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Neo-Liberalism/Statism/Neo-Statism, Private Public Partnership (PPP), and Non-Profit Organizations

Especially when along the way you are able to understand reality and remove yourself from the Matrix that you are stuck living in, since you have been stuck believing in lies since the day you were born.

"Keynesian Economics" has been the best ally to the Private Central Banking System who now own Countries and their Citizens.

In order to change everything, start with the Private Banking System.  Afterwards, allow for the Country to control its own resources and its own borders.  That's where the start has to occur.  However, the slogan above, "to change everything it takes everyone" has more to do with Conformity and the Cultural Marxist agenda.

     Neo-liberalism came alive in the 1970s but sped up when Globalization started after the end of the "Cold War".  Neo-liberalism stresses investment in education because market forces will allow you to be "qualified" to work in the economy. However, it does not factor in the economic market/job market.  Due to Government subsidies given to Post Secondary Institutions, Post Secondary Institutions have raised tuition and because of "Free trade Deals" with Corporations as well as rising inflation and a weakened national currency, the market has reduced the amount of "qualified" jobs available.  While more and more people invested into education in the late 1990's to present day, the job market/economic market now has an increased saturation of degrees meaning there is now an "Underclass" that exists.  Therefore, investing in education would have very little return except for the education given to the individual.  However, since education in post secondary institutions presently is actually sheer Indoctrination, there is very little in return when going into a post secondary institution (except for the fact, without a degree your choice of jobs is even slimmer).  So now, you are faced with going into debt while investing in Education without gaining a job right after.  Which is what Neo-Liberalism is all about.  Finding way to strengthen Institutions and Corporations at the expense of the Individual and Collective Society.   Ironically, charities and non-profit organizations "cash in on this situation".  As it was aptly put, "its funny that I cannot get a job for the organizations I apply for but I do get to be a volunteer in the same organization I apply for. So basically, they are saying, 'your not good enough to pay but your good enough to work for free.  Therefore your not good enough to pay but your good enough to exploit' ".  This is Neo-Liberalism in a nutshell.

Those waging the war on the masses and collective society are Bankers with the key allies to the Banker's war being "Corporations", "the State", "Mainstream Media", "the Entertainment Sector", and "Institutions".

Without a Free Market, your innovation will be exploited by Corporations, the State, or Institutions. 

When you want to believe the lie of the Benevolent Government (quote above), the quote below applies to Collective Society.
Firstly, start believing in yourself.  Secondly, surround yourself with like minded, logical, confident, free thinking individuals. Then start believing in those individuals, not just anyone or everyone.  In reality, people are easily bought out, so do not believe in anyone or everyone because you will surely be disappointed.  Give everyone a chance but do not trust everyone.
      “The best way to think of the 12-day United Nations’ climate meeting which starts today in Paris is to recall the story of the emperor’s new clothes. With 50,000 official and unofficial participants and scores of world leaders attending -- including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and various and sundry premiers -- it will generate a gigantic carbon footprint. We know it’s going to be declared a success in advance because, with so many world leaders attending, that’s mandatory, regardless of what the new global warming treaty produced there actually achieves. In the real world, the UN has been holding these giant and expensive talkfests in the world’s most popular tourist destinations since 1992, while greenhouse gas emissions linked to climate change continue to rise. They’re going up in the U.S., where President Barack Obama pretends to be a “green” leader by blocking the Keystone XL pipeline, while approving enough new oil and gas pipelines to more than encircle the earth. They’re going up in China, India and across Asia. In 2012, the World Resources Institute identified 1,200 new coal-fired electricity plants -- the single greatest source of rising global greenhouse gas emissions -- planned for 59 countries, 75% in China and India. They’re going up in Canada, although Trudeau will be treated like a rock star by the UN poobahs and hangers-on. That because he’s going to genuflect before the UN and throw another couple of billion dollars of taxpayers’ money at its $100 billion climate mitigation fund, earmarked for developing countries. Trudeau will come to this meeting declaring, again, that “Canada is back” from the Stephen Harper years, even though his emission reduction target is the same as Harper’s. Trudeau promises to reduce Canada’s emissions to 17% below 2005 levels by 2020 and 30% by 2030, which would require shutting down the equivalent of 58% of Canada’s oil and gas sector within five years and 100% within 15. That’s no more doable than the average of 6% below 1990 emissions between 2008 and 2012 that the previous Liberal government committed Canada to, which would have required Harper in 2006 to shut down the equivalent of Canada’s transportation sector within two years. But why let the facts get in the way of another UN talkfest? While detractors of the UN’s climate negotiations may cheer the news, it’s unlikely to produce a binding deal on emission cuts in Paris, it also means Trudeau and other world leaders will be able to impose carbon pricing schemes on their citizens — raising the prices of almost all goods and services — without actually having to achieve their emission targets. In other words, carbon pricing will become the perfect perpetual cash grab by governments claiming they are saving the planet from catastrophic global warming, while never having to achieve enforceable emission reduction targets. In a word, it’s the perfect scam”.
      "This book assesses the changing nature of state intervention in the economies of the affluent democracies. Against a widespread understanding that contemporary developments, such as globalization and new technologies, are pressing for a rollback of state regulation in the economy, the book shows that these same forces are also creating new demands and opportunities for state intervention. Thus, state activism has shifted, rather than simply eroded. State authorities have shifted from a market-steering orientation to a market-supporting one. Chief among the new state missions are: repairing the main varieties of capitalism (liberal, corporatist, and statist); making labor markets and systems of social protection more employment-friendly; recasting regulatory frameworks to permit countries to cross major economic and technological divides; and expanding market competition at home and abroad".

