Tuesday, November 17, 2015

George Soros -the Master Enabler, Destabilizer, & Crisis Maker through Protests, Revolutions, & the Migrant Crisis


GEORGE SOROS -Migrant Crisis, Revolution, & Escalation in the Middle East:
Since Soros (and the other Elites) are creating social and political pressure through Lobbyists and Activists -they will finalize their agenda with very little trouble.  There is a Minimal amount of "Free Thinkers" in society and a Majority of Indoctrinated/Brainwashed individuals.  This is the exact type of atmosphere needed in order to create "Mobocracy" which is what "Democracy" actually is. As Plato stated, "Democracy passes into Despotism".  Eventually the "veil of Democracy" will be cast aside when it is no longer needed.  This will either happen with the help of voters hoping for a savior OR when someone is able to hold onto power through cult-like worship and fear.  We are at that historical mark presently.  By believing through Indoctrination that we are different from those in the past, we are about to repeat the same mistakes the past has made.
This chart can go both way (as the image Above reveals) or in reverse: Monarchy then Aristocracy, then Democracy, then Despotism).
"A Freemason can speak without saying a word". Speaking without making a sound through symbols, signs, designs, colors, and numbers.

FOR THOSE WITH KNOWLEDGE OF THE OCCULT TAKE A LOOK AT THE DATES OF THESE EVENTS: 9/11 (New York) , 3/11 (Madrid), 7/7 (London), 11/13 (Paris).  In fact, the recent Paris attacks of 2015 has a myriad amount of Occult numerology when you look at it. Far more than the other 3 terrorist attacks/"false flags" that preceded it.

More alarming is that a Cyber attack/EMP false flag will occur soon and blamed on either Russia or China (or their ally) due to:

Holocaust: "The shock isn't that Israel lied to the world, but that our own governments helped them do it!"


 This is why "Traditionalists" and "Conservatives" are always "Demonized" and "Vilified" and viewed as "Backwards", "Set in their Ways", "Old fashioned", "Fascist", etc.  This same tactic was used in China during their "Cultural Revolution" as well.  All of the chaos the "Cultural Revolution" caused was because of the Indoctrination that the Youth received in school.  This is no different from the Indoctrination that the Youth received in the First World from the 1960's onwards.  The Chinese and Russian Communist Revolutions sponsored by Jacob Schiff (the George Soros of the 20th century) proved that Communism could be applied on a human population through violent revolution and use of force.  What is happening presently is that Communism is coming through without force and without violent revolution but instead is occurring through the application of Law, through the use of Bureaucracy, and through the acceptance of the Public due to Indoctrination received through Institutions and from Propaganda in the Mainstream Media, and the Entertainment Sector

The indoctrination received by the masses due to Cultural Marxism has led Global Society to continually argue over who can "grieve" the most and who has been "victimized" the most. Society is now a "pluralist"/"multicultural" society of groups and individuals who have Conformed exactly into what Cultural Marxism needed of them so that each group is pitted off against another group while vying to be heard by having the biggest claims of victimhood in order to receive the most coverage and funding.

Behind the Corporation is the Bank, behind the Government is the Bank.  The Corporation and the Government are controlled by Debt and this is why it is called "Crony Capitalism".  Those in the Government and those in Corporations all work together with Banks in order to control the masses through Debt.

      What's amusing about this chart is that all of these countries pictured above have high Inflation because they are all under the"Fiat currency system" and after the 1970's, their currencies became worthless when America went to the"PetroDollar" system and removed themselves off of the "Gold Standard" system.  Therefore, the medicine prices started to slowly creep up because their national currencies slowly started to be worthless.  Other than America (which now has ObamaCare/Affordable Care Act in place), all of these countries are Socialist Countries which means that they subsidize Big Pharma through Tax Dollars raised from "progressive tax systems" meaning that medicinal costs will continue to go up since Big Pharma has a monopoly and therefore raises prices when they know that the government will be paying them for it.  Due to Governments regulations, Big Pharma has a complete monopoly on meds.  This means that Big Pharma has no reason to fear competition OR fear losing a buyer since the Government is their main buyer.

     In regards to Canada, Canada is fourth ahead of Greece who is only alive through IMF, World Bank, and ECB loans, USA who backs their currency with their military, and Japan who uses "Abenomics" to keep their country afloat (and this is all before the Canadian Liberal government 'borrowing or spending spree' occurs which is what helped get them elected).  Canadian policy makers are presently clamoring for Universal Government covered Pharmacare on top of Universal Government covered Health Care.  


CONCLUSION - "Great Man" Theory (promoted in Institutions and the Entertainment Sector) & the Belief in a Utopian Ideology (taught in Institutions) is leading yet again to Chaos and a NEW WORLD ORDER:
Research about vibrations and energy so that you can understand what occurs when you pray and ask for something. Escape the Hegelian Dialectics of "Religion VS Science", "Religion VS Astrology & Superstition", "Science VS Astrology & Superstition" because you will see that Religion, Science, and Astrology & Superstition are actually linked and are not opposite viewpoints

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