Sunday, May 3, 2015

"Food For Thought", Free Yourself From the Matrix (part 3)

1.) Similar to the "military industrial complex", there is a "social services complex" that has a voracious need for clients in order to defend their budgets. They need to "help" us whether we need help or not. Moreover, wherever social services "set up shop", it never leaves and never makes the area around it better.  However, the demographical area around the social services, usually gets worst as those that need social services live near and around social services.  Social services does not improve the area around it or the people, it only does enough to sustain the social services in place in order to keep the jobs of the social workers.

Boy: Mommy, what are Chemtrails?
Mom: Shutup, eat your GMO's, drink your fluoride, & take your narcotics/vaccines

3.) Presently, people are just looking to make money, any way they can.  People do not care the risk. People move money from Stock markets to Property, then from Property to Bonds, and then from Bonds to Stocks, then back to Property. Wherever they can make money or become a millionaire, they want to make a quick buck no matter who they hurt or what they lose. People just want everything quick -position, money, love, success, etc -no matter the cost.

4.) “Be careful what monkey you invite to latch onto your back”. It might be the one that pulls you down completely and enables you to never get up and reach your full potential.
Learn to love yourself and trust yourself and realize that life is a process and as a process there is "up's" and "down's".  Nothing is ever the exact same as it was the moment before this one.

5.) USA, France, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. are all "Satellites" and "Vassals of Banks". They are not Independent states. 

6.) "Bad derivatives never die, they just get larger”Presently, there is no way to actually meet the "margin calls".  Each episode of Quantitative Easing (Q.E.) was used to meet the "margin calls" and hide the losses.  However, each one expanded the risk while pulling more and more collateral out of the system until we reached a tipping point, which is now! [You would receive a "margin call" from a broker if one or more of the securities you had bought (with borrowed money) decreased in value past a certain point. You would be forced either to deposit more money in the account or to sell off some of your assets].

7.)  "I like to think of myself as a patriot, but even more so as a man. Where the two disagree, I say the man is right." 

8.) By buying Government Bonds you can force the selling of Government Assets to cover the Bonds you bought. However, Governments have to do "bad" and their currencies have to "decrease" in order for Government Bonds to be worth money. Government Bonds are similar to "I.O.U.'s" but when there is too much Government debt and very few Government Assets to sell because they have already been privatized, you are holding worthless Government Bonds.  Presently, most Government Bonds are worthless and need to be re-evaluated and this is why many Government Bonds have negative yields.

9.) all Ideologies lead to Cults and when Cults become sponsored by the Government or the Rich they become taught in schools and indoctrinate the young and future generations.

10.) Presently, the US wants to study ‘weaponization’ of the media.  However, the US should study itself since they have already done it. The US has perfected the "weaponization" of the media.

11.) The Illuminati method involves a fraction of a second.  That is all it takes for them to place important things on TV ads and in Movies and have it affect you.

12.) "Capital Controls" will cause a deepening Recession in Greece

13.) "Sex for Money is illegal in almost all parts of the US, unless you film it, post it on-line, & make people pay to view it. Then it's perfectly legal".

14.) "Unsustainable states ultimately end" and since all States have become indebted to Central Banks, have become Globalized and Dependent on Global Trade and Global Investment -all States are unsustainable.

15.) The Government is not funding anything, so they need to sop saying that, Taxpayers are funding everything.  Governments are just "middle men" and "brokers".

16.) "Not enough jobs for all those Millennial post-secondary graduates? Maybe the answer is to reduce university subsidies instead of increasing them"If post secondary education was not pushed onto the minds of children starting from elementary school and tuition not subsidized at the post secondary institutional stage, then people wouldn't go to University and instead would become Entrepreneurs and pick Careers that could get them jobs.  People would not get degrees from universities that cannot give them jobs but does however give them debt.  The illusion of false hope and false promise has been promulgated to children since the 1990's in order to fill the coffers of Post Secondary Institutions.

