Friday, December 4, 2015

JudeoChristianity, Marxist Socialism/Jewish Socialism, and Oswald Mosley & the British Union of Fascists

Being ignorant is 1 thing, but being Willfully ignorant is another.  Do not be willfully ignorant.  Be consistent with your thoughts, arguments, actions, and words.  If you are not consistent, then you are not being truthful but instead using "cognitive dissonance" to allow you to move past the inconsistencies.


The UFO symbol we are so familiar with is actually an image of  Saturn.


Corporate Fascism ruled under Military Dictatorships is what people are familiar with (due to the Cold War) which have been sponsored by Global Interests and International Financiers.  Mosley's Fascism was identical to Hitler's National Socialism whereas the citizens of the state come before Foreign Investors and the Country comes before the interests of the Bankers, Foreign Investors, or Marxist Internationalists & Marxist Socialists.

     Instead of Oswald Mosley and a National Socialist policy that would have kept Britain out of any war with Hitler's Germany, the non-elected, War monger Winston Churchill replaces Chamberlain after the "Norwegian Campaign" (which Churchill orchestrated and brought about). "The failure of the central campaign is considered one of the direct causes of the Norway Debate, which resulted in the resignation of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and the appointment of Winston Churchill to the office".  Westerners and Zionists romanticize Churchill's role in World War II, however Churchill only worsened the situation in Europe and made an Avoidable war, Unavoidable.  Even then, before the war enveloped the rest of the world, Hitler tried to avoid war by asking for peace.  Churchill and his Zionists wanted nothing more but to pursue their Global agenda and for that they needed World War II.
     Furthermore, "The United Kingdom general election of 1945 was a general election held on 5 July 1945, with polls in some constituencies delayed until 12 July and in Nelson and Colne until 19 July.  The results were counted and declared on 26 July, owing in part to the time it took to transport the votes of those serving overseas. The result was an unexpected landslide victory for Clement Attlee's Labour Party, over Winston Churchill's Conservatives, giving Labour its first majority government, and a mandate to implement its postwar reforms".  The only ones that believe in the myth of Winston Churchill are those indoctrinated by State Education and brainwashed by the Entertainment Sector.

When the New World Order is formed, what the NHS did in the past (mentioned in the article above) is what awaits the population deemed to be "surplus parts" to the State.  The only way you can stop the New World Order is by destroying their private Banking System,  Nationalizing the Banks, removing your nation out of Free Trade Deals, and removing your nation out of the European Nations, NATO, and United Nations.  For that you need a National Socialist party or a Fascist Party.  The other option is to Decentralize the Government and break it into pieces like Voluntarists, Anarchists, and Agorists want. However the second option is harder because there are not enough Free Thinkers and Self Accountable people and too many Herd Mentality/Group Think individuals in society.



"Out of Order, Chaos" (as long as it is controlled chaos, the Death Cult of Saturn -in all it's forms -revels in Chaos).
"Mossad Menorah crest symbol - this is the ultimate cesspool of secret society iniquity today. Notice the direct relation to the Sun Worship Menorah and Thule Cult and Secret Societies of those cesspools".

"Sun Worship Menorah: Utterly Talmudic and directly related to the Hermeticism of medieval Sorcerers and Occultists as well as to Hitler's Thule Cult and the Middle Eastern Cult of Banna".
"Kabbalistic Serpentine so called Tree of Life -but actually Demonic (in fact, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and totally Satanic, instead of the Tree of Life). This is directly related to the above Cylinder Seal of the Tower of Babel worship"
"Arabic Astrology version of the seven planets: It is a spin off from the above Kabbalah. Notice the VERY Talmudic use of Magic inherent in it".
The Cult of the Nicolaitans/Death Cult of Saturn created and/or infiltrated into every Organizational Ideology and Religious Institute.  To be free from the control of Institutions and Material Reality you must find "Christ Consciousness"/"Nanak Consciousness"/"Buddha Consciousness"/"Krishna Consciousness"/"Rumi Consciousness", etc.  Otherwise, you are willfully working towards the goals of the Nicolaitans and the New World Order.
Do not allow for the views and opinions of the Death Cult of Saturn & Cultural Marxists to dilute your own energy/vibration.  Use your sex energy to super-charge the rest of your energy/vibration and radiate that energy inside you and outwards so that it pushes away (and at worst, limits) the vibration/energy that the Death Cult of Saturn needs you to vibrate on in order to harness your energy/vibration.

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