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Tribal Islam, the Ottoman Empire/Turkey's relationship with the West, Armenian Genocide, and Saturn

      Whitewashing and Censoring Jewish History, Whitewashing and Censoring Islamic History, & Whitewashing and Censoring Communist History out of Public Discourse, out of Institutions, out of the Mainstream Media, and outside of the Entertainment Sector is what is causing society and the world so many problems today. Being uninformed and ignorant is leading us to the NEW WORLD ORDER as the Elite have planned all along.  Understand the "Death Cult of Saturn"/Cult of the Nicolaitans, the Tribe of Dan, the Radhanites, Crypto Jews, Venetian Bankers, and the Babylonian Talmud.  Only then you will understand reality and only then will it all make sense to you.


Key figure to focus in on is Abu Sufian and his bloodline who take over Islam's direction after Muhammad's passing and regain control of the tribe's direction with more influence and more power than what they originally controlled in Arabia (before the creation of Islam).  The Quraish/Quraysh tribe, originally from Yemen, now control an ever expanding Empire.  This tribal allegiance, plagued Islam after Muhammad's death and tribal allegiances continue to this day to divide Muslim loyalties on Muslim lands.
       Islam, a Quraysh religion, crafted by Mohammed for the masses to believe in. After Mohammed's death, the Quraysh rule over the religion and guide it in the direction they need it to grow and expand into. This is especially true with Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan the 5th Umayyad caliph. "During his reign, all important records were translated into Arabic, a special currency for the Muslim world was minted (for the first time which led to war with the Byzantine Empire under Justinian II. The Islamic currency was then made the only currency of exchange in the Muslim world). Also, many reforms happened in Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan's time in power relating to agriculture, Arabic was made the state language of government across the entire empire, a regular postal service was instituted, the damaged Kaaba was repaired and the tradition of weaving a silk cover for the Kaaba in Damascus began, the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem was built, the oldest datable Quran in the world was created (70 years after Mohammed's death) during Abd al Malik's reign in power which was when Abd al Malik then begin to make the first efforts to spread the Islamic teachings. This included conquering and looting many regions, killing entire tribes and people to invade their towns and areas. Finally, the prayers towards Mecca was also established during this time".

"When the news of the Prophet's death came out, many Muslims were confused and stunned. 'Umar himself was so overcome with emotions that he drew his sword and declared, 'If anyone says that the Messenger of Allah is dead, I will cut off his head'.  Muslims stayed in such state until Abu Bakr arrived and gave his famous address: 'O People! If anyone among you worshipped Muhammad, let him know that Muhammad is dead. But those who worshipped Allah, let them know that He lives and will never die. Let all of us recall the words of the Qur'an. It says: "Muhammad is only a Messenger of Allah, there have been Messengers before him. What then, will you turn back from Islam if he dies or is killed?". ' Suddenly Abu Bakr's words started to sink in, and in no time confusion was gone. Having shrugged off the shocking news of the Prophet's death, Muslims realized that they need someone to fill the position of leadership amongst them. The two main groups amongst Muslims were Muhajirun (refugees from Makkah), and Ansar (the people of Madinah). The Ansar gathered at the Thaqifah Bani Saydah their meeting place. Sa'ad ibn Abadah, the Ansar leader, suggested that the Caliph should be from amongst them. Although many refused saying that the Muhajirun in right have a better claim to Khilafah. When the news reached Abu Bakr, he quickly went to their gathering, fearing that confusion might spread once again, and said, 'Both Muhajirun and Ansar have done great service to Islam. But the former were the first to accept Islam, they were always very close to the Messenger of Allah. So, O Ansar, let the Caliph be from amongst them'.  After a short discussion, the Ansar agreed that they should choose the Caliph from amongst the Muhajirun, being from the tribe of Quraysh and being the first to accept Islam".

Abu Sufian's son Muawiyah, the second caliph from the Umayyad clan (the first being Uthman ibn Affan), now rules over Islam. The division that started after Mohammed's death between the two tribes vying for succession has now led to the schism within Islam that will define Islam by tribal allegiances even to this day.
Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan -Arab & Islamic reformer

"if Mohammed did not exist, Muslims would have to invent him" in order explain their ideology, cosmology, and to create an identity which would romanticize a mythology around him. States/Rulers/Institution when they centralize power always create a mythological founder that defines their identity and purpose. States/Rulers/Institution never uses names, or people and do not speak about events that do not serve their purpose and Mohammed being the archetypal founder enabled Islam to have a religious beginning that might be based more on myth than reality. Similar to Constantine using Christianity, the Bible, and Jesus in order to create a State religion in order to bring his Empire together, the Quraysh tribe used Islam, the Quran, and Mohammed to bring their Empire together

Colonial India

Though this picture above explains Colonial Africa, Colonial India and the Colonial Middle East were no different under Colonial rule. In fact, Colonial administrations fed off of "Divide and Conquer" strategies and often played regions and tribes against Rulers. Case in point, Arab tribes revolting against the Ottoman rulers which led to the Middle East & North Africa being taken over by France and the United Kingdom after World War I.

