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"Food For Thought", Thinking Outside the Box (part 2)

1.) "A bullet sounds the same in every language"

2.) Don't ask yourself, "what makes you happy?" just be happy for what you have and what you are doing. If you ask yourself, "what makes you happy?" you will never be happy. You will just be searching, unhappy, and will not be content or satisfied.

3.) "Collectivists" –want to control everyone and everything; think they know best; think that people belong together, not independent of each other or separate from one another

4.) "HOpium": Irrational Optimism inside the U.S. and Canadian Economy

5.) People organize best when it is local and community based (or sets of communities working together).  People are fragmented and disconnected when there are more numbers involved.  People most often are more connected locally and to their community than they are Nationally or Provincially. Too difficult for people to get people together and work together unless money is involved at a National or Provincial level.  It is always easier to get people together in a defense posture, near to home, near their community where it matters most.

6.) Countries only intervene for two things (and neither of them are humanitarian):
(A) to cause chaos, destabilize a nation so it can bleed dry financially, & eventually install a puppet government 

(B) quick regime change. 

     Once you intervene (in any way), you have an agenda in mind.

7.) ''HunchLab" is the latest Police Move Toward Pre-Crime Detection

8.) "This time it's different" mantra used by Bankers and Institutions. “The answer to a credit-bubble induced financial crisis is, uhhhh, a credit-bubble? What’s that? Oh, it’s what? Different this time?”

9.) Similar to "Wildfire containment" in the forests, control 1 leak that was not supposed to occur with another leak to lessen the damage of the 1st leak. Use a credible source, or Wikileaks/Snowden, or author, or Media, or institute to release the second release in order to contain the first leak "damage control".  Snowden and Wikileaks makes it seem as if not everything is controlled and the Government doesn't control and monopolize information existing in society (even though it does).

10.) “Counter Terrorism” is the use of Terrorism. The Phoenix program targeted citizens. Jade Helm + Phoenix Program now in motion.

11.) Many people think that Congress regulates Wall Street, but in fact it is Wall Street that regulates Congress.

12.) The Department of Homeland Security came up with the plan—known as "Standing Operating Procedure 303"—after cellular phones were used to detonate explosives targeting a London public transportation system. SOP 303 is a powerful tool in the digital age, and it spells out a “unified voluntary process for the orderly shut-down and restoration of wireless services during critical emergencies such as the threat of radio-activated improvised explosive devices.” Service could only be cut off when “there is strong evidence of imminent unlawful activity that threatens the safety of district passengers, employees, and other members of the public.”

13.) New all-encompassing employee surveillance algorithm that knows if you’re a whistle-blower before you do. Subservience only demanded by Companies 

14.) "The most effective way to raise wages would be orchestrating World War 3. If a few billion people disappeared, it would clear out the oversupply of labor, and wages would rise. This is basic economics, and history shows it is true. When the Black Plague wiped out a third of the European population in the 14th century, wages increased. Also, during the population boom just prior, wages had been falling. This clearly shows the inverse relationship between labor supply and wages. Once the oversupply of labor was cleared out, the survivors enjoyed a higher quality of life. Enormous wealth inequality will lead to revolution, taxes, or war. Without some form of government intervention that artificially raises wages and prevents the rich from exploiting the poor, there will eventually be violence. That violence will clear out the oversupply of labor and fix the problem in an evolutionary way. If this happens, you can be sure the war will be quite profitable for the arms dealers and defense contractors".

15.) Broken Markets Will Lead To More "Flash Crashes" and volatility

16.) “Our government teaches the whole people by its example. If the government becomes the lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.”

17.) Governments are spending more on education but getting less, especially in Math (money going to Unions and staff not facilities and programs)

18.) The notional value of the unregulated global derivatives market is $700 trillion. Global GDP is only $70t

19.) When governments give into Public Sector Unions they have spent past their planned budgets and have suffered a loss.  Governments that hand Corporations money during a "Bail In" or a "Bail Out"; Banks that are given money during a "Bail In" or a "Bail Out"; Institutions that are given money during a "Bail In" & a "Bail Out" -all allow for people to be on the hook and for government to be in a deficit.

