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GRADUALISM: Fabian Society, London School of Economics, Keynesian Economics, & Statism/Socialism

 Instead of  researching for themselves, thinking for themselves, OR facing reality for themselves -Individuals will actually argue with you semantically in order to prevent themselves and you from doing anything with consequence.  If you are surrounded by Individuals who only argue semantically and at other times, only see what they want to see rather than seeing what is really there, what is in the relationship for you?  It is time for you to decide why it is you are wasting your time with Individuals on philosophical and spiritual topics (and possible even in the relationship).  Attachment is weakness because it attaches you to Identity and Ego which blinds you to the Truth and from attaining Wisdom.  Individuals who chose Ignorance over Wisdom are cancerous and destructive to everyone they come across.

The only way you can create a new model is to
1st, Remove the Private Central Bank in your country.  
2nd, Back your National Currency up with Natural Resources instead of being on the "Fiat System" and the "Petro Dollar".  3rd, Remove yourself from Free Trade Deals.  
4th, Decentralize the government and create smaller government therefore eliminating much of the bureaucracy and and taxes that go with big government and bureaucracy.  
5th, End government restrictions and government regulations and allow for a "Free Market" to rule in your economy.
STEP 1-5 eliminates "Crony Capitalists" and "Crony Capitalism".  This is the only way to make the old system obsolete.

Wisdom is the key to unlocking our Reality.  Otherwise, our will and our bodies will be working towards bringing the New World Order into fruition.




"Sidney and Beatrice Webb used the curriculum of the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris (best known as Sciences Po), which covered the full-range of the social sciences, as part of their inspiration for molding the LSE's educational purpose"

Coat of Arms for the London School of Economics 

"Trudeau continued his studies, first taking a master's degree in political economy at Harvard University's Graduate School of Public Administration. He then studied in Paris, France in 1947 at the Institut d'√Čtudes Politiques de Paris. Finally, he enrolled for a doctorate at the London School of Economics, but did not finish his dissertation.  Trudeau was interested in Marxist ideas in the 1940's and his Harvard dissertation was on the topic of Communism and Christianity".  Trudeau also chose the beaver as a Canadian symbol giving tribute to his puppet masters at the London School of Economics.  In fact, "the beaver attained official status as an emblem of Canada when it was recognized as a symbol of the sovereignty of Canada receiving Royal Assent on March 24, 1975" (the same time Trudeau sold Canada out to Central Bankers). 
Look at the cover of the book (pictured above) and then look back at Pierre Trudeau, see the Rose in both images?  The Rose is not only a symbol of "Socialism" but actually derives from the "Rosicrucian Order" founded in the 17th c.


the "Artificial" , Central Bank & State driven Keynesian Business Cycle.

Or as Liberals, Democrats, and Socialists call it, "Redistribution of Wealth".
Since "property is theft" those that own property must pay more Taxes for their property.

By Regulating the "Free Market", Governments choke out Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs while allowing Corporations that are T.B.T.F. ("Too Big Too Fail") to get Government Subsidies and "Bail Outs".  Meanwhile, Central Banks print out money allowing Corporations to "Buy Back" their stocks and survive long enough to absorb all their competition in the Market through Mergers and Acquisitions.  All of this is done until Central Banks control the Free Market, Corporations, Individuals, and the State through Debt.  However, by the time, the masses realize this, "Bail Ins" will be enacted and a "Cashless Society" will have been created in order to prevent "Bank Runs".  All of this was possible because of the "Hegelian Dialect" in play in society between: (A) Capitalists & Communists and (B) between Liberals & Conservatives (all of which was taught inside Educational Institutions & by the Mainstream Media) which distracted the Masses from the Central Banking System and the growing power of Statism/Socialism.

When the "Cashless society" is created after the controlled Economic Crash and Economic Collapse occurs then "Cash Bans" will be enacted Globally.  All the "Liabilities" are then passed onto the Taxpayers and Citizens.  Meanwhile, all of the Gold, Silver, and Property is seized by the Banks.  This is how the "Transfer of Wealth" will occur.  Through "bail Ins" and "bail Outs" as well as "Austerity Measures" passed by Governments globally.


