Thursday, July 23, 2015

"Canary In the Coal Mine" & "Black Swan" Event -Warning Signs Abound Everywhere

the "Warning Signs" are all over the wall for everyone to see and yet majority of the World and the people living in it, are too focused on THEMSELVES and the Reality they create inside their minds to even realize what the "Warning Signs" are telling them. 
Individuals from Adolescence onward, until they usually become Seniors, are solely focused on themselves, wanting to define who they are, and wanting to be different from everyone else. However, by engaging in just those activities, we actually detach from Reality and get caught up in our own world and in our own thoughts inside our head that actually we miss all the "warning signs" present in our actual reality that are dead ahead and warning us.  We think we are "unique" and "special" (thus making us "entitled" and with a sense of "privilege").  We believe that we are "unique" and "special" and "different" from everyone else with our "own", individual thoughts and beliefs -yet truth is, our "own" thoughts and our "own" beliefs are subconsciously given to us from an Early Age through the Entertainment Sector, Mainstream Media, and Institutions that we find ourselves growing up in and growing up around.  Our thoughts are also manifested through being Indoctrinated by our Socio-Economic Cultural Environment we grew up in and the language that we used.  Often times, as the "Warning Signs" are directly in front of us, we believe the "Lie" and the "Illusion" instead of the Reality that actually exists as if believing in the "Illusion" is going to make us better people and make our "Realities" that much softer to live in and live through.
Until we see the "Manipulated Reality" that we actually live in, we are going to be far more Fragile than we actually are.  Until we see the "Manipulated Reality" that we actually live in, we are going to be far more "Attached" and "Dependent" on people in position of Authority, Fame, and Influence -therefore not allowing us to see that these Individuals do not have our best interests in mind and are actually leading us astray to what they want us to do in order to benefit themselves. When blinded by Emotion or Manipulated by opportunistic people, Events will then seem more "Random" and "Coincidental" than they actually are.  Therefore, we are caught in a Life Pattern and Reality that was "Designed to Fail" which we could have prevented had we paid heed to the "Warning Signs" all around us, all the time.

Until you realize that the Central Banking System rules over every part of your life and manipulates the Reality that you live in, you will believe in Fallacies such as: (A) God had destined these events to happen the way they did and it was his "Divine Plan", therefore brushing it off, OR (B) that it was a "Coincidence" and nothing more, therefore brushing it off, or (C) that it was "Random", therefore brushing it off .  When in fact, Events are Designed strategically, Manufactured precisely, Initiated opportunistically, and Implemented perfectly in order to cause a particular event and a particular end result in your lifetime.  The only "Random" event is how it effected your mind and your mind's thought processes when looking at yourself, when looking at others, and when looking at the world around you.  When you are "Free from the Matrix" you can never "plug in" again and you will never see People or the World the same way again.  When the "Herd" goes one way, you must go a step astray in order to avoid the mistakes that the "Herd" makes therefore preparing yourself accordingly for events that the "Warning Signs" helped you to be aware of before they arrived.  Complicity and Ignorance in the past and present, is why the Central Banking System has grown in power and influence.  Complaining about life and allowing hatred, envy, resentment, bitterness, lust, ignorance, or anger to fill up your Soul and Coagulate inside you, makes you more fragile and robs you of your health and well being.  Understand the Central Banking system and allow yourself to make healthy choices by using healthy language inside your mind as you think things through.  Use healthy language when speaking verbally so you are controlling the words you use and not reacting to others around you.  Allow yourself to understand how it is that the Central Banking System controls Institutions, the Mainstream Media, and the Entertainment Sector so you can teach others and allow them to "unplug from the Matrix and the Grid".  You can believe that Events are: (A) a "surprise", "unexpected", and that you did not see it coming, or (B) that it was in Scripture and meant to happen if you choose to.  Whatever you choose, prepare yourself accordingly. Understand the world around you in order to understand yourself and from there, decide to either be complicit in helping the Central Banking System consolidate, expand, and hold power OR to speak up against the Central Banking System and slowly over time, "unplug" yourself and others from their control.

Complicity is subservience!

Not thinking and having others think for us and then blaming them afterwards without accepting responsibility for our thoughts or actions is what our Present Reality has Indoctrinated us to be.  Whether it is learning from Individuals on TV, OR the Learning that takes place in our Institutions, OR the learning that places during Interactions at Work -we are always mimicking someone else.  Think, so that you are confident in the words that you use and the actions that you take and therefore more Accountable to the Outcomes that your Actions begat.

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