"Both neolibs and neocons are authoritarian statists each with their own definition of political correctness. Both neoliberals and neoconservatives are Technofascists. Benito Mussolini defined fascism as “the merger of state and corporate power.” Technofascism is the melding of corporate, state, military, and technological power by a handful of political elites which enables them to manipulate and control the population through the use of money, markets, media and the Internet. Neoliberals and neoconservatives alike march to the beat of the same drummer – the largest, wealthiest, most powerful, most materialistic, most racist, most militaristic, most violent empire of all time. Ultimately the differences between neoliberalism and neoconservatism are purely cosmetic. You may either have your technofascism with a smirk or you can have it with a smile".

Governments allow for Alcohol and Cigarettes to be sold, Governments allow for Processed foods to be sold, Governments allow for Vaccines to be given, Governments allow for the Mainstream Media to "blackout" the Fukushima radiation spill in the Ocean but for some reason, you believe that when it comes to marijuana the Government cares about your health?

Otherwise known as "Crony Capitalism" and because of "Bail Ins" & "Bail Outs" after the 2008 Global Recession -everyone now pays for the failures of Banks, Institutions, and Corporations.

      Touching on the "Grey Tsunami Myth" :"Fears that Canada's aging population could lead to skyrocketing health care costs and doctor shortages may be greatly exaggerated. The research by health economists points to other factors that are driving up costs: greater use of specialists, more diagnostic tests for the elderly, and increased consumption of increasingly expensive drugs". In fact, it is "not a grey tsunami, a grey glacier at best". Fear mongering and excaberation of the "grey Tsunami myth" is based around "calculations that are centered on the idea that people over 65 are unable to care for themselves. Not only is that false, but many older citizens continue working and thus adding to the health of the economy well past retirement age".  It is only because seniors are forced into retirement that they start "draining" away at the system and taking money away from the system (due to being a dependent on the system instead of being a producer and putting money into the system).  Since, "researchers found that the population is not aging as quickly as perceived, given that a population ages at a much slower rate than individuals, and is offset by births, deaths, and immigration" the grey tsunami myth was created in order to push forth the need for individuals to invest in health sector courses in post secondary education institutions as well as allowing for an influx of immigration to be allowed and be "beneficial" for the country.  Immigrants are needed in order for the government to collect government taxes and keep the F.I.R.E economy, consumer economy, and Public Service Sector alive.  Immigrants are needed in order to sustain the pensions of the elderly because National Government actually spent existing pensions in the past due to the depreciating of the national currency after it was removed from the "Gold Standard" in the 1970's.
"One basic problem is that, although governments are often motivated to provide subsidies in order to benefit specific groups of people - or, more specifically, voters - they rarely like to be seen doing it through such blatant devices as direct income payments. Activities or things ("merit goods") tend to get subsidised rather than people. The tendency to subsidize things, instead of helping people directly, contributes to the second, and related, problem, which the economist Gordon Tullock labeled "the transitional gains trap". This refers to the tendency over time for benefits flowing from subsidy programmes to increase the value of associated fixed assets, like land or dairy quotas. Accordingly, the gains from subsidies tend to be transitional, accruing mainly to those who can immediately take advantage of a new scheme. Their successors end up paying higher prices for farmland, fishing licences, mineral rights. Removing the subsidy thus risks imposing a transitional loss on the subsequent owners of these assets. Subsidies themselves create a pool of money out of which recipients can influence the very political process that channels money to them in the first place. In many instances subsidies redistribute wealth from a large number of unknowing contributors to a smaller number of beneficiaries. The latter lobby vigorously to defend their handouts; the former seldom bother, or are empowered, to prevent them. Finally, the bureaucracy itself can present an obstacle. Government ministries rarely admit to having a vested interest in the continuation of the support programmes they administer, but it is hard to imagine total disinterest being the norm. More subtly, the bureaucratization process often feeds a pervasive notion that the subsidised activity forms part of the natural order of things. Subsidies thus metamorphosize into entitlements, and any attempt to curb them becomes politically hazardous".