This is the type of teaching that was brought into Educational Institutions since the 21st c. and has made children "entitled" and "privileged".  Making students feel "special" for coming to school and attending class instead of any actual achievements.  This is the same thinking that has caused Report Cards to stop printing letter grades -"So that children cannot 'fail' ".  Sadly, "a lot of things that are happening in education are happening for political reasons. It’s happening with little demonstrable benefit to students".
Just "rote learning" which is nothing more than "Indoctrination"
Teaching Islam is not the problem.  "White Washing" Islam's actual history while teaching it to students is the problem.

"Social Justice" is protesting for causes that only the State can enforce with Totalitarian Powers.  This is why the State allows you to protest for "social justice" issues.  Afterwards, the State argues, "protesting for different social issues is what a 'pluralist' society and a 'multicultural' society looks like" while simultaneously herding you towards the center where the State resides so that the State can centralize it's power and grow -all thanks to the "social justice warriors". 
"Revolution" as long as it involves being more Integrated into the "System" is exactly what Saturn wants.  Being independent of Saturn's system is anathema to the adherents of the "Death Cult of Saturn"/"Crony Capitalists".  This is why Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, and the Black Panthers had to be vilified and destroyed.  This is also why they are barely mentioned in Educational Institutions presently and why Martin Luther King Jr. is still being taught in Educational Institutes today with such reverence.

"Utopia: an imaginary place in which the government, laws, and social conditions are perfect".  However, because of the Educational System and the Mainstream Media pushing "Progressivism" and "Liberals" into the minds of people (since the end of World War II) the masses actually believe that "Utopia" is possible and want to do everything possible to bring it about in their lifetime.  Sadly, this mentality held by the masses is what is actually allowing for the creation of the New World Order.
This time, there is no place to go to escape from Statism/Socialism and the New World Order.


This is "Double Speak"/"Revelation of the Method" performed by Benjamin Disraeli.  Without Benjamin Disraeli the World War I that took place would have been avoided.  Without Benjamin Disraeli using subterfuge, "the unity of the three empires (Germany, Austria-Hungary, & Russia) makes a British-French conquest impossible" and World War I impossible.

Pictured above is "Social Justice Warriors" created by "Liberal" and "Socialist" educational Institutions and the Mainstream Media.  This "Social Justice Warrior" mentality enables people to support causes that they barely understand (and will not even participate in).
Destabilizing Syria was all part of a plan to have Russia spread about (ex: inside Eastern Europe vs. NATO & inside the Middle East vs. the USA, Israel, and Saudi Arabia).  Meanwhile, China will be isolated against USA, Japan, and India.  It was never about "Democracy", "Human Rights", or/and "Recognizing Independence".  It was about destroying Russia and China and allowing for the New World Order to replace the Superpower status of the United Nations permanent Security Council members (France, UK, Russia, China, and USA).

Pictured above is Screwdriver pieces.  When Statists, the Mainstream Media, and Social Networks are not using "Crisis Actors" to fool the public -they are using fake twitter accounts and fake Facebook accounts with internet trolls to push the UN Gun Confiscation agenda forwards.  Once the masses are disarmed, they will be "extracted" one-by-one and sent into zones and camps.

MH17 = 1+7 = 8 (a ritual sacrifice for Saturn)
Similar to what the West did to: (A) provoke Hitler into Poland and Norway & (B) what the West did to Japan in the Pacific Ocean kicking off World War II -the West is doing eerily the same thing presently with China and Russia. Which is opening up the door for a "False Flag", Military Escalations, and World War III. Listed below are headlines from newspapers and information from slides about how World War II started.  As you can see, the West is trying to provoke Russia and China in order to rearrange their Economic System and create their New World Order.
This quote above reveals why General Patton was killed during World War II, why the Soviets were allowed to occupy Eastern Germany until the USSR collapsed, and why the West occupied Western Germany until the end of the "Cold War".