17.) "Hastiness and superficiality are the psychic diseases of the 20th century, and more than anywhere else this disease is reflected in the press"

18.) Presently, “Smart money” is moving from Stocks to Government bonds -“flight to safety” or a “flight to quality“.  The volatility of stocks is why "smart money" wants very little to do with stocks.  however, the increasing volatility and negative yields of Government Bonds is causing "Smart money" to invest in property in far away islands. "Smart money" is also prepping for economic collapse.

19.) If derivatives crashed, credit freezes, which means the economy falters

20.) Encrypted Phones and Computers May Make You a "Terrorist" Because, "They cannot Be Accessed by Law Enforcement”

21.) Canada has the most overvalued Housing Market in World.

22.) "There should be a law for that"? (means there should be more bigger government, more regulations, more personal restriction, and it means more taxes will be needed in order to hire people to enforce the law and keep the law in place)

23.) A debt is not an asset. That is one of the big lies of US economics. Debt is good for Banks and that is why the Government and Media propagates it regularly.

24.) Judaism Hates Christianity. Why would it like Christianity? What has Christianity done for Judaism? Nothing! Judaism doesn't need Christianity for anything and hence why Jews and Zionists look at Christian Zionists as their own personal pawns to use, manipulate, and then dispose.

25.) Blaming the 1% for diminished prosperity avoids the real reasons for designed poverty. Also strengthens Government’s need for “Redistribution of Wealth” campaign

26.) Presently, Prison labor is cheaper than Off-shore Labor.  Why the "Prison Industrial Complex" is perpetuated and why FEMA CAMPS will be introduced on society.

27.) "The education system has been so dumbed down, it is now a problem"

28.) Skip child support. Go to jail. Lose job. Repeat. Punitive policies are trapping poor men in a cycle of debt, unemployment, and imprisonment.

29.) Why is college so expensive? The more money the government loans out to students, the more colleges can charge for tuition (This reveals Government institutes cashing in on Government money). This is why they wanted to lend out money in the first place. Not to create jobs, or give people jobs, or give people social mobility but rather, just to allow money to flow from Institute to Institute and then put Individuals in debt, cashing in on it in so many different ways.

30.) 'Borrowing to invest' is still borrowing".  You still owe money back. It is not "free money".  This is why the "illusion of wealth" is so pervasive in society presently.  People look at the things they "leased" or "have paid for" with borrowed money without realizing the debt they have accrued in order to attain it.

31.) "False God & False Prophets"; "False Teachers & False Prophets"; “False Teachings and False Prophets”; “False Ideologies and False Teachings” has surrounded the world historically.  This is because so many Individuals that have lived on Earth have always looked for answers that they have felt they needed because they lacked something within themselves and inside their lives.  When you stop looking for something you feel is missing in yourself and in your life, you stop looking for false teachers, false prophets, false answers, false teachings, and false ideologies.

32.) Western armies have historically shared their "Top Cyber Warriors" with Hollywood and Wall Street.  Those that protect nations also worked to protect Wall Street and Hollywood.

33.) “Where women fight, only men benefit. This is when you’re discussing what you call “the double battle” – that women were essential to the Arab Spring but afterward the misogyny and the violence were just as bad, maybe worse. They’re also used as political pawns: there to be saved by Western white-knight warriors, then willfully ignored when Petro-dollars are changing hands. What rarely happens is an airing of their opinions, especially on any mainstream, widespread scale".

34.) Norway will shut down FM radio in the country beginning in 2017, reports. The Norwegian Ministry of Culture finalized a shift date this week, making it the first country to do away with FM radio entirely. The country plans to transition to Digital Audio Broadcasting (D.A.B.) as a national standard.

35.) Presently, in order to accrue profits, "overbooking" is now occurring on Flights. Be wary of it, especially on specialty and discount air travel packages.

36.) a German Newspaper Article recently stated Airplanes can Be Hacked via Smartphones.  Down below, another newspaper article arguing against the "official story".
37.) If Putin gives Greece money in order to prop the country and keep the government in place, he is just giving money to Western bankers and saving losses that Western countries will accrue because of Greece's economic situation. Putin would do better if he watched Greece crash, watched the damage it would cause European economies and the American economy and then pulled more people towards the BRIC banking system and away from the Petro-Dollar.