20.) If you control public assets completely, you control taxes and the people completely.

21.) The only way to fight Public Sector Unions is through Privatization and the Free Market. Not negotiation, not back to work legislation, not giving in, and not Public Private Partnership. Giving in means more taxes and nothing lost by the Government. It also allows for the monopoly to end in that sector and allow for the Private Sector and Free Market to operate. No more blackmail or extortion by Public Sector Unions because now they have a competitor. Need competition to keep Public Sector honest, not monopoly. Monopoly leads to corruption.

22.) the Feminism Movement historically has strengthened the State's powers through laws only the State could create, apply, enforce, and therefore allow for creating ideological divisions in society.

23.) Neoliberal assault led to significant decline in “actual“ democracy, liberty, and freedom.

24.) Best way to make money in a hurry -"Crony Capitalism". One member of the family or social circle gets into politics and the other starts up a business that gets the contract that is up for bidding.  Once the politician leaves politics, the family business is keeping them afloat.  Then that business now lobbies with politics for the projects and contracts it needs. This relationship becomes cyclical. The only way to end this circle is to allow for the Free Market to work.

25.) Kansas police block the Facebook page of Shona Banda, to stop her from raising money for legal defense. The legal system can legally stop someone from “Crowd Funding”.

26.) The Justice Department and FBI have formally acknowledged that nearly every examiner in an elite FBI forensic unit gave flawed testimony in almost all trials in which they offered evidence against criminal defendants

27.) More Universities Now Requiring Students to Apply For “Free Speech Permits”.  You need a permit to hand out flyers, to not only get a “free speech permit” but to also seek approval from school officials over the content of his handouts which restricts activity on campus “free-speech zone.”. "Free Speech" is now becoming "Permitted Speech".

28.) Myths create Philosophy and Philosophy create Institutional ideologies

29.) "Minimum Requirements" (most people can meet them for institutions)

30.) Negative Interest Rates Yield Positive Results—So Far (for the Banks)

31.) "Monetary Policy Can't Fix An Economy's Structural Problems" (it can just hide it or conceal it for a little while)

32.) If Ukraine defaults, there will be a derivatives crisis. Presently there is a never ending cycle created of other countries propping up Ukraine just to avoid a Derivative crisis.

33.) "This could go down as one of the oddest, most irrational asset bubbles in history. Trillions of dollars are now tied up in debt instruments that promise to return less than the invested principal".

34.) “We are in a Tech Bubble -most private tech funders have no liquidity (most individuals and companies do not have liquidity either).

35.) Saying "God or Allah gave me this" when in fact it is the State and Taxpayers that make it possible.  Also, by being dependent on the State you are in fact burdening taxpayers and individuals. Ironically, most religious people "thank God" not taxpayers and instead denounce the State and Individuals for their moral decay and moral ineptitude

36.) Public-Private Partnerships, Public Service Sectors, and Corporations will always say "it will cost more, more, more" but will never say "we need to cut our wages or our salaries" so we do not have to charge you more.

37.) "Complacency reigns supreme throughout society and modern civilization"

38.) “Default is inevitable in any nation or alliance where a privately-owned central bank is allowed to issue all of the public currency as a loan at interest, because by design the debt always exceeds the available money supply. Debt grows until it crashes the system. And along the way, governments are forced into more and more confiscation from citizens, and when that fails, wars of conquest to try to delay the inevitable outcome. Private Central Banks are the common enemy of all mankind”

39.) If what the Turks committed on the Armenians is Genocide, what would we call what America is doing in the Middle East and North Africa presently? Is that not Genocide on Arabs, Arab history, and Arab Culture?

40.) All governments can do is to stimulate the economy by "Redistributing Wealth". However they can only do so by raising taxes and user fees which means less money for citizens to spend which means Unions will ask for more Government money for themselves which means more taxes for citizens.

41.) "Corporate-State Complex" in place presently 

 42.) Student Debt Accounts For Nearly Half Of US Government "Assets". "The gap would be made up with future tax hikes and/or cuts in spending. Those future taxes would be paid by successful millennials and their descendants, letting unsuccessful millennials off the hook,". Governments will bail out banks by paying for Students defaulting on their loans.  This is why their was a huge global push and advertising for post secondary education since the 21st c.  The global push just put more people in debt and created a saturation of degrees which is very problematic in today's society

43.) Millions of Girls Given Vaccines Secretly Spiked with Sterilization Drugs

44.) "An alienated and isolated U.S. could face sanctions or outright war with another major power."