Another similarity with the Quran and Islam. That God/Allah has a "preferred" language (and therefore a preferred Culture).
the Frankfurt School which is embedded inside all Liberal and Socialist Educational Institutions teaches exactly that mentality -"Victimization theory", "Social Justice", "Grievances", "Entitlement", and "Privilege".  It teaches you to hate yourself and to hate others and turn towards "the system" in order to correct any deficiencies.  The Frankfurt School's teachings are an incomplete narrative (as is the historical Jewish narrative and the Islamic narrative) which creates competition between groups, creates hatred and divisions inside of Individuals, and allows for belief in the system/ideology in order to control the masses and bring about Peace.
(JEWS)"Archaeological records referring to Judaism in Yemen started to appear during the rule of the Himyarite Kingdom, established in Yemen in 110 BCE. Various inscription in Musnad script in the second century CE refer to constructions of synagogues approved by Himyarite Kings. The kingdom's aristocracy was eventually to convert to Judaism in the 6th century CE. The Jews became especially numerous and powerful in the southern part of Arabia, a rich and fertile land of incense and spices and a way station on the routes to Africa, India, and the Orient. The tribes in Yemen did not oppose Jewish presence in their country.  
(MUSLIMS) "Another argument in our quest to discover the truth about Mecca concerns the identity of Quraish, the tribe from which Mohammed came, and when the Quraish occupied the city of Mecca. Quraish is a gathering of many Yemeni families with no prior family connections between them. They were gathered by Qusayy, the 8th ancestor of Mohammed. Ibn al-Kalbi, one of the most important Arabic historians, said: The tribe of Quraish was a gathering of different families, all related to each other through matriarchal lines, but it is not a tribe which began from one father or one mother or nursemaid. According to al-Tabari, another of the biographers of Mohammed, as well as other narrators of Islamic tradition, the term “Quraish” means “gathering.” This supports what Ibn al-Kalbi said. The one who had gathered these families was Qusayy bin Kilab. He was helped by his half brother on his mother’s side, named Razeh bin Rabieh bin Haram. Razeh belonged to the tribe of Kuthaah, which was in Yemen. Armed with these historical facts, we conclude that the tribe to which Mohammed belonged did not exist prior to Qusayy bin Kilab, the 8th ancestor of Mohammed, who was a Yemeni. Since his half brother was living in Yemen, we assume Qusayy came from Yemen recently and nothing is known about his ancestors. We only know he was not part of a known tribe. We can also conclude that, when he wanted to occupy the city, he was not backed by a tribe, something Arabians were careful to do when they planned a raid. Instead, Qusayy bin Kilab gathered several Yemeni families with no tribal connections among them. This gathering later became known as Quraish. No Marked Descendancy for the Ancestors of Mohammed in History refutes the Islamic claim that Mohammed’s ancestors formed a clearly-delineated and well-known line in Arabia, extending back to IshmaelIf this were so, the ancestors of Mohammed would have been a large tribe, well-marked in Arabia for 2,600 years before Mohammed. If the Islamic claim were true, the tribe of Quraish would have been like the tribe of Judah, from which King David descended. However, when we study the history of the ancestors of Mohammed, we find no tribe before his 8th ancestor. No Yemeni inscription speaks about such a family or tribe, and individual families were never known as tribes. This is contrary to the idea that Mohammed’s family had an old and well-marked descendancy, as Islamic tradition claims".


Bride and groom from Ultraconservative Jewish and Muslim Brotherhood wedding

Unfortunately, this is "Taqiyya" and "Kitman" being used on Non-Muslims. ('Muslim scholars teach that Muslims should generally be truthful to each other, unless the purpose of lying is to "smooth over differences". However when it comes to lying to non-believers it may be used in circumstances that are typically used for advancing the cause of Islam- in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them').  The most quoted "prophet" in the Quran is "prophet" Muhammad.  Not only is it his instructions and stories inside the Quran, you also say P.B.U.H. ("Peace Be Unto Him") when you read Quranic verses.  So again, the most quoted and revered "prophet in the Quran" is not Jesus but Muhammad. Jews and Muslims believe lying to non-believers is not a sin and therefore have no reason not to lie or mislead non-believers.