38.) Feds Say Cannabis Is Not Medicine While Holding The Patent on Cannabis as Medicine...U.S. Patent 6630507: Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants

39.) Leaked emails reveal Hollywood execs at work for Israel -"Hollywood bosses enjoy a strong relationship with the Israeli government and various pro-Israel lobbying groups across the United States".

40.) Humbleness (satisfied and grateful with what you have) vs. Motivation (never satisfied, always pushing, always trying to 'progress').  Our society hates Humbleness/Gratitude (even though it pays it "lips service") and loves Motivation.  If you are not having Upward mobility in any facet of life, people will often times say that you are Unmotivated.  However, this mentality of 'progress' we have currently has been pushed by Banks, Corporations, and Institutions for their own gains.

41.) "Sins" cannot be washed away by prayers or giving away money to an Institute because all actions, words, and thoughts are trapped in time, place, and space and therefore is eternal.  Your sins are not washed away, only that you believe they have been washed away by prayers or giving away money to an Institute.  No "sin" is ever washed away.  It lives on after you have moved on to the next moment.  However, your thoughts about the "sin" vibrate inside you and cause you to attract certain things and manifest certain people in your life that will lead you to believe you are "paying" for you "sin" and it is "karma".

42.) "No one fails alone and no one succeeds alone". Yet, collective society believing otherwise proves that Individuals want to manipulate, isolate, and control all outcomes, reactions, and actions and make it their own success and their own achievement when in actuality so many people play a minor and major role and so many variables had to go a certain way for success to be achieved.

43.) In the past, it was made clear, concise, and was presented before an audience and then you voted on it. However, though it is advertised that there is more transparency in the world and in Government and Institutions there in fact is Less Transparency and a less Accountable society than in the past.  The mantra of "Vote to find out" the -policies, agenda, or bill -presently reveals this. 

44.) Gravity "pulls" everything down, things do not float or stay exactly where they are.  Just realize this and realize that you have to push and fight to move up and move forward if that is what you want.

45.) the Mainstream Media (M.S.M.) attacks Assad, meanwhile Western State sponsored Terrorists attack Civilians.

46.) "In the event of a full-scale eruption of Yellowstone, virtually the entire northwest United States will be completely destroyed; A massive eruption of Yellowstone would mean that just about everything within a 100 mile radius of Yellowstone would be immediately killed;  A full-scale eruption of Yellowstone could also potentially dump a layer of volcanic ash that is at least 10 feet deep up to 1,000 miles away; A full-scale eruption of Yellowstone would cover virtually the entire Midwest United States with volcanic ash.  Food production in America would be almost totally wiped out;  The “volcanic winter” that a massive Yellowstone eruption would cause would radically cool the planet.  Some scientists believe that global temperatures would decline by up to 20 degrees; America would never be the same again after a massive Yellowstone eruption.  Some scientists believe that a full eruption by Yellowstone would render two-thirds of the United States completely uninhabitable".

47.) In parts of the USA, Police are presently seizing animals from people’s farms and seizing Property (this does not include the legal act of "Civilian Forfeiture" either).  This is how Collectivization started in the U.S.S.R., China, etc.  Those in America that fight back against these seizures ("Asset Forfeitures") and illegal confiscations are labelled "domestic terrorists" and "militias". JADE HELM is exactly prepped for this as is FEMA CAMPS.  The Soviets did not see it coming and neither are the Americans (especially when this activity enlarges and affects more people and more families).

48.) "The mind is the ugliest part of the boy" -human beings are the only creatures that do not fulfill their own potential due to how their mind works and the system and structure in place (ex: the tree grows, the sun shines, etc. and does what nature intended for it to do).  However, people will hold other people underneath themselves in order to lift themselves up because of perceptions inside of their minds and perceptions of their reality.

