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MacroCosmic Understanding

     Thank you all for the viewership that has grown since I first started.  Thank you all for having read my articles and for sharing it via Twitter, on Facebook, and word of mouth. I greatly appreciate the questions and support.  Together we have now completed article 200 so Thank You All for that milestone reached!!

      In order to avoid the dichotomous question that Political Parties and Politicians like to create with their "Black and White" thinking which leads to more "Black and White" results by arguing, "how to spend money", "where to spend money", "what to spend money on", "what it should be spent on", and "who to spend money on".  You have to first understand where Government even gets their money to spend.  When you understand where Government gets their money to spend, you understand it is not the questions that politicians are asking that will solve the problems in a Nation (because that type of thinking in fact creates even more problems in the Nation).  You will understand that in order to solve the money issues in a Nation you must first:
(a) Nationalize banks and remove the National bank from the Central Banking System in place
(b) Allow for a "Free Market" in a Nation therefore eliminating "Crony Capitalism" inside a Nation
(c) Create smaller Government by eliminating Government Regulations, Government Licensing, and Government Restrictions therefore allowing for the "Free Market" and Consumers to dictate what survives and what falls to the "way side".    Allowing for the "Free Market" to rule instead of "Crony Capitalism", enables Consumers to decide what needs to improve in order to survive and what will survive based on what it offers Consumers.  It also avoids Government Monopolies and "Cronyism"  since Governments will not be able to protect particular entities that they protect and guard presently.  Public Service Sector Unions created by the Government will also not be able to hijack and blackmail taxpayers.

     Governments of a Nation are the only entity that has the "privilege" to make money.  However, they do not actually make money, Private Central Banks do!  Understanding this fact reveals that Governments are not in control of their own Country's currency and therefore must:
(a) give up that "privilege" so Governments can stop giving out Banking license to the Corporations who work under the Bank of International Settlements.  This will simultaneously allow for the masses to stop believing in the myth that Governments actually make money (therefore exposing the actual money system in place) 
(b) Governments will actually have to use that "privilege" and create a Currency backed by a Particular Resource (ex: oil, gold, silver, etc.) in the Country so that the Nation's Currency will actually benefit the Nation and the Citizens of the Nation not the Central Banking System Cartel.
     Either choice (a or b) would eliminate Central Banks because it would expose that Governments have no control of the value of the Government's currency presently in use.  It would also reveal to the masses that the current "Fiat Currency System" is backed by nothing and therefore would allow for National Governments to be forced to back their actual currencies with a resource (ex: oil, gold, silver, etc,).  This would also allow for: (1) more Private Banks to be created to challenge the main existing Corporate Banks in a nation and both the private Banks and the Corporate Banks must back their Bank holdings and not have I.O.U.'s and "Ponzi Schemes" in place which do nothing and are more damaging in the long run to a Nation and it's Citizens.  (2) Corporate Banks would lose their current monopoly in society.  

      Debt is 2 parties involved (Lenders and Borrowers) not 3 parties (Lenders, Borrowers, and Taxpayers). However, because of the current Central Banking System in place, Governments have assured Lenders that if they take Risks when they Lend money, the Governments will cover them for their losses with Taxpayer's money.  This is why Government Debt has grown, why Taxes have risen, why Inflation has risen, why National Currencies have weakened and "purchasing power" has weakened, and why Social programs and the Public Sector is sinking the entire Economy presently.  "Leverage" and "Individual Debt" have grown not "Individual Wealth".

      Historically, the "Money Lenders" and Central Bankers Strategy is to:
(a) first, Break the economy of any Nation or geographical area by flooding the economy with "easy" money and have individuals Dependent on the money in place for their livelihoods
(b) second, once people are Addicted to the money, slowly start reducing and contracting the money that is maintaining the current system in place (which can also be done by creating a "Crash" which is similar to a Black Hole being created that sucks in money and wipes borrowers out of their life savings and illusioned wealth but still makes those same Borrowers liable to the Debt they have to pay back the Lender).
(c) third, force the Borrower to give up their actual Assets (ex: house, gold, silver, land, seaports, children, etc.) in order to pay back the loan given to them by the Lender
(b) fourth, this forces citizens to flee because there is no job opportunities and therefore no upward social mobility for themselves (and for their children).  With the vacuum created by people leaving the Country or Geographical Area, New cheap labor and Investors are brought into the area and a New culture is created.  The old culture is gone and is now replaced by a fragmented society in place held together only by work and money and therefore is very superficial, opportunistic, and cannibalistic with artificial relationships holding every interaction together.

     Without Money being printed by Central Banks: house prices, tuition prices, food prices, gas prices, etc. Drop.  Inflation which is also created by countries De-valuating their Currency due to Central Banks printing money (and not having it backed by anything) is bad for Everyone except Stock Markets, Central Bankers, and those in charge of the F.I.R.E.(Finances, Insurance, and Real Estate) economy.  Stock Markets, Central Bankers, and the F.I.R.E. economy are Dependent and Addicted to Central Banks printing money.

     Government "surplus" means cutting Government spending which results in cutting of Government programs and loss of Government jobs (which does not mean that jobs cannot be created in that sector by the Private sector it just means the Government will not need to spend Taxpayers money in order to maintain that job in place) 
       Government incurring "debt" by spending Taxpayers money which means more Government programs and Government jobs which means creating Future Taxes for Taxpayers.
     However, eliminating the Central Banking System presently in place, eliminates this current "Surplus" and "Debt" dichotomy and discussion because it eliminates individual taxes, national debt, and currency inflation.  The Government cannot spend or create more than it has when the Central Banking System is eliminated because everything it spends and creates has to be backed by what it actually has not by "Fiat Currency" which is backed by nothing.