Yahweh was one of the branches/"sons" of EL

Conservatives and Liberals/Socialists need to look beyond the "Hegelian Dialectic" and see the Common Enemy.  Both versions of Statism (the Conservative view and the Liberal/Socialist view) are failing mankind and allowing for Saturn to control not only the minds of children but also the minds of adults.  Propaganda comes in many forms and majority of people do not see it unless it is pointed out to them and even then, only a few people will actually take it seriously. Ego must be shed before you realize that Saturn needs an Individual to have Ego so that Saturn can work his magic on that Individual.

However because of "Hate Laws" created after World War II and due to the Frankfurt School and Communist education being taught in schools worldwide, the historical fact of Jews being expelled from Europe was "whitewashed" out of history.  Instead, we presently have all Western European nations and Christian Churches wanting to do everything they can to protect Jews which is leading us to World War III and a New World Order.


Once a spell is cast or "wished" it is "traded" or "balanced" for/by something else.  You cannot get nothing for nothing so just remember that when you harness the "Secret".  Either you take from someone else OR you lose something else/someone else at a later date.  You cannot ask for something without giving something back in return to "balance" it off.  This is why the adage, "trading your soul to the devil" applies.  What you have to sacrifice will not be known until a later date and a later time.  

Anger and Lust helps harness Occult energy when casting a spell.  This is why the "Death Cult of Saturn" fill TV, Radio, and Advertisement with so much Sexual and Emotional content.  You radiate what you have harnessed through the images and sounds that your 5 senses take in constantly.  The more sexually charged and emotionally charged you are, the better for Saturn's realm and those that are drawing their energy from Saturn.

Rome's mass to the "Black Sun"

Pictured above is the "Saxe-Coburg and Gotha" flag abolished in 1918. This is one of the reasons that the British Royal Family and Hitler's National Socialists are always mentioned in the same breath.  This is why they also have similar symbol and both believed in Occult rituals.

This is similar to how Catholicism spread all over the world inside of Portuguese and Spanish colonies (ex: the Philippines).  Through brutal suppression, murder, and subjugation of "Natives" that were found by Spanish and Portuguese conquerors.  The "Death Cult of Saturn" whether it works through Islam, Judaism, Catholicism, Communism, or Statism/Socialism -the end result is the same. Destruction of what came before it and a complete alteration of it's Identity.

the Medici Shield

"Merchants Bankers" have always flooded areas with "easy money" and then afterwards "crashed" the area.  Usually taking over all the property and creating indebted Individuals and Families. When the "Merchant Bankers" leave, they leave behind death, disease, destruction, and war.  In other words, a "waste land".


In order to prevent keeping "all the eggs in one basket", the Venetian Bankers and European Royal families (the Black Nobility) decided to create Nation States.  This meant creating Nationalistic movements first and foremost which is what Napoleon and the "Napoleonic Wars" helped spread all throughout Europe.  Then came World War I and the dismantling of Huge Empires into smaller nation states.   World War I also allowed for Communism to spread and this was accomplished through Jacob Schiff who sponsored the Bolshevik takeover of Russia through the Russian Revolution.  Then came funding Hitler's rise to power and World War II.  The Cold War allowed Marxism/Socialism to be spread subtly through the Frankfurt School and the Fabian Society controlling Unions, the Mainstream Media, and Institutions.  World War III allows the completion of a plan created in the 1600's.



The "Death Cult of Saturn" tend to intermarry with one another in order to lead the movements themselves and to prevent outsiders from redirecting their agenda or making alterations to the agenda in play. Listed below are Aldous Huxley's quotes and novels.  All of which are esoteric with occult meanings attached to them.  What Aldous Huxley is doing through his words is two-fold:  (A) "Predictive Programming" for the masses and (B) "Revelation of the Method" for other Cult members.

