Saturday, November 14, 2015

Friday, November the 13th, 2015 -Paris Attacks

Q: What do you think about the attacks on France yesterday?
A: First & Foremost, rest in peace for all those people that passed away in the tragedy!  For all those suffering from injury, I wish you a recovery that will heal all physical, emotional, and mental trauma.  Now to answer your question! Without going in depth on the topic and repeating myself continually (due to previous articles where I have covered this subject), I will leave you with 5 words: "Operation Gladio" & "Gladio B".



Were willing and idealistic Ideological pawns involved? YES!!
Were "Crisis Actors" involved? YES!!
     Always look to see who has the most to gain from the tragedy and who has the most to lose. See the events that unfold around the tragedy date/"crisis event" as well as the events that occur directly afterwards.  It will allow you to understand the event itself when it occurs and put things into perspective.  
      Also, look to see if any Occult Symbolism, any Occult Numerology, or any Occult Images are present during the "Crisis event"/tragedy date!  All of these are clues that will enable you to unlock the actual events being played out and avoid being led by emotion, political and religious rhetoric, or false narrative. 
After looking into "Operation Gladio" & "Gladio B", look into "Operation Northwoods" & "CoinTelPro".

Large Military Exercise Took Place On Same Day As Paris Attacks


"Bread and Circuses"; Money/Work and Education; Experience, Fear, and Conformity -bring people together. However, ideology separates people.  We can pretend that everyone has the same views, similar beliefs as each other, that everyone views each other as their equals, and that it is the "asshole" that causes the problems.  Yet, that is a very simplistic and naive view of others and physical Reality.  One that lacks actual understanding.  
Superficial, surface-level conversations can always occur between individuals and groups, that is the easy part.  Having a deep conversation based on openness and actual understanding is what counts.  That is what is not occurring in present day society due to fear, anxiety, ignorance, and political correctness.

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