     Government does not make something "Profitable", Government sees something that is already Profitable and either gets Involved in it to make a "piece of the pie" OR Monopolizes it completely (ex: Gambling & Lottery, Transportation, Issuing of Licenses, etc).  Gambling and Transportation would have existed without Government involvement presently and has existed in the past -and will in the future. The only thing that Government actually does is Government Regulates it, Restricts it, Monopolizes it, and allows for it's "Cronies" to make their earnings and livelihood from it (with a little bit of "tokenism" sprinkled in to say that it is "fair" and "equal").  That is how Government's work.  Government does not create anything.  Government extorts people by allowing them to use something that could and would have existed and has existed before Government decided to take it over and Monopolize it.

     Fake Money creates: Fake Wealth, Fake Expectations, Fake Conversations and Fake Debates, Fake People and Fake Personalities, and a Fake Society.  If you want to create a Real Society use Real money.  Real money is backed by real assets and is therefore real wealth which does not get tossed around so lightly and easy and therefore values hard work and is not frivolously spent but saved and used wisely.  Society automatically alters when real money is used.  

     In the past, when people have been a "drain on society" and a "drain" on their family, people have been:
(a) Exiled,
(b) Forced into Hard labor or (Debtor Prison), 
(c) Executed, OR
(d) Publicly Shamed 
     Socialism/Statism has given Degenerates and Freeloaders a "Free Pass" and has allowed these individuals to be a "Drain on Society" and a Drain on the rest of the Taxpayers who are carrying them on their back. Example: if you have never worked legally, how are you entitled to welfare, hospital services, government services and government programs, prison accommodations, legal aid, a pension, child allowance, subsidized housing, physiotherapy, or medical and drug coverage?  If you have never worked legally your whole life and have only sold drugs, robbed and stole, and have done only "cash" jobs -you have not paid into anything and therefore should not be entitled to anything because you have given nothing but are taking something from someone else who has contributed.  This is why Socialism/Statism is a terrible system of government and a Failed Experiment that must end.

     Whether it's Liberal, Conservatives, Social Democrats, the Green Party, Libertarians, Voluntarists, or Anarchists -none of the actual Political Parties talk about the Central Banking System and Fiat Currency in place presently (though I have encountered Individuals associated with these parties that actually do).  Anarchists do not want Government (or at worst, want less Government), Libertarians want less Government, are honest about people's motives in the Labor Market, and want the Free Market in place to help spur growth.  Voluntarists believe in the Free Market, want less Government, and also are honest about people's motives in the Labor Market and are honest about people wanting to improve their Community.  The other main parties (Liberal, Conservatives, Social Democrats, the Green Party, Communist Party, etc.) all want Big Government but cannot agree on what Big Government should and should not be able to do. Tragically, Voluntarists, Libertarians, and Anarchists, do not bring up the Central Banking System and Fiat Currency which needs to be destroyed in order to allow the Free Market to operate fairly for everyone in society.  Ending the Central Banking System simultaneously ends "Crony Capitalism" therefore reducing Government Monopoly.  Government Reduction opens up doors and opportunities for hard working people to fill and earn a living from.  Government Dependence for many Individuals and Families also ends with Government Reduction but everyone has a fair chance to succeed as long as they are willing to work hard at whatever it is they do and be wise with their money and spending habits.  Ending the Central Banking System benefits Savers and Hard Workers and creates a society that is backed by Real wealth. Ending the Central Banking System dissolves the system of Usury set into place.

      Many argue that if you do not believe in the system, you should not vote.  That is one viewpoint when it comes to voting.  However, not voting still allows for the Political Party you do not want to win, to win.  Voting is choosing between negative alternatives in the form of Political Parties and Politicians who do not have your best interests at heart.  In truth, Voting is a ritual and nothing more.  Democracy is the belief in the ritual of voting and often does nothing for the masses but disappoint people based on their hopes and expectations. However, if you believe in voting you can either vote for a "Grass roots" political party (whether it's Regional or National based) that will directly affect your community.  Any "Grass Roots" national Political Party must have for it's Mission Statement -Nationalizing the banks, allowing for the creation of the "Free Market", and therefore allowing for the  reduction of  Government and "Crony Capitalism".  That is a "Grass Roots" political party you must support as opposed to not voting and letting the Political Party you do no want to win by you not participating.  If there is no such Political Party in place, you must spend your time making people aware of the system in place by making them understand about the Central Banking system, Fiat Currency, and "Crony Capitalism".  Otherwise, you not participating in politics and political discussions and not voting still adds to the problem in place presently. 

     Not 1 of the influential and well known "Conspiracy Theorists" focuses on "Crony Capitalism", the Central Banking System, and Centralization simultaneously.  Instead, Alex Jones focuses on the "Nazis", David Icke focuses on "Reptilians", Zecharia Stitichin focuses on "Aliens", and Michael Tsarion focuses on "Atlanteans".  Anyone that does not talk about Dissolution of the State OR De-Centralization of the State, Nationalization of the Banks, and ending "Crony Capitalism" are either Phony or misinformed. Otherwise, they are Cointel Pro agents, Agent Provocateurs, or Intelligence Agents spreading "Half Truths", Disinformation, and Misinformation on purpose.  "Conspiracy Theorists" that I enjoy are: James Corbett of the "Corbett Report", David Quintieri of "Money GPS", and Dave from "X22" (to name a few).  Do your own research and find your own truth.  Do not take anything for "face value".  Nothing is as it seems!

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