45.) Neuro-marketing is here and it knows what you want (technology that reads your brain activity and brain waves)

46.) "Mobocracy" (rule by a Mob). Democracy is just that (as is what happens in Rural Communities -ex: Salem Witch Hunt). Mobs always take over through the use of numbers and by using Democracy for their advantage.  Since it is "Majority rule" that wins and forms a government, a Mob is often power through numbers and fear which is what shapes society.  This is why there is so much revenue spent by the Elite funding Ads and Institutes in order to shape the mind of the Mob.

47.) It is the Politician's rhetoric & Union leader's rhetoric AND the media that make it seem like life and death during bargaining time. Really, it is neither. Worst case Unions do not get their raise. Best case, Unions do get their raise and Government gives away Taxpayers money.

48.) Thanks to smart phones, smart meters, smart grids, smart TVs, smart cars and smart appliances, the places you go, the people you contact and all the things you interact with are logged, tracked and analyzed by advanced computer algorithms. Thanks to search engines, the technocrats even believe they known what you’re thinking and what you’ll do next. Now, the “smart” street lights that record conversations and broadcast government propaganda are actually being rolled out on city streets across the America. Despite appearances, the “smart” society was never based on saving energy, saving money or saving the environment. The real aim has been to control the population and conduct absolute surveillance on the larger herd and even every individual.

49.) Most new US jobs are in vulnerable industries — food, drink, office temp, transactional stuff like banking, etc. — and it’s hard to see where tomorrow’s debt service payments will come from.

50.) "Government is always reactionary. It protects existing voters from those who haven’t been born yet… existing wealth businesses from entrepreneurs… and the past, generally, from the future"

51.) "History doesn't only shape our reality but it is also crucial for our decision making. If our reality was devoid of any past experience, I couldn't see how we could plan for a better future. Though history is long-gone, it remains the only thing to learn from, as the future has not yet come into existence.  Moreover, if we learned from a false or tampered with history then all our perceptions of reality will be wrong. If we were given/inherited a fake history we would be bound to indefinitely linger in falsehood”.

52.) Politicians will start from the Fringes and then Betray their supporters and pander to the Middle in order to attract Voters. However, this move lets voters down and reveals that Politics as a realm of change seem ridiculous. Without moving to the Middle, Politicians will lose their revenue base and coverage, which would make them irrelevant on the political stage.

53.) In a Grexit scenario, as the Bank of Greece is expelled from the Eurosystem, it will default on its TARGET2 obligations. That in turn will force Bundesbank (and other core euro area central banks) to take a write-down. Contagion could become a major problem again.

54.) People talk about Freedom and Independence but always want the Government, Police, Bosses, or Authority Figures to step in to grant it to them.

55.) Iran, Syria, Libya, and Iraq were all more Developed, more Modern, and Liberal than Saudi Arabia.  Yet we ally with Saudi Arabia in order to make Iran, Libya, and Iraq Undeveloped by Foreign Intervention

56.) Western caused humanitarian crises are fixed by loaning money, and sending in Western NGOs which later cause Civil Wars in those countries. "You either get them one way or another, but you get them". This is terrible for the Citizens and the Government living through it all, until the West finally gets their objective.

57.) The only variance would be the offense-in-question. One day it's "human rights violations"; the next, "corruption"; the next, "weapons of mass destruction" and on and on the same old song goes. Organizations, Media, and Institutions will bring down their targeted Governments and Countries.

58.) Stocks betting on the "Futures" are ridiculous.  Banks and the Rich have to buy in and stimulate it first, then "dumb money" jumps in. From there, the “Futures” stocks has its ups-and-downs. Same with all stocks (ex: H.F.T -the rich and the Banks stimulate it, then everyone jumps in, and H.F.T. can live on its own but will be very volatile because it was propped up from the very beginning).

