Friday, July 10, 2015

Liberty & Freedom starts with De-Centralization & Free Markets not Govt Regulations, Govt Licensing, & Govt Intervention

QUESTION: How do you know when State Education is nothing more than an "Indoctrination Center" and is created to Brainwash you so the Government can self perpetuate itself and justify it's need to exist? 
ANSWER: When State Education does not teach you about Alternatives such as Decentralization because it would weaken State control over an Individual's mind and therefore alter the Individual's thought process and choices.  
     If you do not understand your Reality that you live in, you do not understand the choices that you have, and therefore regress into something less than what you could be.  You become more Reactive than Proactive and you treat everything as Ritualistic (ex: elections) that you have to do because everyone is doing it and therefore is Cultural.  When you do not understand the Reality that you live in, you become embroiled in emotional self-serving arguments that are so personified that they go in circles and comes to a Conclusion through Authority or Force but are never actually settled rationally and therefore apathy or resentment exists.  Unless you understand your Reality, unless you understand your Economical and Political reality, you will never understand yourself or your existence.  Instead, you will either be blinded by Institutional Ideology or be blinded by Institutional Narrative and therefore hide yourself behind your Career and Ritualistic lifestyle.

"Crony Capitalism" at work

Whether it's the South succeeding from the North before the "American Civil War", or Tamil Eelam separating from Sri Lanka, or Khalistan separating from India, or Catalonia separating from Spain, or Crimea separating from the Ukraine, etc. People that want to govern themselves should have the choice to govern themselves instead of being forced back into a Country whose Culture and Economic structure is different from theirs and the direction the Country is heading in presently is different than theirs.  Creating Debt, creating Profits through the selling of Arms, creating work through the use of Humanitarian Organizations -is why Global Powers step in when countries try to secede and separate from the World System in place.  It has nothing to do with the benefits of the people involved but more so, it has everything to do with the benefits of Institutions, the benefits of Organizations, the benefits of Corporations, and the benefits of Governments that will prosper because of the conflict. This is why the State Education system is so important in Indoctrinating minds and Brainwashing them to believe that Centralization is the best option and the only option in order to prosper and succeed in the Global Markets. This is why State Education, Organizations, Institutions, the Media, and Corporations will support the Hegelian Dialectic in play and support "Black and White" thinking (and never show other Alternatives and choices available). When you feel powerless, you become apathetic and indifferent (sometimes you even become De-sensitized to the world around you).  This is what they want you to do.  They will never reveal the truth to you because it is in their Self Interest not to. 

     Socialism and Statism which involves Big Government and Centralization creates more Dependence and Dependents than Independence and Free Thinkers.  Socialism and Statism creates "Crony Capitalism" in order to survive.  Socialism and Statism live because of the Indoctrination of minds through State Education.  "Liberal" and "Progressive" education is "Double think" and "Double Speak" because it does not create "Progress" it limits "progress" and instead creates "Wage slaves" and "Debt Slaves".  It does not create "Liberty" it creates Entitlement and therefore the  belief in "Redistribution of Wealth" -which takes form in the "Progressive Taxation System" (which again is a Socialist belief).  State Education also teaches one to be angry at the Capitalistic system in place (which is another Socialist belief).  However, what State Education neglects to teach you because of it's self serving nature is that the Economical system in place is not Capitalistic it is "Crony Capitalism" which enables Corporations, Union, and the State to be "Bed Fellows" though in Public because of the way the "Liberal" Media covers all 3 parties (they act like combatants and enemies).  Understand the truth about yourself and your Economical and Political reality so that the Fabrication of Reality and the Illusion of Reality evaporates.  Only then will the choices you make be your own.  Only then are you actually free and an individual.  If you want to be free, you must end Central Banks and the Central Banking system as well as the Centralization of Government and the Amalgamation of Regions into that Central Government.  You must see State Education as an "Indoctrination Center" and the Media as a useful instrument of the State and Corporations. 

Economical System in Place: Crony Capitalism
Political System in Place: Statism/Socialism/Communism/
Indoctrination Centers: State Education, Corporate and State Media, Corporate Liberal Entertainment Sector, Corporate and State Institutions
Enemy of Liberty and Freedom: the Centralized Banking System and the Centralized State

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