     Moreover, "The federal government has boosted aid to families in recent decades to make college more affordable. A new study faults these policies for enabling college institutions to aggressively raise tuition. The implication is the federal government is fueling a vicious cycle of higher prices and government aid that ultimately could cost taxpayers and price some N. Americans out of higher education, similar to what some economists contend happened with the housing bubble". In simplicity, if there is always a buyer, then prices cannot and will not reduce -they can either stay the same or only go higher. That is why whatever government gets involved in, the worst they make everything because again the government has no money, they have to either take from taxpayers or borrow from the bank (which means future taxes) as well as simultaneously increasing user fees on public services.  Meanwhile, prices for items that Governments have subsidized will go up for anything that they have pushed money into and they cannot remove the money because any party that tries will either not get voted in or will face strikes, labor unrest, and political turmoil. So governments have not solved problems, governments have just made more problems and have made the original problem they tried to tackle even worst by creating patronage.  This is Crony Capitalism, Neo-Liberalism, Neo-Conservatism, Liberalism, Statism, Corporatocracy, and International Socialism at its best.  
This quote above is why the New World Order must be prevented at all costs.

Charities & Non-Profit Organizations actually Strengthen Statism while allowing for Exploitation of Taxpayers, Volunteers, & Donors:

"Partnership Grants and Government Subsidies is given to the not-for-profit sector to help it better serve their clients. Funding supports projects that improve the ability of not-for-profits to deliver services to communities. Priority was given to projects that have broad impact across the sector and demonstrate clear, meaningful and tangible benefits".  Funding of Non Profit Organizations is through Tax Dollars even though it does not serve all Tax Payers.

"Sharia Law", "Shirk", "Taqiya" and "Kitman", "Apostasy Laws" and "Blasphemy Laws", "Dhimmi Status", and the "Jiyza Tax" are not compatible with Open Societies that view Liberty as being important.

  "Cultural Marxism" has cause Civil Unrest since its inception and is built around destabilizing civil society in order to bring "Regime Change" and eventually Regional Blocs for the New World Order. "Cultural Marxism" is pushed forth by Educational Institutions, the State, Mainstream Media, and the Entertainment Sector.

More "Cultural Marxism" protests in play promoting the "Redistribution of Wealth".  "Climate Change" is the promotion of "Carbon Tax"/"Cap & Trade" system, more Regulatory Bodies created, more Institutionalization, and more Technocrats controlling everything -while creating more poverty every where. Agenda 21 (Agenda 2030) is actually occurring because of the indoctrination of "Cultural Marxism" on the masses since the end of World War II.

What people fail to realize is that the revenue generated through fundraising and charity goes to "Awareness" campaigns/advertising campaigns and Salaries.  What is left, if there is anything left, is then given towards research and the cause itself.  This is why there has not been a cure for cancer or why poverty has not been solved.  Poverty is not solved because none of these charities that want to "end poverty now" talk about the Private Central Baking System that owns the Country and puts the Country into debt while opening the country up for Corporations to ensure, money is not spent on its citizens. Meanwhile, non profit organizations are dependent on the government to survive and because of this, non profit organizations do not want to solve the problem either.  Instead, non-profit organizations drain money from Governments and create Dependency more than Independence. Non-profit organizations and employees of Non-profit organizations have self-interests that they are pursing and use manipulative ads and emotional pleas to accrue money from governments and individuals.


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