote of the Century: “Today’s European politicians are Test-tube Politicians”

Newly Leaked Memo Reveals Obama’s Secret Plan “Executive Amnesty” Order

H-1B Visas ‘Tremendous Threat’ to American Professionals

Feds Order High School To Allow Boys Who Dress As Girls To Use Girls’ Shower, Locker Room

Why, exactly, is it OK to discriminate against men’s groups on campus?
     Creating "equality" through "Reverse Discrimination" by eliminating the voice and opinion of the other group all together. By using vilification, demoralization, and demonetization how is this any different than the "Communist takeovers" during the Cold War era where Individuals and Groups were vilified and removed from society and discussion through Mob Mentality?


     Colleges teach you presently to serve the elected leader of the country and to serve the State.  Little by little, they eliminate remnants of our past history whether it's through a "False Flag" incident in order to remove the Confederate flag, or through war and how ISIS is destroying historical artifacts in Iraq and Syria, through Institutional "white washing" and editing out parts of history, or through the digital era and erasing sections out all together.

Military Dictatorships/Fascist Governments/ Corporatocracy, Communist Governments, Police States, & Socialist/Statist Countries all have one thing in common -they all ensure foreign investment and bank loans will be returned due to the control the State has on the population/citizens and the control the State has on the market):

Depopulation-advocating globalist Bill Gates comes out in full push for totalitarian socialism, says ‘democracy is a problem’


UK officials don’t want to “ban encryption” —they want to ban encryption that *works*. “Deceptive intent” in play


Microsoft Admits Windows 10 Automatic Spying Cannot Be Stopped


Pre-Crime: Man Arrested, Beaten For Being In ‘Crime Hot Spot’

America: The Punishment Society: “Violence is the Defining Hallmark of the US”

American Police State: Cops Have Killed 1,000 People So Far This Year in U.S.

Sex Crimes in America: Newly Released AP Investigation Finds an Alarming Number of Police Rapists

What Happens When Cops Pull over the Elite in America vs. the Rest of Us  (10:07 mins.)

Obama Federalizes Police Forces in Six US Cities

NH: Cops Can Now Steal Your Stuff To ‘Protect You’ From People Who Might Steal Your Stuff

Cop Arrested For Shooting Himself, Blaming It On Motorist

Venezuelan Siblings Spend 67 Days in Jail for “Heckling” Tourism Minister
      Very soon, Criticizing the system in any way will no longer be allowed

How can the USA stand for human rights with state-sanctioned medical kidnapping, mandatory vaccination, abortion organ harvesting and mass psych drugging?

Carbon Hypocrite Bill Gates Says Only Carbon Taxes Will Stop the Dreaded Climate Change

You want to change Corporatocracy, Crony Capitalism, Fascism and Statist/Socialist Governments? 
Remove the Private Central Banks and free up the Free Market. Stop waiting for the State or a Politician to save you!!


Why Are People Worshiping Hillary?

Vatileaks scandal

Ontario’s latest teacher deal confirms students are always an afterthought
Public Service Sector Teacher Unions go on strike for higher wages and more sick days which causes the Liberal government to give them money.  In order to make up the money lost to Public Service Sector Teacher Unions, the Liberal Government raises taxes, raises user fees, has a "sell off " (ex: hydro 1), and also borrows money from the Bank (which creates future taxes).   The actions by the Liberal Government makes the Public Service Sector Teacher Unions go on strike again (and this pattern repeats "ad infinitum"). Meanwhile, the person being hurt the most, is the regular taxpayer and the Small Business owner whose standards of living having actually dropped and their business have to close.  Eventually this leads to the State controlling all the workers and by that time, the Public Service Sector Unions have no power either.

How the Myth of the Meritocracy Ruins Students

Why Are Colleges Filled With Liberals?  (43:39 mins.)


Liberal Shaming Techniques: Class Eugenics and You Hate The Poor! (44:31 mins.)


Arguing With Communists: An Examination of Class Systems! (54:11 mins.)


Liberal Media Industrial Complex (30:23 mins.)

All Previously Related Articles:
Belief in a glorious and romanticized past sold to us by Institutions and belief in a Utopian future sold to us by Politicians blinds us to the Reality of living in an ever increasing Dystopian present. 

(1) Concerning the "Death Cult of Saturn"/Cult of the Nicolaitans. Never believe whatever they present to you because it is (and has always been) falsified.

This includes their teachings of "Equality" & "Political Correctness"
This includes their historical/spiritual/religious teachings that they like to combine together so it does not allow for scrutiny.  When scrutiny occurs, "Anti-Semite" or "Islamophobe" are shouted out. 

(2) Amusing that the animals in the picture will actually be more freer than humans will be when the NEW WORLD ORDER society is finally completed.  We have caged our minds for so long that now the Elites can finally cage our physical existence as well and like the people in the cage, we will gladly go inside the box in order to make sure we have the best angles and stories to tell.

Until the New World order is here, keep exposing it's power and structure base.  Do not live a fake, empty, shallow, hallow, superficial life centered around Possession, Identity, Hedonistic Pleasures, and Ego.  Bring up the Private Central Banking System.  Bring up "Crony Capitalism", bring up the "Death Cult of Saturn"/Cult of Nicolaitans, bring up the Fabian Society, Cultural Marxism, and the Frankfurt School.  Talk until you cannot talk anymore because once the New World order is here, you won't be able to talk about it (and since you know about the New World Order and it's power and structure base, you probably will not survive it either).

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