Saturday, November 12, 2016

25 Point Plan & National Strategy For A Better Tomorrow (Canadian Version)

"It's easy to find the problems to any system but what would the solutions be to fix it?" 
    I'm glad you asked because history shows us the answer to that question!! It's never been able to last because every one that has tried it has been pulled into War (Economic then Total) and/or been dragged into a Civil War.

1.) Nationalize the Private Central Banks in your country and use your country's Natural Resources in order to back your new National Currency. Without Currency depreciation and Currency debasement due to the Rothschild owned Private Central Banking System, there can be no Inflation in any form. Country will now be financially independent and completely sovereign.  Therefore, pay the already existing debt from previous Governments in order to buy back exported Gold and Silver and then back the National Currency with Gold and Silver at all times. No more Fractional Currency/Fiat Currency. No debt, therefore your money cannot weaken in any way and lose its value over time. All the money spent in the economy will be re-circulated for the betterment of the citizens. No budget shortfalls for hospitals, evaporation of pensions over time, or short comings in State services provided.

2.) Remove the existing "F.I.R.E. economy" and Remove the "Consumer Economy/Credit Economy" in play presently thus allowing for a "Natural" Economy to be created and the Artificial economy to dissolve therefore no more Bubbles anywhere -housing, car, student loans, etc.

3.) Jail Bankers, Economic Manipulators, and Market Speculators. All Bubbles in Economy gone. Real prices will now exist. Foreigners cannot own National Companies or National Businesses. All Businesses stay Private & State Owned thus no Businesses or Companies go Public on the National Stock Markets or Move From Canada to Another Country without Employing only Canadians in their Companies in those Countries.

4.) Restart Industrial Aviation Program with Avro Arrow.

5.) Restart Manufacturing Sector with Industrial Factories Re-opened.

6.) Restart Agricultural Projects.

7.) Restart Fishing Projects.

8.) Restart Forestry Projects.

9.) Restart Infrastructure Projects on Roads & Buildings.

Enact Protectionism and pull out of the UN & Free Trade Deals. No more flooding of country with cheap, unreliable goods. 

11.) Enact Isolationism and pull out of Foreign Affairs, "Peace Keeping" affairs,

12.) Eliminate many Public Services Sector Jobs -Social Service Workers, Psychiatrists, Probation Officers, Drug & Needle Safe Injection Sites, etc. Teachers, Doctors, Paramedics, Nurses, & Fire Fighters still in place. Industry jobs must outnumber Government Public Service Sector jobs. Society is unhealthy and has failed citizens if Social Service Workers, Psychiatrists, Probation Officers, Drug & Needle Safe Injection Site Operators, etc exist.

13.) Welfare only for the Sick & Old. All working bodied Adults will Work until Retirement. Eliminate all Dependents of the State."Bread & Work" replaces "Bread and Circus/Entertainment".

14.) End Government Subsidies for Trans-National & Multi-National Companies. Only National & Local Companies receive Government Subsidies until sustainable Economic Threshold met within a few years which will allow Government Subsidies to end and for National & Local Companies to thrive Independently.

15.) New Education system created. No Marxist Narrative in play. Remove "Special Privileges", "Political Correctness", "Entitlement", "Victimization Theory", "Tokenism", "Diversity"/"Cultural Enrichment", "Safe Space", etc. Ensure Meritocracy is taught and instilled into all Students.

16.) Fund Classical Arts Program. Remove Vulgarity and Deviancy from Art, Internet, Ads, & Entertainment Sector (ex: Sex & Porn). Fund
 State owned Television stations and State owned Ads.

17.) Remove all existing Marxist Supreme Court Laws in Place (ex: Bestiality, Trans anything, "Human Rights", etc.). Remove funding for all previous Marxist created programs as well and close all operational Marxist operations and Institutions in play.

18.) Militarize Citizens. Instill Self Sufficiency and Survival Skills through Cadets & Sports. Re-arm all Citizens and have them trained to serve country if attacked by foreign entities.

19.) Stop the presently flow of refugees & immigration until 100% Employment is achieved. 1 folk, 1 identity, no hyphen-identities allowed (ex: Italian Canadian, Mexican Canadian ONLY Canadian exists. No Tribal identities for anyone -Muslim Canadian/"I'm only Muslim" OR "Jewish Canadian/I'm only Jewish. No Globalist identities. Canada comes before anything else and Canadians come before everyone else. Everything else is Treason). Jail all members of Secret Societies/Fraternal Organizations who serve other countries or serve other interests.

20.) Eliminate Black Market & Illegal Market within country. No reason for it to exist if Full Employment exists within the country. Those caught breaking the law will serve long Jail sentences.

21.) Enforce Hard Labor for the Prison Population inside Jails. No rehabilitation system & revolving door system in place. Harsh and tough penalties for criminals. No "private" prisons.

22.) "Patient Assisted Dying" performed under the Request of the Patient & Family. Trans humanist & Trans humanism agendas removed.

23.) Fund National science, medicine, and technology programs. Eliminate "Big Pharma" & Agribusiness from Medical & Science field. Fund Tesla's Free Energy Tower, Dr. Rife's Frequency Therapy, Abiotic Oil, etc. More funding spent on Research and Results, Less on Awareness Campaigns. More funding spent on Natural Cures.

24.) National Guard always present within Country's Borders.

25.) Re-arm Military at all times in case of Attack inside country. Defensive Measures only in play in order to protect country and citizens at all times.

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