Sunday, November 20, 2016

22 Deadly Sins which have Destroyed Individuals, Corporations, Institutions, Families, Cultures, Countries, & Civilizations historically

"We see and hear less than 1% of the Electromagnetic & Acoustic Spectrum of Reality"

1.) Theft/Usury/Keynesian Economics/Crony Capitalism

      "Many people had voted for Hitler because he had promised to end unemployment. Once the Nazi Party came to power everyone had to work. Between 1933 and 1939, unemployment fell from six million in 1933 to 100,000.Trade unions were banned and wages were fixed and not up for negotiation. Workers lost their rights and were often sent to work on heavy manual labor schemes for low pay. However, people who worked hard were rewarded by being sent on holiday". 

2.) Enabling

3.) False Speech to protect OR to attack others/ Censorship through "Political Correctness"

4.) Vanity/Narcissism

5.) Sloth/Lethargy/Inaction

6.) Greed/Avarice

7.) Envy/Jealousy

8.) Wrath/Revenge

9.) Cognitive Dissonance/Willful Ignorance

10.) Pride/Ego

11.) Gluttony

12.) Lust/Possession/Attachment

13.) Lack of Maturity/Lack of Accepting Personal Responsibility/Too many "Man Children"/"Woman Children" in existence

14.) Lack of Accountability/Lack of Self Control

15.) Indulgence/Decadence

16.) Purposelessness/Aimlessness/Being "Bored" with Life

17.) Conformity without Understanding/Willingness to Morally Compromise/Lack of Conviction & Lack of Character

18.) Embracing Martyrdom for Attention, Approval, or Acceptance

19.) Corrosive, Poisonous, & Acidic Mentalities & Thought Patterns based on Entitlement and Marxist False Narratives

20.) Lack of Loyalty/Lack of Faith/Lack of Trust

     Create a better you with all your energy, time, and actions.  Nothing else awaits but  a better you.  A better relationship is made by a better you. A better community is made by a better you. A better country is made by a better you. Nothing else can create a better relationship, a better community, or  a better country than a better you. Master yourself to master you reality for nothing else exists but hard work and faith in that hard work. Have belief that hard work is the key to a better future because hard work is the key to a better you.
"There is a master morality and a slave morality". Slave morality is a morality based on Dependence and Child like behavior, Child like actions, Child like expectations, and Child like attitudes. To escape the "Slave Morality" one must ascend to Self Actualization, to the Ubermensch.
"Master Morality" = "Ubermensch"
"Slave Morality" = "Untermensch"
     Everything on that list is correct except for Blacks. Everything detrimental, destructive, and unproductive to society was removed from Hitler's society hence why Gypsies, Criminals, Prostitutes, etc. are on that list. They serve no purpose but to corrupt Society.  This is historically similar to the Chinese trying to stop the Opium flow and Rodrigo Duterte trying to stop Drugs from flowing into the Philippines presently.  

21.) Hypocrisy/Dual Interests/"Selling Out"/Living a Life On Contradictions/Lack of Integrity/Lack of Honor

22.) Imbalance with Nature/Loss of Spiritual Connection with Nature/Material Imbalance/Lack of Spatial Awareness

                Image result for the new world order is here

"Father Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do" (Luke 23:34)

     Both are Jewish puppets. Martin Luther King Jr. however went off script and tried to prevent Drugs from infiltrating Black communities and therefore was "spare parts" to the cause and hence, expendable.
"It is a terrible situation when the Government, to insure the National Wealth, must go in debt and submit to ruinous interest charges, at the hands of men, who control the fictitious value of gold. Interest is the invention of Satan."

You must eliminate "Easy Money" (in all it's forms) inside society because once "Easy Money"/"Access to Easy Money" gets inside a society it corrupts Individuals, Families, and Institutions. This is why the "Gold Standard" or the "Silver Standard" is key to reviving Values, Integrity, and Morals in society.


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