Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Illusionary Reality VS Actual Reality: Wealthy & Influential People (part 1)

     "Wealthy" and "Influential" individuals and their families covered by the Mainstream Media and discussed in Educational Institutes and Mainstream Culture are nothing more than Distractions from Actual Reality.  In order to keep the masses distracted, you must fill them up with "circus" and this exactly what has happened since the inception of Television and the introduction of Universal State Education.  The individuals and the families listed below are what the actual rich call "new money" and when you understand economics, you will understand that most of these people are actually in debt and have no real wealth.

     Also referred to as, "Old Money", these individuals and their families (listed below) have actual control over Central Banks, Stock Markets, Cartels (Oil, Drugs, etc.), the Arms Industry, Geopolitical Policies and Government Agendas, Think Tanks and Institutions, Non-Government Organizations, Transnational Corporations, the Mainstream Media, Rebels/Terrorists, Organized Crime Syndicates, and actually have influence over the most prominent Politicians worldwide.  These people below prop up Governments that do their bidding and Destabilize entire regions and countries who decide to favor the will of their citizens over the will of the actual rulers in charge.  These people below have actual influence, actual wealth, and actual power.  These are the Oligarchs, Plutocrats, and Rulers of the world.  Their word is the final word!!
J.P. Morgan

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