Late 1890's-1900's: The U.S. promises Philippine rebels that they will have independence after the Spanish are defeated in the Spanish-American war. After the war, mostly during the Presidency of the deranged Teddy Roosevelt, the U.S. wages a 5 year war on the Philippines. In addition to 5,000 dead Americans, an estimated 20,000 Filipinos are killed in the fight, with 80,000 more dead of disease and other indirect causes.
1918: The U.S. promises the Germans that they will be treated fairly and as an equal if they lay down their weapons and sign an Armistice. Germany was then raped by the Treaty of Versailles.
1940's: The U.S. incites Chinese leader Chiang Kai Shek to ignore Japanese peace proposals and continue fighting. After Japan is defeated, Chiang is betrayed as the U.S. State Department throws its weight behind the Communist Mao Tse Tung.
1980's: The U.S. supports Saddam Hussein in Iraq's war against Iran. After the war, the U.S. / Israel Axis sets its sights on destroying Iraq, which it has.
1990's: After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev is reassured that NATO will never expand eastward. Since that time, the U.S. controlled war machine has gobbled up Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, the former Yugoslavia, the former Czechoslovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia; with Georgia and Ukraine in the pipeline.
2000's: The U.S. offers normalized relations to Libya's Muammar Qaddafi if he agrees to give up his "weapons of mass destruction" (chemical, biological). After de-fanging and de-clawing his armed forces, Qaddafi was rewarded with a bayonet jammed up his rectum and the destabilization of his nation.

50.) Investors inside Retirement Homes and Credit Card Companies inside Universities reveal that Bankers want to lend you Money as soon as they are allowed to and want to take away your money as long as you still have it.

51.) Adolf Hitler never sent troops to the Asian theater of War in World War 2, and Japan did not send troops to fight in Europe in World War 2. Hitler only sent troops as far as the Middle East and North Africa.  In fact, 2 different conflicts occurred between 6 Empires (USSR, USA, UK, France, Germany, and Japan) for very different reasons that Institutional Historians, Organization, Governments, and Institutes make as 1 narrative to fit the "Axis of Evil" story line. Same thing will happen in the lead up to World War 3 and the aftermath of it as the War takes place in Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

52.) You can be arrested for "resisting arrest". So you have to comply with everything the Police says or it goes downhill from there. It goes downhill soon as you are stopped by police.  This is why "carding" is a dangerous tool the police can use at their own discretion.  Though many in higher economic areas support the practice of "carding", this is because many of them will never have to experience it in their lives and where they live. "Carding" is usually done in lower socioeconomic neighborhoods.

53.) No Power, No Fuel, No Water, No Food. That's Yemen right now. Instead of letting Yemenis rule themselves, the West decides to let them suffer in order to re-install their puppet government.

54.) “Military Exercise” stated by the the Government and the lack of Media coverage will hide what actually happened during these "Military Exercises" when people are interrogated, rounded up, "roughed up", disappeared, and killed by Law Enforcement.

55.) Bombing schoolchildren and destroying property leads to militarizing and radicalizing  of a whole country (especially if the world just stands back and watches without doing anything about it OR in fact supports the bombing campaign) -ex: Israel in Gaza, Saudi Arabia in Yemen, USA in Iraq/Pakistan).  The Mainstream Media and Institutional narrative of "People hate us for our freedom" is mythical and childish.  People don't hate you for your "freedoms".  People hate you for your aggressive policies and your self serving agendas.

56.) Wal-Mart closes a California Store in order To Punish Employees who Protested Wages, wanted to Unionize, and wanted better Working Conditions.  In fact, major U.S. Retailers are closing More than 6,000 Stores. "If the U.S. economy really is improving, then why are big U.S. retailers permanently shutting down thousands of stores?".  The reality is that the "Consumer Age" is over and with it goes Major Retailers that profited from the liquidity that was present in the "Consumer Age".

57.) You need to keep making Silver and Gold in order to cover everyone's ownership and claims on Silver and Gold presently. However, they are closing Mines in order to create Scarcity and allowing for prices to surge even though not everyone has their gold and silver orders fulfilled. They are keeping Gold and Silver down in order to keep their Currencies and Oil revenue up but they are also shutting down mines in order to raise Gold and Silver prices.  What you have presently is an economic reality and economic markets de-attached from reality hence the volatility everywhere.

58.) In regard to the currency crisis of 1997, former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad accused George Soros of ruining Malaysia's economy with, "massive currency speculation". Mohamad also stated, before an international audience: "The Jews rule the world by proxy."

