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How Society Works presently & how Human Civilizations have Always Worked - "YES MEN" & "GROUP THINK"

     Governments, Institutions, and Corporations just want you to do what is asked irregardless of what the affect is on the future.  As long as you agree and do what you are told, then everything is all right.  If you disagree, then you are free to leave (if you are lucky) or you will be in trouble (possibly demoted, fired, or held in contempt and viewed as a "trouble maker").  Either way, by not doing what is asked when it is asked, you have make it uncomfortable for others that now see you as a threat and will want you to leave. 
     If you are lucky, you will not get terminated right away.  However, you will be viewed differently by managers, supervisors, and authority figures inside of Governments, Institutions, and Corporations who will try and either isolate you or find ways for your resignation to occur.  Once you are gone, you will be replaced immediately with a "YES MAN" which is someone who does their work and agrees to do everything asked without a question asked.  

     In the past, you had choice in regards to where you could go and work because there was ample opportunities available to you.  However, because of a Weakening Economy, Free Trade Deals, Government Regulations and Government Restrictions, an Underclass of Workers and Competition for every job available, increase in Automation and Automated workers, Shrinking choice of jobs available to choose from and shrinking choices left for you to create your own business and invest in, the High Cost of living, and Personal Debt -you now have very little choice left
      Sadly, in the NEW WORLD ORDER, there will be "Global Zones" created based around Regional Blocs restricting where you can travel, where you can live, and what field of work you can work in -giving you less choice than ever before.  In the NEW WORLD ORDER -you either follow orders, get fined for disobeying orders, or you disappear from society when you are deemed a "trouble maker".  This is because there will exist a "Cashless Economy" where Institutions, Governments, and Corporations can just withdraw money from your bank account and also put you into debt just as fast through withdrawals.  You will not have a choice because there is no "Free Market".  In fact, everything is Government Regulated and Government Restricted.  All things will be Monopolized through the Free Trade Deals that are being signed presently.  Also, everything is censored due to "Terrorists" and "Terrorism". You will even have to pay for Individual Insurance just to step out of your house or to cross the street.

     In the New World Order, your only duty is to produce so that you can pay off Government Debt and pay off your own Individual debt.  Once you become a "surplus to parts" you are expendable (ex: terminally ill, incurable disease, severe injury, retiree, etc).  This is the world we helped create by being "YES MEN".  Understand "Gradualism", the Death Cult of Saturn/Cult of the Nicolaitans, "Crony Capitalism", Fabian Socialism and Cultural Marxism, and Statism in order to see how it all came about.  

      Jumping into the "rat race" due to our Institutional Indoctrination, choosing to believe in mythical narratives, and chasing the "American Dream" put us into debt and made us live lives that we could not afford.  Wealth was illusionary and based solely on Debt -Corporate Debt, Institutional Debt, State Debt, and Individual Debt.  Power and Control was imaginary and based on "Ego" and "Identity" because the real Power and Control was always held above the level of Corporations, Government, and Institutions and never within reach.  "Change", "Reform", and "Revolution" was solely based on what the Elites wanted implemented while bringing their Agenda into fruition.  All that awaits now is the formation of the NEW WORLD ORDER which is apparent if it is not already clearly visible for all to see.


     Once the Global "Cashless Economy" is created and all weapons have been confiscated there is very little left to do but follow orders.  It is integral to prevent this by first understanding the current Private Banking economic system.  Just like the Luddites in the 19th c. who realized that once the Industrial Revolution started and Factories appeared everywhere, there would be no more need for them, we are presently at the crossroads of our own civilization.  The "Cashless Economy" has not been created yet and 3D & 4D printers have yet to mass produce an Automated workforce.  However, once this has started, there is no going back.

In order for the masses to be distracted away from the "War on Terror" and the "Bush Doctrine" (which led to the weakening of the "PetroCurrency", started the mass printing of American Dollars in order to fund the wars, led to the "Global Recession of 2008", which allowed for "Quantitative Easing" and "Bail Outs" to be implemented), there was a mass boom in Technology.  Social networks and Smart phones allowed for an Integration of technology into our own private and personal space.  While everyone was caught up with Social Networking, the Elite were pounding war drums and creating a "Surveillance State" which is where we are today.

Presently, with very little left to do in order to prop up the "PetroCurrency", the "Terrorist card" has been used by Governments.  Sadly, "False Flags"/"Terrorist Attacks" will appear everywhere in order to push for more State control over their citizens.

This "Stab in the back" is no different than what Turkey and NATO did to Russia on Tuesday, November, 24th, 2015 when they downed the Russian jet while Russia bombed ISIS.  A small conflict is not beneficial for Arms Dealers who need this conflict to expand in order to bring in all the Superpowers in a World War scenario.  Putin (similar to Hitler being trapped in Poland and Denmark before World War II began) is now trapped in the Middle East and in Crimea with NATO and its allies surrounding him.