59.) "Screen Addiction" is the most prevalent in our modern society

60.) The Chinese gold lease market is another fractional hypothecation system mimicking the fraudulent Western system

61.) Everything you see by the Media is Public Relations OR Public Relations attacks. Nothing else. All that you see from the Media is artificial. The real stuff is "public leaks" but it will be contained very quickly until the leak is dismissed, buried, and forgotten.

62.) Police Quotas & the Racketeering Culture - "The culture is, you're not working unless you are writing summonses or arresting people...  Those tickets might look like productivity on paper but they're not actually making anyone safer."

63.) "Every effort has been made by the Federal Reserve Board to conceal its power. But the truth is, the Federal Reserve Board has usurped the government of the United States. It controls everything here; and it controls our foreign relations. It makes or breaks governments at will. No man, and no body of men, is more entrenched in power than the arrogant credit monopoly which operates the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks. These evildoers have robbed this country of more than enough money to pay the national debt. ... Faithless government officers who have violated their oaths of office should be impeached and brought to trial."

64.) If you lend more than one person the same thing, then there is a problem because 2 people own 1 thing.  Since the stock market, gold market, and silver market work on that thought process then we have a systematic problem because there is not enough to go around if anyone actually asks for the thing they own and "cash out", whether it's the actual Gold bar, or Silver Bar, etc.

65.)A diploma by itself does not create value; only experiential skills create value”

66.) To create scarcity -reduce supplies, reduce inventories, reduce orders, reduce production levels, or reduce staff. Also in order to create unfair advantages -Monopolize patents so that only your Corporation or Institute can create the product, no one else. Corporations and Institutes have been buying all the Patents since the 21st c leaving very little room for Small Business or Individuals to challenge Corporations or Institutions.

67.) “Governments grow by removing our responsibilities - not by purposefully removing our freedoms. As governments grow, more tax revenue is required to fund new programs, which means people have less money available for themselves and their families.”

68.) During many of the recent product launches there has been more reporters than Fans or Supporters. However they sell the opposite story when they want to sell it to you through the media outlets (ex: I Phone launch, Campaign Trail, Celebrity press release, Book launch, etc.)

69.) 60%+ of restaurants fail within three years.  Too much money invested and lost before profits have been made.

70.) "The time not to become a father is eighteen years before a war."

71.) When mega-corporations such as Wal-Mart and McDonalds, whose specialty are commoditized products and services and have razor thin margins, yet try to give an appearance of doing the right thing, raise minimum wages. They start flexing their muscles, and in the process trample all over the companies that comprise their own cost overhead: their suppliers and vendors. Take the case of Wal-Mart: the world's biggest retailer "is increasing the pressure on suppliers to cut the cost of their products, in an effort to regain the mantle of low-price leader and turn around its sluggish U.S. sales."

72.) "Central bankers will never stop stimulating because they have embraced a spurious “inflation deficiency” doctrine, and have thereby, in effect, lashed themselves to the wheel of a doomsday machine."

73.) Breaks & Breaking Down in the Stock Market and the D.P.P. (Debt Plunge Team) are the only things preventing mass sell, mass panic, and a Stock Market crash. Quantitative Easing (Q.E.) enables money to flow into markets but is still not enough to stop Breaks and Breaking Down from occurring to save the Stock Market.

74.) Before the "Fall" there is a "Window Dressing" stage. Where there is nothing beyond the "Window Dressing".  That is where we are presently!

75.) "If you’re incompetent, you can’t know you’re incompetent. [...] the skills you need to produce a right answer are exactly the skills you need to recognize what a right answer is."

76.) the Fiat Empire (Bankism) of the 20th and 21st centuries is ending presently and hence there is so much instability and volatility in the World today

77.) After innocence is the "Fall" and all man has to walk out of Eden and into the tribulations that life has in store for us.

78.) "The Welfare State makes us all poorer in character and independence. Confiscation of freedom through abridgements of individuals’ rights to their life, liberty and honestly acquired property, also brings with it a less humane and civil society".

79.) Governments that are semi-transparent make it difficult to navigate through the information given so you do not find the info you are looking for and take what the Government or an "expert" tells you at face value.

