Tuesday, July 7, 2015

New World Order -One World Statist/Corporate Government (see what's coming before it is here)


(1) Forced Vaccinations, Implanted RFID Chips, & Cashless Societies in order to receive "Service" or be a "Purchaser". 
(2) Weak Economies, Collapsing Fiat Currencies and Collapsing Economies, Oversupply of Labor, Automated Labor Force, Cashless Societies, No Black Market/No Underground Market/No Free Market, FEMA CAMPS, "Kill Switches" & Medical Death Panels
(3) GMO Foods, TPP & TISA signed, Agenda 21, Export Economies, Forced Vaccinations & Forced Sterilization, Controlled Population Growth
(4) Oversupply of Labor, Scarcity of Jobs, No Black Market/No Underground Market/No Free Market, No Consumer Society leads to a Militarized Police State and FEMA CAMPS
(5) Statist control over every thing in an Individual's life from birth to death

It should say Statist because Socialist, Communist, and Fascist governments Centralize power to the State and a strong State can create a submissive populous.  It always has historically.

http://www.advocatedaily.com/areas-of-law/amps-will-mean-a-watering-down-of-the-legal-system.html "An Administrative Monetary Penalty essentially allows an officer to charge a defendant with an offence and not have to provide any proof whatsoever of any offence having been committed," she says. "The court now deals with two types of offences – strict liability and absolute liability – and those speak to the type of defence that may be raised. Lippa says no appeal can be heard on a decision where no facts are presented. This so-called online resolution with a hearings officer is to reduce the amount of the fine and perhaps deal with consideration of time to pay," she says. "What about an individual's Charter right to be considered innocent until proven guilty pursuant to s.11(d)? What about the rights of a defendant to face his or her accuser and put them to the test of proving the case beyond a reasonable doubt? What about giving so much power to a police officer or other designated person of power who can issue these AMPS without any proof or standard of investigation to be upheld?" Lippa says people who work in the court system have many concerns about the proposal; they have questions about the training of the independent hearing officers who will be used instead of judicial officers. It's worrisome that the report does not detail how such a system would operate, nor does it describe the elements of an online adjudication system and how people could dispute a charge, she says. Lippa points to concerns about how the report is "ambiguous" and doesn't outline how a conviction will be registered. There are also questions about how one would obtain disclosure – the evidence against them – under such a system". 

As well as the Military and Police have the same structures in place and are very docile individuals who follow orders without question.  All 4 groups (those in school, prison, military, and in the police force) often think they are "free" and "bad asses".

This is how a crime network works and operates.  The Elite group at the very top are: Intelligence Agents, High ranking Police Officers, the Government, and Fraternities who have enough "pull" and connections to keep those not in the loop off of the case and away from what agenda/event needs to occur (as well as having charges dropped if someone is caught).
While World War III rages on between Ideologies all across the world and millions die, States will consolidate and extend their power at home over their populous and region until you see the New World Order formed and 11 regions are created to rule over the entire remaining populous.

"False Flags" (blamed on Extremists Groups, Domestic Terrorists, Free Thinkers, and Political Dissidents), plus "Crisis Actors",  and "Show Trails" will allow for the "Police State"  to be created as a necessity to protect people.  Listen to the beginning of the clip when they talk about seizing property (and listen to what exactly they seize), this is "Predictive Programming" at work OR as they say in Occult circles, "Revelation of the Method"
 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCTgUq6hzUk (2:27 mins.)

I am not trying to praise Hitler or his National Socialists because he too was a Statist. However, Hitler's main enemies were Communists and Jews and Hitler did warn about the designs and agendas of both groups.  Communists and Jews (especially Russian Bolsheviks were synonymous with each other).  Through "Political Correctness" and "Hate Crime" Bills globally both have received "Carte Blanche" and have avoided scrutiny.  The irony though is that Hitler and the National Socialists have instead received all the scrutiny and focus since the end of World War II and thus Hitler's warnings go unheard and unheeded.

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