"Safe Space" indoctrination works perfectly into Agenda 21 (Agenda 2030) when "Zones" will be created for the masses.  "Safe Zones" is the mentality you will need to believe in the "Zones" that will be created because of Agenda 21 (Agenda 2030).

Whether it is Judaism, Islam, Marxism/Communism, Catholicism, Statism, etc -negative entities are controlling the ideologies you believe in and therefore controlling you.  Be weary of wolves in sheep's clothing.
If they are selling it to you, it is for their own good first and foremost, then yours.  We have become a nation of sellers and beggars while living in a F.I.R.E. economy and Consumer Culture.  Globalization intertwined with the F.I.R.E. economy and Consumer Culture has made us more opportunistic and cannibalistic not unified and tight-knit.
"Christ Consciousness" is what Christ's message was. Individuals have to strive to be free of the material realm and it's trappings through "Christ Consciousness".  Being a "Catholic" or a "Christian" traps you through identity and ego.
Otherwise known as, "Cap & Trade"

Repetition and Ritual is why voters go to polls during Elections in order to decide between two political parties who keep the Private Central Banking System alive. Neither Political Party works for the voters or their respective country.  Yet voters turn out in order to vote for Politicians affiliated with Political Parties that work for the benefit of Corporations, Institutions, and Banks.

Conservatives and Liberals engage in an "Hegelian Dialectic" about whether Edward Snowden is Treasonous or not! 


Judaism and Islam are not compatible with other religions.  On a superficial level, it looks like all Religions are equal and similar.  On closer examination however, there are many differences that ensure some religions are different than others.
Individuals can be "good" people, however what is their intent and what is the end result that they are seeking during the interaction with you?  For not all things can be seen on the surface level.  Secondly, are they being a "good Muslim" or a "good Jew" by interacting with you?  Thirdly, what is the environment that this interaction takes place and are there any power differences involved during your interaction?  Lastly, different sects in each religion treat people differently so that too is a factor that must also be understood before you decide to say someone is "good" or "bad" in your eyes.

Saturn feeds off of Negative Energy and Negative Thoughts.  This is why the "Death Cult of Saturn" feeds you with so much negativity through the Mainstream Media, inside Institutions, and with the Entertainment Sector.  The "Death Cult of Saturn" needs you to exist solely on the "Reptilian Brain" level where you vibrate on a instinctive/primal level.  The "Death Cult of Saturn" does not want you to exist at a "Higher Consciousness" because that is when you detach from "Ego", "Identity", "Possessions", and "Emotions".  Saturn's Matrix/Cube is the "Death Cult of Saturn" harnessing Mars, Venus, Ketu, and Rehu and imprisoning Earth inside of a particular frequency/ vibrational plane.

The "Reptilian Brain" is what Saturn needs humans to vibrate on.  There is no "ancient Reptilian race" as some Disinformation agents want us to believe.

The "Death Cult of Saturn" are the leeches/sentient machines that are feeding off of our vibrational energy and harnessing it for their own uses and agendas.
In order to understand the connection between Hinduism/Brahmanism, Islam, Zoroastrianism, and Judaism -look into the Radhanites article published earlier. It will help clarify much that is not clear presently.
The 10 Commandments that were written by Moses are solely written for the conduct of Jews interacting with other Jews.  Not for Jews interacting with people of other tribes.  For Jews interacting with other tribes, you have to look at Deuteronomy 20: 10-20.  Otherwise, this image creates an unequal comparison.



Hence, why they always surround themselves with "YES MEN"


"Ergün Poyraz, in his 2007 book Children of Moses, wrote that Turkey' Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and his wife, are crypto-Jews, who secretly work with Israel"

1% of the population controls the other 99%. This should sound familiar to those that complain about Capitalism and want to bring in Socialism/Statism instead of Capitalism.

the Radhanites trade network was then absorbed by the Khazars and integrated into the Norman Kingdoms which would later become the Venetian Empire.  In each instance, the Jews were funding both sides of the conflict and controlling trade routes while assimilating into the societies they lived in.  What is now known as "Crypto Jews". This is exactly what they are doing presently. Growing rich off of the misery of others while people like the Normans, Mongols, Muslims, Crusaders, British, Catholic Church, and USA are doing all of the fighting/"dirty work".  While acting like the "persecuted" (and writing it into the historical narrative), Jews are anything but "persecuted". Instead, Jews are the "enablers" and this is due to the "special privilege" granted to them by all rulers. 

 With that said, why do people actually believe Politicians, Bosses/Supervisors/Managers, Media Pundits, and Teachers/Professors would solely work for you and towards you?  Why do people actually believe that they can trust or believe the words and promises of Politicians, Bosses/Supervisors/Managers, Media Pundits, and Teachers/Professors when you cannot even trust those closest to you?  Take everything with a grain of salt when you hear it.


Understand reality so that you can make peace with reality and find peace within yourself.

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