80.) Why are cults a threat? All religions were cults before they became State and Organized Religions so why fear them? Either fear religion and cults simultaneously OR fear neither?

81.) A major currency crisis — actually, multiple major currency crises — are practically inevitable at this point.

82.) China Becomes Global Lender of Last Resort With Bailout Of World's Most Indebted Oil Company (A.I.I.B. bank).  The Asian Investment Infrastructure Bank (A.I.I.B.), a financial institution proposed by China, which has the purpose of being a multilateral framework to finance infrastructure projects in the wide Eurasian region will allow for the continuation of the illusion of global wealth to continue.

83.) A.I.I.B., E.C.B., and the Fed are all lending money to keep their geopolitical areas alive and functioning because without them, there is not enough liquidity floating around.  Many things would fold in a matter of months, some even overnight.

84.) "Burn after reading" -Government, Contractors, Organized Crime, and Intel -and why there is no paper trails

85.) "War on Mediocrity" and "War on Dependency" needed and you can only create both by ending Government involvement and Government control in society and restarting the Free Market.

86.) Governments should be more pragmatic. Politicians should stop hiding behind the skirts of ‘the market’ and make some judgment calls.  However, politicians hide behind "the market" because they are lying to themselves about how much power they actually have and who actually controls them so instead of admitting both of those things, they blame "the market" and economic forces.

87.) Police are, literally, where the government applies physical force against society.

88.) Science is now "junk science" because it has become politicized (ex: global warming, soldiers and suicides not correlated, Noble Peace Prize, etc.)

89.) "BeauCrap and PoliTricks" is what society is all about

90.) "Big Money" is Buying Off Criticism of "Big Money".

91.) 20th and 21st centuries are the most impractical centuries.  Both those centuries vilified Agricultural sector, Forestry/Forestry sector, Construction sector, etc. (practical jobs) for Impractical jobs (stock broker, Real Estate, Insurance Agent, Social Worker, Head Hunter, etc.)

92.) Unions allow for Big Government to be created, to be maintained, and for taxes to be collected and increased.  This is why all strong Unions are in the Public Service Sector and not the Private Sector.  The Government cannot exist without Unions and Unions cannot exist without Government.  Decentralization means loss of power for Unions and Government as well as opening it up to Independent Ownership, Free Markets, and Privatization.

93.) To break Government strength, break Union power.  To break the Union powers break the Government.  Free Markets neutralizes both Union power and Government strength and dependencies.

94.) Any flood of Money or Investment in any one area leads to Dependence or Bankruptcy (or both).  Protectionist and Isolationist policies prevent both from occurring.  Therefore, the Mainstream Media & Institutions/Organizations vilify Isolationist and Protectionist policies and portray them as “Backward”, “Regressive”, as well as "Nationalist" policies that hinder Globalist/Internationalist policies and agendas.

95.) Banks lend you everything so they can take everything

96.) Public Service Sector Unions make society and people weaker.  Unions do not make the Government or the Corporations weaker.  All Public Service Sector Unions do is raise taxes by raising their salaries and the taxes raised hurt everyone financially and make those that depend on Social Services dependent on the revenue coming in from Taxes.

97.) Historically, we have never supported Tribes.  Instead, we have always supported the State, Corporations, and/or Institutions which means we support Centralization, the Dependency created, and the Loss of our own Freedom.

98.) People automatically talk about being a Millionaire never anything underneath the status of a Millionaire.  Before the 21st century, few people ever dreamed of it.  Now everyone wants and demands to be a Millionaire. Most people look: (a) for answers, (b)  look for calls and decisions to go their way, (c) look to be rescued, (d) look to be accepted,  (e) and look to be loved.  When you stop seeing or feeling that you are missing something, you depend solely on yourself and start living.  Don't focus all your energy on time and being a Millionaire.  You lose sight of the value of life and the process.

99.) Crony Capitalism hands “Bail Outs” which allows for “Buy Outs”, “Buy Backs”, and “Mergers” for "Too Big to Fail Corporations".  Again unfair advantage for a "few" over "many".

100.) Presently, all Organizations, Corporations, and Small Businesses are fighting for minimal customers and minimal profits.

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