59.) China No Longer Top Foreign Owner of U.S. Debt. Japan now holds more U.S. debt than China, China is selling, Japan buying, and both lag behind the Fed.  For example, Printed money goes to stocks for buybacks, Printed money goes to government bonds, and Printed money goes to corporate levels. None of it goes to paying back the National Debt and therefore no taxes can be lowered, only raised.  Inflation also has to commence in order to attract business because you are also going to weaken your currency in order to attract business.

60.) There is presently a Revival of the "Clipper chip" agenda suggested in 1993. The intention was for all US citizens to be forced to use this form of encryption, which allowed the government to have the encryption keys in an "escrow" system. The public were told that the keys would be split into two halves, and two different agencies would hold the halves, requiring a long process to retrieve the key halves in the event of a legitimate investigation. What the public was not told was that the NSA only needed one-half of the key, and could derive the other half using their already vast array of computers. Then, in 1994, Matt Blaze published a paper exposing the fact that the clipper chip included in all messages a packet identified as L.E.A.F., which stood for "Law Enforcement Access Field." Like the D.E.S. "work reduction packet", L.E.A.F. contained the encryption key used to encode the message, to make the message readable by the government. As a result of these exposures, the public rejected Clipper, and by 1996 the government stopped trying to force it on the public.

61.) In order to maintain a grip on market share, Saudi Arabia (and OPEC) is pushing U.S. shale producers out of the market.  Saudi Arabia (and OPEC) are willing to use up its spare capacity which would lead to a price spike.  However, this maneuver is causing Saudi Arabia (and OPEC) to burn through their Foreign Currencies Reserves at an expedient rate.

62.) Can CERN remove "Dark Matter" from areas, regions, and locations? Can CERN remove "Light Matter" from people, locations, and objects? Can CERN alter or transform "Light Matter" into "Dark Matter" or "Dark Matter" into "Light Matter"? Can CERN be weaponized?  What can CERN actually do other than the "official" narrative that we have been given?

63.) "Fracking" allows for Toxic and Radioactive materials and waste to pop back to the surface and contaminate everything.  Waste does not stay at the bottom of those holes! Waste just stays hidden for a while until it is disturbed.

64.) Empires need "Vassals" not actual Allies. Empires needs to create "Dependency networks" centered around it's dominance and control.  However, once the Empire cracks, in order to keep the "Dependency networks" in place, before the Empire dissolves completely, power will move to another region and structure so power can still dictate the affairs of the existing network in place.

65.) World Bank funded projects uprooted millions and forced millions of people off their own land.  The land is now owned by the Country and World Bank not the displaced peoples, many of the people who now live in poverty. I.M.F. and W.W.F. funded projects do the same thing as the World Banks funded projects. A country that is taking "foreign aid" from the World Bank, I.M.F., or W.W.F. means that the organizations actually tells the country and it's citizens where the funds go and what percentage goes where. Most of the funding goes to Western Institutes and those hired by Western Institutes, not to the people or the Country.  The debt from the projects, the uprooting of people, and the displacement of people will be solved by the Country and the Debt from the projects will be paid by the people of the country through taxes imposed at a later time.

66.) "Cycle of Progress" VS "Cycle of Poverty" –It is all political and institutional rhetoric because the cycle is not always downward or upward, but rather is also affected by choices made in certain moments during the cycle where the choice you make will dictate a continuation of the cycle or a change in the cycle and therefore you can move from being a "cycle of poverty" to a "cycle of progress" OR a "cycle of progress" to a "cycle of poverty". Believing "it can only get better" or "it can only get worst" sets in place a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Do not let your mindset limit you.

67.) Canada wanted to use "Fracking" in order to bring down their "National Debt Levels" and increase Employment in their country. Low oil prices however ended that dream. 

68.) Governments want you to use your pension funds in order to save the Government and expand Government size and influence.