Presently, Muslims pretend violence has nothing to do with Islam's history and that "Islam is a peaceful religion" and that "Islam is a merciful religion".  Unfortunately, that is not the case. Both ISIS and Wahhabism's roots stem from historical Islam. Something Muslims have yet to admit and never will admit because they do not have to tell the truth to non-believers.  Muslims can say anything to non-Muslims in order to protect and preserve Islam.  It is up to the non-believer to research Islam's tribal history in order to understand Islam's present history.  Tribalism has always caused Muslims to fight other Muslims as well as fight with non-believers.

Similar to the Americans deliberately tricking Milosevic and the Serbs at Rambouillet in order to gain a foothold in the Balkans and encircle Russia with NATO.

Refugee Crisis/Migrant Crisis & continual Warfare in the Middle East should do it though. No need to convert Muslims when massive death tolls (as well as an exodus of Muslims leaving the Middle East) is occurring daily and regularly.




      the Ottoman Empire was only propped up by the British and French in order to stop Russia from saving Christianity and expanding outwards.  In fact, without French and British interference, Russia would have freed majority if not all of the areas controlled by the Turks.  However, because of French and British interference, especially Benjamin Disraeli, the Ottoman Empire and the Balkans factored into World War I, whereas without Benjamin Disraeli, both those areas would not have played the role they did in World War I (and the war itself could have been avoided or at worst, shortened). These are the key occurrences between Russia, France, Austria, Britain, and the Ottomans during the 18th and 19th c. that will lead to World War I. (side note: the naval race between Germany and Britain would have still occurred regardless)
 Russo-Turkish War (1686–1700)
Austro-Russian–Turkish War (1735–39)
Russo-Turkish War (1768–74)
Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca (was a peace treaty signed on 21 July 1774)
Crimean War (Oct 1853 – Feb 1856) -the British and French save the Ottoman Empire
Treaty of Paris (1856)
Treaty of San Stefano (was a treaty between Russia and the Ottoman Empire signed at San Stefano on 3 March 1878) -would have prevented World War I
Treaty of Berlin (1878) -forced by Benjamin Disraeli

the ARMENIAN GENOCIDE -an avoidable (and still unrecognizable Tragedy) :
"Britain’s role is not a secret, but has remained hidden because scholars have not connected the dots. Building up the Turkish war and technology machine and refusing to intervene directly, made Britain a major enabler of the genocide".


Jews, Communists, and Muslims despise Christianity and Western civilization and do everything in their power to desecrate, dilute, transform, feed off, and destroy Christianity and Western civilization. 

Research into the Radhanites and the Land of Radhan and you will see how immense the Tribe of Dan's travel routes and travel network actually was.



When you gain "Christ Consciousness" you will be sacrificed for the world because you cannot live in this world. You are "within and without" simultaneously.  You are physically here, but spiritually you are not. Mentally you are constantly travelling between your spiritual realm and your physical realm.  Therefore, a danger to the masses who worship Saturn and his system of control.  


Collusion is another thing that Communism, Judaism, and Islam have in common with each other. In other words, being a Crypto-Jew, Crypto-Communist, or Crypto-Muslim and being able to hide your real intentions, real motives, and real thoughts from others. Especially when it comes to subverting individuals, families, and the culture of others for future gains of your tribe and culture.



Islam is not compatible with "Democracy" or "Equality".  If you vote in demoratic elections, believe in "democracy", believe in "Equality", and are also a Muslim -you have just committed "Shirk".

If you use "Taqiyya" and "Kitman" then you are actually creating more myths than shattering myths!

The same applies for those that call themselves Teacher/Professors OR Intellectuals/Academics and yet do not teach truth, speak truth, or espouse actual knowledge.  Many people, especially young minds, are misguided and left confused because of the words and teachings of Authority figures.

Saturn wants you to idolize, identify, and attach yourself to things on this material frequency.  This is why Saturn and his followers fills up your Conscious, Unconscious, and Subconscious mind with thoughts of items that represent himself symbolically.  Saturn does not want you to see Reality on a  Macrocosmic level, Saturn wants you to see Reality compartmentalized, fragmented and on a Microcosmic level.  To see Reality on a Macrocosmic level, shake off the Indoctrination you have received inside Institutions, through the Entertainment Sector, through Public Discourse, and through the Mainstream Media.  Otherwise, Saturn has your frequency/vibration/energy forever trapped on his frequency plane.


You cannot win when choosing between the "lesser of two evils", especially when both evils work for the same side!! Understand reality, so that you can decide what your actual choice(s) are.

Anyone with "Buddha Consciousness", or "Christ Consciousness", or "Nanak Consciousness", or "Krishna Consciousness", or "Higher/Greater Consciousness", or "Rumi Consciousness";  Anyone who considers themselves as a "Voluntarist", an "Agorist", an "Anarchist", an "Isolationist", a "Pacifist", a "Libertarian", a "traditional Conservative", or a "National Socialist" should be weary of the the "Death Cult of Saturn"/Cult of Nicolaitans and what they have wrought on this Earth and the fact their main objective is to satisfy Saturn and close Saturn's box sealing everyone else inside of it.

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