Thursday, December 17, 2015

Anunnaki, Nephilim, Fallen Angels, Elongated Skulls, Middle Eastern Connections, & Underwater Pyramids

Q: Love your work, big fan! Brethren, answer this for me. Why you not talk about Aliens yet? You say nothing about that topic yet! I believe in Aliens but you don't cover them once and you brought up history stuff I never knew of. Like you be making sense, so tell me, what you think of Aliens. They connected to what you teaching or they not related?
A: Thanks for the question. Yeah you are right, I did not bring up Aliens. However, since you brought up the question, let me point you in the right direction (and yes, they are all connected) so I hope this helps. The same link applies to Aliens that applies to the other subjects I have covered so far. Just because you have not been taught it, it does not mean the topic and subject does not exist.  In fact, the more you know, the more you understand that what we do not know is actually more insightful and important than what we know and believe today. Yet, if we knew all the information we were not taught, then our goals and expectations in life would also be different.  Hence, we are not taught this for a reason. The Elites need us to think, react, and act a certain way hence when they say, "education is important" it is only lip service. What they are actually saying is, "indoctrination is important not education or self knowledge".

     Due to wanting Charles Darwin's "Theory of Evolution" to overtake and discredit the ancient "Creation Stories", many articles like these (down below) were buried and were never again brought up for public discussion.  Charles Darwin's theory allowed for the removal of God from society, which was pushed further by Nietzsche's Existentialism, Marx's Communism, and then State Secularism.  The scientific world has always sold out to Institutions and Organizations that they work for (as well as the State) while pushing forward an agenda that they may or may not know about.  However, what they push out, accept, and teach to others and what they dismiss, ridicule, and throw away in the "pseudo-science" field has caused society to be shaped the way it is presently.

SKULL & BONES -Anunnaki, Fallen Angels, Nephilim,  & Elongated Skulls:
Since majority of people and cultures are "copycat" cultures, the question remains, who and where did Africans learn to bind their head from? AND why did Africans bind their head? Was it to pay respect to their Leader/God/God-King?




     Notice that society only mentions the pyramids of Egypt and plays down the other pyramids that exist globally.


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