69.) Porn tricks the body and mind's emotional and physical responses (as does Art, Entertainment, Marketing Ads, and everyday City life). Your body and mind are overwhelmed often and left running back and forth between "Fight", "Flight", "Freeze", and "Arousal" BUT yet none of it is real.  However, your body and mind just believes that it is real which eventually takes a toll on your body over time.  The more you remove yourself from the artificial bombardment of your senses in life and connect and center yourself more with nature, the more healthier your mind and body feel.

70.) the NSA's prying into the lives of Americans is to locate people's wealth for eventual confiscation. Of course, before they do that, they have to confiscate the guns, so that the masses may be robbed with impunity.

71.) Every country hides their "official" Gold Reserves. Either they have more or less of the gold they state they have and they do not want to let other Countries and Investors know about their Gold Reserves because it effects the markets and the current financial system in place. Collusion is at the highest level between Banks, Economic Markets, Governments, and Politicians.

72.) "It is not reasonable that those who gamble with men's lives should not stake their own"

73.) Israel has nuclear weapons and has had them since the 1970's. No "arms race" occurred then. Why would an "arms race" occur now, suddenly? Who is going to sell Iran the other parts to start the "arms race"? Iran is too broke and so is the Middle East so no "arms race" can occur unless there is a seller and a buyer.  Iran has the possibility of being a "holding spot" for Russian or Chinese nuclear weapons but not to buy nuclear arms outright.  The myth of an "arms race" is a myth perpetuated by Israel in order to find an excuse to bomb Iran and destabilize Iran even further than the economic and political sanctions have already done in the past.

74.) Iran contains a population of one of the oldest-practicing Jewish communities in the world therefore any attack on Iran would mean that many of Israel's Jewish brothers and sisters may well get killed in such an attack.  This is not about protecting Jews but rather destabilizing the Middle East in order to create the much wanted "Greater Israel" that Zionists have dreamed of.
75.) Amusingly -Saudi Arabia, USA, and Israel -can reject peace deals but Russia and Iran have to adhere to it or face economic sanctions, foreign intervention, or arming of rebels in order to force escalation and destabilization

76.) "Trudea-utopian" is what many Canadians believe will occur once Justin Trudeau replaces Stephen Harper in 2015's Canadian Federal Elections. Larry Summers who also ran Obama's elections is Trudeau's key adviser.

77.) "Arabization" erased history, "Western Colonization" erased history, and ISIS is presently erasing history. All 3 items mentioned above are destructive, and all 3 items are phases of historical turns which will and have erased past history and historical narratives in order for Institutional historians and Government narratives to re-write actual history.

78.) Poverty is generational and continues to get worse in future generations because Government debt and Individual debt has continued rising. Poverty is also "Cultural".  People have to break away from being Dependent on Governments and change the "culture" they live in, in order to eliminate Poverty.  The "Welfare State" keeps the "Status Quo" in place and in return, the "Status Quo" keeps the Welfare State alive. With taxes rising, cost of living rising, and inflation rising -the Welfare State can't keep up.  Yet, it keeps people living on the minimum standard of living and by doing so, people in turn continue to work in the "Black Market" (ex: cash jobs) instead of trying to end their Dependency on the "Welfare State". The "Welfare State" does not make an honest person out of the people on Welfare. Dependence cannot make an honest person out of you because you have to lie to yourself to even receive it.  You have to lie to yourself that this is what you are and that you are in fact Dependent when in fact, when you realize your true potential, you will realize, Government was weighing you down and you do not need Government to survive, Government needs you in order to survive.

79.) "Bad news" is "Good news" for Stocks until it's all "Bad news" and then no one invests in stocks excepts the Rich, the  Banks, the  Institutions, and the Corporations.  By then however, when it gets to that stage, they will be using your "Savings Accounts" to move the Stock Markets up and down and by then, you are barely moving money anywhere except to pay for Individual and Government debt.

80.) People need to realize that Banks, Fiat Currency, and Stocks need to fail in order for us to recover. Let them fail, let Corporations break apart and become smaller and then become replaced by Small Business, Entrepreneurs, and "Mom's and Pop's stores" that will pick up the pieces and replace them. This is our only choice that we have presently. Pull your money out of Banks and the Stock Markets and let them all fall.   If we go "small" we return to the past without Big Government, without Globalization, and with Local/Regional Communities.  However, if we go "big", we head towards Tyranny and the New World Order.