Whether it's through: 
(A) Video Games such as the "Resident Evil" series (pictured above), or 
(B) movies such as the "Terminator" series or the "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes", or
(c) Hit TV series and Comic Books such as "The Walking Dead"
The Elites are planning to unleash a Bio-Weapon in the near future in order to cull the masses and control the population just as the Malthusians want.  It is not by accident that "Genesis" is the name of the company in "Terminator 5" and "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" or that Umbrella's colors (pictured above) are the colors of the Knights Templar.


Clerks of the Privy Council in Canada.  The Title and Office is in fact "Clerk of the Privy Council and the Secretary to the Cabinet". The Clerk is appointed by the Queen's representative in Canada, the Governor General, on the advice of the Prime Minister. The Clerk of the Privy Council operates as the deputy minister to the Prime Minister of Canada and provides impartial advice to the Prime Minister and is in charge of the Privy Council Office. As Secretary to the Cabinet, the Clerk of the Privy Council provides impartial advice to the Ministry and oversees the advice and policy support given to Cabinet and its committees. As Head of the Public Service, the Clerk is responsible for other deputy ministers and the provision of non-partisan, expert advice to the government as a whole.

ISIS, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the West are attacking Ancient Regions in the world presently (such as Yemen, Iraq, Iran, etc.) in order to destroy ancient artifacts and rewrite a historical narrative which will fit into the New World Order's narrative that will be expounded to later generations.  By this time, all information will be censored and you will only be able to learn what the Rulers of the New World Order will be teaching.

"Statism" is a Cult and "Statists" are cult members.  Presently, there is a "cult of personality" surrounding Justin Trudeau and the Liberals (as there was when his father, Pierre Trudeau was Prime Minister of Canada -which allowed Pierre Trudeau to alter Canada with very little objections from the Canadian public).  The same "cult of personality" formed around Obama in 2008.  The only difference between 2008 in the USA and Canada presently is that the stage is ready for World War III and the Global Economic Collapse to occur. Justin Trudeau, like his father, will be able to weather the criticism based solely on Mainstream Media coverage and his "cult of personality".

One has to realize that Canada has always been a "Vassal State" for others (Individuals and Nations).  First the British Empire due to the Colonial System, then the Bankers due to the creation of a private Central Bank in Canada , then U.S.A. through Free Trade Deals, and now Europe through Free Trade Deals.  Canada has never used it's National Resources for the betterment of it's own citizens -only for the benefit of others.


One can ask for "Transparency" from "Crony Capitalists" working in Institutions, Corporations, the Mainstream Media, and the State but "Crony Capitalists" will only show you what they want you to see. Otherwise, it is: (a) swept under the rug, (b) barely mentioned (if at all mentioned), or/and (c) replaced by another story/distraction in order for you to forget "transparency" was even brought up by the public.  Centralized power does not need your acquiescence, it simply demands it OR removes you from the picture all together.  The only way you can create a "Transparent" system is by altering the system all together and this is what "Crony Capitalists" will never allow you to do.

Governments will not "Legalize" Marijuana but will "Regulate" it in order to tax it and collect "User Fees" from licenses provided to those that "qualify" for it.

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Whether it is the archetype exemplified by Socrates or Jesus -anyone that speaks up and is able to rally a crowd around them and their message is a threat to Government and therefore must be either bought out, shamed into hiding, or killed.  The Government needs Individuals and Collective society to "buy" into the Reality they propagate.  Any threat to that Reality must be removed.  This is because it is not "Christ Consciousness" that reigns supreme inside of Society or inside Individuals but rather the will to fit in, the will to conform, and the will to stay ignorant.  This is what allows Saturn to rule and create his "Pleasure Palace" in the material/physical realm.
Saturn rules the physical/material realm
Once you find "Christ Consciousness" you are free of Saturn.  However, Saturn does everything he can to ensure that you turn towards his reality and away from "Christ Consciousness".  You can serve Saturn and do everything you can to fit into Saturn's material/physical plane or pull away into your "Christ Consciousness".

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