81.) “Anyone who takes aid is crippled. Aid is meant to cripple people.  Governments in Africa and elsewhere are not allowed to write their own programs. And when it comes to implementing programs, it deprives you of building institutions and the capacity to implement your programs. We need to write our own programs in the first place. We need to articulate on the projects we write. We need to have a comprehensive strategy, plans on how to implement those programs. Unless we do that on our own, we can’t possibly imagine that we are achieving any of the goals – millennium or non-millennium.”

82.) "Too much info too quickly" in order to create an "official" simplified story by the Mainstream Media should raise questions, red flags, and skepticism -immediately (ex: 9/11, Charlie Hebdo, etc.)

83.) We are a "Crybaby Society" who still believes that someone will protect us (that someone right now is the Government and Authority figures in power). That is a luxury that many in the Second and Third World do not have and never did have.  The belief and illusionary belief that someone will always protect us when we cry out and ask for help is an Entitlement that ends as society continues to decay.

84.) In many violent and high profile media covered Court Cases, Defendants are often Drugged & left Defenseless in courts explaining their often detached and subdued demeanor in Court.  Another problem is that the Verdict is a foregone conclusion.  For example, Tsarnaev's "defense" lawyer told the jury "He did it" right from the start. Not since James Earl Ray and Bruno Richard Hauptman has there been such a Stalin-esque "show trial" in the United States.  It was a foregone conclusion that Tsarnev was going to be indicted.

85.) According to a 2005 article in the medical journal J.A.M.A. (Journal of the American Medical Association), male doctors are 70 percent more likely to kill themselves than other male professionals. Female doctors are an astonishing 250 to 400 percent more likely to take their lives than their non-doctor counterparts. However, it must be asked, how many of these doctors are on anti-depressants?  Individual success does not guarantee individual happiness.

86.) Change "Civil Rights" to "Civil Privileges" because we are granted privileges by the Government which can be taken away at any time through the usage of force by law enforcement.  We also have no "God given rights" since "God" does not exist. We just have "Government given privileges" supported by Institutions that we have decided to hand power to so it can govern over us and dictate to us what we need to do in order to keep it alive and in place.

87.) Not only does the Dollar enable the US empire, but also protecting the dollar’s status is a major reason for US imperial wars.

88.) "Humans have been wearing clothes for thousands of years. Nudists are nothing more than exhibitionists. They want to force people to see them naked when nobody really wants to"

89.) Today, whether you look at the Consumer, the Producer, the Worker or the Borrower - they are all getting sicker.  We are a very unhealthy and toxic society.

90.) U.S. Propaganda 101: Illegally Invade Countries, Fund the Media, then Call the media “Independent”

91.) "Big Data" & "Big Brother" (work together) with "Big Government" and "Big Corporations"

92.) “United we stand, Divided we fall” (leads to belief in Centralization, Free Trade Deals, Institutionalization, and the New World Order).

93.) "This century has been a Flop: We are 15 years into the 21st century. Can you think of a single innovation that is equal to the automobile or the airplane? Or air-conditioning? We can’t. All we can think of is Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and other frivolities that are more trouble than they are worth"

 94.) 'King Dollar Is Floating Dead'

95.) "As news organizations are increasingly driven by a bottom-line mentality, the news we get becomes more and more sensational. What is the difference between Time and Newsweek? Between ABC, NBC, and CBS News? Between the Washington Post and the New York Times? For all practical purposes, none. The concentration of media power means that Americans increasingly get their information from a few sources who decide what is "news."

96.) Yemen -Before war, the nation imported over 90% of food. The naval Blockade presently is causing mass starvation and yet, the West still argues that "we represent the Free World" and "are "Humanitarians".  Neither adage is true.  The West has caused more suffering similar to the suffering felt by Yemenis in the 20th and 21st centuries through Sanctions, Blockades, and Embargoes but because the suffering narrative is not focused upon and we believe "we are Humanitarians" and "we represent the Free World", the West and it's citizens believe we have the "moral ground" on all topics.

97.) Regional War was the goal all along in order to erase the remnants of the "Arab Spring" (the "Arab Spring" has only led to Overthrows, Civil Wars, Military assisted rule, Foreign Intervention, and ISIS/AL QAEDA takeovers). The "Arab Spring" has not helped the people in those countries. The "Arab Spring" has made the lives of Arabs worst and this is why you should never believe a Revolution that is supported by the Mainstream Media, Western Governments, or Western Institutes.

98.) Vaccinations will cause us to use our Health Cards more which means more quick and easy money for the Governments and the Medical Industry. A "Universal Drug Coverage", a "Universal Dental Coverage", a "Universal Health Insurance", and a "Universal Health Coverage" means more Revenue for the Government, more revenue for Medical Institutions, more revenue for Insurance Companies, and more revenue for Dental Institutions.  It also simultaneously means higher taxes that are coming for citizens of that country.  "Universal Coverage" does not mean that  the Services provided will be better, it just means that tax dollars will be allocated to cover costs.  "Universal Coverage" does not prevent abuses either, it just means that tax dollars will be allocated to cover costs and over time, taxes will have to rise in order to cover the abuses, shortfalls, and wastage of tax dollars.

99.) Jews get kicked out of Spain due to collaboration with Muslims, Jews get kicked out of Germany due to collaboration with Communists. Jews historically have always got kicked out of a Nation or Empire for collaboration with a Destabilizing force in a Nation.  Jews only care about profits and themselves, not their country that they are living in because many Jews view other people as "Goyim".  That is why they do not care what they do to a nation, it's culture, or it's citizens.  Jews are very opportunistic and only care about what they can gain from the nation they inhabit and what gains can be made from it's people.

100.) Occult Theocracy (Jesuit-Jewish-Masonic-Illuminati-Bolshevik)
101.) There are companies presently that are hired to subtly and secretly impose ideas on internet users.

102.) Islam has always been useful for Jews because Islam has historically always destroyed ancient artifacts (and at best, rebuilt on top of it during their expansionary and consolidation stages).  This has allowed Jews to create their own history out of nothing since there is no competing historical narrative.  Islam and Judaism are“Two sides of the same coin” as you can see from  the bridal picture below. Jews control the Mainstream Media, Entertainment Sector, Banks, and Institutions where ideas are disseminated to the masses and this is how they have been able to re-write ancient history.  This is how Jews have been able to "White Wash" many historical narratives out of public consciousness and therefore controlled the main narratives in play presently.





103.) the Biggest victims historically have always been Zoroastrians, Aboriginals, Free Thinkers, Pagans, and anyone that wanted to keep their Independence and Freedom therefore not being Dependent on Centralization, Government, Authoritarian Rulers, or Institutions.

104.) "America is not a country it's a business".  Remember that quote during election time.  Governments only want your tax dollars and Corporations just want your money.  The "Corporate-State" Complex only wants workers to consume, go into debt and pay interest, and also pay government taxes and user fees.
105.) "Stockholm Syndrome" exists for Filipinos and Latin Americas that have been Colonized by the Spanish and Catholic missionaries because those that have been Colonized by Europeans still adore their Colonizers language, the Colonizers culture, have in fact used European last names and first names, have even emigrated to European countries once Western Colonization ended, and also adore and respect the European monarchy.  Colonizers achieved this "Stockholm Syndrome" through the Institutionalization of Structures during the Colonial era which Europeans created all throughout their Colonies and was the only thing that enabled Social Mobility in society.  It was further reinforced through Hollywood, through the Entertainment sector and through the Music scene, and through Ads.  Colonized people cannot even think of the other Alternatives that existed for their culture because they cannot visualize a world before they were Colonized.  Furthermore, vilification of Hitler's Germany and Hirohito's Japan allows for the European Colonizers to seem better than they actually historically are and seem more heroic than they actually are, thus making it feel like the Colonized were saved by actually being a Colony of the European superpower that ruled over them.  "Arabization" also achieved "Stockholm Syndrome" for areas they colonized without the use of Hollywood, the Entertainment Sector, music, or Ads but through Social Mobility and Social Advancement as well as sheer fear used on the populace it ruled over.

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